Why is the price going up now?

Soon, Cardano (ADA) joined the race. Like the Ethereum and ADA, SOL supports smart contracts and is gaining popularity with developers building DeFi apps and creating NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Among the three, Solana is the fastest by supporting nearly 70,000 transactions per second and that too at a meagre price. Forever Stamps aren't the only postage keeping the same price in 2021, as the single-piece, 1-ounce flat rate will also stay at its current price of $1. A USPS delivery truck in San Ramon ... The latest stats, facts, news and notes on Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens Find the latest Jumia Technologies AG (JMIA) stock quote, history, news and other vital information to help you with your stock trading and investing. There are 20% fewer houses for sale today than a year ago, and the few houses that are available are increasingly going to cash-rich buyers or investors. That's pushing up home prices, with the ... Axie Infinity Coin Price Prediction. As per the predictions, it may reach its new all-time high if users continue to invest in 2021 along with mainstream cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Further analysis from top crypto researchers suggests the Axie Infinity price trades at $69.61 with a 24-hour trading volume of $417,784,345. We are the highest-ranked academic unit at the University of Oregon, due largely to a decades-long record of national and international research and development in special education, counseling psychology, educational leadership, and school psychology. Waking into our new volatile age of oil prices By Tom Therramus, 2019/02/18 Therramus's forecasts early last year at Oil-Price.net that oil markets were set for chaos in June, followed by turmoil in stocks in December, proved remarkably accurate.

2021.10.21 14:05 Yourbrotherahhhhhh Why is the price going up now?

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2021.10.21 14:05 Pyro_has_no_car Which one should I be?

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2021.10.21 14:05 Natureza0 Bonanza works on normal shot? if you shoot after a passage?

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2021.10.21 14:05 CheLeung 16 more Hong Kong democratically-elected district councillors ousted over loyalty oaths, as democrats left in the minority - Hong Kong Free Press HKFP

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2021.10.21 14:05 TheBlazeBot INSANE vaccine mandate fees inside Biden’s bill: ‘This CANNOT pass’

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2021.10.21 14:05 garligarli Update after my neuro appointment

After my neuro appointment in August I was pretty nervous because of an asymmetry in knee reflexes (I've got MRI of thorax spine because of that and it came clean). Well, today I had another appointment with my main neuro doctor and he said that this asymmetry is barely visible and meaningless. To make it clear - my reflexes are brisk everywhere but he said the difference here and there is so small that they should be considered symmetrical and that's how he sees them. He said that asymmetry is considered alarming when it's great or when there are pathological reflexes (which he didn't found). Also, as always, he said that fasciculations are just what they are and nothing more. He said he have them too but I'm not sure how much... (was too nervous to ask lol) I've had them in calves my whole life too and wasn't worried (it didn't even crossed my mind that it might be something sinister) but it was after some bicycle riding etc. and now they're everywhere no matter what.
He said, once again, that he "had" every neurological illness while studying some years ago and again said that the problem is in fixation on one thing - that damn disease. When I went to neuro in August it was because of knee pain. Both of them said and actually laughed a bit that linking knee pain to one of the worst (if not worst) diseases is a bit of an exaggeration that was clearly made on Google searching. Well, I've been defending that fasciculations, knee pain, weak muscles and so on - they didn't find any weakness, period.
So, in the end, I'm twitching since December or January, more and more, everywhere with better and worse ways, trying every possible thing (no coffee, magnesium, potassium, B12) including SSRI and yeah... I'm still twitching :P That last thing (SSRI) definitely did a thing when it comes to me and my family though - in a positive way.
One thing I didn't have (after blood work, multiple MRIs, EEG and CT) is what seems the holy grail here - EMG. Neuros said I don't need one and it's not easy thing to do where i live without being referred from neuro so I guess I'll just live and see where it goes ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Sorry for being so chaotic but English isn't my language.
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2021.10.21 14:05 armreader Turkey ‘grey-listed’ by global finance watchdog for failure to combat terrorism financing

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2021.10.21 14:05 V710 Let’s play a game!

One person will comment an emoji for an object (example 🧊🍾🧢 and not 🥰🦧🍇). Another person will have to guess which leaf/ex-leaf is associated with that object.
In case you don't find the exact emoji for a word, you can just type the word, but don't make it too easy to understand.
In case, you need an example:
Person 1: 🍲 or 🍜 or 🥣
Person 2 will reply on Person 1's comment: Jack Campbell
I hope you understood the game. Let's play!
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2021.10.21 14:05 autotldr Mother of Taiwan slay victim blasts Hong Kong authorities

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 62%. (I'm a bot)

HONG KONG - The Hong Kong mother whose daughter was killed in Taiwan in 2018 on Wednesday lambasted authorities in the Chinese city for letting the man who confessed to the crime walk free, while Hong Kong blamed self-ruled Taiwan for "Political manipulation" in the case.
Chan Tong-kai was suspected in the death of Poon Hiu-wing - his girlfriend at the time - while on vacation in Taiwan before returning to Hong Kong.As Hong Kong lacks an extradition agreement with Taiwan, Chan could not be sent to stand trial and was instead prosecuted and sentenced on money-laundering offences, serving a 29-month prison sentence in Hong Kong.
"The fact of the matter is that Taiwan is not willing to allow him to travel to Taiwan based on political reasons," he said.
"The murder happened in Taiwan. All evidence was found in Taiwan. Only Taiwan can let him go to Taiwan, and settle the whole matter."
"Taiwan is part of China. No matter how much Taiwan would like to manipulate politics, they can never change the fact that Taiwan is part of China," he said.
The case led Hong Kong authorities to propose an extradition bill in 2019, which would allow Hong Kong to extradite suspects to places with which it does not have extradition agreements including Taiwan and mainland China.
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Post found in /worldnews.
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2021.10.21 14:05 pizzaandtonic Stream schedules?

