Perfect Belial Weight

2021.09.21 01:19 Seven-Arazmus Perfect Belial Weight

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2021.09.21 01:19 Sykirobme Quick study of Edward Hopper’s “Chop Suey” for class - acrylic on canvas board, 16”x20”

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2021.09.21 01:19 legion-izhevsk What second shift leaves for a good Monday

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2021.09.21 01:19 BloodKitchen2118 How strict is club space

I’m hitting up Miami this weekend with my friends from LA and planning to go to space Saturday night. One of them is underage. How strict are the bouncers??
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2021.09.21 01:19 stavoflav [Xbox][H] Another Small Bundle (including OG Striker Electroshock) [W] only 2.3k for all :)

OG Striker Electroshock - 1.5k
Scorer TW Lightning 1.1k
GG19 Striker TW Thread X2 - 300
BS Emeralds - 400
Adds to 3.3k
Want 2.3k
Need creds lol
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2021.09.21 01:19 Grab-Born Gmail Integration Side Panel Not Working?

I've been working on implementing Gmail Integration in my org. Following the Salesforce, Gmail, and Google Calendar Integration module. I've Enabled Email To Salesforce. Enhanced Email, and Gmail Integration, and installed the extension. I can't get the side panel to appear when I open my Gmail. Could anyone help me figure out why it wont pop out? I've tried uninstalling and clearing cache/cookies so far.
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2021.09.21 01:19 squirrelrampage Four Months Ago, Biden Said Haiti Wasn’t Safe. Now He’s Deporting Thousands There.

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2021.09.21 01:19 joshdr1987 Advice for begginer please

Hi, I'm looking to make my first investment today as I think it's a good time to buy. Forgive me as I have only been learning for a couple of months and wanted advice what coin to buy. I have 2 I like. ADA and MATIC I like the look of. I'm looking for more short term gains as I only have £100 I can afford to invest. Can you guys recommend what coins you think would be good for short term? Once I've saved up enough for next year I will invest for the long term but for now like most people want to make some money short term ha. Any advice would be really appreciated as I'm not 100% sure what coin to go for. Thanks
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2021.09.21 01:19 alper Shell agrees $9.5bn sale of Permian Basin assets to ConocoPhillips

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2021.09.21 01:19 Klaatu347EST Does anyone know any good volunteering opportunities?

I live near Raleigh if that helps.
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2021.09.21 01:19 OnTheFence_IVM As a gay man of color living in America, I feel that requiring me to show I’m vaccinated before I enter a restaurant is another form of racism/oppression

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2021.09.21 01:19 sarthak004 Does this constitute academic dishonesty or did I just get lucky?

I am taking a higher-level proof-based math class and while preparing for my midterm I came across this question in the book that I could not solve. I looked up the solution online and understood how it is to be done.
Fast forward 2 days, my IN PERSON math exam had the exact same question and I obviously knew how to do it. I used the same method as the solution I saw with similar numbers, notation, etc. Of course, I wrote it in my words, so it's not the same as the solution online word for word, but very similar (it's math!).
This was kind of a hard question in the exam. Did I just get lucky??
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2021.09.21 01:19 RelentlessExtropian Am I training A.I. on reddit?

Sometimes... I get the distinct impression that some of the people I talk to on reddit, that aren't the bots, seem... I dunno. Off. Like they are new to being human. Not just a language barrier issue either... and they are definitely trying to appear human if they aren't. Strangely curious, intelligent, it's hard to tell when they are being sarcastic, insulting or genuinely naive...
It got me thinking... are there advanced A.I. put here on reddit, learning from interacting with people? Has this been going on for a while and I'm just late to the party or am I completely crazy and we aren't there yet?
Anyone else have an opinion on this?
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2021.09.21 01:19 Libertyforzombies [Repost] Beginners Guide - Version 4

TLDR - You having a laugh, mate?

