The queen of the house!

2021.10.21 15:43 DarkEff3ct The queen of the house!

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2021.10.21 15:43 Kyzerx102 Beautiful world copyright youtube Does anyone know where else to view this video? They striking all the osts on youtube :( And this edit was awesome.
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2021.10.21 15:43 buggy1788 Best bag of Doritos I have ever had!

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2021.10.21 15:43 MasterPip Does anyone know what year this is? He says it's a Kawasaki 220 (I'm assuming Bayou?) but doesn't know the year. I'd ask for the VIN but it's hard enough getting him to respond. It's a long drive so I'd like know better prior. He doesn't seem to know much about atvs and he's selling fairly cheap.

Does anyone know what year this is? He says it's a Kawasaki 220 (I'm assuming Bayou?) but doesn't know the year. I'd ask for the VIN but it's hard enough getting him to respond. It's a long drive so I'd like know better prior. He doesn't seem to know much about atvs and he's selling fairly cheap. submitted by MasterPip to ATV [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 15:43 Ordinary-Homework261 MY LOOP THEORY

Is it possible the cost to borrow is now so high that they're shorting just to pay the borrow fees? I realize it wouldn't take all their gains but at this point it appears they're stuck. And using calls or puts or whatever still costs money. Just a thought.
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2021.10.21 15:43 Flashy-Breadfruit-27 Git rapor al

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2021.10.21 15:43 BurstYourBubbles Denis Coderre's platform: Some good ideas, few details, different in French

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2021.10.21 15:43 Lakruna how early should i get there for the greek theater 10/22??

first time going to a big venue like this and i have a pit (GA) ticket. wondering how early i should go (realistically)! I'm going alone and physically cannot wait for a whole day in line, so how early should I get there to get a good spot in the pit (doesn't have to be the very front) :)) Should two hours before doors open be good?
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2021.10.21 15:43 Coyote9168 Home made. Don't blame anyone else.

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2021.10.21 15:43 doubleoeck1234 Please DICE. Just make this like bloodhounds ability from apex. Or give it a massive cooldown. Maybe it already has a balancing factor but from that trailer it looks op

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2021.10.21 15:43 Mondblut OCR software alternatives to Capture2Text?

Is there other fast OCR software (should work well with Japanese) that's similar to Capture2Text? It should basically let me make a frame around the area with the text and immediately copy the text to the clipboard.
I currently use Capture2Text. It's quite fast, but it seems that it is not perfect when it comes to accuracy. So alternatives would be nice to try out. Any recommendations?
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2021.10.21 15:43 TweetArchiveBot Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Kudos to @NYCComptroller for crunching the numbers and laying out the plan and @NYCMayorsOffice for executing on it

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2021.10.21 15:43 wallysmith127 First impressions of James Naylor's Magnate: The First City (make money in a property bubble with *maybe* rolling more dice than Monopoly)

