Why google maps doesn’t show available parking areas ?

2021.10.17 04:58 sparkblue Why google maps doesn’t show available parking areas ?

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2021.10.17 04:58 MR-MECHANIC3000 Hotword Detection on Android

I have been lately working on creating an offline assistant using Deepspeech for Android. Now Problem is the AlwaysOnHotwordDetecor API for Android has been deprecated recently and no alternative has been documented. Is there any way to do the same for "OK Deepspeech". Please guide me on how I can implement that.
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2021.10.17 04:58 HellNahBroFT Grind rivals- Qualify for champs. Do decent & repeat

Why’s everyone complaining? Grind, Qualify for champs and when you play break even. Guaranteed 1500 champs points. Easy road to the next weekend league. +1 for a loss is much better than it used to be. Don’t understand the complaints.
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2021.10.17 04:58 PAAMcolibri Streak 274: Weddings

I haven't attended to a wedding in my home country so long, that I am not sure what is tradition to it. I remember, when I was living in my home country, the couple who were going to get married asked the little ones to be the "pajesitos". I am not sure how to translate this word because back in the days, I don't remember having in wedding the little ones doing as flower girl or whatever the other position. I remember I was a "pajesita", and I was literally in front of the bride just walking with a nice and pretty dress. I do remember that my shoes were a bit tight, and my hair was smelling like beer LOL. I used to have a very very straight hair that any hair style stayed for so long, so one stylish woman once she knew this about my hair, she mixed water with beer made a very nice hair style from the day before of the wedding. The hair was perfect next day. Anyway, I don't remember much of it.
I can say that many of the traditions have changed due to globalization, so now, I have seen that many couples tried to do things differently to make a difference, so guests don'thave anything bad to say about the wedding.
I have learned that many couples do what they thinks to please others people expectations. Instead of doing what they really want. When they do, there will be always some negative comment or "opinion".
Depending on the wedding, after the holy ceremony, guests go to the reception area and wait for the couple while they are taking tons of pictures. So, guests have some snacks prior to the strong meal.
I am not sure what is "traditional" now, but just have fun. Drink and socialize!!! If you like to dance, dance your body off until you get tired, well if the music is good to dance. There are times the Dj is not good and does not read the crowd.
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2021.10.17 04:58 NerubianAssassin Hunter

Hunter, Part I
"The heart of an ally grants wisdom. The heart of an enemy grants strength. The heart of a wamasu grants lightning eternal."
The lofty spires of the Akhoxi stone forest gleamed in the dawn, looming far over the viridian canopy of the verdant jungle below. Fingers of mist curled around craggy peaks before rolling down into the valley like the exhaled breath of a leviathan. Birds of paradise soared above, their harsh cries piercing the silence of the morning fog. Unlike most of Black Marsh, a combination of geography and altitude had created this forest in the clouds, where the air was cool and each breath taken as fresh as spring. From her perch, Mahei looked down, admiring the Mouth - the massive, gravity-defying stone archway that stood as the entrance to the otherwise isolated valley. Her raj-deelith had said it was the petrified jaws of the first swamp leviathan, its jaws upstretched in its final act of trying to swallow the sky1 . Seeing it from above, with rocks like jagged teeth the faded colour of bleached bone, Mahei could believe it.
In the distance, traces of dark clouds hung low over the horizon, bringing with them a cooling wind, and the scent of rain. Mahei’s neck-spines quivered in anticipation. Turning around, she slid off from her perch on the banyan tree easily, gripping clumps of hanging moss still dripping wet with morning dew to slow her descent, her claws finding footholds in the tree’s knotted roots in a smooth, practised motion. Her companion awaited below, patiently examining one of his spears.
"There’s a storm on the horizon," she rasped at Kotamat, spine of eagerness raised. "She’ll be at the Mouth by noon." She paused, giving him a fierce grin to show her teeth. "And so will we."
"Then our hunt can begin," he said, rising from his crouch. Kotamat was a short and stocky Argonian, with muddy brown scales the colour of river clay. A veteran Thitl-Saak, he had won a name for himself for defeating a haj-mota in single combat on his name day, a feat attested to by the growth of a hardened shell on his back that now bore the scratch marks of many would-be killer beasts.
"The fresher the kill, the stronger the heart," he growled. "Let’s get started."
He reached into his pouch to offer a cluster of dark, wormlike roots which Mahei took to chew, savouring its bitter juices. She felt her heart slow as a sense of calm washed over her2 . When she felt ready, she spat out her root and looked to Kotamat.
"Lead the way," he said, spitting out his own root as he gestured towards the gathering storm.