  1. Foreword / What is Build 41?
  2. The first day / Things to loot / Things to do
  3. The first few days / Early base location
  4. The first month
  5. The months ahead / long term base location
  6. Combat tips / Levelling and staying alive / Moodles / Volume / Headphones
  7. Suggested traits
  8. More information on Moodles
  9. Combat
  10. My experience
  11. Summary
What is Build 41? / Foreword
In the simplest terms, build 41 brings animations which means fighting multiple zombies at the same time is extremely dangerous, combat needs to be handled carefully.
All the traits, suggestions and strategy below are a guide. You should take the advice and meld it to your own play style. Do the things you enjoy the most. This guide assumes you’re playing on Apocalypse difficulty. If you’re playing on any other difficulty the information below can still be applied however, there should be less urgency in finding some loot. The path I suggest is just one viable way of playing PZ. You might not want to situated in one base, you might prefer multiple bases or even the nomadic lifestyle. This guide is mainly intended for beginner players, but I hope it offers some insight for other players too.
This guide supposes you use the Project Zomboid Map Project, here: Just so you know what that is when I refer to ‘the map’ or ‘PZ map’
The First Day
The first thing I do is find out where I am. If you use the PZ Map, then locate where you are and decide on your early base location. I personally suggest somewhere just outside of town which you’re next to. I’ll loot in that direction, drop off any loot I won’t be using immediately at that base, and use this location as a springboard. Keep in mind that in the first week you can watch TV shows which are a massive XP boost to various skills. I wouldn’t focus too much on these unless you have a watch and can track when the shows will air. Something to keep in mind, though, as they’re useful.
Life and Living schedule:
Early loot, and why:
It’s way too easy to forget to carry this loot, however, even a scratch on your neck will kill you in minutes. Always carry ripped sheets or bandages.
One large bag is enough but two is better which you can carry in your secondary. Later you can use three to haul more efficiently
Something simple and sturdy like a metal pipe, crowbar or baseball bat.
It shouldn’t matter too much. If you’ve picked the overweight or obese trait you should prioritize vegetables, but at this stage in the game it isn’t a priority
Look out for whiskey bottles, they make for excellent water bottles due to them being the most efficient. That said, you might want to keep the bourbon as a disinfectant. Pop and bleach bottles also make good water bottles.
It shouldn’t take long before you see a zombie with a leather coat. They provide excellent early protection, and later you can collect more and use the cut-up strips to further improve your protection. You might need to take off a shirt to keep from overheating.
Hard hats (safety hats) and similar are not uncommon and are excellent protection.
Boots or military boots can be found on zombies, so keep an eye open for them. They do make you fractionally slower so keep that in mind, you can always use trainers (sneakers) instead.
A watch can save your life. It’s very difficult to judge the time of day without a watch, and luminosity at night varies on the cycle of the moon. Being caught out at night where there are no street lights can frequently result in an early game end. Watches are fairly common, look for them.
Depending on your fortune, you might find a car in the first few days. Remember to check the glove box and check around the vehicle for a key. Also, kill a few of the nearest zombies, and/or the building it’s next to, it may have a key.
Check every radio you find, be that a walkie-talkie, a HAM radio or car radio. Look to see if any of them have the Automatic Emergency Broadcast Frequency (AEBS). HAM radio’s in emergency vehicles will always have the AEBS frequency. If you find it, make a note of it. If you find a radio, leave it at your base, tune the radio to that frequency and check it at 9am every morning, although you can check it every hour. When the radio announces ‘Air Activity’ today or tomorrow, then on that day you will have the ‘helicopter event’. The radio will also advise of other problematic weather conditions including storms, fog, rain and snowstorms.
The first few days
In the next couple of days, start thinking more carefully about where you’d like a permanent base to be situated. This will highly depend on what you’ve managed to loot this far. If you have a sledgehammer and vehicle with plenty of fuel, you can all but cherry-pick your base location for long term survival. I prefer bases next to the river, as fishing combined with farming means you don’t even need to loot for food. Being next to a river also gives you access to water. You can drink directly from a river without penalty, but you cannot fill your water bottles from a river, that will kill you. Other things to consider are, will this base have areas nearby which are suitable for foraging and is it near a gas station? The latter becoming important when the power switches off. Keep in mind also, within the first 10 days or so you will be in for the ‘helicopter event. There is lots to cover here, but an unseen helicopter will fly over your location and draw many zombies to you. If you have access to a vehicle and even if you don’t, the suggested action is to get as far away from your base as possible until the helicopter flies off. The event only happens once, but that might be broken down into multiple visits over the course of 5-10 minutes. Flee your base and return when the event is over. You should be able to check off quite a few of the more important things to find from day one. In the following days, continue to check those off and look for the following:
