Let's just celebrate that the absolutely AWFUL characters from Tuners are not coming back. It's time to get that yee-yee ass haircut.

2021.12.08 13:06 Superstrong832 Let's just celebrate that the absolutely AWFUL characters from Tuners are not coming back. It's time to get that yee-yee ass haircut.

I am very happy that we get good characters back.
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LEPASA This is a project that will be very useful in the future because it is supported by a professional team with great goals. Hope the project brings convenience, transparency, Nice project guys..." #lepasa #nft #blockchain LEPASA
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2021.12.08 13:06 breakdheart HOW TO STOP STALKING HIM!? /VSRS

I deleted twitter app but I log into web to check once in a while (every 3-4 hours🤡) It's not healthy, I worry about him alot because he's been abusing substance.
I also get mad everytime I see him flirting on the TL. I hate myself so much for the pain I'm causing.
I need to stop stalking but that gives me madddd anxiety. IDK WHAT TO DO.
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2021.12.08 13:06 not_an_egrill Streak 164: El vocabulario nuevo

Bueno, voy a escribir unas cuantas oraciones con el nuevo vocabulario que he aprendido.
¡Este mocoso no me deja en paz! Le han otorgado el seguro de paro. Tengo que cotizar de mi seguro médico. Su noviazgo no va a durar mucho. Él trabaja a media jornada. Vamos a casarnos por lo civil en vez de la iglesia. No queremos casarme, así que pretendemos seguir como una pareja de hecho. ¡Finalmente me dejarán cobrar mi jubilación! La vida de un pensionista es lo contrario de fácil. Nuestra vida familiar se derrumbó cuando la mandamos a la recidencia de ancianos.
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2021.12.08 13:06 woodandgrease Timesaver widebelt sander belt slips and screams while feeding stock

I'm having a recent issue with my timesaver where when feeding a board through, the spindles will start to spin freely of the abrasive belt and the machine will start squealing as the rubber spindle cover rubs the inside of the belt. This is causing the board to go through 80% unsanded and despite adjusting tension, it seems to just be inherently "loose" even though it's a pretty new belt and has been operating fine otherwise. Anyone had this issue before and know how to remedy it? Thanks!
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2021.12.08 13:06 MistWeaver80 Large study links cannabis use to sleep disruption, especially among heavy users. Recent cannabis use is linked to extremes of nightly sleep duration--less than 6 hours or more than 9 hours. This pattern was even more pronounced among heavy users. (N=21,729)

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2021.12.08 13:06 Possible_Abrocoma_22 Senegal: To whom do women’s bodies belong?

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2021.12.08 13:06 Raspberry-Specific The only gift I need under my tree.

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2021.12.08 13:06 Lost_Rough (Spoilers for 1-5 and slight spoilers for JFA) A comprehensive study of Damon Gant

After the absolute slander that the character rankdown was, I decided to write an essay on one of my favorite characters in Ace Attorney: Damon Gant. This post will cover his transformation from basic detective to corrupt vigilante, his characterization, motives and whatnot. Warning: absurdly long, don't read it if you don't have time. Now, without any further ado, let's go.
Damon Gant: the one half of the Legendary Duo We all know that Damon and Lana were incredible detectives two years before the events of Rise from the Ashes. The two were basically like Miles and Phoenix, except Gant and Skye were two superb investigators, hence, they received a nickname "the legendary duo". Everyone wanted to be like Lana and looked up to her, as stated by Angel Starr:

