Punch out’s Aran Ryan smash moveset

2021.09.21 02:08 Efficient_Chip576 Punch out’s Aran Ryan smash moveset

Jumps: 2
Weight: link
Walk speed: palutena
Run speed: donkey Kong
Special abilities: none
Jab: a left hook then an over head punch, then an under punch. Based off some of punches he preforms
Dash attack: spins like great tiger
Side tilt: clap like k rool. This has a sweet spot at the of a foe ears that causes a stun effect. As it’s an ear clap.
Up tilt: kicks like hoy qullow
Down tilt: headbutts the ground
Before we move on let me just say that his smash attacks don’t have super armor. Also his air attacks aren’t bad like little mac.
Side smash: headbutt
Up smash: the same as little macs but with but hands being a too hit attack
Down smash: belly flop like incineroar.
Neutral air: poses with his like wario but with no spin or inflation
Forward air: dragon Chan’s kick
Back air: elbow jab
Up air: headbutt
Down air: kicks downwards like k rool
Grab: uses flail
Pummel: headbutt
Forward throw: shoves the foe like he does to the reff in his before battle animation
Back throw: spins the foe
Up throw: breaks the opponent’s back on shoulders like incineroar
Down throw: Aran pins the foe to the ground and viciously bites them
Neutral special: Aran throws a horse shoe, it can’t be spammed since it has some cool down. But for fun let’s put some RNG in here because a lot of people want the number 7 to be a gimmick in some way!! SO LETS GOOOOO!!!!! 1 it puts the foe to sleep, 2 it freezes, 3 it poisons, 4 it’s really strong, 5 Aran also takes damage, 6 it’s normal, 7 it acts like a boomerang.
Side special: I know a lot of people were expecting the flail to be the up special as well as attacks but he’s not designed to be bad in the air like mac and it would kinda boring for all the basic attacks to just be a flail swing. So it’s the special move. But anyway this acts like min min’s side special somewhat though it doesn’t have as much range and isn’t as strong. But there’s a twist, if you move the control stick after preforming the whip then he would swing the flail. It acts like Belmont’s jab gimmick but with more range and power. In fact you can cancel it back into a another whip.
Up special: Aran will slingshot himself off the net. It has some start up but send him pretty far. It also puts him into free fall. But he’s the unique if you press the button while in the air then he will instead grab onto the foes and shake them away instead of hitting them with his body. So it’s the opposite of diddy kong.
Down special: Aran will get hit and but as he is falling down will try his last ditch effort to kill you. So it’s another counter. He does still take some damage so it’s not as good as mac babe’s. But it does deal more damage.
Final smash: Aran sends his flail forwards to hit a single foe. He then preforms the Irish jig. It’s basically little macs but stronger.
Stage intro: the reff tries to hold him back but gets shoved away
Alts (change is hair, gloves and shorts. Also the flail would match the strap around his pants and the glove on the flail would match the pants): 1 basic, 2 title defense, 3 mr sandman, mad clown, 4 pizza pasta, 5 don flamingo, 6 super macho man 7, narcis prince, 8 original super punch out design (I hate that design, it’s super ugly)
Up taunt: “keep hitting me, I loave it”
Side taunt: “Me seester heets harter ten u”
Down taunt: an item gets thrown at him from the presumed crowd.
Victory animation 1: crouches while saying “you lie dawn wih dawgs, you rise up with flees!” though if he beat little mac then instead it’s “you probably gawt cheeseburgers in dose glovs hav you mac!?!”
Victory animation 2: title defense win animation (plays in team battles)
Victory animation 3: contender win animation (minus the ropes)
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2021.09.21 02:08 ai_jobs [Hiring] Machine learning scientist

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2021.09.21 02:08 Ill_Magazine_1322 Canoeing in the UK

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2021.09.21 02:08 Beese_Churgerr This gonna be some Hard Bread to swallow

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2021.09.21 02:08 ProserpinaStarworks Phil Labonte of All That Remains W/ Alex Jones and Tim Pool Streaming Now

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2021.09.21 02:08 TheGeniusGinger Is HVAC a good career choice?