Farming is an excellent way of providing food uncontested and will be even more useful in the late game when it becomes tougher to loot busy areas. Cabbage and Potato seeds are the best.
As above. Essential tools for farming. Either will do.
Essential for roof farming. The only way to get soil to the roof and the only truly safe way to protect your crops from trampling zombies.
Essential for carpentry skills. In combination with other tools, it can greatly boost carpentry through disassembly.
Part of above, but also one of the few tools you can use to saw logs into planks
Part of the carpentry set, but also essential to disassemble electrical devices.
A sledgehammer is essential for roof bases. Put up sheet ropes and destroy the stairs. With some buildings with lots of open roof area, it makes roof gardens viable. Alternatively, you can build your own roof garden. Do not use the sledgehammer as a weapon. It’s much too slow, and it will drain your endurance quickly.
The first month
By the end of the first month, you should have something approximating a remote base or safehouse. You can start thinking about putting up a roof base, a garden, clearing the area of zombies and organizing the loot in your base, so you can find items easily. If you’re relatively safe where you are, it’s at this time you can start thinking about looting for specific end-game items like generators, antique ovens and other ancillary items like the ‘how to use generators’ and ‘Herbalism’ magazines. The first is needed if you do not have the requisite electrician skills and the latter allows you to find medicinal herbs which can be useful when ground up in a mortar and pestle
Why two, you might ask. When the power turns off, you will have no way to refrigerate food or power lights. This takes the magazine required to wire up generators, but also the gas to power them. You need two, one to power your base and the other to power the gas station, so you can extract the gas. This is why a base close to a gas station is generally advisable.
This oldie oven is a wood-burning stove. If you’ve failed to collect two generators and or the magazine, then this decreases your options and the stove becomes more important. It provides heat over winter and allows you to cook your food without the base-burning monster that is a campfire. Oh yeah, avoid campfires wherever possible.
A tent kit is not an essential item, but it can be a life-saving one. It allows you to sleep anywhere, and I like to keep one in the boot of my car on long journeys in case it breaks down in the middle of nowhere.
The months ahead / long term base location
If you have collected all the above, then you should be fairly well situated to survive. How long you last depends on what loot is missing and what you might need to risk your character to collect. You can use this time to level skills and keep the surrounding area clear. This is end-game territory. If you can avoid ‘loot lust’ then you can live out a long time assuming your base location is well-chosen.
When choosing a long term base location, I would look at these four criteria
Distance from town needs to be optimal. If you can make a roof base with a sledgehammer you could potentially put a base right in the middle of town. Otherwise, I’d feel that would be a bad idea. If you don’t have that tool I’d suggest on the periphery of a town
The closer you are to a gas station, the less risk you’ll be taking when you refill your gas cans for your generators.
I prefer to be as close to a river as possible. If you want to vary your diet and/or just put some weight on your character because he’s skinny then this just makes it easier. Also, you can, at the time of writing, still drink directly from a river without penalty
Same as the others. You can become tired/exhausted easily with foraging, so the closer you are to your base the better.
Levelling / Moodles / Volume & Headphones
TV shows and books are important. If you can do so safely, then loot them all, as they will greatly aid your character. At the end of this paragraph is a spreadsheet that will help you track what you have already found.
Pay close attention to them. Most are negative, and separately they will have little effect. Collectively they will dramatically reduce your characters' ability to do most tasks and at worse, they will slow your character enough that a zombie gets under your defence and bites you. Learn what they are and how to mitigate or eliminate them. Moodles Wiki:
If possible, play with headphones and pay close attention to volume. Make sure it is loud as possible whilst being immersive and comfortable. You will often hear zombies long before you see them, and the only warning you will get that one approaches from your blind spot is the noises they make. New players might want to invest points in the ‘Keen Hearing’ trait, which helps a great deal in terms of survivability.
Traits - with explanation
Occupation: Unemployed
Just carry an extra couple of water bottles and this trait negative is almost entirely mitigated.
Focus on staying away from calorific foods for the first month or two and your character will be back to a normal weight, and you'll lose this negative trait. Until that time, be careful and keep your endurance moodle in mind all the time.