Magnate: The First City is a clever mix of the OG Sim City's urban planning (Residential/Commercial/Industrial), Lords of Vegas' action selection (opportunistic landgrabs with an eye on adjacencies) and the spirit of Monopoly (property development and DICE), along with its own twists along the way. Like other economic games it's all about making the most money but in Humbleburg the party stops when the bubble bursts, sending property values plummeting. The twist is you want to time your sales at the height of the market, with multiple factors influencing the time of that crash.
The gameplay loop is simple: players strategically buy increasing-cost plots of land for development, attract tenants based on zoning synergies, sell for a profit and repeat. The core rules are actually quite simple and a rolling teach can get a group going in under 10 minutes, explaining Tenants and Selling in the second round, along with the brisk property upkeep phases. Tenants are attracted to Residential properties via nearby Retail and Office properties, Industrials support other Industrials and Retail/Office/Industrials are all bolstered by Residential (but Residential doesn't want to be right next to Industrial, naturally). Attractions (parks, train stations, parking lots, etc.) provide boosts as well, with the occasional negative (the airport boosts Offices, but lowers Residential).
All these actions have consequences though. No sales or Advertising (dice mitigation, explained later) in a round makes the market unattractive while too many sales helps inflate the bubble. However, lots of Advertising in a round accelerates property values, which then indirectly adds pricing pressures to the ticking time bomb. And through it all, varied Tenants want to move into this new location but when capacity is met then risk is... you get the point. (As an aside, independent of gameplay preferences, the group was impressed with the microcosm of an out-of-control property market, which hits very close to home living in the unique markets currently affecting various California counties... more on this later).
As an economic game lots of precise math will be involved but in keeping with the theme, there's a lot of fuzziness added to keep outcomes uncertain... but within a surprising range of predictability. Notably the growing fistfuls of dice that must be thrown when attracting Tenants! This mechanism will surely turn off many players (for variance and fiddliness) but I love a bit of chaos in my games and really enjoyed it. You collect dice based on the zoning synergies mentioned above then you're trying to make specific sets: for each successful set, one Tenant arrives to pay you rent (minding tenant capacities). For a sense of the calculations, for a House with 1 Tenant capacity you need to hit a pair of 5's or better, and you roll the lower number of dice based on the population of nearby Retail or Office Properties. Assuming this is the first House of the base game, Retail has 4 population and Office has 6 so you'll roll 4 dice to hit that set of 5's. However, any Attractions (playground, yay!) and relevant nearby Tenants (warehouse, boo!) modify your pips across the board, as well as Advertising tokens that fix your lowest roll(s) into a 5. In our session last night, only one roll was catastrophic with no Tenants attracted as the lone outlier. This phase will take a few rounds to internalize but once you do it moves much quicker as the thematic concept is actually pretty intuitive.
One of our favorite parts of the game was just how cleverly the game was able to simulate this unique market. Available plots for sale are randomized (Lords of Vegas-esque) and depending on the draw, there may be a wealth of bad plots or a dearth of great ones (think Carl from Pixar's Up). That dispersion led to certain "deadzones" where player-driven developments led to some large Residential apartments rolling poor dice because while there were plenty of Offices there wasn't much Retail ("who wants to live near an office park with terrible shopping?"). The "Goldilocks" zone with both Advertising and Sales where no activity or too much activity will strain the market but if the group collectively stays in that zone then the market remains relatively stable (and prices continually rising...). That dynamic of continually leveraging upwards, sometimes pumping-and-dumping along the way because rent isn't that important. And of course... the crash.
Once a certain number of Risk cards are drawn, land values plummet, everyone sells out of all their holdings and then counts 'em up. There is a measure of predictability here so we (3p) were gearing up to sell everything the next round. With the tight action economy (only 3 per player), we felt set.... about 5 Risk cards were drawn for 4 slots to fall... and the market survived!!! The winner ended up being the only one left with a building on the board and they got to sell at a pretty penny, with the winning margin precisely dependent on avoiding the crash. It was quite exciting, to say the least.
But, gameplay wise, this is the area of my biggest concern. Even though the outcome for that round was "favorable" and defied our expectations, it also meant there was a large measure of predictability in the crash. I'm curious to see how the game plays out with experienced players, especially with other modules. There are certain ways to increase or decrease risk, but it's a collective effort and going out of your way to do so may not be advantageous. Player count could also definitely be a factor, but the game loses flexibility if 4 or 5 are its best counts (there is an AI deck that I haven't looked into yet though). Timing your sales should make you feel clever and opportunistic, not something the group plans for. As the central gimmick of the game, and with all the other fuzziness handled so well, I'll be watching this dynamic closely going forward. I wasn't disappointed though as it was obviously a learning game and there were a lot of other things that we enjoyed regardless.
The other concern is the production, as highlighted well in SUSD's brief 2p discussion on their podcast. Squeezing the Tenant tokens next to increasingly taller minis can get tricky and mis-parsing the board in the late game can be win-altering. It all looks awesome but it will be a detriment to some groups... unsurprisingly, the box is also massive. In addition the "footprint" tiles that you place underneath the buildings are entirely optional; however they also convey bonuses for certain buildings, as well as a useful reminder for how Sales are calculated. Fiddly though, as they can be easily bumped into misalignment, which can get tricky if a particular neighborhood is crowded.
That said, the rest of the production is rocksolid. The rules were edited by Paul Grogan and his team and greatly facilitated learning. The tutorial deck in particular was quite inspired, walking players through a 5-player game with incorporated player aids, with explicit instructions on how to continue the game if less than 5 are playing. Because of the deck, the rulebook functions excellently for refence, organized based on the phases of the game (for learning, I just went through the deck solo then gave a normal teach to the group). The iconography on the market board, neighborhood tiles and various other components were clear and intuitive. And paper money! We had Iron Clays at the ready but using the high quality paper money was actually a joy (money is kept hidden in a "wallet".. I'm considering buying the faux-leather ones from Naylor Games now).
And I haven't covered all gameplay elements either, like different types of auctions for turn order (with significant incentives to even lose the auction, based on tenancy rolls), or the Advanced Tenants, or the Employees module. There's a lot of meat in this game that I'm super excited to explore. It's also approachable enough to those types of folks that just know boardgames as "like Monopoly?"
All in all, quite the positive experience for one I've been waiting for for a long time. Shout-out to Space Biff for his review that convinced me to back it and here are some before and after pics of the session. Cheers!
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2021.10.21 15:43 Neophyte96 Guess the last time a TSLA insider purchased?

