[H] Dynavap accessories [W] PayPal $50 G&S shipped CONUS

2021.09.21 00:54 Careless-Dimension20 [H] Dynavap accessories [W] PayPal $50 G&S shipped CONUS

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2021.09.21 00:54 MyPetMoosie Headlights On McQueen's Broken

I received my mc queens on saturday and they were working great. I noticed earlier today that the headlights on the left shoe occasionally turn on, but usually do not. The tail lights still work fine. Is this something I can fix? Will they send me a new pair if I contact support? Thanks.
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2021.09.21 00:54 kikossik Beatmaking club?

I’m interested in creating a beatmaking club, so if anyone is interested lmk so i can continue the new club process. All skill levels are welcome !
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2021.09.21 00:54 thegromlin trouble with tuning to drop c

hello!, so i've bought a 6 string strandberg boden a couple of months ago and until recently i've decided to finally tune my guitar to drop c since i wanted to learn some zenith passage only to find out when i tuned my sixth string the cap comes off. Is there a way for me to tune to c or am i just out of luck here?
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2021.09.21 00:54 MysticMarbles 5 star night last night.

Do my typical nighttime Lantus and a small correction dose (8.3, 1 unit Humalog) and go to sleep, around 8pm.
Wake up at 11:30 desperate to pee and feeling stiff and tired. 16.3. Do a stiff correction dose (10 units should bring me to 6.3), fall back asleep. Think I remembered to shotgun a litre of water.
Wake up at 2:45. Same symptoms. 19.6. Do a 1.5X correction dose (16 units), go back to sleep.
Wake up at 5am, 9.3. Skip the 2 unit correction.
Alarms blaring at 5:13... down to 2.4. Ate stuff.
Then spent all day no higher than 7 and no lower than 3.8....
Gotta love Diabetes, especially when it just throws the rules out the bloody window right?
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2021.09.21 00:54 franco99099 Pin chats in the desktop app.

Why don't we have this feature already? I really need it.
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2021.09.21 00:54 Hedgetrimmer10 Who is your favorite Harry Potter character and why?

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2021.09.21 00:54 cjchico Proxmox VM to ESXi | qemu-img convert disk path?

I am trying to migrate my Proxmox VM to ESXi. I am having trouble converting the disk. I cannot locate the path to the disk itself. I have a ZFS raidz pool set up and I know the name of the disk that it tells me under the Hardware tab.
I am using qemu-img convert and am so confused. I have the syntax: qemu-img convert -f raw [path-to-disk] -O vmdk [Path to new disk]

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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2021.09.21 00:54 cradavious I drive a 2019 suburu cross trek, anyone know any modifications that would make it look better

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2021.09.21 00:54 PinkHeno Snapcase - Caboose (one of my favorite 90's metalcore songs)

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2021.09.21 00:54 QueenCreeper786 Profiteroles with whipped cream and chocolate sauce

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2021.09.21 00:54 Mr-Spiffls Mega houndoom!!!!!!!

3535 8306 0619
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2021.09.21 00:54 ContessaLolaMontez [Thank You] u/Princess_34 for the Mothman card!

Rougaru has nothing on that cute Mothman card, u/Princess_34. Thank you so much. We’re now debating changing hour Halloween theme to Mothman.
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2021.09.21 00:54 HunneyBumble Aeon Frustration

Spoilers (as the tag would suggest)
So I'm playing the Aeon path... and it is really starting to get on my nerves. As an Aeon you are meant to strive for order and balance. You are meant to be perfectly lawful... but that doesn't mean that you are beholden to abide by the laws that the rulers have imposed upon their lands. The hellknight companion even says so when you ask why they don't follow regional laws and he basically says "Just because some ruler says something is lawful or unlawful doesn't mean that it truly is on the absolute scale."
The fluff they even give you for why you were chosen to become an Aeon is that you yourself have a discerning moral code, that you aren't deceitful (and can see the deceit in others), and that you want to fix the world, fix it's broken systems, and fix the imbalance that exists.
Ok... sounds good. But when making quest choices, the "Aeon in the mirror" will chastise you for making choices that go against the laws of the country even if those laws seem corrupt and unbalanced. I thought that I was picking "A cosmic judge of balance" like the description of the path suggests and not "Brainless enforcer of flawed human laws" like the path is turning out to be. The game wants you to play Aeon like that fanatical inquisitor in chapter 1.
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2021.09.21 00:54 Expensive_Cat_6024 Advise needed please!

How should I reject being friends with an ex? Especially if one wants to completely move on but possibly leave the door open for reconciliation way down the road. Was a dramatic breakup and we have mutual friends
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2021.09.21 00:54 TaiwaneseMonarchist i thought if i took a break from reddit, at least somewhat, i would feel better. i'm not as active as i was. yet i still feel like crap. idk why.

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2021.09.21 00:54 NickWildePics Sketch #4 - Art by Juantriforce

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2021.09.21 00:54 benjamiller Metro bus to and from the stadium worked great

If you live in the city and north of the stadium, check out the 212 metro bus to and from games. It goes up and down La Brea. Right now LA Metro is not charging bus fare, apparently. Bus dropped us off on Manchester & Hillcrest, and we picked it up after the game in the same place.
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2021.09.21 00:54 easterbunny420 Dimension jumped for less rain

A portion of my property is prone to flooding during heavy thunderstorms. I've had some work done which helps a lot. Most of this past summer we were in a pretty bad drought so it wasn’t a problem. Starting in late August, however, we've been getting more rain. During one heavy downpour it flooded again.
Twice now when my area was forecasted to receive heavy rainfall I did the 2 cup method to not get any rain. Of couse it still rained but not as hard as they called for. When I looked at the map of rainfall totals the heavy rain missed the city I live in amd we got less than what was forecast. Just wanted to give credit where credit is due and all.
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2021.09.21 00:54 Actual_Performer6900 Asus tuf A15 3070 idle cpu temp is 75 degree C on charger

Hi. I have bought asus a15 ryzen 7 5800 nvidia 3070 last week. i have updated all drivers and windows updates.
The cpu idle temperature is between 55 and 65 on battery. As soon as I plug in charger, it goes upto 75 degrees on idle.
The cpu fans only turns on when temp cross 80 degree. Even if switch from Silent to Performance mode the behavoius is same.
when playing COD warzone. it goes above 95 degrees. is this a defect in the model or do I have to live with it?
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2021.09.21 00:54 Big_Bad_Booty_Saddy CBD Suppositories

My uterus has got me tapping out.
Anyone know of any locations in GB that sells CBD suppositories for menstrual pain?
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2021.09.21 00:54 PigsGoHeeHawFilms Someone made an Among Us Fighting Game...

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2021.09.21 00:54 Tough_Salad Would you guys say these are high grade cherries?

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2021.09.21 00:54 lazybou CHARIZARD ENERGY ART *FIRST EDITION* - Pokemon Energy Art

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2021.09.21 00:54 Between3N20Karakters What does love feel like to you?

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