Thought I’d found a group of likeminded lesbians, I was wrong

2021.10.21 14:52 TJ_Figment Thought I’d found a group of likeminded lesbians, I was wrong

I’m moving shortly so I thought I’d look on Meetup to see if there were any groups in my new area
There’s a lesbian over 30’s group.
Great I clicked to join and the first question is Are you aged 30+, born as a women and identify as lesbian only?
My answer is yes to all those but a group that thinks that’s the question that needs asking is not for me.
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2021.10.21 14:52 pk4duke Op-Ed: Would love to hear everyone's thoughts

“All good things must come to an end.” - Geoffrey Chaucer
Drake’s just put an ABSURD, gorgeous bathtub in his house – “The Embassy” - in Toronto, Canada. Cut from a single slab of marble, it was rumored to have cost over $700,000 to craft and position into his second-floor bathroom.
Drake has done some good things to be purchasing a $700,000 bathtub. I keep wondering when/if he will slow down. He's 34 years old, but still seems to be doing a damn good job of connecting with younger generations through his music. His streaming numbers on Spotify are still insane, and approximately 24% of Spotify users are 24 years old or younger. When Drake announced through an advertisement on ESPN Sportscenter that he would be releasing Certified Lover Boy on September 3rd – the same week that Kanye West was slated to drop Donda, I began to wonder about the strategy behind this move. Drake HAS to have something slick up his sleeve to be willing to put his reputation on the line in a head-to-head showdown with Ye (formerly known as Kanye West:
This isn’t the first time Kanye West has been in an embittered battle for the #1 spot on the Billboard Top 100 Albums: In 2007, two of the most influential albums in hip-hop history were released on the SAME DAY. Weeks before, Kanye West and 50 Cent both decided they would release their albums on September 11th, 2007, and so began several weeks of much publicized media charades and anticipation pitting the two artists against each other to see who would release the “better” album. Rolling Stone made it their cover story the week before. Both artists took public shots at the other. And in the end, Graduation outsold Curtis, 957,000 to 691,000 album units. Not only were the numbers staggering, but the quality of the music put out by both artists was top tier. Graduation would be nominated at the Grammys for Album of the Year, and “Stronger” would win Rap Performance of the Year. But even before the accolades, the public had declared West the winner of this battle, based on numbers alone. But is that fair? Are numbers the end-all-be-all?
So, fast-forward to 2021, and Kanye has experience with intentionally selecting the same date for an album release as another major artist, and perhaps this was inconspicuously a marketing strategy to command attention from the media and stir drama surrounding the release. But he HAD to know that Drake was going to outsell him. Had to. Kanye’s last two albums, Ye and Jesus is King, sold a combined 472,000 album units in their first week. Drake’s last one studio album release, Scorpion, nearly doubled the sales of these albums combined, with 732,000 first week album unit sales. The man is a machine when it comes to doing numbers. Of course he did numbers again. Certified Lover Boy moved 613,000 units in the first week (of note, this album would have landed third on that day in September, 2007). However, I don’t think it’s as simple as pointing to the numbers on the Billboard Hot 100 and declaring Drake the winner. That’s a cop out. By that measure, in 2011 Lady Gaga’s Born This Way SMOKES Take Care (1,108,000 vs 631,000), in 2014 Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience – what the fuck is this album anyway? – outstretches Nothing Was the Same (968,000 vs 658,000), and in 2015 Adele’s 25 (this is a world-record since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking alum sales and streams) did over 6 times If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (3,378,000 vs 535,000). All to say, I don’t think we can wrap up this album debate quickly and so concertedly. I’m a Drake fan. Do NOT get it twisted. But I’m not a blind Drake stan. I can't stand people who think he can do no wrong - those people need to get off their knees. To give him his flowers honestly, we must do due diligence, or lose all credibility. Let's see who really won Drake vs. Kanye, 2021.
I’m going to do this one slightly differently. In the past, I would jump immediately into a head-to-head comparison of the two bodies of work, try to convey some nuanced method for comparing the two compilations objectively, and determine the winner using a methodology that looks beyond “which first week sales number is bigger”. But here, I’m going to take it a step further. Keep in mind, and this may come as a shock, but the year is 20-fucking-21. 13 tracks on Graduation had 5 featured artists in total, and Curtis touted 9 featured artists over 17 tracks. Those days are long gone. Drake called in SIXTEEN artists for 21 tracks, and Kanye needed TWENTY-NINE artists sprinkled over 27 tracks. Kanye and Drake of 2021 rely heavily on artist features to fill airtime and move the album. So here’s what we’re going to do: I’m going to ditch the featured songs. Primarily because I think the featured artists become the stars of these tracks more than Drizzy or Ye anyway. Disagree? Look no further than Weeknd on “Hurricane” or Lil Baby on “Girls Want Girls”. There are many examples on both albums of the featured artist out-shining Drake and Ye. So today, in the spirit of 2007, we’re solely looking at the songs on each album with no features. Mano a mano, as it should be. Let’s get into it.
***We’re going from worst to best. You know, to build anticipation and shit. Drake has nine songs on Certified Lover Boy without features, and Kanye has six songs on Donda without features, so we’re going to toss Drake’s three worst. I think this inherently is an advantage for Drake, as he gets three more opportunities to put his best foot forward, but we’ll overlook that for the purposes of this comparison. I also included Kanye songs with no other features but the Sunday Service Choir, since he used them in nearly every song and as a backing track component rather than a “feature” in the traditional sense.