Angel: Back then, everyone looked up to Lana. All the detectives wanted to be like her.
Ema: ! Really?
Angel: Oh yes... myself included. I was a fool, really.
Angel: She hated anything crooked, and always watched out for the other detectives.
This pretty much enhances Lana's parallel with Mia, because, even though the former explicitly says that "Fey chose to trust criminals, whereas she chose to doubt them", Skye is shown to be a kind and reliable woman, just like Mia once was. Still, this post isn't about Lana (who is massively underrated imho): this post is about Gant. The other half of the duo was certainly charismatic, except that rumors around Damon were persistent:
Angel: Damon Gant and Lana Skye... Two years ago Gant was Chief Detective, and Lana second in command. They were the best.
Ema: They solved all kinds of cases together, didn't they?
Angel: Damon Gant's magnetism in particular was almost unreal.
Phoenix: His "magnetism"?
Angel: By that I mean his ability to attract evidence. He'd produce the most incredible evidence in the cases he handled.
Phoenix: ("Incredible evidence"? You mean...)
Angel: Oh, yes. There were rumors about him even back then. No one dared confront him, though.
Phoenix: (I take it she's talking about forged evidence.)
Gant's peers couldn't openly admit it, but one thing was certain, Damon couldn't find evidence so easily, it was obvious that he resorted to forgery. This pretty much proves that Gant was already in a really dark path, using his power as a detective to misuse the law, but why? Well, Damon pretty much hates criminals, all of them, and I will get into this bit of characterization a little later. The thing you need to know is that Damon hates crime, above anything else, to the point that he would forge evidence if necessary. Gant and Skye during their Legendary Duo phase are incredibly different, yet they manage to work with each other...kinda neat, huh? I digress though. The point is, Gant has no qualms on pursuing every single criminal, and he must have been confident that he could arrest anyone...well, until SL-9 happened.
Joe Darke was, apparently, a master of getting rid of evidence. He killed five people without leaving any sort of tracks, to the points even the Legendary Duo, Jake Marshall, Bruce Goodman and Angel Starr were getting crazy trying to catch the guy...yet, he was incredibly sly. How did Darke manage to pull that off? That doesn't matter, my friends, the point is that Joe is basically unattainable to the Law, a legal system that is bound by one rule:
"In a court of law, evidence is everything"
Ergo, no evidence, no case. Gant could have tried to forge evidence many times, and why didn't he do so to catch Darke? Once again, that doesn't matter. One thing is for certain, for someone that hates criminals so much, seeing a perpetrator getting off the hook over loopholes over and over again must have felt infuriating. Damon, who was famous for being "an evidence magnet" couldn't arrest a mere businessman? Oh my, if that isn't irony, I don't what it is, it's almost like a cruel joke, Gant must have thought. One night, Darke turned himself in, a blackout happened and he fled. Damon arrived at his office, and then something that would change his life forever was about to happen.
Damon Gant: the ends justify the means Damon arrived at his office and he saw the most intriguing set-up: Ema Skye, Neil Marshall and the accursed Joe Darke were found unconscious. Any normal person would try to get the cops to take Darke to questioning once again, but Damon Gant is no ordinary person. What did you think? Do you think he became Chief of Police by dumb luck? No, no, the guy is much smarter than what you think, so ask yourself a question: why do you think Gant killed Marshall? Many fans think he did so to get Darke framed for murder, and thus, behind bars, but that's not Damon's true motive. Gant is a guy that plays the long game, someone that sees an opportunity and has no qualms to seize chances and make the most out of luck. Getting Joe arrested is perfect, but you are playing the short-term game: you would be inevitably promoted to Police Chief, and SL-9 is finally closed, which is good...but what if you could do more? What if you became not only Chief of Police, but also, metaphorically, the Chief of Law? What if you were able to catch any criminals at a whim? Is such power even possible. Legally, no, but if you are smart enough, hoo boy, some chances will appear for you, and that's what Gant did, he took a great chance to thrive and be successful.
