Is the Navy totally at sea? (Opinion piece)

2021.10.21 14:43 konorM Is the Navy totally at sea? (Opinion piece)

I don't necessarily agree with this opinion piece. But I'm putting it up in the hope of generating meaningful responses from today's Active Duty Sailors and recommendations on how to improve the Navy. My time in the Navy ended decades ago and I would not even try to imagine what life in the Navy is like today. Only those experiencing it really know. So what do you think? Please be respectful.
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2021.10.21 14:43 Chalkuseki GherkLoco

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2021.10.21 14:43 spaceborders Danny was a bit of a dick to Mike S6 Ep3.

There’s this scene when Mike gets his shot that is supposed to help wean him off his addiction. Despite feeling awful he showed up to work and and tried despite feeling lethargic and off. He explained to Danny the situation but Danny was still pushing and yelling insensitive comments at him. Did he not realize what Mike had been through and was going through? He just didn’t let up. And when Mike left, Danny was like, he needs to be an adult like the rest of us (paraphrasing). While I was pissed at Danny, I was upset that Vinny didn’t stick up for Mike in that moment and help explain to Danny the situation.
I usually like Danny but I soured after this.
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2021.10.21 14:43 thesleepyone18 Anyone interested in giving Apollo a good home? Please note, he’s been well-loved and heavily gifted! I’ve had him since (almost) the beginning 😢

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2021.10.21 14:43 hefnertes Games like everhood?

I really loved it.
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2021.10.21 14:43 mrdlomas Carrying her Snowy Bear home that she 'won' at the Winter Festival

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2021.10.21 14:43 Similar-Air2030 I fear no man, but that Evil Grant.. It scares me

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2021.10.21 14:43 efecan75 Gravis Lootboxes

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2021.10.21 14:43 jaswinder530 Peter Della Penna Facebook post criticizing USA Cricket Selection Committee.

