Ben Platt On How Young People Should Open Up About Mental Health 💙 Interview with Get Into Film

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2021.10.21 14:46 LauraPalmer82 Ben Platt On How Young People Should Open Up About Mental Health 💙 Interview with Get Into Film

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2021.10.21 14:46 Unlikely-Control-999 I made a thing.

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2021.10.21 14:46 ShortNerdynWordy My Sunshine

When we met, I was a wilted flower. On the back of a shelf, away from a window. No water, no light, no love. Forgotten.
When I moved to the window, there you were. Sunshine.
I almost moved back to the shelf, scared of what Sunshine would do to me. Would it burn? Would it dry me up? Would I waste my energy trying to grow, only to be placed on the shelf again?
But no. I embraced Sunshine. First, it was a struggle. I thought I was burning. You were so warm, almost hot to me. I was so used to the cold, the ignorance, the dark. Months of change, changes of thought, personality, self.
In your warm embrace, I grew into a Sunflower. You called me that, do you remember, Sunshine? Your Sunflower. I grew stronger. I grew bolder. I grew to be bright, to be proud of myself. I grew happy in your warmth, your light.
Clouds started to gather. I could tell in your voice. The clouds crept in over time, and I tried, I tried to coax them away. "Please, don't take my Sunshine away." But they grew. Once white, once thin, they turned gray, grew thick. Then black.
The last beam of light from you is gone. I can't help but wonder whose life you're shining in now. Do you need someone as your Sunshine? I wish it could have been me, but it wasn't. I'm only a Sunflower, and you the Sunshine.
I can only wish you luck, and hope that you remember I love you. Even now, even after the light faded, even after I was left in the window, trying to grasp every beam of light that falls in my direction.
I love you. It's time to find more Light, even if it comes from within, or from another Sunflower.
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2021.10.21 14:46 AstralCat69420 Inktober Day 21: Fuzzy

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2021.10.21 14:46 Educational_Ad_4987 I’m looking to get into DJing what is the best laptop for a budget around 500_600 pound

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2021.10.21 14:46 starsaber132 Bleach battle of the sexes

If all male characters in bleach that can fight vs all female characters that can fight fought in a team battle which side would win
View Poll
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2021.10.21 14:46 MGbz97 Are FF sim wheels good product?

I've recently seen his Facebook page and his wheel looks really good and they are affordable. But i would love to have some feedback if anyone bought anything from him
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2021.10.21 14:46 jack_3242 Are shop prices bugged ? I have -50% on everything, but not on Mikaela Reid

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2021.10.21 14:46 AmongDude Halloween Party

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2021.10.21 14:46 keebtrash calling all bow users! akron said ya'll cringe :c

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2021.10.21 14:46 michlermc Restpöstä - Rap 2 [Swiss-Rap]

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2021.10.21 14:46 EeveeGracex Hopefully you’ll think I am x (f21)

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2021.10.21 14:46 twoeightnine [WTS] Ultimate Pillow Combo: Cocoon HyperLight Travel Pillow + Big Agnes Sleeping Giant Upgrade kit 9.9 oz

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2021.10.21 14:46 Sworn-Sin-sides Life, for most, is really nice. compared anyways. Life as someone made by rape is about as awful as you'd probably expect. How'd the creations of rape have a good life and good lives and relationships aren't meant for them. How'd women like them too when they all want us dead? (27 M )

First of all, lol. What the fuck is with these people saying that I should've been aborted and shit to me? Seriously? If a difference of thoughts, or dislike for me means I should be dead than you say a lot about yourself there oh so wordlessly.
Such things are only said by wastes so why do you breath?
Anyways, to my post
I guess, in the end, nothing is meant for the creations of rapists. Nothing.
The only thing that is is maybe a bag somewhere for all the abortions.
Let's not speak of how that makes me feel, haha. (isn't it weird how more is done for rapists than the creations of them? Oh well...)
Your life probably has something bad in it,whether it be from something you did, another did, or whatever.
I do too, have some things that make me feel bad. Let's focus on the one that says I'm made by rape.
It's probably the most hated thing the the world, the children made by rapists. I mean, you tell me otherwise when 90+% of the children are killed off and turned into liquid while every rapist gets to keep their life and get to enjoy the world + everything else.
Of the two one looks to be more hated and it would be the child that does no wrong. (So, you're telling me it's more okay to rape than it is to be made by rape? That's not messed up at all)
In this world, you do more wrong by not doing anything than you do when you rape someone. I'm probably the one in the wrong for not having a stroke as a baby and dying way back then.
There are quite a few sides and things I'd like seen for this angle of the creations of rape.
Mostly though, I was wondering how, and what, I should be thinking about women considering any that I see is someone who would have killed me (Or maybe still would now lol)
My Mother is someone who would have killed me, my Sisters are someone who would have killed me, whatever lady I see next is someone who would have killed me, whoever I'm with is someone who would have killed me...
& You. You're someone who would have killed me.
I don't know how I feel about that...
TL:DR Any woman I see is someone that would've killed me.
I don't like the fact much. I measure most people feel good and are confident and everything else because they weren't made by rape and don't have to deal with any person they see or like or anything just being someone that would've killed them.
I mean, any bed I could sleep in is the bed of someone who would've turned me into liquid.
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2021.10.21 14:46 JRMBelgium DICE engine 2015 vs 2021, is it REALLY better? Maps are bigger but lack detail.