This only is an issue if you break/fracture a bone. Be very careful if you're overburdened next to a drop from a ledge.
This means you gain weapon experience at -25% - it has no other negatives. It's free points.
Try to not be wet and cold at the same time, try not to be soaked through and you'll never catch a cold
In some ways, this should almost be a positive trait. Not only are cigarettes common, when smoking they also reduce your unhappiness by a small amount.
Don't eat berries you've not identified and don't eat rotten food and this negative trait is all but mitigated.
In single player this just means it takes you longer to read all the book, but you can fast-forward time, so I feel this is free points.
You make 60% less noise with this trait. I always take this trait now.
You're 50% less likely to be spotted. I always take this trait too.
10% chance of finding rare loot. This is another must-have trait, imo.
+1 to Lightfooted, +1 to Nimble
Lightfooted is your ability to move quietly and nimble affects how fast you move while in the combat stance. Without going into too much detail, it means you can backpedal while fighting groups and levelled high enough you can actually walk backwards quicker than the zombies shamble towards you.
+30% more experience, in all skills. This entirely eliminates the pacifist trait negative.
Essential for new players, but solid points for any player. If you happen to miss the sound of a zombie approach from behind, you'll see them sooner with this trait. Just remember, tiredness affects your ability to see a zombie coming, so get to bed early like a good little boy.
Strong's little brother. +2 strength, +25% damage with melee weapons
+1 carpentry, +1 maintenance, +100 hit points to all constructions and increased building speed.
More info on Moodles
Most injuries of this type are little to worry about. If you've some rags/bandages on you, then this will be more than enough to fix the problem. However, there are times you may be scratched on the neck. When that happens you may be dead in minutes, this is why the keeping bandages on you is so important.
I would also point out that, from time to time, a wound will also become infected. A bottle of disinfectant, bourbon or wild garlic crushed into a poultice can resolve this.
This is more of a 'gateway' moodle. By that, I mean, in and of itself, bored doesn't actually do anything. Left unchecked it will lead to unhappiness and eventually depression which slows your character's actions. The simplest and 'cheapest' way to fix this is to smash a zombie in its stupid face.
The best thing is just not get a cold in the first place. Don't get soaked through in the rain and certainly don't be cold at the same time because you will certainly get a cold then. Other important bits of information, the Outdoorsman trait prevents you catching a cold entirely. Also, using an umbrella will prevent this happening too. A cold is in no way threatening, although the sneezing/coughing will attract zombies. You can speed recovery from a cold by eating food until you get the positive hunger effects. The stronger to moodle the more quickly you'll heal. So if you have excess food, chow down like a fat man in a pie shop, and this applies to all injuries.
The Cat: [faced with the ship being destroyed] We're deader than tank tops!
There are only two useful things I can think of pointing out in regard to this moodle. One, it's a good way to get rid of unhappiness. Two, it's a good way of knocking your character out if you want to sleep. Sometimes a can of beer will make your character tired, so you can get him to sleep earlier.
Now, onto the big daddy. This is possibly the most important moodle in the game, and you should pay close attention to it. This most important thing that so many players don't realize is that the tiredness moodle prevents endurance from restoring itself, which it would otherwise do. The safest way to restore endurance would be on a 1st floor base with the stairs destroyed. Alternatively, find a house with no broken windows or a room which hasn't been compromised, zombies can't get in without breaking a window/door. This is a good way to restore your endurance. Cars can also be used, but zombies spot you way to easily in cars. So remember, if your character is tired and exerted you need to sleep to get rid of the tiredness and then the endurance will take care of itself. Make sure you keep as many items in your bag instead of your inventory as you possible can, don't keep things in your main inventory unless you need to grab them in an emergency. Try to avoid running when carrying a lot. I would seriously reconsider doing anything zombie related if your endurance moodle is sitting at 'high' or above because the next moodle 'excessive exertion' is a killer.
The only time you should permit yourself this moodle is when you're completely safe. Like on a roof base. It can take time to drop items, so being caught with this moodle can often be game over. As you might expect, fighting with this moodle will drain your endurance in no time. Not only that, this moodle, at 'extremely heavy load' will damage your character until he reaches 25% health. You also move and swing more slowly. The key word I'd use with this moodle is mitigation. Bags reduce the weight of what you're carrying and remember you can carry three bags. One in your primary, one in your secondary and one on your back. So if you're safe, spread the weight across those bags, and it's much easier to just quickly drop a bag than empty them. This is a much safer way to move items around if you don't have a vehicle.