In the USA Cricket press release that was initially sent by email to announce the 14-man squad for the ICC Americas T20 World Cup Qualifier in Antigua, the headline was a copy and paste typo that read "USA CRICKET ANNOUNCES REVISED DATES FOR 2021 MEN’S NATIONAL 50-OVER CHAMPIONSHIP". A follow-up email was subsequently sent out with the revised headline for the press release which read, "TEAM USA MEN'S SQUAD NAMED FOR ICC MEN’S T20 WORLD CUP AMERICAS QUALIFIER IN ANTIGUA". Unfortunately a bigger typo further down the press release went uncorrected as Sai Mukkamalla's name was misspelled as "Xavier Marshall" in both emails in the portion which listed the 14 players. Vatsal Vaghela (pictured) and Raymond Ramrattan also curiously had their names misspelled in both versions of the press release which unfortunately went uncorrected as well.
Tuesday afternoon demonstrated the best and worst of American cricket on both sides of the Mexican border. South of the border, the USA Women's team showed a vision for the future of American cricket on the field with so many young talents who have been born and/or brought up in America showing that they can succeed if given an OPPORTUNITY. There's a 99.9% chance that the USA Women will go 6-0 in Mexico with the squad they picked for this tour. There also would have been a 99.9% chance of going 6-0 if USA had not picked any of the six teenagers making their debut tours and instead opted to stick with older veterans like Erica Rendler, Nadia Gruny, Samantha Ramautar, Onika Wallerson, Candacy Atkins, as well as given a debut cap to former Pakistan international Nain Abidi. If Nain were a man, she'd have been fast-tracked into the USA men's team with her resume at the first available OPPORTUNITY. But the Women's selectors didn't give in to the temptation that the Men's selectors cannot refuse whenever it presents itself. USA Women would've trounced the Americas regional opposition no matter who they picked for this tour from the available player pool. But by picking 6 teenagers, ones who were capable of performing but had never been given an OPPORTUNITY, and giving them a chance to get their feet wet in the Americas regional competition, these young women have had an OPPORTUNITY to build up their confidence and belief in themselves that they are capable of performing at international level, and subsequently the Women's selectors can have confidence in belief that this strategy, which at its heart has a LONG-TERM VISION in mind will continue pay off if they persist with picking more and more American born/raised/developed players like them in the years to come.
The seeds of this vision were laid two years ago when Lisa Ramjit and Geetika Kodali were picked to make their debuts as teenagers in May 2019 at the corresponding ICC Americas Women's T20 World Cup Qualifier in Florida. Three months later, both girls appeared in Florida again at the Girls Cricket League tournament organized by former USA Women's players Nadia Gruny and Joan Alexander-Serrano that was played on the satellite fields outside Broward County Stadium during the same weekend as the India v West Indies T20Is. Fast forward again to August 2021 and one of the parents of the California teenagers in the current USA Women's squad to Mexico made a profound statement during the USA Women's National Championship in Florida. "Lisa Ramjit and Geetika Kodali were heroes and role models for our girls in California," he said. "When they came back from playing with USA to appear in the Girls Cricket League in Florida and our girls got to play alongside two USA national team players their own age, that was the first time our girls dreamed and believed that they could also one day play for USA." That's right, teenagers Lisa Ramjit and Geetika Kodali were the ones who served as role models, heroes and a source of inspiration for the teenagers who are excelling in Mexico today. USA has had many illustrious players represent the Women's squad over the past decade, including several who played international cricket for another country prior to migrating to the USA: Durga Das, Indomatie Goordial-John, Candacy Atkins, Doris Francis, Triholder Marshall, Rajashree Mahale... I HAVE NEVER HEARD A SINGLE AMERICAN GIRL MENTION ANY OF THEM AS A HERO, ROLE MODEL, SOURCE OF INSPIRATION. But 17-year-olds Lisa Ramjit and Geetika Kodali are AMERICAN ROLE MODELS for AMERICAN GIRLS. If the domino effect of picking Lisa Ramjit and Geetika Kodali has produced the development and selection of Gargi Bhogle, Suhani Thadani, Isani Vaghela, Anika Kolan, Laasya Mullapudi and Chetnaa Prasad, just imagine the domino effect that these six young women will have on sparking more interest, signups, and development of quality local young American talent by 2023.