Drake Honorable Mentions: 1. Fucking Fans – 5.5
This song is just weird - Drake bitching about should've/could've beens in his conduct in relationships that turned belly-up after his misogynistic behavior. No shit, Drake. The auto-tune on his voice in the chorus is actually awful. This song isn’t it.
2. The Remorse – 6.0
This song might not be quite this bad, but I knock some points for him using this as the closer. Drake set the precedent for bringing fire on his feature-length album-closing tracks, and I expected more. He fumbled it here. “I know that when it's done, I'm going wherever God's from”…so Drake is a Christian? That might be news. We don't learn much otherwise.
Drake just can’t figure out what the hell he wants in terms of companionship, and it makes me lose all sympathy for him through the onslaught of songs in which he complains about failed relationships on this album. “Race My Mind” is a cry for something real in Drake’s life. Then, 20 minutes later he leaves the lasting impression of a double-down for eternal bachelorism: “Can't picture being a hubby, finger too stubby to fit a ring on/Unless Kawhi wanna run it back/Other than that, the strings'll be unattached/Certified Lover Boy, I'm not the one for cuddling or none of that”. Deal, Drizzy. But then just cut the bull shit with the broken-hearted crooning. This is a grown-ass man that has no idea which way he wants it. I do really like the verse where he gives his roses to the guys on his team that were there through the come-up. Overall, it’s a mediocre song, and definitely not up to snuff with some of Drake’s other send-offs. Pretty mid, actually.
3. Pipe Down – 6.6
This beat is CRAZY. Drake rapping on some toxic shit. Pretty underwhelming and I think he does the beat a disservice. Could've been a lot more here.

The Head-To-Head:

