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watson final test

2021.10.21 14:14 dw_allegations_bot watson final test

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2021.10.21 14:14 Jestersage Think we will get an extract-escape mode?

Let's be honest: extract-escape games (ie Tarkov/Hunt showdown/Hazard Zone) seems to be the next evolution of BR, or as some people realized, BR with a few extra steps. One of the keything is that it has AI.
And well, the new map has AI.
So the question is: Do you think they will add something like Tarkov in Apex?
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2021.10.21 14:14 Bill46106 Who’s holding their Shib?

Mash the upvote if your holding more than a 10k shib and tell me how much! I’m holding 102.9mil
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2021.10.21 14:14 Ninja-Brick The reason for Vegito not being in DBGT

SPOILERS! In Dragon Ball GT, Vegito doesn't make an appearance, but Gogeta does. Goku and Vegeta fuse and Gogeta ALMOST finished Omega Shenron. SSJ4 Gogeta messed around a bit too much and had to use his fusion time to stop a cataclysmic blast from Omega Shenron.
The reason Vegito didn't appear in DBGT is because DBGT still followed DBZ with how Potara fusion works: the fusion is permanent. So Kibito Kai is still a fused being in GT.
Knowing this(and the fact that Vegeta probably would have rejected Potara fusion), it's safe to conclude that Vegtio would have permanently fused in GT, and I'm sure many people didn't want Goku and Vegeta to be gone.
Aside from that, though, Vegito would have DESTROYED Shenron MUCH faster than Gogeta. SSJ4 was already a powerful form; so coupling that with Vegito's natural fighting talent and timing(he knows when to mess around and get serious), he would have just WASHED Omega Shenron and the battle would end. Basically, Vegtio would have been TOO GOOD a character to have shown JUST because he would have saved about 4 episode' worth of trouble.
Let me know what you think though! I'd like more perspectives on this
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2021.10.21 14:14 kachow629 my first comic haul. excited to start reading, loved the amazing spider-man man and currently reading the dark hold one shot. got any other suggestions?

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2021.10.21 14:14 spongebobrules0_0 Interview for a profile on the Queen Mary!

Hi! My name is Lauren Yoon and I’m a student attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I have a rough draft due today for a profile of a person/place/thing. I originally come from Torrance so I thought the Queen Mary would be an interesting subject what with all its history and charms. This interview could be over Reddit, email, Zoom, whatever you are comfortable with. I’m just looking to get some meaningful quotes from the POV of a Long Beach local, Queen Mary fanatic, tourist, etc. Thank you so much!
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2021.10.21 14:14 tubajonssdt Maticnomics $MATICNOMICS, 8k MCAP, 1 Days Old, Active community, join before big marketing!!!!

Contract : https://bscscan.com/address/0xc778d7a71be16d4522bb18f70bc2a7d691e7f6e5
Telegram : https://t.me/Maticnomics
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Maticnomicss
Website : TBA
Maticnomics protocol is community token based, stealth launched Deflationary Token. Three simple function occur during each trade: Reflection, Burn token and LP acquisition.
Community Owned, so We believe our supporters and users are our most valuable asset. We are open to any and all creative ideas and concepts to add to our road map of upcoming projects. We want everyone to have a voice and feel like part of the team! We will add the best ideas to the voting protocol and let the community decide.
Why Maticnomics?
Maticnomics is far way better from other Deflationary Token as it’s determined team is putting 100% in this community driven project that rewards the users for particularly holding tokens. We are not aiming to provide short term profits for holders, but a reliable asset for long term investors .
➖100% safu, long term legit project
💠 1000x GEM
➖ 100% verified contract
➖13% tax at each transactions
➖2% goes to holders
➖6% goes to liquidity pool ➖5% Marketing
Slippage : 9-10% For Buying
13% For Selling
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2021.10.21 14:14 CheesyPersonality Es wurde vollbracht

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2021.10.21 14:14 mcsr875 Who can tribute her?

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2021.10.21 14:14 kabirsingh84 I found my missing copy of COD Black Ops 4 in the last page of my game library on the web store and under Hidden Content Items on the console library. If some games are missing from library, try looking here.

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2021.10.21 14:14 Funny_OreoCookie I keep getting made fun of..

I recently went back to school (lockdown ofc) and i keep getting made fun of because the size of my forehead (not even that big it’s literally 4 fingers) and i was called megamind today after school and i dont know what to do, any advice/good comebacks?
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2021.10.21 14:14 MiserableDog6357 How to become an RA?