Gant's true motive to kill Neil was to blackmail Lana, nothing more, nothing less. "Lost_Rough, are you crazy? Who the hell kills to blackmail someone?" Well, I acknowledge that you may call it crazy, yet I will call it brilliant. Look, what did I say before? Damon hates criminals, all of them, no exception. Darke is simply a tiny fragment of a much worse problem, the fact that some people will slip from the Law's tight grasp all the time over loopholes and contigencies, and Gant loathes this above everything else. Ergo, the only way to fix the law, from Damon's POV, is if you become the law. And that's where Neil plays his role. Marshall was, in a lack of better words, a sacrifice. A pawn, a mere fool in Gant's multidimensional chess game, and what does this pawn need to do, you ask? Easy. Die, be sacrificed, so that justice could be brought about. If Damon managed to kill Marshall and frame Ema for the deed, then Lana would come in the office, think that her sister is a murderer and do anything to make sure the science girl isn't convicted. With this mere sacrifice, Lana now helps Gant to tamper the crime scene, supposedly diverting the blame from the supposed murderer, Ema, towards the new scapegoat, Joe Darke. Outstanding move. Darke is now convicted, Gant is finally promoted to Chief of Police (though this would happen even without SL-9's resolution) and now Damon's final action: promoting Lana to Chief Prosecutor. Skye, from her POV, thought that Ema accidentally killed Neil, but Gant is the one that holds this leverage above her head. That was his true goal all along, control over the whole law department.
Over the course of the series, there are basically two people that carry out investigations to prosecute people: the detectives and prosecutors. Gant was already in control of the Police Department, but if he were able to get the Prosecution's Office under his thumb, then he would be unstoppable. Appointing Lana as Chief Prosecutor was the fatal move that allowed his absurd control to be established, since she would do anything, anything, for Gant, who knows that, supposedly, Ema killed someone. Lana would do everything for her sister, and Damon's years during his Legendary Duo phase taught him that. This shows that Damon knows, once again, how to explore a weak spot to its best extent, exploiting the fact that Lana was fooled into thinking Ema is guilty to control her, and thus, the Prosecution's office. Can't you guys see how brilliant this is? Damon is not simply a megalomaniac guy, he doesn't want to have power for the lulz, Damon Gant is a vigilante. To him, "the ends justify the means" indeed, and if he needs to ruin Lana's life to manipulate trials to his bidding, then so be it. All of this as long as crime is erased from Earth. All of this by simply impaling a prosecutor. This action seems absurdly crazy, yet it must be labelled as amazingly clever and brilliant. For two years, Damon was the Law, erasing crime to his heart's content. Well, at least until things started to go south.
Damon Gant: a mastermind in trouble Everything is incredibly nice to Damon, until a certain detective lost his card to the Evidence Room, and now this same detective, Bruce Goodman, asks to reopen a case that should never be looked upon again. Then, Gant is now in panic, it's no wonder why he is like this: if SL-9 is reopened, then the investigators could find out not only that the trial was indeed rigged, but also that Damon himself was the perpetrator responsible for killing Neil Marshall. Tbh, I always wonder what went through Gant's mind. He is the Chief of Police after all, officially having the whole police department under his thumb, so he could easily just talk to Goodman, convincing him that reopening SL-9 is an unnecessary move, for example. Things didn't actually need to escalate to murder, yet he simply panicked, something Damon admits in the last trial:
Gant: Well, to be honest, I was a little panicked, too. I had a bad feeling about it, but never knew it would come to this.
This adds a lot to how Damon managed to protect a tiny bit of integrity and humility, admitting that he isn't as clever as some people claim (even though he is one of the smartest culprits in Ace Attorney), but I will expand on this accordingly later on. The point is, what we can gather from this quote and the whole events in the evidence room is that Gant is someone that grew used to thinking things in the long-term, not short-term. Compare Bruce's murder to Neil's death, and it's clear which crime was better crafted. For the former, Damon didn't kill Goodman for no reason, he murdered him to prevent SL-9 from ever coming back to light, but still, things didn't need to escalate to murder, and he openly admits his panicked state. On the other hand, for the latter, his crime was well-crafted not only because he had a certain bit of time to think things through (before Lana arrives at the office), but also since Gant is used to think in the long-game. That's his core trait, the ability that allowed him to become Chief of Police in the first place, yet this also means Damon isn't used to spur of the moment decisions, unlike Dahlia Hawthorne, a master of adaptability. Even Gant admits his emotional state during the cover-up of Bruce's murder:
Gant: That's when I saw it... that accursed knife. I couldn't just pull it out.
Edgeworth: You would only increase the amount of blood and you couldn't finish what you started.
Gant: Even so, the blood was just pouring out. I didn't know who might stumble in, so I was wiping it up. I was worrying so much about the floor, I didn't realize my mistake.
Phoenix: Detective Gumshoe's bloody hand print...
Gant: I used to be known as the "crime computer"... But everyone has to start somewhere, I guess. I was too nervous. I had no business doing any of it.