By contrast, the USA Men's selectors have opted for the same tired, conservative, backwards, gutless SHORT-TERM selection philosophy that has been entrenched for the 42-year limited overs era of American cricket. Every squad is picked for the current event in mind. There is not, nor has there ever been, a LONG-TERM vision in mind when it comes to selecting teams. WHAT IS XAVIER MARSHALL GOING TO PROVE BY GOING OUT AGAINST BELIZE, PANAMA, AND ARGENTINA AND SMASHING A CENTURY AGAINST THEM? Instead of doing what the USA Women's selectors have done and give a handful of young players the OPPORTUNITY to go out against teams of the caliber of Belize, Panama and Cayman Islands, get their feet wet at international level and build up their confidence before taking on a bigger challenge, the selectors have gotten cold feet. PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME THAT THEY NEEDED TO PICK THE BEST 14 PLAYERS BECAUSE IT'S AN ICC EVENT WITH WORLD CUP QUALIFICATION AT STAKE. Because when USA's Men's selectors have had the OPPORTUNITY to pick young/USA U19 graduates in tournaments like the CWI Super50 in the West Indies (twice in 2018, and once in 2019,) a regional tournament where no ICC promotion/relegation/World Cup Qualification/ODI status was at stake, who did the USA Men's selectors choose to give USA debuts to instead? Xavier Marshall, Saurabh Netravalkar, Jaskaran Malhotra, Sunny Sohal, Aaron Jones, Kyle Phillip, Cameron Stevenson, Rusty Theron, Akshay Homraj, Ian Holland. If USA Men's selectors are not going to give locally developed players a chance to sink or swim in a non-ICC qualification event like the CWI Super50, and they're not going to give locally developed players a chance to sink or swim against the likes of Belize, Panama and Argentina, then the sad reality is that they will never ever be trusted by the current selection panel to be given an OPPORTUNITY to debut against anyone. American born and raised Steven Taylor is already far and away USA's leading scorer in T20 cricket history and is on the cusp of becoming the most prolific scorer in the history of USA in 50-over cricket as well. But instead of taking inspiration and confidence from the success of Steven Taylor and giving an OPPORTUNITY to more locally developed talent at international level, instead they have continued to pick the likes of Xavier Marshall and in the process have killed off the career of every young talented cricketer of the past decade-plus. These young American men see the writing on the wall and when age 20 hits, they divert their attention to activities that will not result in them being kicked in the nuts over and over. Maybe they want to have children one day, and there's only so many times they can be kicked in the nuts before serious damage is done. If USA's men's selectors only had the slightest bit of LONG-TERM VISION and had given an OPPORTUNITY for the likes of Sai Mukkamalla, Vatsal Vaghela, Raymond Ramrattan and others to make their debut, not to mention show a little more faith and confidence in Sanjay Krishnamurthi rather than dropping him at the first OPPORTUNITY, just imagine the domino effect it could have on inspiring a new wave of young men to pursue a career in cricket, or at the very least not give up on the idea of one when they hit age 20. But no, gotta give that former Test cricketer a chance to show who's the boss to Panama, Belize and Cayman Islands. Vatsal Vaghela will be looking at the OPPORTUNITY his sister Isani is getting with the USA Women's national team and might be wishing he was born a girl.
Speaking of role models, inspirations and people to look up to, Nosthush Kenjige is about the absolute number one player in the men's national team setup that any player - male or female - should look to model themselves on as an example of what is required in terms of work ethic, fitness, conditioning, fielding, respect for teammates, respect for the game, hunger and desire to want to play and succeed for USA. He was the top performing spinner for USA on their recent tour of Oman and has moved up to currently sit fourth all-time on USA's 50-over wicket-takers list. USA Men's selectors have rewarded his performance, both recent and over the course of his historic career, with a kick to the nuts and a double middle finger by dropping him from the squad to go to Antigua. As he lies on the ground looking up while trying to catch his breath again, he can see that the USA Men's selection panel has named a new T20I captain who has a history of disciplinary issues, not exactly a role model.
Well done USA Men's selection panel. Continue doing your best to keep the men's team stuck in the Stone Age with a SHORT-TERM VISION and deny OPPORTUNITIES for young players to even contemplate having a chance to play for USA, let alone succeed and have a career for the country. Please keep polishing your steel-toed boots as you prepare to give these young men around the country a swift and powerful kick in the nuts, and leave no doubt that they will not be able to get back up off the ground to think about walking onto the field to have an OPPORTUNITY to play for USA. Please excuse me while I go puke. There are a handful of witnesses who can vouch for the fact that I became physically nauseous and light-headed when your 14-man squad press release for Antigua came across my inbox in Mexico City while covering the USA Women's team.
Meanwhile the USA Women's setup will keep taking their squad program into the future with a LONG-TERM VISION by continuing to provide OPPORTUNITIES for young players to learn, develop, gain confidence and succeed, thereby inspiring the next generation of young American talent. May the dominos continue to fall!
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2021.10.21 14:43 Fancy-Commission-598 What do you call a dinosaur with a great vocabulary

