Set 6 Garen Reroll Comp

2021.10.21 15:05 123dia123 Set 6 Garen Reroll Comp

I'm the guy that talked about garen reroll comps a few days ago and I think I found a solid comp for him that I think is a solid comp for him. Im currently masters in NA and almost peaked GM once at set 5.5 (I started playing near the end of set 5)
Econ: Just play like you would for any reroll comps, but I like hard econing till krugs and rolling it down to 10 or 20 gold when I'm level 4 8/10 exp. (Only go 6 after hitting garen 3)
BIS IMO so far: IE/BT/Warmogs(BT is a must)
warmogs increase the amount of shielding from protector shield, BT for sustain and IE helps one shot units or kill tanks.
Items to consider: Titans, GA, DB, BV/DC depending on lobby, RFC
I think GA is a nice option to consider if you have socialite + scholar since he regens mana during GA res.
Team Comps:
I suggest rolling for graves 3 and kassadin 3 while looking for garen 3. (Not needed)
The 3 second disarm is pretty big IMO when u 3 star graves, and I just keep kassadin throughout the whole game for protector trait.
(Socialite is better than almost anything you can put in)
Level 4: Graves, Garen, Blitz, Kassadin
Level 5: Add Leona/taric/poppy (Taric preferred)
Level 6: Add 4th academy after adding Leona/can add two socialite if you somehow hit lol
Level 7: 4 academy, 3 protector, 1 socialite and 2 body guards
Level 8: Add 2nd socialite
Level 9: Replace 4th academy with yuumi and add janna for scholar mana regen.
Emblems: Socialite >>>> Protector >>>>> Academy (unless you're going for 6 academy consider it over protector emblem)
Good ones: First aid kit, celestial blessing, woodland charms , ascension, knifes edge, weakspot, item grab bag if your first augment has no good options, academy emblem, socialite emblem, protector emblem
Decent ones: Sunfire board, featherweight, titanic force is good if you have warmogs, thrill of the hunt two is good (don't take one, its bait), share the spotlight.
any healing-related augment seems good on him.
Doesn't really matter, put garen on spotlight and put leona blitz crank close to him for the body guard taunt. Corner seraphine so it buffs garen when it casts and try to make yuumi attach onto garen.
Team comps are a big weird atm because at level 9 you end up with 5 academy and there really aren't any good units that I found to replace the 5th academy. Please put your recommendations below for anything really, for what you think could better this comp and I'll happily consider it.
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What is the best legolike brand to get models from on amazon?
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AB divillier of South Africa has taken most catches in t twenty word cups which are 23.
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2021.10.21 15:05 rescuemom95 Need help identifying this plant/grass/weed. Thanks!

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2021.10.21 15:05 NewRedditLol2020 Has anyone used an epoxy or melt a resistance band that snapped to put it back together ?

Just curious lol
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2021.10.21 15:05 Electronic_City_2218 help

I'm at a complete loss. My partner refuses to help me in any capacity. I'm the stay-at-home mom, and not by choice. When covid came along and the stay-at-home orders started rounding, our daycare facility shut down, and as did my life. I love being afforded this special time with our child, but in all honesty, I hate that I no longer have "my life". I grew up working towards my career, I was the first in my family to go to college and really succeed. Being a stay-at-home mom has never been a dream of mine, so this has been a huge struggle for me. My partner has never given 50% nor 25% from day one since we have brought our sweet child home. I have never truly minded as much until now that she can hear and understand our conversations. I attempt to no longer engage in any communication about anything regarding these matters, but it happens. My partner's emotional maturity operates up and down each day. Today she had to hear him explain that he did not want her to go with him to the hair salon while he got his hair cut, I cannot remember the last time I went to the hair salon? Our child is 3 and is quite capable of listening and sitting in a chair. Then he proceeded to want to take her along with him to prove his point that he could handle taking her along when he saw that I was getting angry with him. I take our child with us everywhere, no question asked. This entire situation is ridiculous and long story short, I did not let him take her with him, because he would have been short with her the entire time. I'm at a loss. I no longer know what to do. He has over time built this space between him and her by saying he can't take her, and it made it difficult now..... I just don't know. It's also made it harder by putting more of the work in every aspect on me. I'm just done. Help.
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2021.10.21 15:05 MonkiWasTooked It is not fair that the clong of mine that I feel most satisfied with is pèm

my goals were literally just “get many sound from little sound”
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2021.10.21 15:05 whispereyenews Facebook is planning to change its company name next week to reflect its focus on building the metaverse, according to a source with direct knowledge of the matter. #Facebook @facebook #News #WhisperEyeNews The coming name change, which CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to talk about at the company’s

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2021.10.21 15:05 uncertein_heritage What would a Total War RPG be like?

There are a lot of strategy RPG hybrids like Heroes of Might and Magic series so I've been wondering how a Total War RPG mix would work.
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2021.10.21 15:05 pemboo Got my first gig today!

So after deciding on a career change about two and a half years ago, achieving a distinction in a level 2 course from AAT during the lockdown (superbly timed, I know), and a few dead ends along the way, the factory I currently work for have offered me a job within their finance department as a Purchase Ledger Clerk!
I know it's not as huge as some of the stories on here, but I'm really excited and I'm just sharing it with everyone! I imagine I'll be back on here in a few months either a broken man or keen to get advice on progressing my career!
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2021.10.21 15:05 Whole_Neighborhood58 Another one of my aunt's plants. Spider plant? With an off shoot or something...?

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2021.10.21 15:05 jp4ul0 Estou lançando um livro de suspense, ele tem 50 pags(30min). Caso seja possível, gostaria de saber a opinião de vocês.

O nome do livro é "Cemitério de Anjos". Está gratuitamente na Amazon pelo KDU.
É uma obra que tem inspirações fortes, isso quer dizer que pode ser pesada demais para alguns. O melhor de tudo, é que o mais perturbador que vem dessa história, vai surgir a partir da mente do leitor e não do autor. O livro não te assusta pelo o que acontece de fato, mas pelo que faz o leitor imaginar. Este é o estilo de terror psicológico que mais gosto.
Após se aposentar, um médico de grande prestígio inaugura um orfanato, esse ato tem uma enorme aprovação da comunidade. Ana Clara perdeu os pais e foi levada para esse abrigo, ela tenta se adaptar à nova realidade, mas coisas estranhas começam a acontecer de noite e as crianças órfãs vão fazer de tudo para mudar o próprio destino.
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