I really like how Gant openly admits his mistakes. It simply adds more and more layers to his character, but once again, I digress. Moving on to his takedown...it might have been one of the hardest courtroom battles ever seen in an Ace Attorney case. Damon Gant has the ability to raise stakes in the blink of an eye. If you fail to take him down, Miles will definitely get in trouble with the inquiry committee, god knows what would happen with Phoenix, Gumshoe never gets his job as a detective back, Lana takes the fall for Bruce's murder and Ema is labelled as Neil's killer.Just to have an idea, that's the only case in the Trilogy, aside from Farewell, my Turnabout, where Phoenix and Edgeworth need to combine their brains to save the day. Do you have the tiniest amount of idea of how much stakes are high in this case? In Rise from the Ashes, stakes aren't high, they are crazy high. And do you know what's the worst thing? Gant is crazy smart. Seriously, he pulls out evidence from two years ago (strip of cloth and jar fragment), pieces of evidence that Lana never even saw, since Damon's goal for keeping those objects hidden in his safe was not to blackmail Skye, but as insurance. Once again, Gant is thinking in the long-game, planning for the situation of ever being accused as Neil's murderer while also having the perfect counter-plan for this scenario, something that is mentioned right here:
Gant: When we rearranged the crime scene, I hid two pieces of evidence. I did this before Lana arrived at the scene.
Phoenix: Two pieces of evidence... You mean those items in your safe!
Judge: But... why?
Gant: For insurance, of course.
Phoenix: "Insurance"...?
Gant: I was sure my plan would work, but it's always bet to be prepared for the worst. I wasn't about to let anyone blame me for a murder that girl committed.
Judge: You mean you were calculating that far ahead while forging the evidence!?
Gant: Who do you take me for, a fool? I didn't make police chief by dumb luck.
And don't get me started on the cloth ploy crafted by Phoenix. I know Wright is in his Trials and Tribulations' form here, which makes his characterization kinda inconsistent, but still, the game spares no effort to prove that taking down Gant is one of the hardest tasks anyone can even imagine. Every single thing on that case relies on Trite being smart enough to trick Damon into giving relevancy to the cloth while also linking himself to that same piece of evidence. This is what we can a big brain move, and I love every single bit of it. Dude...everything is so great in this case. At first, Gant seemed like a really welcoming guy, using pet names for Miles, Phoenix and heck, even the Judge has a nickname too. The only character that did the same thing, at least the only one that I can remember, is Delicia Scones, and I don't think that I need to spell out the stark difference between Damon and Delicia, do I? Regardless, Gant's pre-established presence helps a lot in the process of taking him down, because everything about him makes you feel like a tiny ant in front of a huge and fearsome being, capable of screwing anyone in the blink of an eye. This presence, which was established during the investigation sections, helps a lot to give the satisfaction to take down Damon Gant, to save Lana from the reins of her past and make sure that Ema shall never be labelled as a murderer, even in self-defense. And everything happens organically, to the point any player has the thrill, the heart-throbbing feeling that is being cornered against the wall, allowing the audience to savor every single minute Gant starts to become Zeus, breaking down after every single contradiction pointed out and every moment Wright points his finger at Damon's face. Enough of talking about the trial sections, I need to mention another thing about Damon
Damon Gant: the foil for Edgeworth First things first, let me define what a foil is, metaphorically speaking:
In any narrative, a foil is a character who contrasts with another character; typically, a character who contrasts with the protagonist, in order to better highlight or differentiate certain qualities of the protagonist. A foil to the protagonist may also be the antagonist of the plot.
Straight from wikipedia, but the definition is still really good. Regardless, why do I think Gant is a foil for Miles? Quite easy. Miles Edgeworth became a prosecutor for very personal reasons, and unlike what many people think, he isn't that similar to Manfred von Karma. Obviously, both use underhanded tactics to get the defendant behind bars, but the difference between both is their goals. The latter is a man moved by a mindset of perfection, Manny doesn't really care about Justice or erasing crime, what he truly values, above anything else, is his win record. Von Karma is the type of guy that would forge evidence, mentally abuse witnesses or even resort to dealings with defendants just to protect his win record, but that's really everything that matters to him, nothing more, nothing else. The perfect win record for Manfred Von Karma is the own end of his actions, and he is obsessed with it to the point of enacting vengeance on Gregory and Miles simply because his win record was now tainted.