A thesaurus
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2021.10.21 14:43 Ward_Fachero I got 4 nat 4 in a row and 2 of them twice

I got 4 nat 4 in a row and 2 of them twice i summoned 4 mystical scrolls and a got this monsters in that order
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2021.10.21 14:43 gogoboooyyy1 new event is epic, wish this become permanent

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2021.10.21 14:43 TunaLurch Here are two charts tracking SHIB on Coinbase for the last month and year. Wicked bullish

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2021.10.21 14:43 HurryMyMindIsOnMoon GUYS, ALESSI REFERENCE 😳

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2021.10.21 14:43 toko_tane Stahp

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2021.10.21 14:43 ListMyddleeBAV3byqJ Why does becoming a barber harder than becoming a cop?

My roommate was by cosmetics and he said he needed hundreds if not thousands of hours of training and training for becoming a police man is for a couple of months
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2021.10.21 14:43 deanomalone These scammer aren't even trying any more

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2021.10.21 14:43 fareek New episode of Nothing is Everything!

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2021.10.21 14:43 BlaringFeud Plane ticket home

I met a girl from Chile we got married really quickly neither of us knew each other‘s character and it’s turned into a toxic relationship I just wanna go home see my mom remember my homeland refocus because down here I’m messing everything up maybe I’ll stay in USA I don’t know but any help with the plane ticket would be really appreciated because it’s a good first step
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2021.10.21 14:42 HomemadePies22 Eliminate References

Is it just me or is the entire concept of references complete BS. 70+% of people don't leave jobs they leave bosses. But then we're forced to maintain a relationship with the very people we're trying to get away from bc we need a reference from them??? And why TF should an old boss have any sway over my ability to get a new job?
I've worked for toxic, abusive sociopaths before and the notion that I need to maintain a relationship with my abuser, and that they can hold that level of sway over me, should be criminal! But if I'm applying to a job and I don't provide the boss of a job I worked at for a long time as a reference the interviewers take that as a red flag against me when it should be a red flag against them!
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2021.10.21 14:42 m4yfli3sbr34L There's always a way out.

I've got to end my relationship. Not because she's done something bad or betrayed me or anything. She's been great, as great as can be expected with me as her bf. I'm just not the one for her nor do I think she is the one for me. We get along and there's no real arguments but there's no real passion either. (Which is probably mostly my fault). I think I'm looking for an easy way out. There isn't one. I guess this was more of a rant than a call for advice but typing it has helped a bit. Anyway, thx for reading... 🤷🤦☺️
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2021.10.21 14:42 Arreke2 Lenovo legion bag size, help!

I was wondering if the legion fits in normal 15 inch laptop carrying bags or not since it's quite massive? thanks!
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2021.10.21 14:42 CheesecakeFew3207 Trivia

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2021.10.21 14:42 rasatt74 rape killed my sex drive

i got raped by my ex's friend and i completely lost my sex drive
after (and a little during) my most recent relationship, i decided to remain celibate and a couple months into volcel my ex's friend raped me
even after deciding to be volcel, i still had some what high of a sex drive. in the past, i would have some type of sexually stimulating act at least once a day or two. i have always had a very, very high sex drive
but after the thing happened, i just... didn't feel anything. no desire no nothing.
after a couple weeks or so of feeling literally nothing, i tried to get myself off today. i tried and i tried but i don't feel anything. i don't feel a single fucking thing. nothing turns me on and i don't feel... sexual. this has never happened before and im terrified. is this my life now? i don't want to live not being able to feel sexual pleasure. i didn't even do anything what did i do
ive been crying for over an hour and i don't know what to do
would therapy help? are there pills i can take? i don't know why this is happening to me. what can i do?
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2021.10.21 14:42 Mantis_Toboggainz So I posted about 3 months ago after I had my conch and contra-conch/snonch done and said I wouldn't be getting any more piercings. Fast forward to last saturday and I added the anodised gold rook that is in my left ear 🙃. Now I feel a little unbalanced. (Rest in comments)

So I posted about 3 months ago after I had my conch and contra-conch/snonch done and said I wouldn't be getting any more piercings. Fast forward to last saturday and I added the anodised gold rook that is in my left ear 🙃. Now I feel a little unbalanced. (Rest in comments) submitted by Mantis_Toboggainz to piercing [link] [comments]