  1. In legends, the leviathans of old never died of natural causes, only growing bigger and hungrier as they aged.
  2. A wamasu’s favourite food, the waso root had unique alchemical properties that could help protect whoever consumed it from the shocking energies of the wamasu’s blood-lightning heart. Too much waso, however, could stop the heart entirely.
Hunter, Part II
Mahei’s dark scales glimmered in dappled sunlight as the pair descended into the depths of the jungle. Their quarry was not hard to track – at their size matriachs tended to leave prodigious storms in their wake. She padded across muddy trails and through thick brush as Kotamat followed her lead, stalking over root and under vine, always moving ever closer towards the heart of the storm.
Like a snake, her forked tongue flicked out to taste the air. Despite the intense humidity, the wind almost seemed to spark on her tongue – as if she was walking into an invisible sheet of frozen lightning. A deep, dull buzzing filled the jungle as winds whipped the leaves in the canopy above into a susurrus of motion. She gave the hand-sign to slow. While it should have been late morning, the sky was growing dark, with the storm almost directly above them. Kotamat looked above, the feathers on his crest swaying like bulrushes in the breeze. In the distance, a deep rumble of thunder shook the trees to their roots as hackwings took flight from their perches in droves.
By the time they came to a halt in a stony outcrop, the wind had grown from soft sighs to a deafening howl. Mahei turned to Kotamat, speaking in low tones, spines raised as she eyed arcs of lightning in the roiling sky above.
"She’s close," she began. "An ambush here would be favourable. I’ll go for the legs, and you-" There was a sudden flash of colour from the brush. Mahei leapt on instinct as a large stone greatsword sent clumps of dirt flying into the air where she had been instead of crushing her skull. Kotamat was already moving, his weapon sending sparks flying as he faced the stranger, spear to sword, forcing him towards the edge of the clearing.
"Leave now, trespassers!" snarled the stranger, his crimson scales flashing as he swung his sword in a wide arc. "The Heart-of-Sacred-Lightning is not for the likes of you." He said more words, spines raised in fierce anger, but the storm whipped them away like a leaf in the rapids. He was dressed in the attire of a Xatl-Xat, all colourful fabrics and feathers. Lightning flashed in the canopy above him, casting wild shadows across the jungle and the Argonians below.
"By the right of the hunt," Mahei hissed, teeth bared and spines raised, sharp as razors. "Do not interfere, or you will-"
"YOU HAVE NO RIGHT!" The stranger roared, gesturing to the sky as a band on his clawed finger glowed as bright as the sun. A flash of electricity struck his upraised hand, and Mahei had barely enough time to dodge the bolt of lightning that was thrown towards her. She stumbled, trying to find her footing, blinking away violet afterimages of the blast. In darkness she heard the stranger stomp on the ground, digging his talons deep into the muddy earth, while Kotamat cursed as roots rose up, serpent-like, to attempt to ensnare him.
Then, like a tidal wave crashing over the shore, Jul-Xalwa, wamasu matriarch, broke through the jungle, and brought with her the storm.
Hunter, Part III
No time for thought. As the skies opened above and torrents of rain turned earth to mud, Mahei leapt towards Jul-Xalwa, her own spear thrust at the matriarch's trunk-like legs. Tendons first, then arteries, then past the ribs and straight through to the internal organs. It seemed like a good plan at the time, except that her spear’s first strike merely glanced off the matriarch’s hardened scales, sending a shower of sparks flying harmlessly into the air. Mahei hissed in frustration, rolling underneath the wamasu’s belly, her eyes darting around to look for any signs of weakness.
Her tail wilted. Jul-Xalwa’s scales were an impregnable wall, jet-black, horribly scarred, and ancient beyond belief - Mahei’s spear had done about as much damage as the rain. She rolled towards the other side, emerging from beneath the wamasu’s shadow to look for Kotamat.
