What is 2+2(8/2)?

2021.10.21 16:07 NaviVal What is 2+2(8/2)?

I am a senior in high school, and noticed a spark in debate across the room. They were arguing this equation. I took a look at it, and immediately saw that- it must be 6.
if you distribute 2 to the parentheses, it would be 2 times 8, then 2 times 2. So that would end up being 2+(16/4) which would equal 2+(4) which would then eventually equal 6. So I looked up and said, "the answer is six."
They erupted, saying that the answer was 10. I understand how they got this, they divided 8/2 then added that to 4, which came from 2+2. So i put it in two different calculators, and got 10 on both of them. Why is this?
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2021.10.21 16:07 The_king_of_stocks Recap of the day for the PROG community 🐸🐸🐸

Today we experienced a red day after our spike of 38% 3 days ago. This dip was caused almost in its totality by the companies that are shorting the stock. Our community is strong and the APES 🦍 still didnt sell. I should also mention that the company shorting PROG🐸 isn’t in a great position because of its use of 99.8% of shorts and of the high interest ratio for the boroughs. The SI also is very high 68% since they shorted it a lot these past three days🐸🐸. The pressure for them to cover is growing and they are just delaying an even bigger squeeze. Moreover, we weren’t the only stock to dip a bit today. GME, AMC, ATER, FAMI, SDC and ANY all were red. But guess what, this market manipulation still has the APES holding their shares 🦍🦍🦍🚀🚀🚀. The 🐳 that invested millions in PROG are also holding since they realise that this dip is absolutely no big deal and nothing to worry about. What we have to worry about is buying and holding. The key words are patience, confidence, mental strength and seeing the bigger picture 🐸🐸🐸 This also goes for the ATER gang that also experienced a small dip today🐊 So happy holding PROG gang 🐸🐸and I’ll see you on the moon 🚀🚀🚀🚀
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2021.10.21 16:07 Dr_666_ Xbox Server Stats??

Sup Nerds, anyone recommend a site that gives server info on current games being played? For ex: How many folks are playing BF1?
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2021.10.21 16:07 Be_amazing346 Nino and Chris’s dad?

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2021.10.21 16:07 lawrence1998 [FOR HIRE] C++/C#/Python(AI&ML) Coding Tutoring - Any level welcome

I teach beginner to medium level programming with languages including C++, C#, Python and HTML/CSS. I am a recent softeng graduate and I know how daunting programming can be to learn and I therefore believe myself to be a good teacher. I am currently studying my Masters in machine learning and tutor in my free time.
I used to tutor last year so I am experienced and have material prepared. I do offer 30min trial lessons depending on student experience. Lessons are £12 per hour and I am rather flexible with availability. No prerequisites required and no previous experience needed. PM or comment to book!
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2021.10.21 16:07 haber-trend Sıcak! | Erdoğan'ın Afrika ziyareti havada rota değiştirtti #RecepTayyipErdoğan #Angola son saatin en çok aranan 21. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 2 gazetede yer alıyor.

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2021.10.21 16:07 JDR-RPG The first 100 Ninjas Geometrics (100 / 10,000) are online! Come see and choose yours!

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2021.10.21 16:07 ZoolShop Steve Allen 'compared Gemma Collins to Jabba the Hutt' before Tilly Ramsay jibe

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2021.10.21 16:07 saf3r2 How bad is Gen1+?

I was looking into gen1 because I currently have digital which you can't walk around with. I saw this unit and seemed to have a lot of neat features (Auto shut off, white phosphor, longer than digital batter life etc.)and the best over all gen1 unit the only one I think that competes is the Armasight core. From what I have seen Gen1+ and 2+ are not that different as long as you use IR or a full moon. This is the price point I am at roughly and understand this is not tactical high speed gear it's just for hunting and walking around at night for fun. Any thoughts on this unit or different affordable Gen 1 recommendations?
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2021.10.21 16:07 puzzlehead989999 Where did the stereotype of “nice guys finish last” come?

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2021.10.21 16:07 SJVT Impersonating An Officer Gone Wrong!