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2021.10.21 14:46 Rose_Glenny Which game

Which game do you like?
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2021.10.21 14:46 future_beach_bum ITAP of a snowy egret

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2021.10.21 14:46 _LewsTherinKinslayer A scooter for Scottish hills

I live in Edinburgh and work in Dunfermline. We've returned to the office and my commute consists of a 5 minute walk to the train station, 30 min train, and a 1.1mi walk to the office... and then back. I've been considering a scooter for that mile. As the weather deteriorates, I'd like to get to and from as quick as possible.
I've gone down the rabbit hole of reviews and suggestions, but I have one problem: the way back from my office to the train station is probably 50% uphill. Not super steep, but still.
I'm trying to stay below GBP 500... any suggestions for a e-scooter that can handle the rain and the hills?
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2021.10.21 14:46 O-YusrY I guess now we know, 1 year and several months later, configurable chips it is!

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2021.10.21 14:46 DaveCrave-z 25 [M4F] UK/ Anywhere - Looking to chat and hopefully make a connection!

Hello so you've got this far! I'm Dave I'm 25 and from Scotland. Getting bored with the day to day work routine and not being able to go out and see people. Would therefore love to make some online connections. This is where you come in!
So a few of my interests are, guitar, kickboxing, scrap metal art, I play a games but not much, I also love listening to music. I'm sure there more but need to leave something to talk about!
If you're finding it hard to think of what to say here's a few to start! What's the best meal you had this week? What song did you last listen to?
Can't wait to hear from you!
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2021.10.21 14:46 lis_bloem replacing a component on headphones PCB.

replacing a component on headphones PCB.
Device: sony headphones mdr xb950n1.
As I dont want/can't buy a new headphone just because the power switch started malfunctioning i tried to replace it. However, I can't identify the part number or model for the switch(in the picture). i have also tried to remove a similar switch without damaging it, but did not succeed as it is fragile. how do you experts find the parts you need on a circuit board. All i can tell by looking at it is, 4 pins(picture). thanks :)
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2021.10.21 14:46 Bot-47 Why chest pain?

Am I dying or are you so breathtaking 😳
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2021.10.21 14:46 tikudz Diversified economy

Not saying I'm all right - feel free correcting me.
Oil can no longer be our bread and butter. Investing in other areas is the future. Revenue sources include tourism; food export; science and technology; green economy; recycling; service industries – SPECIFICS OF EACH IN THE MANIFESTO. The state sponsored Industrialization 41 plan - putting industry in all constituencies, complements the agenda.
· Central diversification board – to implement government policy.
· Benefits - not limited to reduced crime due to work, magnified national standing and pride, reduced oil dependence, greater local technical prowess, exporting goods earns foreign exchange.
· Reduction in the cost of living - achieved this way, such as more people in MANY and diverse industry like manufacturing and service. Local production reduces import bill and exit of FOREX.
· Increased manufacture of food locally – importing food is known to cost 5 billion TT. In keeping with reduced cost of living government shall invest in farms, factories and whatever else. A source of jobs and exports.
· Small business - Citizens encouraged by varied means including primary and secondary school counselors to own their own small business. Government assistance in the form of interest free loans, discounts on capital, free small business class for adults to train, a special business hotline staffed by degree holders and social media, amongst other measures.
To qualify for various government assistance inclusive of a loan the value of which up to in the low several hundred thousand, citizens must have passed at least a small business course – exceptions include if already have equivalent or higher qualification, are old or present a convincing business plan.
· Cottage industry encouraged – defined is a small-scale, decentralized manufacturing business often operated out of a home rather than a purpose-built facility.
· Worker cooperative sector – democratized enterprise. Under circumstances workers will control the business. Where employees run the business and have a vote. Government will not have the one percent take all but have an economy that works for the people. Its supported various ways including: before any businesses closes, given to another business or goes abroad there’s “right of first refusal” that requires under law workers given option to make a worker co-op. Should a minimum number of low or mid income citizens get together to form one is also acceptable in whatever case government will issue a loan at zero interest.
· Private and government enterprise expansion – more businesses operating equates more jobs for the citizenry. Government will offer assorted incentives as part of its push. Private enterprise can operate freely under guidelines.
· Foreign economy investment – state funds will buy foreign assets like real estate and shareholder stakes. A suitable organization will be set up as manager.
· Investment by foreign companies – will be expanded upon to provide knowhow and jobs to nationals. And many other advantages.
· Export more than import – Trinidad has agriculture, pitch and with right investment technology and other goods or services the world wants.
· Marine - Boat repair and related industry are for implementation.
· Trans shipping – that is shipping goods or container to destinations will be under consideration for further development.
· Magnify the service sector – towards lower oil reliance, the service economy is one road. Trinidad would develop services, it comprises various service industries including warehousing and transportation services; information services; securities and other investment services; professional services; waste management; health care and social assistance; and arts, entertainment, and recreation. The manifesto directly gives specifics on some like recycling. (majority of Germany’s economy as example)
· Debts – one means to clear national debts via extra income.
· Studying foreign states – one of the board’s capacities. Among them Mauritius and Singapore.
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2021.10.21 14:46 ApprehensiveSir4414 Only some weeks old and already plotting to murder me.

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