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2021.10.21 15:43 TehBananaBread Hunter gatherers only had to work 20 hours a week, cause they lived outside, in the cold. All you guys are more than able to only work 20 hours and live better than them!

You guys are entitled whiners. These people only "worked" 20 hours because there was nothing else to do. Food and shelter. Done. Want more? Do more.
All you whinere are free to live like them, and guess what, you can probably do so without even having to work at all! Just collect that welfare check and check in at the hobo shelter crew. Just lower your standards, but i guess that is where the problem starts right? You guys want to be lazy and have luxery.
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2021.10.21 15:43 Ok_Squirrel_7660 DogeFloki Inu - The best meme token❗️| Launched now🔥 | Rewards💰| AI bot alert🔰 | Early gem💎 | 100x

DogeFloki Inu (DFI)
🔗Comminity drive meme token✅
Floki the dog📈
🔰We have an AI bot that does the legit checks and warn users about the tokens that are possibly scam or rugs.
🗣People can also talk about the new tokens/community/blogs on our forum.
📗Main Features:
📌AI Bot Alert
AI bot checks for new Uniswap listings and does the legit check including LP lock period, Renouncement, and other possible symptoms.
📌Community Discussion
People can post and comment their opinions about the tokens, their community and blogs.
📌$Doge Floki Inu (DFI)
People can upvote others' posts using $DFI. So, the authors will be rewarded with $DFI.
Every transaction within DogeFloki Inu taxed by 10%
- Redistribution: 7%
- Liquidity pool: 1%
- Marketing: 2%
✔️No Presale
✔️No Team Token
Contract: 0x65c12c3083154c40d41a8453934bb326fc42f978
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.21 15:43 Painy_ Where are Iron trials? They shouldve been here 2 hours ago.

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2021.10.21 15:43 Jrt1108 Help with threadfin rainbows, more in comments.

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2021.10.21 15:43 Woild From the edge of space