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2021.10.21 16:07 jburns00013 Looking for a little advice for next steps

I am currently employed doing insurance sales the last 3 years. Within 2 years I was promoted to a Sr. Sales role at 60k base with capped commissions which I am maxing out. My past work experience is in healthcare and management and have been very successful in those positions as well with customer service and business growth.
I am at a point where I am ready to take a next step to make more money that is not capped and open to all avenues and looking for company names where you may have worked that you really enjoyed the culture and work environment. Located in the Midwest and open to hybrid, remote, travel.
Any advice helps!
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2021.10.21 16:07 mrrightnow06130 Ok be attached a screenshot I'd this information correct

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2021.10.21 16:07 JustinRansom everything is everything and everythings nothing (boombap) [FREE BEAT]

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2021.10.21 16:07 softwareseattle González vs Harrell: Seattle's homelessness and housing challenges

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2021.10.21 16:07 RegExrBot Funko POP! Ride: NASCAR Legends - Dale Sr. With Car - Walmart Exclusive now available at Walmart

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2021.10.21 16:07 Aarelyn [LF] Last Clothing Items on my Wishlist [FT] Your wishlist, NMTs, Lots of DIYs, Chic Wedding Items, Misc.

Hoping to get the last of what’s on my wishlist! :) Everything available for trade is listed here:
Looking for:
-Mom’s Hand-knit Sweater (Animal and Quilted Pattern)
-Mom’s Knapsack (Cherries and Colorful Quilt)
-Grey Tam-o-shanter (Gulliver item)
-Light Blue Draped Skirt
-White Long Down Coat
-Beige Sweater Dress
-Blue Layered Socks
-Orange Comfy Sandals
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2021.10.21 16:07 vmindia VIX index. What is it and how it works…

Investors always want to anticipate price movements. To do this, they use different methods with varying degrees of scientificity and usefulness. One way is to use leading indices, which include volatility indicators
The most famous of these indicators is the VIX Volatility Index of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. It is also known as the Fear Index.
How the VIX Fear Index works
Analysts and investors using the VIX believe that it measures market sentiment regarding future volatility. In other words, this index demonstrates the level of investors' fears about future market movements.
Knowing the degree of investors' fears now, one can assume in which direction the aggregate investor sentiment will direct the quotes.
How are these fears measured? The main idea according to which the volatility indicator is used is that the indicator is calculated based on the prices of options. Therefore, to understand how it works, you need to understand how an option works.
What is an option
An option is a specific exchange contract that gives the investor who bought it the right to buy or sell a financial instrument at a certain price. In a classic exchange transaction, it is about duty, not right.
Because of this property, the option is often used for market investment insurance. How is this achieved? Let's see how options are used using oil as an example.
SPX500 Option: Calculation Example
Suppose a trader buys index ETF SPY (exchange trade fund related to SP500) at a price of $ 400, at the same time an investor buys a PUT option to sell SPY at $ 400 (the strike price of the option), paying a certain amount for it - the option premium (OP). Let the OP will be $20. With this right, the trader insures his investments in case the price falls.
If the SPY price rises to $500, then the trader will receive $100 from each lot SPY. After subtracting the OP in the amount of $20, the investor's net profit is $ 80.
But if the price of SPY falls to $ 300, then the trader can exercise the right that the option gives him and sell his oil at $400. Then the investor will only lose what he paid for the option - exactly $ 20.
CALL option works in the same way as a PUT option, but unlike a PUT option, CALL options insure investors against an increase in the price of the underlying asset. The CALL option is used when using various trading strategies.
VIX index calculation. How it works.
VIX index uses the prices of options on the S&P 500 index for calculation. Thanks to ETFs and futures on the S&P 500 indexes, to some extent, has become an exchange product itself.
The more investors fear a market decline, the more PUT premiums rise and call premiums fall. On the contrary, if the market is confident in growth, then premiums for CALL options will increase, and premiums for PUT options will decrease.
But if the market is not sure about the direction, then most of the participants are afraid of unforeseen movements and hedge against them. This will show an increase in the premiums of all options - both PUT and CALL. The index is calculated in such a way that the larger the premiums, the larger the VIX.
Fear scale from 0 to 100
The VIX index is in theory on a scale from 0 to 100. The index has been calculated since January 1990. The index reached its maximum in the history of 89.53 points on October 24, 2008, and the minimum - 8.56 points - on November 24, 2017. Most often, the indicator values are in the range from 15 to 40.
If the value of the indicator is below 20 or 15, then investors' fears about the market fall are not great. This means that the markets are in an upward trend in the medium and long term. The very decline in VIX below 20 can be taken as a reason to think about buying American securities in the long term.
If the indicator value exceeds the level of 70–80, then theoretically this should mean that traders are trying to insure themselves as much as possible. Moreover, not only from fluctuations but also from the deep fall of the market.
After the indicator peaked in October 2008, the US indices continued their decline, reaching a bottom in March 2009. It should be noted that in practice the indicator took values above 50 in its entire history only from October 2008 to March 2009 inclusive. Therefore, in practice, it was no longer possible to use it to predict entering a downtrend.
Most often, traders prefer to focus on the upper limit of 45. Finding the indicator above 45 means that the level of fear in the market is high enough and it is worth refraining from buying for now. However, overcoming these levels should not be taken as a signal to sell.
If you hold liquid American stocks in your portfolio, then the signal for the start of selling may be the VIX exceeding the value 20. In addition, it is worth watching the local lows of the volatility index.
When the next local minimum of the index turned out to be higher than the previous value and at the same time the corresponding new values of stock indices (Dow Jones and NASDAQ) are higher than the values on the date of the previous local minimum of the VIX, then this is the so-called divergence - divergence. In such cases, many investors close part of their long positions.
How the volatility index is bought. VXX and its other derivatives.
Investors often use the index to hedge their portfolios and protect them from deep drawdowns and reduce portfolio volatility. These strategies are based on different ways to determine the best moment to buy the volatility index. The index itself is not traded, and in order to open a position in the volatility index, traders’ resort to buying futures or buying ETFs, which are based on futures on the volatility index.
The most popular tool that allows you to open a position in the volatility index is ETF VXX, and traders actively use it when implementing a variety of trading strategies.
The most popular technique for trading VXX is to systematically sell it in order to capitalize on the fall in the value of the fund due to contango exposure. It is contango that is the very insidious feature of volatility index futures, which makes trading them extremely difficult for successful implementation.
Another volatility trading trick is to open long positions in VXX to exploit short-term fluctuations in the fund's value, which are associated with the rapid manifestation of negative events that allow the Fear Index to reach values above 45 points. Predicting such events is an extremely difficult task, and traders use their proprietary techniques to increase the likelihood of predicting adverse events in the US stock market and the time periods when the fear index peaks.
You can read more about contango at the link - What is contango.
Traders who use the volatility index in their trading algorithms
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2021.10.21 16:07 tusu111 Nerde püskevit

