2021.10.21 14:55 retinawrites 👀✏️📙

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2021.10.21 14:55 NutGoblin2 Aw mustard

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2021.10.21 14:55 camark08 My first ever hockey card! #McDavid

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2021.10.21 14:55 strangepersonlaura 15 F [chat] looking for new thoughts from new people

I come from the north of germany, am obsessed with my rabbits, draw and paint a lot and I am very interested in unusual views and thoughts in life. There is nothing more boring than a conversation without atleast catching a glimpse of the other person's life. I love Death note, Sherlock, Big Bang Theory and Star Wars. Most of the time I read political books but sometimes, a more or less good fanfiction is also pretty good. Thanks for reading()
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2021.10.21 14:55 Credomech Anyone know how to fix this crackhead-induced damage?

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2021.10.21 14:55 Metatron-X Shqipëria dhe Kosova ngrenë Sekretariat të Përbashkët për implementimin e marrëveshjeve

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2021.10.21 14:55 myerbot5000 Why don't Cold Steel fixed blades get more appreciation?

I've had a Cold Steel Recon Scout for 20 years or more. It's been camping with me numerous times. It's razor sharp and easy to resharpen. It's massively durable. I can chop with it, I've prepped food with it, and I'm pretty sure I could stab into a tree and use it as a standing platform with no damage. Cold Steel shows their knives being bent in vises, they punch through car sheet metal with no damage.
And they're affordable. Cold Steel knives have deployed with US troops in every warzone since the 80s. The original Tanto, the SRK, the Recon Tanto, and even my big ol' honking Recon Scout have served our troops very well.
But when "best fixed blades" comes up, they're never even a consideration. Is it just because they're too affordable and "not cool"?
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2021.10.21 14:55 holt_6556 [SG] RTX Gaming PC

Selling PC to swap for laptop for uni, wish I could afford both, but unfortunately not.
Specs are as follows:
CPU - Intel i5 9600k
PSU - Aerocool Intergrator 700W
Motherboard - Gigabyte Z390 UD
GPU - Gigabyte AORUS 3060 12gb elite
RAM - XPG 16gb 3000mhz
HDD - two 500gb drives that i partitioned together, works like a 1TB drive
SSD's - 1x 128gb nvme boot drive 1x 1tb sata ssd, one 240gb sata ssd
Has been a great servant over the years, a little dusty but will give a full clean before shipping. No scratches or faults, works perfectly, non-overclocked
Timestamps - https://imgur.com/a/FNI4JXR
Looking for around £850 Cash/BT/Paypal
Based in LS29 for pickup
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2021.10.21 14:55 squishielittlelizzie Punishments

So I've seen lots of recent posts of "what are punishments, no limits." But i was kind of wondering the opposite of that. How do you keep punishments interesting and engaging for someone with lots of limits or with little experience with things to know if things will be likes or funishments or punishments? And how do/can doms incorporate new punishments that they are also just learning/while exploring a new dynamic where it's not clear yet what things will actually be punishments and what things will be funishments?
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2021.10.21 14:55 hungflungpoo Review with a mixtape in it

I remember this one review I watched from Mr Regular that had a sick mixtape that came from the original owner of the car. He posted all the songs on the video, and I remember him noticing how it was comprised of a diverse range of genres. Can anyone point me to the car of this mixtape?
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2021.10.21 14:55 houbie Online tool for figuring out accidentals?

I'm trying to write some sheet music to songs I've composed. It's quite a challenge, as I can't read music, but the 'Score' functionality in Logic Pro is helping me a great deal.
Now here's my main problem: I find it impossibly hard to figure out if a note should be written as flat or sharp. I've followed a YouTube tutorial on the subject, so for basic chords I think I understand, but there's a lot of difficult chords in my songs, and figuring out what accidental to use feels like absolute rocket science. I'm spending hours on getting it right, and even then I'm not sure.
This made me wonder: is there perhaps an online tool that can simply tell you what accidental to use if you type in the chord? (Of course it would be best if Logic would simply write down the right accidentals, but unfortunately, it doesn't).
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2021.10.21 14:55 Hopeful-Substance-53 What is your favorite activity?

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2021.10.21 14:55 Helpmepass7221 how does 2-3 BPG affect/relate with COOPERATIVITY?

I know that if 2-3 BPG increases, it's a right shift and less affinity of oxygen to hemoglobin. But how does it affect/relate to cooperativity?
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2021.10.21 14:55 Dollpentajr Snake won't feed

I'm new to Reddit and new to owning a Baby Corn Snake.
Have been trying to feed the snake and anything I do is not working. Have left the snake untouched and in dark since last feed, just before we bought it.
Starting to get a bit worried but have been advised different things and they haven't seemed to work.
any Suggestions would be really appreciated
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2021.10.21 14:55 Codex_youtube1 On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Discovery

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2021.10.21 14:55 ZeusGato AMCSTRONG 💎🙏🏽🚀 Keep buying and hodling 💎🙌🏼🚀 stay ZEN apes 💎🙏🏽💎

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2021.10.21 14:55 Oliveee93 The fact that Blair didn't apply anywhere else besides Yale...

I mean even if you're royalty it's just common sense to me to have backup options especially when it comes to an Ivy League education lol ! She said she was a way better fit for Yale than Rory but even she came to the conclusion that it was smarter to have options just in case (even though she only wanted to go to Harvard at first) haha. I just feel like it's a mistake that could have been so easily avoided especially when you go to a high school like Constance Billard, don't they prep you for college applications and that kind of stuff ? I mean they inflate grades to let students get a perfect transcript lol, I find it hard to believe they would let someone apply to just one school
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2021.10.21 14:55 hack-wizard Double Rescue a few days ago

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2021.10.21 14:55 SarwisMan Canadians! Get $30 when you spend $30! - One of the first times our bonus is this high. Usually only $5 - $10. Now $30 for a limited time with a Rakuten referral.

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2021.10.21 14:55 Bleak_Park I want to improve my algorithm skills. At work, I'm using C# and JS. At school I used Python. Does it matter much in which language I solve Project Euler or LeetCode questions? Or is it how I developed my algorithm ability that matters? What are your suggestions?

I think the important thing here is to develop algorithm skills rather than language skills. I have not completed even a year in the sector. Can you share your experiences on the subject?
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2021.10.21 14:55 Silent_Muffin_3347 Role-play FantasticBeasts discord.

5-10 lines
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2021.10.21 14:55 Longjumping-Can1826 My prank gone too far...

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2021.10.21 14:55 Buddha_W T-Mobile upper management contacts

This is not spam. I am an active duty military member who’s fiancé is at Holloman Air Force base, New Mexico. We have T-Mobile but the service there is really bad. There have been an influx of people to the area recently and she is unable to make phone calls or send iMessage messages. I have contacted T-Mobile support on this issue multiple times without avail. I am requesting a tower boost or some temporary mobile tower placement in the area. I cannot get past T-Mobile customer service only suggesting a manual tower selection (which was tried and exhausted). I am running out of ideas and it’s frustrating trying to stay in contact with her while I am overseas. This is a last ditch effort to request help. Besides customer service, does anyone know how to elevate this? I’ve tried with customer service but nothing happens.
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2021.10.21 14:55 biblicalplagueshouse Did anyone start early?

This is my first time doing NaNo and I came across this fantastic notion template with so many resources and worksheets. I started working through the preptober stuff and just got so excited when the plot was laid out, so I wrote the first two chapters! Anyone else start early out of excitement?
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2021.10.21 14:55 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - When and where to go trick-or-treating in the Pittsburgh area | Pgh Post-Gazette

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