Hi, I'm a relatively new OfflineTV watcher and I was wondering if someone could let me know their individual stream schedules (if they have that), particularly Lilypichu's?
thank you!
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2021.10.21 14:05 gabevt Me seeing how many plays ITCOTD has

Me seeing how many plays ITCOTD has It deserves all of them and many, many more IMHO
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2021.10.21 14:05 blok215 Dem boys sick right now lol!! Sniping with the KAR98 on Rebirth. Up in coming YouTuber check out my channel Upt Blok twitch Blockboie. Appreciate the love and support. Drop a like and subscribe. Be Eazy!!

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2021.10.21 14:05 nightshift89 RIP

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2021.10.21 14:05 RBazz The State of Web Dev in F#: let’s talk

Hey everyone.
Some time ago I used write code exclusively in Python for multiple years (at varying level of expertise). I did a lot of backend web dev stuff working mostly with Django. I eventually got burnt out with Python and stopped doing software development professionally for various reasons. So I was looking for a new language to learn. The language I eventually picked up was F#.
It is an amazingly interesting language with many useful open source projects from various fields. I am happy to use it for almost everything. Although, there is one thing I am not happy about.
It is the state of web dev in F#.
I would like to share some thoughts, ask for opinions and share some of what I have been recently doing in this post.
First of all, for what I managed to find online, most of the time you have to pick either a heavily FP leaning framework or jump straight into the super tedious ASP.NET Core. ASP is amazing, super fast, configurable and utterly horrendous to work with coming from Python or Node frameworks.
It is super verbose for the simplest thing imaginable and yet full of magic. There are so much code to write for just a simple hello world. i don’t want to spend so much time on the boilerplate when I am trying to setup a quick demo backend for a new SPA project.
And if I do not want to use it, I will have to pick something like Giraffe (which also works on top of asp) but tries to lean on FP side of F# much. It also encourages the use of custom operators for basic functions. (Suave is like that too) In my opinion, this does not make it attractive to the beginners or converts from other languages at all.
By the way, my personal peeve is how to print out the whole routing table on startup to imitate OpenApi/swagger with these frameworks.
Honestly, there is a third option too - WebSharper. It is a very strange hybrid in my opinion. It is fascinating yet scary at the same time. It combines some great and straightforward ideas with occasional super high complexity. It is hard to learn quickly when you need to prototype an api in minutes. It tries to get into the front end stuff. (I think it is a matter of taste if one should write JS in F# but it clearly generates extra friction for everyone involved.) It feels like it is everything meshed together in there.
Anyway, what I wanted to say is that the web dev feels too complicated for someone new to F# or without experience of writing Java/C# web apps. Why can’t I just write a line or two to create a new web app like this?

let app = App () app.Get "/" <- fun serv -> serv.EndResponse "Hello World!" app.Run () 
Well, you actually can now. I wrote a set of helpers to do so. I recently decided to finally write a proper api server in f#. So, I decided to use ASP.NET Core in the end and started writing some code to help working with its Endpoint API in F# and … I have got carried away. I’ve got carried away so much that I decided to package it a bit and publish it on GitHub. Now everyone can bootstrap their new backend just like shown in that earlier snippet!
Here is the link to the repository with samples in the Samples folder: https://github.com/RussBaz/WebFrame.
The biggest benefit of this project is its speed of prototyping for newcomers. This is how I would describe it.
So, everyone, what do you think of my thoughts? Do you have your own stories and ideas to share on the topic of F# web development? What do you think of my approach? (if anyone is interested - we can debate its details in the comments)
And one last question - does anyone have a firsthand experience with a successful web project written in F#? (Production ready, deployed and having customers even if it was in the past) What did go right and what did go wrong?
Thanks for your time!
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2021.10.21 14:05 hamunaptrah New jeans sold out in less than 2 minutes???

Is this accurate??
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2021.10.21 14:05 kajneb Where do they keep getting shares to short? "Chicago-based investment firm Citadel Investment Group is a leading shareholder in GameStop Corp. (NYSE:GME) with 2.7 million shares worth more than $595 million."

source - https://finance.yahoo.com/news/vulture-hedge-fund-alden-global-162309512.html
I haven't heard about this until today. So they alone have 2.7 million shares to work with. This is my guess as to how they keep the price suppressed.
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2021.10.21 14:05 TheBlazeBot The DANGERS & CONTROL of Modern Monetary Theory EXPLAINED

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2021.10.21 14:05 Rambo639 Toilets don’t flush they swallow.

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2021.10.21 14:05 Dr_GIR Youngwood man accused of taking $50K worth of guns, other items from 2 abandoned houses

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