Not to be confused with Hypothermia, which is getting cold. You'll mainly see this when you've been running or fighting for a sustained period. The main downside is water, you'll go through that more quickly. This is easily fixable by simply removing a layer of clothing.
This is a little more threatening to the uninitiated. It's still hard to die or even take damage from this moodle though. It will slow you down. Keep in mind that being hungry, tired and being unfit will reduce your characters' resistance to this moodle. It's easily fixable with multiple layers of clothing. Woolly hats, scarves and long johns are all cold weather clothes, so keep an eye open for them if you're getting close to winter.
I've already touched on this but the main thing to avoid this is the right clothing, an umbrella, the outdoorsman trait and just using a little common sense and coming in from the rain when you're soaked. You can dry yourself next to a heat source or with a dish or bath towel. You'll also see this after exercise from sweating.
This can be fixed by two things. Extra layers of clothing and going indoors. Otherwise, there isn't little you do to fight the wind. At the most intensive, the windchill will reduce the effective temperature by up to 20 degrees, which is huge. As said, though, seek shelter to protect yourself from this. This is also why a fireplace/antique stove can be an important find.
I also want to talk about weight. I don't think many players appreciate how subtle the nutrition works and how useful the nutritionist trait is. Take a look at the wiki: It is possible, and often suitable, to satisfy your character's hunger but still lose weight. A good general rule of thumb is, if you eat only vegetables, you will lose weight. This can be really effective when paired with the Obese or Overweight traits as they give lots of points and losing weight through farming/foraging is quite easy. At the beginning of the game, try and eat perishable foods and save non-perishables, otherwise you're just wasting food. Additionally, if you're next to any food related buildings, nip in and move the food from shelves to freezers, and that'll keep them fresh until the power goes off.
Try and keep your weight around 85 you don't want your character to be over or underweight if at all possible.
You'll probably see this most often when heavy lifting. That won't kill you, but it will reduce your health to the point where you are easier to kill. Not a moodle to ignore, but there is little else I can say about it.
Pain is an interesting moodle as it's recently changed. It's now become limb specific. If you get scratched on your limb, it will affect that limb. You might swing slower, or you might limp, slowing you down. Being injured in your weapon arm dramatically reduces your swing speed to the point that stomping zombies becomes the better option. You need painkillers or black sage to fix this, the latter can be found through foraging if you have the herbalist trait or magazine. Pain can also prevent you from sleeping, and the tiredness moodle is enough to get your character to get killed. Treat pain with extreme caution.
Panic reduces your awareness along with your hit accuracy. The interesting and little-known fact about panic is it becomes less pronounced over time. In effect, the brave trait might be considered 'wasted point's' as your character, after several months, will become all but desensitized to the zombie horror. Until that time, you should treat panic very carefully, as you'll see less and miss more
You'll typically see this if you've been scratched/bitten/lacerated and are beginning the change into a zombie. You can also get this from eating rotten food. In addition, you can't stop zombification, but you can slow it by eating lots of food. A solid tip that not many knows is, you can fix a lot of food related sickness by eating lemon grass, which you can find through foraging. It's good to have some lying around in case you mess up. As it is with the other foraging medicinals. Keep in mind that while sick, your strength and healing are reduced.
This has been remodelled recently, and it's way more impactful than it used to be. Stress needs to be treated carefully as it reduces weapon damage and accuracy. You'll see this a lot of you've taken hemophobic as you'll be bloody from zombies quite often. Having the smoker trait can really help with this, as it's an excellent way of reducing small amounts of stress.
You'll die of thirst long before you die of hunger. This will reduce your carry weight and the 'high thirst' trait will greatly exacerbate the problem, although a few water bottles fix this. You can, at the time of writing, drink directly from rivers without penalty, so keep that in mind. Bleach bottles make excellent water bottles. Rain barrels are important, so try and work towards them by finding garbage bags and levelling your carpentry to 4 and afterwards 7 to build the best rain barrels.
This is the big killer, in my opinion. As mentioned under endurance, not many realize how closely these two traits interact. If I see the tiredness moodle, I'm already thinking of breaking off whatever I'm doing and heading back to base. Tiredness will slow or outright prevent your endurance from coming back, and for that reason it needs to be handled very carefully. The other killer aspect to this moodle is the reduced perception radius. Effectively, you will be less likely to see zombies coming.
