All I want in life is Titanfall 3

2021.10.21 14:28 two-memes-a-day All I want in life is Titanfall 3

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2021.10.21 14:28 Ok_Squirrel_7660 DogeFloki Inu - The best meme token❗️| Launched now🔥 | Rewards💰| AI bot alert🔰 | Early gem💎 | 100x

DogeFloki Inu (DFI)
🔗Comminity drive meme token✅
Floki the dog📈
🔰We have an AI bot that does the legit checks and warn users about the tokens that are possibly scam or rugs.
🗣People can also talk about the new tokens/community/blogs on our forum.
📗Main Features:
📌AI Bot Alert
AI bot checks for new Uniswap listings and does the legit check including LP lock period, Renouncement, and other possible symptoms.
📌Community Discussion
People can post and comment their opinions about the tokens, their community and blogs.
📌$Doge Floki Inu (DFI)
People can upvote others' posts using $DFI. So, the authors will be rewarded with $DFI.
Every transaction within DogeFloki Inu taxed by 10%
- Redistribution: 7%
- Liquidity pool: 1%
- Marketing: 2%
✔️No Presale
✔️No Team Token
Contract: 0x65c12c3083154c40d41a8453934bb326fc42f978
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.21 14:28 Rafdioactivo2574 Which villager is your favorite to marry? (because of their personality or looks)

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2021.10.21 14:28 redditlike5times What is the best rainy day song?

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2021.10.21 14:28 HighFiveTerry makaylajocowden

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2021.10.21 14:28 YaBoiCori Razer Zephyr first drop

The long awaited Razer Zephyr is finally dropping. The first drop is taking place exclusively at at 8 pm PST. Sign up to get notified when it drops here
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2021.10.21 14:28 MiaDolorosa Something seems... off.

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2021.10.21 14:28 dstor1 Sea Sounds for Sleeping, Yoga, Meditation and Study. Relaxing sea sounds of waves for sleep, relaxation, studying, reading, focus, concentration, yoga, spa, mindfulness and more. Шум моря для расслабления, сна, бессонницы, медитации, учебы.
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2021.10.21 14:28 miguelfgmachado Titulo foi verificar se 7x7 é 59!

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2021.10.21 14:28 ProfessorFederal1905 Could Spinosaurus have swam like a flatfish. [theory]

I was thinking about how people were saying (before the 2020 tail discovery) that Spinosaurus was too tall and would just fall sideways when swimming, so the idea of it swimming like a crocodile wasn’t very stable. But ever since the massive tail fin that spinosaurus aegypticus has was discovered people are deadset it swam like a fish/crocodile. I know this sounds like inanity but hear me out. It swam like a flat fish. Just rotate the entire thing 90°, its tail would move like a whales/dolphins and it would just chase its pray or whatever.
It would make sense for it to be able to swim in shallow water, maybe birds like hopped on the spine and ate parasites off its body. Also the sail could be a temperature thing idk. I thought of this yesterday and I just wanted to see if anyone else would take this seriously. Also spinosaurus having its literal spine just shooting upward 24/7 is kind of a reach in my opinion.
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2021.10.21 14:28 OhThatGuyinPurple What's the gamemode that gives the most xp?

I'm trying to speedrun the bp and I was wondering what gamemode gives more xp. Or is it the same for every mode and I just have to sweat for more xp from kills and stuff?
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2021.10.21 14:28 AdvertisingNo4919 can somebody tell me if this is a scam?

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2021.10.21 14:28 OhWarn Backup cameras don't make you rich, friendship does

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2021.10.21 14:28 relativelyben [Japanese > English] Could someone help me translate what is on the back of my Imari charger? Thank you!

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2021.10.21 14:28 APKMirrorBOT Google One 1.120.402708541 by Google LLC

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2021.10.21 14:28 svanapps Bitcoin's Price Crashed 87% on a Major Exchange Thanks to a Bug

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2021.10.21 14:28 zyxzevn Latest version seems corrupt

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2021.10.21 14:28 In_sa_ni_ty Not-So-Isekied Psionic 26