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2021.10.21 16:07 Pleasant-Ad-6319 [WTS] One day someone will buy this amazing mount combo, and they will finally call 'done' on their build (VT)

ITEMS FOR SALE!!! Time Stamp:https://imgur.com/40If69P
NOTE: I do NOT have PayPal or Venmo**.**
I used to sell on eBay and because of notes, I was lifetime banned. I am happy to go over and above to make you comfortable. Anything you need, including using an intermediary when requested. I have Zelle/Chase Quick Pay and Cashapp as available payment methods, however, NO NOTES.
The first picture for each item is with today's date and my username, the second picture, where relevant, is the Serial Number.
All Items Include Shipping, except GIFTs in which case you cover the shipping.
I can commit to being at the post office by the next day after receiving payment.
DIBS and it's yours, PM to ask questions.
Buy more than 1 item $5 off each item because you’re saving on shipping. I don’t love people trying to get discounts.
Big Kid Rules, if you call DIBS IT IS YOURS!
As usual, I buried the best deals at the end.
SALE: PICS ALBUM: https://imgur.com/a/PYpk8OS

  1. Spuhr 34MM SP-4804 Mount with an offset T1/T2 Mount & Diving board, 4mm spacers which are removable in case you won't need them. (like $600 dollars worth of mounts). I'm also including a bunch of extra screws in case you strip something: $450
Happy to answer any and all questions
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2021.10.21 16:07 softdimple Is the ethics line actually helpful?

I have a plethora of things that need to be reported about my pharmacy. The main two are medication errors and my DL and SMs blatant racism towards me. Will the ethics line actually do anything about these situations. I read that the complaints go to the DLs and SMs so obviously they’re going to retaliate against me and do nothing to change. I want something done about this. Who can I reach above them that will actually give a shit? Media outlets, BOP, attorney general, BBB? Need some advice please!
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2021.10.21 16:07 IceSafeCrypto SafeMoon and John Karony started to follow Binance at the same time!

What does this mean, do you guys think SafeMoon will be listed in the next days? And do you think the price will moon if that happens?!
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2021.10.21 16:07 Professional_Elk5420 Effexor success?

Hi Effexor friends! I think Effexor kind of worked — I sometimes go to sleep planning to be depressed and in bed all the next day, but then I wake up happy! I lost 35 lbs since starting 2 years ago which is super unexpected for me. I had all the bad side effects go away after a while. Sometimes I don’t eat and then am sad because I didn’t eat but then I feel better when I finally eat again. The sexual side effects are really real. I don’t really know what to do about it but once it’s gone I don’t miss it too much. I’m afraid that being on 300 mg is too much, but I’m sure I can eventually drop down.
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2021.10.21 16:07 CryptographerIcy4016 💥💥 Peoples check out Safegamecash and DYOR IT Will be huge 💥💥

Also check out their telegram->
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2021.10.21 16:07 Unable-Airport-9121 Neeta Mehta, 1980

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