She found her compatriot locked in deadly duel with the stranger, his feet struggling to find purchase on treacherous ground that roiled beneath his talons like nest of serpents. The Xatl-Xat advanced towards Kotamat deliberately, his spines raised with killing intent as his greatsword crackled with arcs of lightning that leapt off his enchanted ring. Despite his disadvantageous position, Mahei saw Kotamat let out a low growl, steeling himself as best he could. As the stranger swung his blade, Kotamat dove downwards, catching the blow directly on the hardened shell on his back. Then, continuing to roll forwards while drawing his kukri to well within reach, Kotamat slashed upwards, straight towards the enemy’s throat in a single swift strike. Snarling, the stranger dropped his sword, cutting downwards with a hand crackling with lightning towards Kotamat’s head in an attempt to intercept. Another blinding flash illuminated the jungle, and Mahei saw two figures fall – Kotamat crumpling to the ground, and the stranger clawing at his throat.
"KOTAMAT!" she cried in alarm. She started to make a move towards him, but heard Jul-Xalwa bellow in rage behind her, a thunderous roar loud enough to drown out the storm. The air was infused once more with the tell-tale hum of electricity, and Mahei could only dive behind a rock as a wave of energy burst from the wamasu, sending gouts of steam and mud flying into the air. Crouched behind her cover, Mahei hissed in frustration. Despite eating the waso root, she now couldn’t feel her tail – she doubted she could survive a direct blast from the matriarch. Meanwhile, she could hear Jul-Xalwa stomping ever closer towards her hiding spot, its ponderous footfalls like the beating of a drum.
Her back to the rock, Mahei considered her predicament, practically feeling the breath of the matriarch on her scales. Kotamat wasn’t moving. Her spear was useless. Jul-Xalwa was almost upon her. She closed her eyes, thoughts racing like a river eel – there had to be another way. There had to be. Her eyes snapped open. The stranger…
Mahei dashed over to the fallen Xatl-Xat, searching the body with haste. Then, snatching the enchanted ring off the stranger’s unresisting finger, she placed it on her own. By the Hist, if this works…. she thought, standing and turning to face Jul-Xalwa just as it reared its head and spat a blast of lightning towards her. Mahei steeled herself, raising a hand towards the wamasu. As the lightning struck her spear she gasped, eyes widening with wonder as power surged through her arm. The ring burned. Her hand burned. Her spear burned – a blinding white-blue that seared the retinas.
Mahei’s knuckles tightened around her spear. Then, whispering a prayer through gritted teeth, she took aim, flinging her weapon with all her might. A flash of light in the dark, it tore through the air and struck Jul-Xalwa head-on, ripping through scales, flesh, and bone as it burrowed directly into the matriarch’s skull. Half-blinded, Jul-Xalwa roared, thrashing its head from side to side in pain. Mahei bellowed a war-cry as she charged towards the wounded wamasu, leaping onto its head and driving her weapon downwards as deep as she could. Jul-Xalwa lurched, letting out a horrible scream, the dying roar of a thousand years. Then it collapsed, a fallen mountain returned to the earth.
The storm continued unabated as Mahei panted in the rain, standing over Jul-Xalwa. Stray sparks of electricity were still discharging from its corpse. Hands still slick with wamasu blood, Mahei retrieved her spear, then turned to look for her fallen companion.
She found Kotamat dead, his scales scorched completely black where the Xatl-Xat had struck him. Mahei’s spines flattened, her expression unreadable. She took in the scene before her. Three corpses. Three hearts. How did the saying go-?
The fresher the kill, the stronger the heart, Kotamat’s voice seemed to whisper to her.
Strength. Wisdom. Lightning eternal.
Sorrow could wait – there would be time for mourning later. The three hearts were warm and wet. Fat and creamy. Rich and red. By rites as ancient as the hist, Mahei tore into the corpses, savouring every bite from their steaming carcasses.
And then, it was done.