With first step he took towards the hostile mobs, Nova used seriously empowered ability from his regular arsenal. An invisible and ethereal wave of tranquil psychic energy enveloped dwarves and elves. Originally angry and bloodthirsty faces quickly became confused and calm, like someone had used the "happy/angry" hand trick on them. Even provokers fell under it's influence, stopping their agitation midsentence, gawking like fish.
"Greetings, respectable people of Standing of the World!" solemnly started Nova, giving them a friendly smile. "Why do you listen to those fools? There is always a better things to do than fighting without purpose."
"Outsider! This is none of-GRH!!!" when one of the agitators was about to scream at him, he made a very big mistake: looked Nova in the eyes. After that provoker seemingly choked on his own tongue, unable to say anything. Same fate befell his partner on the other side.
"Mister Boneshine, is it really a nice thing to attack your customers?" Nova's brain worked full power, scanning minds of the present people as fast as possible. "I can see madam Leaflet on the other side and she bought a very good shovel from you last Monday. Even paid extra, thanks to your excellent craftsmanship."
"Ow... yeah... actually." mister Boneshine, an elderly dwarf, looked quite embarrassed.
"And how about you, Mrs. Bladebuck? That man on the left edge is your son's teacher. Did you forget how good he was talking about him, giving out knowledge of gem carving for free? Shame on you."
Young elven women realized that and lowered her head, red as maple leaves.
Forcefully calmed crowds gradually became more and more ashamed and demoralized as Nova continued, losing any will to fight that they had before. Both provokers, partially free from shock, began panicking, but they weren't able to say anything.
"CAREFUL!!!" Mith reacted first, following Nova's order and her head became one of the massive frog that spitted a big ball of condensed water. It hit ignited Molotov cocktail, that was thrown by the hidden provoker behind dwarven crowd, aimed at the opposite side. Momentum was redirected, fuze - extinguished, and the bottle itself fell onto the pavement, shattering to pieces. Sticky substance inside splattered all around, now harmless.
"NOT SO FAST." Nova spotted the same bitch on the elven side, that quietly raised hidden magical staff and almost started chanting. His power completely overtook her frail brain, paralyzing body for a long time.
Slightly muffled, but still well-heard sound of a single-action firearm cracked in the distance and Nova's head violently jerked back. A small ball of lead struck him right in the middle of the forehead, splattering blood into the wind.

Indra saw that like it happened in slow motion. The pain on her loved one's face, his crimson blood leaving the lethal wound and his body falling to the ground. Emotions, like an earthquake, ran through her brain, rapidly replacing each other: surprise, dread, pain and then...
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" rage filled her to the brims like a molten metal in the smelter. Her senses sharpened in a moment, becoming completely inhuman. Orc girl felt an ancient power, that she covered inside for a very long time.
As bright golden energy engulfed her body, Indra noticed disappearing bullet smoke trajectory, locating the shooter. Before anyone realized it, she became a blurred ball of yellow energy, very quickly closing distance with her target. Sniper had no time to react, seeing a powerful adventurer making an impossibly high jump, claymore high above her head, with both hands gripped on the handle.
Dwarf-shooter was easily split in half together with his rifle and the building under him to the very basement. Power of this attack was strong enough to create a shockwave that made a deep trench in the rocky pavement. Bricks and dust flew into all directions, propelled by the sheer might.

"NOVA, ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!" Mith was on her knees, keeping her leader's head steady. Wizardia was flying around, scared and crying.
"Ouch..." to her and goddesses great surprise, psionic was still breathing and thinking. Shot damaged skin and tissue, but haven't penetrated or cracked his skull. While wound slightly dazed him, human lad wasn't seriously hurt.
"W-w-what?! How did you?! I don't understand!!!"
"I was lucky. My head was slightly moved to the side, so bullet ricocheted." it was a lie.
Thanks to natural adaptation, new generations League of Psionic managed to get a very durable and sturdy skulls. It is very hard to knock psionic down or give one a headache without powerful weaponry. Medieval armament won't even scratch it. But it definitely taught him an important lesson.
"Oh, thanks Ferla!" said relieved Mith, hugging crying Wizardia.
"What Indra just did is much more interesting thou. Let's go and calm her down."

First, Previous and Next
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2021.10.21 14:28 Sacr3dangel Seductive

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2021.10.21 14:28 Narezzz [USA-MO] [H] BNIB 3060ti Gigabyte Gaming OC Pro [W] Paypal

Purchased from Best Buy, brand new in box, never opened or used. This is a LHR model.
Asking $770 shipped, verified Paypal G&S only.
Please comment before PMing, no chats.
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2021.10.21 14:28 NewsElfForEnterprise GlobalFoundries IPO: 5 things to know about the chip company going public in a semiconductor shortage

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2021.10.21 14:28 NoradZero I try to import the first image but i get a fuzzy look like the second image

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2021.10.21 14:28 PlayerUnoptimized Worm Castings and Coco/perlite for liquid GH nutrients?

Attempting my first ever Grow, please criticize so I can learn. I mixed my own coco mix yesterday with perlite (70/30) and then added about 20% additional worm castings. My buddy gave me basically all the General Hydroponics bottles he had, I believe it is the "10-part flora series."
Did I make a mistake using the castings when planning to water in my nutrients? My fear is when the castings become bioavailable to the plant my water feed could potentially cause problems opposed to going all slow release vs all liquid. Again, I have no clue what I am doing.
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2021.10.21 14:28 spaceshipjammer America sets the lowest age a child can be sent to prison

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2021.10.21 14:28 snowpawssz I'm in love with it and it's so comfortable worth my birthday money yayy :D. Should I show the other side too

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