Race My Mind – 6.7 - I’m conflicted with this song. On one hand, I really like the song – the sound of it, the groove, the energy. Drake found a good pocket acoustically. But this is just a very uninteresting song. It feels like Drake is just trying to fill time. The production quality is pretty mediocre, and he offers no profound bars. I’ll keep listening myself but I can’t rate this song very highly from an objective standpoint. New Again – 5.3 - Kanye seems to be trying his hand at "memeability" to boost streams with the line “If I hit you with a wyd, you better not hit me with an h-e-y. It better be like "Hiiiii" with a bunch of Is, or "Heyyyyy" with a bunch of Ys.” It falls flat though. This song has very little replay value. The Sunday Service Choir is bad-ass in this song, but even then, he uses certain lines too repetitively and it gets annoying. Overly-repetitive choruses becomes a recurring theme in Ye's album.
Papi’s Home – 6.8 - Drake absolutely thought this would be a viral hit. You could tell as much by his attempt to recreate the magic from JT of City Girls one-liner from “In My Feelings” by including Nicki Minaj’s line “Cuz if he gotta get your momma to talk to you…” – it just doesn’t work. The beat here is wild. This beat was produced by Supah Mario – who also did the beats for “Ice Melts”, “Blue Tint”, and “What’s Next”…all fire beats AND songs. I think Drake fumbled this one on his end though. "24" – 6.6 - This song gets a points boost from how personal it is for Ye. He offers a significant insight to his relationship with Kim and opens up to a degree that Drake doesn’t touch on CLB. It shows a man leaning on his religious relationship for answers when his marriage relationship hits an ultimatum.
Champagne Poetry – 7.1 - This was a good opener by Drake considering the hype he built surrounding this album in the lead-up to its release. He knew he had to go big off the jump to establish the energy that fans were expecting. Only problem: he lifts a sample from a Masego song and, unfortunately, I think Masego may have done better with it. I encourage you to go give it a listen. The song is braggadocio, its quintessential Drake, but is that actually what we need or want at this point? The man has been ghosting us, with no full-length album since 2018’s Scorpion. Drake reveals that he has a therapist (which is interesting but not surprising), but this is about the most we learn about him here. Lord I Need You – 7.2 - Kanye is getting transparent here. So Kim cheated on Kanye. I’m sure he had his infidelities as well so can’t feel too bad for the man. Maybe he struggled with alcohol abuse as a result? If so, this is a pretty exposing admittal. Points for this revelation. At this stage in Drake and Kanye’s career, it’s no longer news to expound on promiscuity or ostentatious activities. I appreciate moments of transparency and insight into their lives, moments that humanize them. It makes for more interesting content. We’ve heard plenty about the aforementioned aspects of a superstar rapper’s life, and at this point it’s more intriguing to hear about their vulnerabilities and shortcomings that relate them to ourselves.
TSU – 7.8 - I think I would have been more excited about this song if I hadn’t heard the leak over a year ago. I’m not surprised he included this track on the album, because it’s definitely a wave. Good chorus. Drake stays saving strippies from the cut in exchange for some head in a comfortable bed. Well played, Drake. Believe What I Say – 7.6 - This song has a bouncy, upbeat groove to it. Kanye also interlays the Sunday Service choir quite nicely here. As with a lot of this album, he includes a spoken narrative that slows it down and pulls back the momentum that he builds. He kind of had to, as much of the interludes are his mom, the titular feature. The interspaced spoken points slow the momentum and definitely decreases the replay-ability of the song, which makes it more difficult to include in a playlist. The bouncy part may have made the cut, but Ye is getting in his story-telling bag.
No Friends In the Industry – 8.1 - This song has some of the most replay-ability of any track on the album. It’s a turn-up. Good for a pregame playlist. I think this is one of the peaks on the album for Drake. He’s actually invested in the tenacity and bite he’s spitting here. Most of the rest of this album sounds tiring and taxing for Drake – it feels like he has to put something out to secure the bag, but is hesitant to expose himself in any way – fair considering the microscope his life is under – but also monotonous and sedating for us listeners. This song is a quick jolt of caffeine into the low-energy and genuinity this album otherwise carries. Come To Life – 8.1 - I really like this song. It’s a more casual listen, but I think, like “Lord I Need You”, that this song really humanizes Kanye. It’s something we simply don’t get with Drake. Kanye speaks about a lot of aspects of his life that bring him back to Earth and humble him. For a 44-year-old rapper past the peak of his hit-making ability, I think his album is elevated by the more introspective moments. Ye took a page out of Jay-Z’s book with 4:44 to show his fans the dealings of a middle-aged married man. It doesn’t make for a replayable song that you would throw on at a pregame, but I think it’s more in line with what we as listeners should want from Kanye at this stage in his career.
7 A.M. On Bridle Path – 8.9 - This is Drake’s best rapping and word-play on the album, hands down. It’s braggadocio Drake, as we’re used to, but it's not cumbersome. Drake describes specific moments from his life that almost get the reader directly into the room with him while he’s drinking wine with Bron out of fishbowl wine glasses. The song is named after the private-drive neighborhood where his new sprawling mansion is located – and I’m sure he’s had plenty of hazy 7a.m.s there. In accordance with bringing us "to his home", I think it's cool that he speaks to his experience that we won't read in the tabloids or catch on his Instagram. He’s losing $100,000 on natural nines and still catching a vibe. I fuck with it. Best song on the album. Heaven and Hell – 8.6 - This might be the closest thing on the album to “old Kanye”. BTW: I miss the old Kanye. Ye has a bad-ass beat drop at the 1:10 mark. His production is still pristine. This song reminds me a lot of the album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – arguably Kanye’s best album of all time, and perhaps one of the best hip-hop albums of all time. This is a playlist-worthy song. I would consider rating this song higher but he includes a bridge at the end of the song that slows the vibe down. As I said earlier, Kanye gets in the way of himself often on this project, and interrupts the vibes he creates. He puts substance over style which is, interestingly, the complete opposite of Drake.

