Guía FTX Exchange (FTT) Token ¿Cómo comprar y como funciona?

Precios y gráficos de criptomonedas, listados por capitalización de mercado. Acceso libre a datos actuales e históricos de Bitcoin y miles de altcoins. Una lista completa de todas las criptodivisas disponibles en Consulte la capitalización de mercado, el volumen, el precio de cierre y el cambio % de todas las criptodivisas.

2021.10.21 15:27 Assassin_ka Guía FTX Exchange (FTT) Token ¿Cómo comprar y como funciona?

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2021.10.21 15:27 fogger507 aint no way.... you guys are doin some weird stuff

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2021.10.21 15:27 CARDINAL_RG Steve don't jump...

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2021.10.21 15:27 Remarkable-Help6367 Rod and Reel Pier 🎣

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2021.10.21 15:27 minpak I just walked down the street in my suburb. There was a raccoon just kind of calmly hanging out in the middle of the road, not afraid of me or anything else. I could have walked right up to him. He seemed confused and kinda zombie-like. What's the likely issue? (Also, it was noon/broad daylight.)

A neighbor stopped his car and said he's [the raccoon] had been wandering around and likely has distemper.
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2021.10.21 15:27 lavinia31 out of everyone, who made you the happiest?

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2021.10.21 15:27 _law25 Buying vita form eBay

Hello guys i want to buy a used vita from eBay but my experience is 0 because i didn't buy a used vita before, so i want your help (:
the budget is around 200$, maybe it's a high budget for used one but i want it in like new shape.
i hired a good impression about the Japanese seller ( with absolutely no offence to other seller ), but i don't have any experience.
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2021.10.21 15:27 Far-Zebra20 🚀Gigarocket Finance🚀 Fair Launch on Avalanche Network in October 23th 3PM UTC - Revolutionary token with auto rewards - Deflationary, Hold & Win, NFT Collection, Game and much more - All the information and Roadmap available on the website:

🚀Gigarocket Finance🚀 Fair Launch on Avalanche Network in October 23th 3PM UTC - Revolutionary token with auto rewards - Deflationary, Hold & Win, NFT Collection, Game and much more - All the information and Roadmap available on the website: submitted by Far-Zebra20 to CryptoMarsShot [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 15:27 tomwaTTT Dell WD 19 non-TB dock faulty on dell xps 9570 i7

my WD19 dock was working just fine until yesterday, when the led on the power cord stopped lighting up. It still powers my laptop but is detected in windows as a low power adapter. Plugged monitor doesn't work. Dock's USB ports still power devices, but they are not detected in Windows. Yet, the dock firmware update app still detects the dock....
I tried to restore my laptop to a pre-bug time, to no avail. I unplugged the dock, waited for three minutes, powered the dock, got the three diagnostic flashes on the dock's power button. I thought about a driver issue, but I don't know which one to unistall.
Strange as it may seem, the dock works just fine on my backup laptop.
I can't find any similar issue when googling these symptoms.
Any idea from the community?
Many thanks,
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2021.10.21 15:27 Overall-Meeting-2914 Week 7 WR

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2021.10.21 15:27 Radiocureee H: caps, all new Halloween plans W: t-60 plans, headlamp mods, small vault girl plan, aquarium tv plan

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2021.10.21 15:27 Bloodburn88 [W] [US-MO] E5-2697 v2 cpu

Looking to purchase two pairs of E5-2697 v2 cpus. Will cover shipping and pay with PayPal.
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2021.10.21 15:27 _Mr_Washee_Washee See if you can guess who the Bourrasque platoons/players were. I'll wait.

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2021.10.21 15:27 liasuper ✅New Video! Beginner's Bellydance Class WORKOUT!! Click to watch Now !🥰 Don't forget to Like & Subscribe! Have Fun!🙋🏽‍♀️

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2021.10.21 15:27 Chaotic_Fkin_Bisque this is just a LOT lol

So I dropped out of school a year ago and fully isolated myself. I have really bad anxiety and terrible and extreme mood regulation issues so I needed some time. During that time I only saw my family and my boyfriend and I honestly got quite a bit better!! Anywho I kinda got broken up with two days before the average school year, so I re enrolled afterwards. I have awful social skills atm. Since the stress of school is sickening my mood regulation or even my mental sanity regulation. My actions has already gotten a lot of people in trouble and even more disliking me. I really try but sometimes I get into an extreme heightened sense of self and just everything for two or three days then I just go back down.
This sucks and I really need some advice!! My therapist is trying her hardest but our contract is almost up and then I'd have to start paying for it :') . I do seek professional help but there's only so much you can do about waiting lists....
Whenever I get into those manic states I don't feel much pain and I experience sexual impulsivities. The only way that I realized has helped us cannabis but I can't do that at school... I meditate daily but when I'm in that state I'd almost impossible to rewrite my thoughts.
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2021.10.21 15:27 Meddlemunds [USA][H] PayPal [W] Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Gameboy player disc