On the other hand, while Miles learned everything he knows from Manfred, Edgey still has a very different agenda. The thing that truly moves him is his absurd hatred for crime, and the reason for that, just like 70% of the main plotlines in the Trilogy, is DL-6. During this incident, Miles lost his own father, supposedly, by the hands of Yanni Yogi, who got the not-guilty verdict and never faced justice because of lack of evidence. Imagine that your own father dies, right in front of you, and the perpetrator never faces the consequences, gets off the hook, and the only one that truly suffers is...yourself. That's the turmoil that troubled Miles for a very long time. Aside from some minor reasons such as punishing himself for supposedly being his father's killer (he had doubts about this scenario, yet he still consistently had nightmares about that), what truly forced Edgeworth to the prosecution's bench was his hatred of crime. He wishes, above anything else, to make sure every single defendant is behind bars, to erase crime himself, since he hates criminals on account of Yanni Yogi, the supposed culprit of DL-6. For Miles Edgeworth, a perfect win record is simply the means to an end, and the end is to erase crime. Edgey only seeks perfection because that's the only way he can erradicate any single criminal that has the displeasure of being prosecuted by him. And that's the thing that separates Manfred Von Karma from Miles Edgeworth, but it's still the same thing that draws the latter closer to Damon Gant.
Just like Miles, Gant hates crimes too. Just like Edgey, Damon despises the idea that technicalities such as lack of evidence, even though the perpetrator is relatively obvious, can get defendants off the hook. Miles true enemy, the one that embodied the flaws in the legal system during his Demon Prosecutor phase was Yanni Yogi, who got away scot-free with murder simply because the prosecution didn't have material to put him behind bars. Conversely, one of Gant's greatest enemies is Joe Darke, a mass murderer that claimed the lives of five people and got away with it all the time by using loopholes in the legal system. The way Edgeworth sought to erase crime was to become a Demon Prosecutor and resort to Manfred Von Karma's teachings, whereas Damon Gant sought to kill someone to achieve ultimate control of the Law, by using Lana Skye as his trump card. The similarities between both are so blunt that I'm surprised I didn't notice them right after beating Rise from the Ashes, and those same similarities allow me to say, without any shred of doubt, that Damon Gant is a superb foil for Miles Edgeworth. That's how Gant is able to get under Miles' skin, something that is evident here:
Gant: Tell me, Worthy. What are you doing in court?
Edgeworth: Me?
Gant: You despise criminals. I can feel it. You and me... we're the same.
Edgeworth: !
Gant: One day you'll understand. If you want to take them on alone... you'll figure out what's needed!
Edgeworth: ...
Words can't describe the amount of nuances that exist just within this conversation. I don't understand why people say that Rise from the Ashes undermines Edgeworth's arc. If anything, RFTA actually takes Miles' growth to whole new heights. Turnabout Goodbyes was all about punishing Edgeworth, placing him in an ironic position, the defendant bench itself. To make things worse, the prosecution bench has almost complete control of the courtroom, and a rookie like Phoenix Wright managing to beat a legend like Manfred Von Karma is literally nothing short of miracle. This miracle made Edgey realise what it's like to be helpless, to know that one day you are in the defendant's stand, but tomorrow you may be behind bars, or even sent to the gallows. 1-4 is all about making Edgeworth pay for what he did to several defendants in his Demon Prosecutor phase, while making him realise how wrong he was. On the other hand, Rise from the Ashes solidifies this idea, proving that not only Miles is part of a systematic corruption within the legal system, but also revealing that Damon Gant, the same one that didn't have any qualms on pinning a murder on a child (Ema Skye), the same one that only did so to control a vulnerable woman to use her as a puppet (Lana Skye) and also the same one that ended the careers of two detectives just to cover his tracks, isn't that different from Edgeworth himself. This isn't even top-notch writing, this is the level of brilliant story-telling. Turnabout Goodbyes already explained Edgey's change of heart, but Rise from the Ashes, via Damon Gant, did an outstanding job to kill the Demon Prosecutor in Miles' heart, so that Miles may choose death in Justice for All and be born anew in Farewell, my Turnabout. Ace Attorney is amazing, indeed.
Damon Gant: Final thoughts and is a vigilante still a human? This may be the final section. No, this will be the final section.
The last thing I need to point out is how Gant goes out in the best way possible. The vast majority of AA villains breaks down while saying things like "I can't believe you meddling kids got me!", "My plan was perfect, how could it be!" or even "I hate you defense attorneys!". Those antagonists feel all high and mighty, thinking that it's impossible for their ploys to have been uncovered, that they are too smart to be caught or even act like actual kids that throw a tantrum whenever they lose. On the other hand, Damon Gant does nothing of this. Aside from the final message delivered to Edgeworth, Gant admits that his plans aren't perfect. He openly says that he doesn't know how to commit crimes, and even praises criminals for doing a better job than him to cover their tracks:
Phoenix: W-what does this have to do with anything? You're horrible! How could you get Ms. Skye involved in all of this!?
Gant: Well, she had as much to lose as I did if the truth came out.
Edgeworth: So you took the evidence from Detective Goodman's locker?
Gant: I feel bad for having to do it. I couldn't sit around and pick and choose what to take.
Phoenix: Well... you left the jar fragment and gloves.
Gant: ... Yeah... It looks like I was better off being an investigator of crimes than a committer. They all did their best to get in my way... I've got to hand it to them, they do their jobs well... much to my dismay.
I know Gant is lowkey irredeemable but...I couldn't help but feel the bitterness behind this quote. How jaded Damon became for seeing criminals like Joe Darke or even, supposedly, Yanni Yogi, getting off the hook over loopholes over and over again. Those perpetrators, much to his dismay, know how to cover their tracks, much to Gant's dismay. One of the things that really draw my attention is how old Gant is compared to the rest of RFTA's cast. Angel Starr is 31 years-old, Jake Marshall is 33, Neil is 27 years-old, Bruce Goodman, the oldest of the bunch (aside from Damon) is 36 and Lana Skye, Gant's partner in the Legendary Duo, is only 29. On other hand, Damon Gant is 65 years-old. Yes, he is a grandpa, but what does this reveal? In my honest opinion, even though this probably wasn't intended by Takumi, I can gather that Gant has a lot years of experience, and, unfortunately, a lot of years seeing crime growing every single day.
At first, I thought that Damon was simply a power-hungry man, killing to gain leverage on Lana simply because he desires power, but one week after beating 1-5, I realised that I was wrong. What truly is behind Gant's persona as a welcoming grandpa, or even his persona as a cunning vigilante, it's possible to find his true self, someone that lost any single hope in the legal system, to the point he felt that he needed to become Justice himself, which again, isn't that far from what Miles did, although Edgeworth's case is more about a childhood trauma. The thing is, Damon, unlike many AA villains, feels regret. He even knows that the Judge is disappointed in him:
Gant: Well, looks like it's time to say goodbye. Oh, Udgey.
Judge: Wh-what?
Gant: Looks like we'll have to cancel that lunch date. Sorry old friend!
Judge: ... I'm sorry too, Damon Gant.
Gant: ...
Judge: I knew you as you used to be, long ago. You were once a fine investigator, and an example to others on the force. I'm sorry to learn that you are no longer that person.
Gant: Those days are gone now, Udgey. Thanks for all the memories, though...
Damon knows that what he did is unforgivable: framing Ema to blackmail Lana, getting rid of Angel and Jake, killing two people, one to get leverage on Skye, and the other to cover his tracks...Gant is irreedeemable, but he has a tiny bit of humanity. What he truly wants is to see a legal system that works, Justice that is able to deliver...justice. Also, one of his best quotes is the one that comes right after the dialogue I just mentioned:
Gant: Those days are gone now, Udgey. Thanks for all the memories, though... Don't worry, you'll be fine! Now you have Wrighto here... and Worthy. With these two around, you can't go wrong... You see, if I listen carefully, I can hear it right now... The sound of a new beginning!
This...is amazing. Even after his defeat, Gant doesn't bang his head on the wall like Manfred Von Karma, nor he goes to deliver curse words to the prosecution/defense, Damon actually praises Edgeworth and Phoenix, putting his utmost trust on both of them. Gant isn't a power-hungry man like Blaise Debeste, but he isn't a mere vigilante either. Damon is a man that saw crimes over and over again, he wanted to erradicate criminals but lost himself not only in the flaws of the legal system, but also in his means to enact Justice on perpetrators. Still, he managed to protect at least one thing: his desire to see Justice working effectively, and even if he isn't the driving force for this outcome, then that's okay. After all, "With Miles and Wright around, you can't go wrong".
Obviously, I love this character, but...writing this essay felt cathartic. Much like Ace Attorney as a whole, Damon Gant and Rise from the Ashes made me learn something new, actually a lot of new things. I hope I was able to convey my thoughts to you in a coherent way. Thanks to anyone that read until here, you guys are amazing. Stay awesome, and keep swimming.
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2021.12.08 13:06 Sabre3a MSQ Finished. What now?

So I have finished the MSQ.
So what's next for gearing?
Sorry, first xpac!
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2021.12.08 13:06 luffy435 For the new soloq mode, it should come with a voice comms option

Just thought it would be a nice idea to add voice comms for the soloq mode, would be good to communicate with ur totally random team. Avoids it being more of a fiesta.
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2021.12.08 13:06 Treydy This is what happens when you put heavy industry near residential…

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