Summary: Race My Mind 6.7 > New Again 5.3: Drake 1, Ye 0
Papi's Home 6.8 > "24" 6.6: Drake 2, Ye 0
Champagne Poetry 7.1 < Lord I Need You 7.2: Drake 2, Ye 1
TSU 7.8 > Believe What I Say 7.6: Drake 3, Ye 1
No Friends In the Industry 8.1 = Come To Life 8.1: Drake 4, Ye 2
7 A.M. On Bridle Path 8.9 > Heaven and Hell 8.6:
Drake 5, Ye 2
After tallying the points, it seemed Kanye was always one step behind Drake with his track scores. (Of note, averaging all of the song scores, including Drake's bottom-feeders, Kanye wins 7.28 > 7.06.) Sales numbers aside, I do believe Drake put out the better project. But Drake should not rest on his laurels with this victory. The man (Ye) is 10 years older, and he lost one of these match-ups on his attempt to make a meme alone. So is, as Geoffrey Chaucer alluded to, a "good thing coming to an end"? Honestly, perhaps. I don't know shit to speculate about what Drake may have coming down the pipeline, but it increasingly seems as if his long-time fans are making excuses for him while repeating "Oh, the next one"..."well, wait for the next one"..."okay, this one was mid, but the next one...". When does it end? And I don't ask that rhetorically. The slow and steady decline has/had to start at some point, and few performers get to end on a high note. Just ask Michael Jordan.
I'll keep waiting. Both of these artists have given us enough incredible music to earn a little patience. Ye had a weird spell but it seems he may be climbing out of it. That's one to watch. If we could meld the vibes Drake is still a master at creating, with Kanye's willingness to provide introspection and depth to his lyrics, the music would be incredible. Maybe that means a collaboration. Maybe that means Ye gets over Drake having the bigger pool, or whatever started their current beef. But after listening to both of these projects several times...all I can say? "Well, wait for the next one."
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2021.10.21 14:52 DarkMidnightDragon Was watching Mythic Quest (Rob's new show) and finally found Carol in HR!

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2021.10.21 14:52 artsnmochi [ARTIST] Commissions Open! Base price range from $30-$60. Swipe for info/samples. Badly need funds, message if interested!

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2021.10.21 14:52 galactic_sorbet What do you think about Trumps second attempt at social media? TRUTH Social?

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2021.10.21 14:52 yellowsaygold 23m NYC looking for discord friends!

A little about me I have B.A. in Accounting but i know absolutely nothing about it and have little to no passion in the subject.
For those who care my mbti whatever is ISTP if you'd like to tell me about it or something go ahead lmao.
Also I'm half asian and half white so yea in limbo.
Videogames: The games I play mostly, are league, tft, Minecraft, terraria and a bunch single player RPGs. Chances are I'm familiar with whatever games you may play and I'm open to suggestions.
Music: I play a couple musical instruments so if you play any I'm interested in hearing about it.
Prefer if you add me on discord: hehh#1742
Also I'm only comfortable speaking to people who are 18+ thanks.
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2021.10.21 14:52 Versace_S 21 [F4F] find a new hobby with me!

hey! I'm mainly here to look for a relationship, but I'd also love to have new friends in the LGBTQ+ community!
a little bit about me:
I'm bisexual, and I do have a preference for girls :)
I love love horror and psychological thriller movies, so please recommend me any that you've watched that you thought was good! I will also be very very happy if we get to watch them together, I can never watch horror movies alone 😅
I listen to music a lot, and take care of my 4 dogs when I'm free :) I will gladly send you pictures of them if you allow me to!
it's also been a while since my last relationship, about 7 months ago, it would be the dream if I could find a romantic connection here! but there's no pressure, I'm also really looking forward to having more queer friends!
and this may be important, my friends say I'm more of a soft top, I get clingy, and I ask for affection when I need/want it, but I also know how to stand up for myself and the people that I care about when I need to. I never leave people hanging when it comes to my emotions, I will say what I feel about you, and will always let you know if I like you. I hope these are all positive traits to you!
please send more than just a hey, I wanna have something for us to talk about! and if we ever get serious, I'm asking for permission to send you cute tiktoks, cause I don't want to keep them to myself 😫
let's try new things together, I look forward to getting to know you!
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2021.10.21 14:52 amknewisiken Tuvalette Yere Sıçan Mal Kuzenim