So basically, I’m 20 years old and trying to find a career path. I don’t want student dept, or an office job, therefor I am mainly focusing on trade school. I am being very picky because I don’t want to regret my decision, I am not a school kind of person so I don’t think I could force myself to go back after I choose a course. HVAC is the only trade that I’ve been able to find that really checks off all my criteria that I’m wanting - for example:
•Preferably 1-2 years in school •Not an office job, i need to move around •not extreme labour •Not stuck in a warehouse all day (HVAC seems to be a lot of customer houses and moving around the city)
HVAC Seems to fit all those needs, only problem is, I don’t know much of anything about it. In your personal experience what are some pros, cons, and challenges, or even something I should know before I get into school? I have the work ethic, I’ve worked labour plenty, I just don’t know much about the job itself. (Sorry for the longish read)
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2021.09.21 02:08 Spiritual_Mine_3543 💊 ADAzone | 7% ADA Reflections Paid Hourly | Stealth Launched | Dev in Voice | Huge Marketing Wallet | Big Plans for Long Term Growth | Don’t Miss This Chance! 💊

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The project is 100% safe, and the dev will not honeypot or rug you. We pride ourselves on our community engagement and our communities wants and needs. All marketing decisions are based on what the community wants. Pinned in a telegram? Twitter influencer? Coin Sniper? We are happy to hear your thoughts!

People lack patience and want a pump and dump. Very few people are interested in investing in a project long-term. We want the community to feel safe and comfortable sleeping on their $ADAZONE bags and want them to not be worried that they will wake up to a dead chart. We plan on running We are creating a community and a project, teaching the importance of patience in cryptocurrency. People need to stay focused and don’t make bad decisions guided by their emotions. This is a project, where you HOLD the ADAzone and you will get rewarded in Cardano ($ADA). DEV IS FOCUSED ON HELPING COMMUNITY IN VC!

ADAzone - Tokenomics ⚙️

🚚 Supply: 1,000,000,000

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🅰️ 6% ADA reflection fee

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📈 2% marketing fee

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🔓 LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x6ac41c0f5ed0808892bdb8790a895388c74e86ae

✅ Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x1299263f4f69e43fc8f11ec67578df65f8953f88#readContract
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2021.09.21 02:08 WhatTheWhatAmIDoing Some Covid facts from a pro natural health perspective- spoiler alert get the vaccine.

00:01:20 - Should young and healthy get vaccinated? 00:06:47 - Risk of myocarditis 00:10:40 - Long-haul COVID 00:19:58 - Spike protein cytotoxicity 00:35:39 - COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) 01:01:17 - Antibody-dependent enhancement? 01:09:16 - Do COVID vaccines damage fertility? 01:14:13 - Will mRNA vaccines alter DNA? 01:22:32 - Are alternatives like ivermectin as effective as the vaccine? 01:42:02 - Do vaccines prevent Delta transmission? 01:56:04 - Will the virus become more deadly due to vaccines? 02:05:07 - T-cell immunity vs. antibody immunity 02:08:34 - Long term side effects / were vaccines rushed?
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2021.09.21 02:08 mychunkylemonmilk Food: Do you enjoy sushi?

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2021.09.21 02:08 who_body 12x24 tile: brick, lippage and staggard layout

looks like newer “large format tile” packaging recommends “staggard” layout and not standard “brick”.
not sure if is this solely a response to a spec or based on quality of tile. want to install brick pattern in a bathroom and doubt it would have that much of an impact.
anyone know the impact/risk of sticking with brick?
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2021.09.21 02:08 reddit_feed_bot tedcruz: RT @sahilkapur: Asked if he will to filibuster a debt ceiling increase and force a 60-vote threshold, @tedcruz tells me: “There is no universe in which I will consent to making it easier for Chuck Schumer and the Democrats to add trillions more in debt.” That sounds like a yes.

tedcruz: RT @sahilkapur: Asked if he will to filibuster a debt ceiling increase and force a 60-vote threshold, @tedcruz tells me: “There is no universe in which I will consent to making it easier for Chuck Schumer and the Democrats to add trillions more in debt.” That sounds like a yes. submitted by reddit_feed_bot to TheTwitterFeed [link] [comments]

2021.09.21 02:08 PHOENIXMEMER18 Should I wait for HoT or just go for snake waifu Mobius?

I only have darkbolt jonin and fischl for lighting DPS.
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2021.09.21 02:08 RDN-Leader-on-Gang How dangerous is the UK based on REAL data and statistics?? Proof?? 🤨🧐

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2021.09.21 02:08 MrBuckBuck What is your biggest tradegy?

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2021.09.21 02:08 juscody Can u ask a friend/ex why they are being distant or is it better to just not let it bother u?

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2021.09.21 02:08 yesteryear2020 I hope this subreddit gets shut down

nothing will be lost
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2021.09.21 02:08 CuriousBetsy76 This old boys got me through whole heaps of trouble!

any of y'all have a special friend who's helped y'all in your journey?
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2021.09.21 02:08 Mantis-Toboggan__MD Just wishing for a Republican woman to die and getting upvotes. Totally normal. The right is definitely the radical side.

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