Title says it all, looking for a complete copy of acnh for switch and a loose Gameboy player disc. Just the disc, no case or inserts or player - as long as it can be read by a GameCube it’s good for me.
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2021.10.21 15:27 Nubcap Why are people delaying games?

I just got told I was being reported for ending a game that we won in 30 mins. I have just started playing again and my account is level 25, no one answers why they want to delay the game. Can someone please clear this up for me because if I knew then I can follow suit, but without knowing why I just assume winning is the goal.
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2021.10.21 15:27 agoodname12355 Such a hottie

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2021.10.21 15:27 PICKLEPARTY2024 Took my Lil green bean on a cruise 🥰

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2021.10.21 15:27 twixryleigh chance a transfer student for umiami

hi! im really hoping to transfer to the university of miami this spring, i already submitted my application but just wanted some general feedback to try and relieve some stress :)
demographics: female, multiracial, transferring as a sophomore from the university of washington
major: computer science
standardized tests: SAT-1380, SAT SUBJECT (MATH II)-800
gpa: 3.6 college (unweighted, no weighted option), 3.8 high school (unweighted, no weighted option), no class rank available
coursework: 6 APs (scored 5s on four tests, 4s on two)
ec’s: internship at microsoft, full-time job during hs in position relevant to major, tutored for 2 years, was a paid instructor for subjects relevant to major for one year, varsity track and field in high school, national honors society, volunteered to teach kids at microsoft in topic relevant to major
essay: i feel as though it communicates my goals well, however i don’t think it is an award winning essay (the transfer essay question is “why do you want to transfer to the university of miami”)
*i had to make a note in my application that one of my quarters in university was heavily impacted by an event outside of my control, im not sure how this will impact my application but I thought I should mention it
i also don’t qualify for fafsa but will need scholarships to attend, so if anyone knows anything about my chances for that i would really appreciate it :)
if anyone would be able to help me out, it would really ease some stress :) i know some of my stats are on the lower end but im trying to be optimistic!
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2021.10.21 15:27 theslinkykid Blood and Blister: Page 35

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2021.10.21 15:27 GanjaG They're so cute!

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2021.10.21 15:27 buhnahnuh Dealing with breakthrough bleeding

I'm on the combo pill and have been skipping my period the past few months but now my body decided it wants to bleed. i'm on week 2[last day is tomorrow] of active pills in a pack, can i skip taking week 3 so i can have a period like i do on placebo weeks? Then start a new pack after. Or will that mess my body up more and i should just suffer bleed the next couple weeks?
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2021.10.21 15:27 Tienshinhan_ Dog private area

I need some advice, I took my dog, Coby (Shih tzu and Pomeranian mix) to the groomers on Sept.4 2021, and they did a great job, but they cut the hair on his private area too short. About a week after I noticed that the skin was raw because he kept biting and licking the area. I called back and told them what was happening and they said it’s similar to when we shave and the hair grows back but it itches a lot. So I put him in a cone to prevent him from biting and licking the area so it could heal. His private area turned black and he’s been wearing the cone for about a month. Occasionally I take it off to see how he reacts and he immediately just starts licking and biting his privates area, and then I put the cone back on. I’m not sure if that just going to be the color of his private area, since it’s been a month or if it’s still a scab. I feel bad for keeping him in the cone. I also can’t afford the vet right now. I’ve been spraying this thing called hot spot spray on the area (Vets best natures health care hot spot spray) it’s apparently veterinarian formulated and it’s suppose to soothe skin irritations, I haven’t seen a difference yet tho. Help!
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2021.10.21 15:27 Tian1913 I need help with DRS

Hey apes.
I have been holding since February in alliance with a relative of mine.
She buys all of her stocks through her broker, Global Financial Services.
The thing is, I told her we need to DRS, she was skeptical at first, but finally told me we could go ahead.
Since I haven’t seen any info regarding this particular broker, what are some good questions I can bring to the table and what process should I follow?
Thanks for your time :)
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