Hi! Im looking to become an RA next year. i emailed residential services about the application process a month ago and they said to just be on the lookout for it, is it out already and where could i find it??
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2021.10.21 14:14 Adventurous-Agent262 Ummmm guys.....sven has been lying to gus

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2021.10.21 14:14 blackbelt324 Objective

How did you get the Ronaldo objective draft builder of min 4 Man U, min 1 ones to watch, max 5 pl and 97 chem?
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2021.10.21 14:14 crypticflames12 Discord accountability walkup group thingy

I've seen some post doing these but none of them are in my time zone(eastern us).
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2021.10.21 14:14 Supremedrizzt Ladies and gent, beware of the incoming ranked meta for Diamond and higher

We’ve had it pretty bad for a season or two with revtane... allow me to present you Revash:
Pop Totem protection—-> ash ult—-> third party even faster then jumpad and without the ennemy having a couple of second to shoot you mid air—> down 1 guy easily who couldn’t even counter it—-> back to totem—-> take portal again= squad wipe.
This is about to get real messy boys, if you’ve seen the leaks, ash ult range could be as far as a jumpad rotation but while moving faster and being intangible..
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2021.10.21 14:14 ElectricalGoal936 Spectrum out of footprint

So my husband and I work remotely, and we worked hard for about 5 years, doing lots of research before we make this move from Chicago to Hawaii.
Based on multiple different phone agents at the sales department, we bought land in Mark Twain Estate in Big island of Hawaii, built a house, waiting four move in. I called Spectrum to now add service, took 10 days for someone to come out, then received an email today saying the house of out of footprint, so there is nothing they can do.
Now, there are no other gb service other than spectrum, let alone 50 mb out here. We are so royally fucked. I called a construction department, “yeah nothing I can do” and sales department “yeah nothing I can do”. I can’t even complain properly.
Why would they be saying on the phone they could service before, and can I do something about this? I don’t even want to be too frustrated with them in case there actually is something I can do. I feel just so defeated just want to cry.
Any way I can even pay for increasing service in this area? What do you guys think?
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2021.10.21 14:14 Accuracydoesmatter [summon] [ps4] [dsr] [ds3] [bloodborne]

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2021.10.21 14:14 TheCrowsNestTV Greatest Alien Abduction EVER! (Original SubReddit Post)

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2021.10.21 14:14 ethereqldreams [O level] Pure physics pdf

hello everyone! hope everyone’s o levels has been doing okay, all the best for ur remaining papers i was just wondering if anyone has the pdf version of the pure physics TYS? 2020- 2011 paper 1 and paper 2 i kind of lost mine.. not sure how LOL but yes! if you do pls send it to me 🥺🥺
thankyou!!! stay healthy and safe <3
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2021.10.21 14:14 CatchWild4130 First Rolex!!! DJ36 116200. What Y'All Think?🙌

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2021.10.21 14:14 thejournaloflosttime Isla San Luis Gonzaga, Baja California [6000x4000][oc]

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2021.10.21 14:14 Tradingboy123 🧪$Healing Potion🧪 releases its 2021 product line and it is AMAZING! Check this project out, it has HUGE potential, massively underrated gem..or potion🧪? How is nobody talking about this?!

Greetings friends,
Again it is I, your faithful potion seller! Did you think I would vanish as our moonshot community crumbled as a response to those damaging tales from that town cryer ELON! NO! I am here and will continue to offer my healing potions to you so that you may regain your strength and continue on your quest for wealth and lambos!
Recently the team at Healing Potion have updated their website with the future product line for this year, if you are not in this project now you are going to miss out on some serious upside regardless of the wider market. Ive been really impressed with the team to date, they have already sat down for an AMA and plan to do them often, have completed a smashing whitepaper and have also been responsive and driven through this downturn in the crypto space. I cannot see any other project in this space right now that has such amazing potential and I've been here since 2017.
The tokenomics alone are providing holders with 1095% APY without staking required. This is amazing, you can just hold and gain 3% per day on your wallet. They have really hit the nail on the head with the tokenomics for this project.
Currently the market cap has been punished, much the same as many BSC projects in this space, its around about 300K but peaked at around 1.4M, so there is atleast a 4x back to ATH from this current market cap. I am expecting much much more once they start releasing their product line. Apparently the first product is going to land around this time next week and from what I hear every TG channel is going to want this tool. What makes this project even better is that they stand by their own currency. They are only taking payments in HPPOT, not BNB or anything else. I like this as it not only shows the project stands behind its currency, it also promotes healthy market cap growth.
This project is certainly worth checking out, they are going to be in this space for a long time, its far from a crash and burn project like many others currently available. This is a true moonshot and is such a great time to consider joining the project
There are also poocoin adverts running around the clock as well as twitter influencers, youtube videos, all the usual marketing is happening however there is something uniquely different that this team is doing, they are reaching out to gamers on twitch for ambassadors to support their project. Watch this space, this is another new idea from a new project.
This Friday (today) they are launching their collab NFT charity drive with FROGE finance,I think this was planned for last week but FROGE had some delays. I hear rumors that next week will be with HAPPYcoin or DNDcoin!
Take some time and check out the project this weekend!
🧪Max Supply: 100,000,000,000,000 $HP POTS!
🧪30% Burnt to dead address
🧪12% tax on Sell (7% for Holders,5% for Liquidity)
🧪300k MC and growing
🧪Contract Renounced
🧪Liquidity locked to 2025
🧪Stealth Launched
🧪Milstone 1000+ holders reached
Thank you for reading!
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2021.10.21 14:14 GratefulToBeGold Virgin viking pastyboy vs. Chang Inuit Hunter-Warrior

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2021.10.21 14:14 oa1907 Battlefield 2042 Gameplay | Attachments

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