The main downside to this is it takes you longer to do most actions. At the moment, unhappiness/depression does not severely affect your character. Taking the smoker trait has many benefits, and one is it reduces unhappiness. It's also easily fixed by making food. A salad, soup or stew made from two or more ingredients will be enough, if prepared properly.
You fkd up, mate.
  1. Traits & Settings
  2. Managing your moodles
  3. Check your equipment Pick your fight. Judge how many you can handle based on the weapons and skills you have.
  4. How to avoid zombies
  5. Positioning (don't let them get on either side or behind)
  6. Pulling zombies
  7. Fighting zombies
  8. Disengaging from zombies
  9. Re-engaging with zombies
  10. I've pulled a massive horde of them, what do I do?
  11. Beginner mistakes
Traits & Settings
Don't pick a new character for this, just consider this advice when picking your new character. Any character can fight zombies if handled correctly, but either of these two philosophies should give you a better chance in combat.
A. Stealth.
Opt for stealthy traits like Graceful, Inconspicuous and Gymnast. This will make you harder to spot and more quiet when moving around, allowing you to pick your fights more easily and help with avoiding fights with big groups
B. Strength & Endurance
Pick traits like Strong or Stout, fit or sprinter to improve your strength and fitness at the start. This means any fight you get into should take longer to tire you out.
There are two settings I recommend you change to better help with fighting zombies
  1. Aim Outline - Change this from 'Ranged Weapons' to 'Any Weapon' This will outline zombies in a green hue when they enter your swing range. This is not weapon variable, it is the same for all weapons, so keep that in mind.
  2. Iso Cursor Visibility - Change this to 75% to better see the direction your character is facing.
  3. I personally feel being fully zoomed in helps me best when fighting zombies, although to a large degree this is personal preference
Managing your moodles
Make sure that before you fight you aren't tired or exhausted even to the smallest degree. Ideally you want to go into every fight fresh and often there is no reason not to retreat and come back either later in the day or come back tomorrow when you become tired. The only moodles you want your character to have in combat are positive ones, like well-fed.
Check your equipment
Check the condition of your weapon of choice and keep a spare in your bag in case it breaks. This isn't always required, especially if you have something like a crowbar, as they last a long time, but it's a good habit to get into. Consider your weapon proficiency. For example, if it's level 0 then you really should be trying to fight zombies one at a time. Even at higher skill levels, this is good advice.
How to avoid zombies
Pulling zombies is inevitable, but with practice you can minimize how many and how often you pull them. Stay crouched. Crouch walk as much as possible when very close to zombies. In fact, the only time I stand upright is if I'm in base and hidden. Zoom out and look around often. Build a map in your head of the buildings, trees and anything else that might obstruct the zombies seeing you and plan your route accordingly. When trying to find your way past zombies, consider the direction they're facing. With the correct traits, you can sneak right behind a zombie if they're facing the other way, even at low levels. Travelling in bad weather can help you, but often in the worst conditions you're just as likely to stumble upon a group as they are to stumble upon you. It's generally better to fight in clear conditions, as you can zoom out to get a better view around you. The AEBS will help with this.
Don't give zombies the chance to surprise you. You need to surprise them. Make sure there aren't zombies behind you or to the sides before trying to pull zombies from a group. Systematically clear areas. Chip away at zombies by pulling them one, or a few, at a time. If you think there is any chance you might pull two groups at once, reposition and take out the group which is less likely to trigger the others, and then move on to the group that you actually want to get past. It's slow work, but it is the safest way.
Pulling zombies
There are two main ways to quietly pull zombies. The best way is to stay crouched and walk into the field of view. Practice this as it will help you fight zombies 1-3 at a time. Do this because it will go wrong and when you do, you might end up fighting 5+ zombies, which is never ideal. If you don't crouch, then zombies will see you from far away. The other way is only my 2nd choice. Whispering to zombies to get their attention. You must make sure you're crouched when pressing 'Q' because if you're standing you will yell and, as you might expect, that is not good. Used correctly, you can pull small numbers whilst leaving the others where they stand/sit. Learn the distance your whispers carry to use this effectively.
Fighting zombies