Mahei stood, surrounded by the corpses of a friend, an enemy, and a wamasu. She stank of blood and death, but that was already being washed away by the rain. She could already feel herself changing, her bones shifting, her scales hardening. She looked up. A flash of lightning illuminated the darkened sky above, followed by a deep rumble of thunder that shook the jungle to its core. As rivulets of lightning ran down her jaw like drops of rain, Mahei roared. And Black Marsh roared with her.
An Account of the Thitl-Saak Tribe
Of all the tribes I met during my second expedition to Black Marsh, one of the most fascinating would have to be the Thitl-Saak1. My first encounter with them occurred shortly after the unfortunate haj-mota incident. A great storm the night before had altered the terrain, causing me to lose my precious marks. I had been searching for a suitable shelter while attempting to find my bearings without magickal aid, and inadvertently stumbled into the lair of a nesting haj-mota. Naturally the massive, highly territorial turtle-beast immediately began advancing on me, snorting a warning and sending clumps of dirt flying into the air with her claws in a display of dominance. I would have undoubtedly met an ignoble end had two scaly figures not darted from the undergrowth and, in an impressive display of martial prowess, driven the haj-mota away.
One of them was dressed lightly, and had fish-like facies (and icthyoid rather than reptilian scales!), while the other was much more heavily armoured, while also seeming to have features of a bird of paradise, with a crown of feathers resting upon his head. From their attire, I did not notice any recognizable tribal markings, but they both appeared to be dressed in a wide variety of bones, hides, and feathers of at least a dozen different species.
In the meantime, they were observing me as well. After satisfying themselves that I had no extraordinary physical traits of note (as one of them said quite dryly while prodding my "soft skin" with a claw), the pair became quite cordial and were happy to have me follow them on their journey - and even offered me the opportunity accompany them on one of their hunts! The taller, armoured one, Rhleel-Hei, began to explain how they were searching for some kind of marsh-ghast (from what I could discern from their limited Tamrielic), but I digress.
Having no fixed home or territory in Black-Marsh to call their own, the Thitl-Saak tribe range every corner of the swamp in their pursuit of the hunt, from the salt flats of Thornmarsh to the coastal mangroves of Murkmire. They display great variety in their physical forms, by far the most I’ve seen of all Argonians. In essence, they are a group of Saxhleel almost entirely focused on hunting rare and dangerous beasts, in the belief that eating by the hearts of such beasts they would gain their strengths. I had initially dismissed these tales as fanciful nonsense, but was soon disabused of this notion.
As we ventured through the marsh, I have personally seen one of my companions develop webbed feet and an extensible tongue after consuming the heart of a death hopper. After encountering a few more members of their tribe, I’ve found them to be capable of many incredible physical feats, such as leaping over thirty feet into the air or climbing sheer surfaces like a spider. I even noticed one with poison-secreting glands, which apparently develop if they partake in the more venomous beasts of the marsh. It was rare to see any two of this tribe have similar abilities, which on further reflection should not be surprising considering the unusual nature and diversity of the quarry they seek. Most of all, they pride themselves highly on physical traits, such as their strength, agility, and endurance.
In conclusion, the Thitl-Xat are a fascinating tribe that only serves to further highlight the diversity of the ecosystem of Black Marsh.
  • Excerpts from the journals of Brendan the Persistent
  1. I regret to report I was unable to obtain an accurate translation to Tamrielic, with some sources assuring me that "Thitl-Saak" translates to "Life-Stalker", while other sources have called its true meaning "Heart-Eater".
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2021.10.17 04:58 AnKenZero Opinions on Haise?

