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2021.09.21 01:18 Angela275 Should I

So my friend wants me to rewrite I am not Starfire. She thought it would be funny if we had made Nightwing the father and change a few things. I told her fans of Nightwing will decide. I don't think I'm a good enough writer. I have ideas but I don't think I'm good.
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2021.09.21 01:18 Xerox2pointO NKD - TS234

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2021.09.21 01:18 pancakeburger2 Rip don’t think bondo is fixing this one

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2021.09.21 01:18 ogDumdum Just dropped this dope dude today on OpenSea, hit the link to check em out! (Link in comments)

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2021.09.21 01:18 nah328 I walked by the mirror and stared in awe at my non-reflection.

No wonder that vampire dream I had last night felt so real.
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2021.09.21 01:18 BuddhaIvan Friends, don't envy me, but I got my Donuts before sleep faster than you did. Happy distribution!

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2021.09.21 01:18 icecon Wow, the Lane Seven LS14001 is an amazing hoodie.

Everybody and their grandma gets the Gildan 18500 because they are cheap, ~$24 shipped.
I ordered a military green Gildan and a royal blue Lane Seven to see which to stock.
I expected the Lane Seven would probably be better because 80/20 blends are softer than 50/50 blend.
What I didn't expect was HOW incredibly better it would be. The Lane Seven feels and looks like something you buy at high end store. It's soft, shiny, and has smooth texture. The Gildan has a rough texture, with visible irregularities in the cloth, and is of course less soft because its a 50/50 blend, versus the 80/20 Lane Seven blend.
The Lane Seven is $27.68 shipped from Awkward Styles. Stakes is the only other US supplier, they charge a buck more, but are mostly out of stock atm.
After comparing, I have no desire to sell the Gildan unless I have no option because you could easily get away with charging $10 bucks more for the Lane Seven. That's how much better it is.
At the risk of making it run out of stock...
Vote with your wallet and send your orders to Lane Seven so they can make more of these hoodies, so hopefully we can have more suppliers stock them and stock them reliably.
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2021.09.21 01:18 Used-Train446 KD Floor for ranked.

Please leave your opinions in the comments, as I could be completely wrong. I have many situations in ranked (plat lobbies) where my teammates do like 400 damage combined, whilst I’m getting high 1000s. I feel like there are a lot of players who just camped in gold with a 0.4 0.3 KD and are hopeless at fights. I feel like for the benefit of players and for the benefit of the floor for the skill difference in ranked to improve, there should be a KD floor for ranked maybe like (no limit for bronze silver 0.5+ for gold,0.7+ for plat etc.)
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2021.09.21 01:18 Gwynheil Just for this week: 2 wild accounts of Hearthstone (260 legendaries and a lot of epic cards) For only 100$. American server

Im selling two wild accounts of hearthstone, i have a lot of legendaries and epic cards, cardbacks, solo adventures and skins, please add me on Discord if u are interested: Gwynheil#9518 ONLY PAYPAL.
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2021.09.21 01:18 Greedy-Set3260

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2021.09.21 01:18 AI_Essay Looks so comfy!! He let me rub his belly a few times and then he growled and snapped at me.

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2021.09.21 01:18 ZebuZek37 Am I right?

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2021.09.21 01:18 kennethsime Turns out you can swap round clips for oval clips for about $10!

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2021.09.21 01:18 20manbearpig20 Thinking about upgrading to the puffco pro opal

I have a puffco peak lucid and it's awesome but I've recently been leaning towards upgrading and getting the puffco opal. Does anyone have any thoughts
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2021.09.21 01:18 Beepdidily Blursed_Bossfight

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2021.09.21 01:18 WebSwiftSEO Heartbeat sound for shifting

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2021.09.21 01:18 Stinkyp93 Any night can be Taco Tuesday if you believe

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2021.09.21 01:18 ThatDaimWeeb69 I build my first binary full adder

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2021.09.21 01:18 ChangeIsHard_ [OC] ClickHouse

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2021.09.21 01:18 long_orange_cat I drew Chansey today

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2021.09.21 01:18 pizzzy1 Caviar should be categorized as...

I ask this because it seems to be different with each dispensary, some have it as flower, others have it concentrates. This confusion has caused getting certain discounts annoying and finding products frustrating. I personally think caviar is both so you should get flower discounts and/or concentrate discounts.
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2021.09.21 01:18 rCTAbot #52 Kedzie Temporary Southbound Reroute near Kedzie/Roosevelt (Minor Delays / Reroute)

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2021.09.21 01:18 heinaga1989 🔥 $BSWAP 🔥 BusdSwap - first ever DEX with buy back feature & Gaming platform🔥| Doxxed Founders | Listed on DX-Sale | Airdrop Giveaway

⦁ BusdSwap will be the FIRST EVER decentralized finance (DEX) platform to offer automated buyback function built into the exchange.
BUSD Swap will be the first community-driven layer 2 protocol on Binance Smart Chain. A secondary framework or protocol created on top of an existing blockchain system is referred to as Layer 2. The primary purpose of these protocols is to address the major cryptocurrency network’s transaction speed and scale issues.
We have been hard at work behind the scenes to bring you a legit & working product, where you can see your investment grow over time by just HOLDING!
Lets be honest for a second, we have seen dozens of these similar projects come out in a short amount of time, and die in few days or the day of launch. Here at BUSD Swap, we are going the distance to maximize everyone's profits as a long term vision! With marketing kicking off as we launch, during and after, we aim to hit high numbers!
With the work of the team & help by the amazing BUSD Swap community, we can go places where we always wanted too!
⦁ On each transaction, BusdSwap receives a 6% buyback tax, which is held inside the contract.
✅ ⦁ Doxxed Founders & a team of 10+ people.
✅⦁ TechRate Audit Complete.
✅⦁ Website is Live and rebranded.
✅⦁ Youtube, Instagram, Medium, Discord, Telegram, Twitter pages all live & ready.
✅⦁ Team will be locking their wallets.
Breakdown of Taxes
⦁ Holders will receive a 2% bonus in a form of BUSDSWAP tokens
⦁ A marketing tax of 3% is charged
⦁ The Buy-Back Tax is 6%
⦁ 13% slippage
📝 Token Specification:
🪧 Symbol: $BSWAP
🖥 Networks: Binance Smart Chain initial launch / leading up to Ethereum chain
✔️ Spec: BEP-20
👨‍💻REDDIT: https://www.reddit.comBUSDSWAPOFFICIAL/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
📋 Medium:
All those who enter the airdrop & follow the instructions will be given BUSDSWAP tokens upon launch! Up for grabs is 40,000 tokens.
Make Sure to follow all the instructions correctly! Thanks guys
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2021.09.21 01:18 craterpolk Azelf raid adding 6 be online

0912 1016 9343
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2021.09.21 01:18 RWA_Esh My newest tag team.

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