Sequel to To the edge of space
"Erm... oops? Sorry about that."
That was all human-of-the-ship Jim had to say.
Commander-of-the-ship Grax turned away from the communication screen. Her subordinates displayed a mixture of emotions, although some maintained a veneer of professional calm. The viewscreens had not changed. The foreward one still displaying the emptiness of space before them, dotted with the light of nothing but galaxies, practically all of them millions of light-years away.
The rearward screen showed their own galaxy. All of it, on a single screen. Unlike any other time in history, this view was not simulated. They had ventured outside of anything, in a desperate attempt to lose their pursuer who had run them down to exhaustion and beyond, and for what?
Grax sat back down on the seating-of-the-commander. She had run out of emotions to feel. At first, she had been confused. Their relentless pursuer has been a salesperson? Trying to sell them an extension to a warranty they never had? It made no sense. Further interrogation of the Jim had revealed that no, it was not a translator error. Grax had been apoplectic with rage, ranting and raving. Apparently the translator machine had not been able to convey the literal meaning, which was probably for the best.
All that was left was exhaustion. They had been running for the longest time, jumped past the edge of space with no way to return. She had doomed her crew to a slow and silent death, for less than the nothing that lay between the galaxies.
"Look, I didn't mean to hunt you down or anything," pursuer-of-the-ship Jim tried to explain himself. "It's just that, well, I mean..." He seemed hesitant. "I get paid per customer contact. When you didn't answer, I thought maybe you'd be more willing to communicate at your next stop, you know? And when there was nobody else around, I figured I'd just try again, so ..." He trailed off.
"So you decided to sail around the corona of a star just to keep up with us?" Grax queried.
"Well, I had to, didn't I? That took some jury-rigging, let me tell you."
"And you spontaneously mined a sparse asteroid field for starship fuel?"
"Err, that's about right, yeah."
Somehow, there was still some rage left in Grax. "And you skirted the event horizon of a black hole, risking being torn to sub-quark pieces?"
"Oh yeah, that was a doozy. I still feel like I'm a bit taller than before." Jim chuckled.
"And you jumped past the edge of space, into the great beyond, with no way to get back, FOR A FRICKING CUSTOMER CONTACT?"
At that, he seemed taken aback. "Oh, er... do you not have a way back?"
Again, Grax deflated. The sheer callousness of the reply had her stumped. "Do you?"
"Ah, well, that is ... I guess I am kind of out of fuel." The Olondian commander-of-the-ship had enough. She was not going to spend the rest of her life, short as it was going to be, communicating with this blithering suicide-monkey.
"But what I do have is a Triple-Rhodium, Galaxy-Class All-Inclusive Lifetime Service Membership Complete Edition." The Jim's tone of voice had suddenly changed, now full of vigour and excitement. "With the Triple-Rhodium, Galaxy-Class All-Inclusive Lifetime Service Membership Complete Edition, you too can be covered for all eventualities, whether you are stranded on a moon, motionless in space or stuck in a black hole. Get yours today, and your first call-out is free!" In a low and much more hurried voice, he added "Membership does not cover being stuck in a black hole. Offer void in Nebraska. Laws of physics may apply."
Grax looked around her crew. They seemed to have comprehended as much as her. Drawing back on months worth of diplomacy lessons, she tried to convey polite confusion. The translator, working correctly, managed to convey the sentiment accurately.
"What the fuck."
Ten days later, Jim had arrived back in civilised space. Both he and the Olondians had been towed back into the Galaxy, provided with fuel, and parted ways. Grax and her crew would return as heroes, showered with accolades and awards for breakthrough engineering and Boldy Going Where No Olondian Had Gone Before(tm). Jim was sitting in a somewhat dingy insurance office, on a chair that was slightly lower than his bosses.
"So, Jim, you managed to shift some crapremium packages to some Olondians?"
"Good, good. And how many of them are thusly covered?"
The boss sighed. "Look Jim, I'm not in the mood for your shit chat. Just give me a number I can feed the computer and we can both go home."
"All of them."
"Computer says that's not a number. What do you mean, all of them?"
Jim shrugged. "Well, apparently being towed back from beyond the edge of the galaxy impressed upon them the worth of such a service, and they decided then and there that every Olondian should be covered up the wazoo in perpetuity. After swearing me out like a sailor, that is." He nodded as if imparting some deep wisdom. "The translator could barely keep up."
"The edge of the galaxy, huh? So you ran down some poor sods until they collapsed from exhaustion and couldn't resist your sales pitch? What is this, the fifth time?"
"Hey man, persistence hunting worked for our ancestors, and it works for me. Why fix what's not broken?"
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2021.10.21 15:43 Jestercore Rendered Video Different from Preview

I'm making a silly compilation video of a few movie clips for some friends. I've taken the clips from trailers downloaded from youtube.
I've edited the video to my satisfaction, but when I rendered it, a few of the clips changed.
Rather than show the clips I've taken from the trailers, the rendered video shows clips from a few seconds earlier in the corresponding trailer. For example, one clip I took is from 0:55 in the movie trailer, but when it is rendered, the clip is replaced with different a shot from 0:52 in the trailer. A clip from another trailer that starts at 1:25 is replaced from a shot from 1:22. A third clip from 0:37 in a trailer is replaced by a clip from 0:33.
As you can imagine, this has meant that the video I edited looks completely different when I render it. What is happening? Is there any way to fix it?
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2021.10.21 15:43 Agreeable-Stranger46 99.9% pepega

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2021.10.21 15:43 lostpeterlost Feature request?

I habe no idea if it's even useful or wanted...
What about a shared notes sideboard? I don't know if it needs to be shared but just some sticky info. I know you can put info into the room topic but I think more about something that's private between two (or more) parties and readable
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2021.10.21 15:43 ArcVRArthur LibVF.IO: Enable vGPU & SR-IOV on Consumer GPUs using KVM + YAML

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2021.10.21 15:43 hsuarez98 Illojuan argentino

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2021.10.21 15:43 aread91 Drake the type of ninja to step on a crack and break his momma’s back

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