I can't help but to love Haise, he is so kind, lovely and for me it make me love even more the point when Kaneki comes back it was just awesome. My boi was happy and he was forced to accept his life was fake and to disappear just like that 😭😭😭... I felt happy because Kaneki came back but very sad because Haise 'disappeared'.
I have seen some hate on Haise so I wanna know the general opinion.
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2021.10.17 04:58 HellNawKaren Noticed something about every hundred chapters of the manga

I was re-reading Naruto recently, and I noticed that every chapter that is a multiple of 100 is centered around a reveal of some sort. this might be intentional, but I'm not sure.

  1. chapter 100 - kinda iffy, but the beginning of the reveal of the truth regarding the Hyuuga clan
  2. chapter 200 - the one that least fits my theory, but kinda: it's the chapter that Kimimaro is revealed to Naruto and the rest of the Sasuke retrieval squad
  3. chapter 300 - the book reveals the truth about Sai
  4. chapter 400 - Obito reveals the truth about Itachi and the Uchiha massacre
  5. chapter 500 - Kushina is revealed, and Kushina herself reveals the truth of the village hidden in the whirlpools, about the Uzumaki clan, the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, and Naruto's birth
  6. chapter 600 - Obito reveals himself, the rockfall incident in the 3rd ninja war is revealed (or recapped, I can't remember)
  7. chapter 700- Naruto's fate is revealed
just thought this was a cool little detail.
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2021.10.17 04:58 Aeizzah Geo Family vs Abyss 2.2 Floor 12 (1st Half showcase) - Itto hype!

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2021.10.17 04:58 Psychological-Bid213 Returnee which char should i prio 1st in soul imprint

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2021.10.17 04:58 n-dimensional_argyle Georges Mathieu "Black Mold Tendrils Out of Mouth"

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2021.10.17 04:58 Watekostile Glare waifu

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2021.10.17 04:58 CheLeung KMT (Kuomintang) rejects Condoleezza Rice’s comments on Taiwan

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2021.10.17 04:58 cornered42 ITAP of a bee

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2021.10.17 04:58 Doctordirtyfinger 2x2 photos ak 48, aurora indica. Nirvana seeds.

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2021.10.17 04:58 mmorgan_ If I eat 200 calories under my bmr will I lose weight?

I have a lot of chronic illness problems so I’m tired all of the time. I’ll go for walks maybe twice a week and I play volleyball once a week but other days I just do work from home and don’t move too much except maybe playing in the yard with my dog for 20 minutes. If I consistently eat under my bmr by about 200 calories will I lose weight even if I’m not doing anything? I wish I was more active but I’m literally exhausted all of the time. I count my calories and I’ve been hitting 1,600 and my bmr is 1,891.
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2021.10.17 04:58 zaara20763 F18 people tend to point out my eyes a lot haha

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2021.10.17 04:58 cheezepoofs I'm Bartender on Day 35

My cousins are in town unexpectedly and we get together. They had not seen our house since we finished our basement. Our basement has the works, movie theater, shuffle board, poker, pool table and above all the bar. This bar is a monument to drinking and great bourbon. The number one reaction this monolith to intoxicants is I feel like I'm in an exclusive club. So we gravitate to the bar like always and I instinctively take my post as bartender.
My cousins don't get the opportunity for good bourbon. I go all out for them. Start with the Old Fitz 16, Weller Full Proof (blue label), Blantons Gold, and some Elijah Craig Toasted Barrell. I don't know if I ever treated myself to such a great line up before. For hours I pour them my best stuff and I enjoy a soda with lime. At the end of the night, I did something I've never done in twenty years of hosting this events. I cleaned the whole house before bed, took the garbage out, and made a breakfast casserole for the morning. All of this while having a cheesy one man dance party.
Before they came over, I spent two hours cleaning my basement from the last time we had people over, 35 days ago. The day I embarrassed myself and my family for the last time. There is something amazing about having people over, everyone enjoys themselves, and I don't have to worry about what I did, said, or broke. Not only that, but my house looks immaculate and I have breakfast and chicken prepped for a long day of watching football with my family.
I lurked forever and I know many of you know the pains of nights that go very different. Quit drinking, I promise you at the end of a sober night you will be so happy you did.
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2021.10.17 04:58 HephMiner Big issue playing RDR2 on pc

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2021.10.17 04:58 DatGuyFromTexas Went foraging today!

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2021.10.17 04:58 glamrockbonnie [ oc / AF2021 ] lavender the bakeneko for @GlitchingGator (AF) ♡ [ commissions open! ]

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2021.10.17 04:58 Zestyclose_Bother_20 5 block extension diagonal

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2021.10.17 04:58 Kurdock Where can I find analysis of Ame's pov?

I like how BSJ sometimes reviews RTZ, Miracle, Sumail replays.
I'm guessing there should be a Chinese streamer that does the same for top Chinese players? Anyone have any idea where I can find them?
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2021.10.17 04:58 FecesConsumer HOLYSHIT ITS MAKE CAKE DAY J FEEL SO SWAG OHH YE SOH LMMMMM Mmmm ohh yeah

mmmmm ohhhcyehah. i like my cKe day so much mmmm yes ye sys o hoh oh jb
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