İste bize geldiler misafirliğe.Yani sadece bunlar da değil amk ev mahser yeri gibi geleneksel sülale toplantisi yapılıyo 2 akraba aile artı bizim baya samimi olduğumuz komsular gelmis.Neyse bu malsalak kuzenim (kız benle yasıt) tuvalete pecete var mi yok mu demeden ayi gibi dalmıs patır kütür sıcmaya baslamıs amınakoyim pecetenin olmadığını farkedince yazdi bana pecete getir diye soylene soylene goturdum.Kapıyı actı aradan verdim peceteyi direkt gittim amk biri görse ağzımı yüzümü giber cünkü sülalem tam yobaz kuzenimle samimi arkadas gibi olmama rağmen hep ters ters bakarlar aq.
Neyse bi 10 dakka falan oldu bu kız hala cıkmadı dedim noluyo amınakoyim 62 cekerken etrafa mı bosaldı.AMINAKOYİM KESKE ETRAFA BOSALSAYMIS GERİZEKALI OROSPU ÇOCUĞU MESAJ ATTI PEÇETEYİ ALMAK İCİN KAPIYI ACARKEN YANLISLIKLA YERE SICMIS GEL YARDIM ET UTANCIMDAN ÖLÜYOM DİYO.Etrafı kolacan ettim once bi,baktım kimse yok daldim iceri sessizce kapıyı kitledim.Nasi beceriyon amk iki saniye götünü tutamıyon mu muhabbetinden sonra boku goster temizleyip siktirolup gidelim dedim.
Aptal oglu aptal boku halının altına ittirmis peceteyle halının da anasını sikmiş yerin de.Aldım attım duşakabine sabunu da verdim al temizle dedim.Aptal seni neden cagırdım sanıyosun migdem bulanır asla dokunamam dedi.Bi de bokunu mu temizlicem amk gidiyom anneme soyliyim onla coz isini dedim hayır utanıyorum dedi.Anlamam diyip tam cıkcam of amk gel bari su tut dedi iyi tamam dedim yıkamaya basladık halı ıslandı baya ama guzel temizlendi yani yere yatiririz zaten yarin ben caktirmdan cope atarim dedim.İyice abarttın altı ustu ufak bi sey diyo amk.Bi kız olarak halının altına salmıs kobrayı hala abartma diyo.Neyse isimiz bitti kobrayı paspasla alıp cope attım elimizi yikadik cikcaz.
Kapıyı acar acmaz onumde dayimi (onun babası degil)gordum amk.Noluyo lan burda naptınız amk namussuzları diye bagırıp ev ahalini topladi babam annem falan herkes geldi noluyo lan diye orospu dayım da bu ikisini ayni anda tuvaletten cıkarken sarmaş dolaş gordum diyo amk normal cıkıyoduk aslinda.Neyse bunun karisi cupcup yapiyo kızın annesi ağlamaya basladi benim baba geldi tokadi yapıstırdı napıyon lan sen amınakodumun iti napıyon diye bagırmaya basladı kıza bakıp gostercez mi hazineyi dedim kaslarını kaldırdı utanıyo hala amınakoyim.Dayim hazineyi duymus amk oglu korunmadan mı yaptınız lan cocuk yapma pesinde misiniz Allah kahretsin sizi diyo.Zamaninda bu kiza bi olayda borclanmıstım ben de aklıma da bi sey gelmedi sesimi cıkaramadım.Annesi hemen tuvalete soktu bunu apar topar beni de aldilar oglum eger oyle bi sey olduysa ağzını yüzünü sikerim senin evlenceksin onla dedi.Yo k diyemeden keslan bekle yengeni dedi.
Yengem dısarı aglayarak cıktı amk kız onceden sikismis ben patlattim saniyolar hay anasini sikeyim babamın tansiyonu cıktı adam bayıldı amk.Bizim komsunun oglu geldi onla da samimiyiz iste.Ben bunla yalniz kaldim herkes babamla ilgileniyo anlattim buna her seyi gülmeye basladi ordan dayim da tip tip bakıyo amk babası da kıza bagırıyo acayip bi psikolojik siddet vardi iste ortada,anlatılacak gibi değil.
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2021.10.21 14:52 Better_Ad6562 So I was watching the direct and I realized something o_o

Sea bass might finally have a use o_o in cooking
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