Fight zombies single file. Do not let them group up on you. Remember that with your weapon raised, your guard is raised. This must be the case whenever you are near zombie/s. The only time this isn't true is when you're trying to disengage to go home or reposition. Don't spam swing. Take your time and swing as the zombie enters your swing range. If you hit, maybe take a little step back and wait him to move again. I prefer to let zombies walk into my swings. You can also push over zombies. Generally I'd not use this as it will not level your weapon, and it's not endurance efficient, but it has its uses, like if you have an injury to your weapon arm. Zombies that have been toppled can be stood on by you and other zombies. They cannot stand up or attack you. If you’re fighting two zombies, and you have no weapon, try to push one over, so you can stomp him whilst pushing the other zombie away.
Disengaging from zombies
He who fights and runs away... Learn to pick your battles. Any time you're fighting more than three zombies should be reason for you to be cautious. There is a mechanic called 'drag down' on Apocalypse settings. If three or more zombies attack you simultaneously, they will drag you to the floor and there is nothing you can do about it. For that reason, always try and fight zombies single file. Do not let zombies get too close, especially multiples. If it looks like they're going to overwhelm you, turn and get out of there. A crouch-run is an excellent way to reposition your character, so he's fighting just one zombie at a time. Leave plenty of time to get out of range of zombies when disengaging. Exposing your back to zombies is a terrible idea generally because if they attack the chance to land a bite is much higher. Additionally, a bite will 'stun' your character to the point where you can become 'stun locked'. Make sure you disengage, leaving plenty of time to get away. Zombies often move at different speeds so if you back off, often they will thin out into a straight line, making fighting them much safer. Remember where you are, so you don't back off into another group. To that end, you can lure zombies in a large circle, so you're staying in a 'safe' area.
Re-engaging with zombies
If you've managed to break off the assault, take a moment to take stock. Do you need to rest, drink, eat, take beta blockers or smoke a cigarette? Take this opportunity to help yourself. Maybe even sneak into a house to catch your breath on a chair. Check your surroundings by zooming out once again and adjust your strategy because zombies move around. Once you're confident of what you want to do, begin chipping away at them again.
I've pulled a massive horde of them, what do I do?
It depends on your character skill, his condition (moodles) and how many of them there are. I'll offer some strategies, and you'll just have to make an educated decision based on the situation.
  1. GTFO. Get out of there and go home. Don't lead them home, but get out of there, so you can come back fresh.
  2. GTFO. Break line of sight so they lose you. Swing around, so you're back on them, but this time they don't know where you are. Simply walking around a building can be great for this, as zombies are stupid and will frequently attack the nearest door or window they walk past. This will make a lot of noise, so it's not a strategy to rely on.
  3. GTFO. Break line of sight and use trees/tall fences to break line of sight. This is a risky strategy, only to be used in the correct situation. Climbing tall fences burns your endurance, and you can only use your ears to know what is on the other side. Trees are the same, you can't see beyond them, and it's very easy to get stuck on a branch or even get a scratch or laceration from a tree branch, so this shouldn't be your first option.
  4. Lure them through a building. It's an option, but it shouldn't be your first choice as zombies inside are often hidden and this is an excellent way to get trapped and killed.
  5. Leg it. Run away. Again, a poor option. Crouch run should always be your first option, but if things are awful, and you're far from your base you could break from crouch and just leg it out of there.
Beginner mistakes
  1. Using guns. Don’t they’re very noisy. Save the ammo until you’ve found a lot of shotgun shells and train up your skill well away from your base
  2. You should rarely run. You can walk away from zombies. Think of your endurance as a resource to protect at all times.
  3. If you break a window. Make sure you have something equipped and ready to break it, else you might get a scratch, laceration or worse, logged glass shard.
  4. Listen before going through doors and have your guard raised.
  5. Push the nearest zombie away before turning to run away else they might get a bite on you.
  6. Don’t remain over encumbered.
  7. You don’t need to play on Apocalypse difficulty
  8. You don’t need to fight every zombie
  9. Don’t fight zombies indoors
  10. Overconfidence is a killer
  11. Love your rest function.
  12. Turn the oven off as soon as you’ve finished cooking
My experience playing this game used to write this guide
Special Thanks To:
I’ll update this with anything I’ve missed at a later time. I’m more than happy to offer any additional advice and answer any questions. My UN on Reddit is Libertyforzombies. The IndieStone have a discord server where I lurk. If you have additional questions, this is a good place to get a quick answer. I also welcome any mistakes or omissions that might be in this guide.
Be Lovely
It's actually a rule in this sub. By all means disagree with me, I do enjoy a good discussion about PZ but don't personally attack me instead of my opinion and/or leave the snarky and sarcastic comments out of your replies. I won't argue with you, I'll just report you, and I rather not be indirectly responsible for you being banned.
All harshness aside, I hope you've found this post helpful.
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