Is something wrong with my obsession?

LeBron James Says There's Something Wrong With Russell Westbrook. The King jokingly said that there was something wrong with Westbrook and shared a clip of him crip-walking on the court when the DJ at STAPLES Center played G'd Up by The Eastsidaz, drawing a lot of hilarious reactions all over the internet. There's Something Wrong with Aunt Diane is a 2011 documentary television film directed by Liz Garbus about the 2009 Taconic State Parkway crash. It premiered on HBO on July 25, 2011.. Premise. The film profiles Diane Schuler, who caused the fatal car accident, through interviews with her family members and friends, and attempts to piece together Schuler's actions on the day of the accident, in ... There's Something Wrong with Aunt Diane: Directed by Liz Garbus. With Jesse Temple, Brad Katinas, Diane Schuler, Jay Schuler. This documentary explores the depth behind the case of a woman whose vehicle collision killed numerous people, including herself. Was she really the reckless drunk, or the perfect suburban mother? Android and Alexa assistants turned off, we don’t chromecast to it. Almost every day, usually when we’re sleeping, the TV will scream at max volume “Something went wrong, please try again in a few seconds”. The last couple nights my Sony Bravia X800H has randomly started saying out load “something when wrong” at random intervals. Something went wrong" screen appeared. As I am still inexperienced with this kind of troubleshooting, I feel it wouldn't be safe to just try out answers from other threads that don't have exactly the same 'history'. Solutions I read included Ctrl+Alt+F4 and trying to login and get more information from the command line (Oh no! As Slyvia’s symptoms worsen, so do Tee’s suspicions that Sylvia is hiding something. Listen Now. Season 1. When Sara got engaged, she thought that she was marrying the Christian man of her dreams. Until a week before their wedding when she discovers — something is wrong. "Something is wrong with one of your data files and Outlook needs to close. Outlook might be able to fix your file. Click OK to run the Inbox Repair Tool." STATUS: FIXED. This issue is fixed in Monthly Channel Version 2005 Build 12827.20470 and higher. "Something Old" is the 23rd episode of the eighth season of the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, and the 183rd episode overall. Plot. In 1994, Robin and her father visited New York (on what Robin Sr. called ...

2021.12.03 06:36 Barry_flash19 Is something wrong with my obsession?

Hey there. I’m 22 M gay. Over the past few weeks, it seems like I’m quite obsessed with dick and guys. All I think about everyday I blowing a dude. I come on Reddit and go through posts all day. I spend a lot of time on grindr talking to guys. When I get bored with this, I watch porn for hours. Am I going insane?😂 Have anyone of you gone through it. What could be the reason? How should I overcome this?
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2021.12.03 06:36 Cimonlello Transference in Couple's Therapy

Sorry for the long read but there is a TL;DR.
My husband (M30) and I (F30) have begun psychosexual couple's therapy.
So far we've had the following sessions (1) husband's introductory session by Zoom (2) joint introductory session (3-7) alternating independent sessions to gather background information from both of us separately - 3 for me and 2 for husband.
The issues have been around my husband's compulsive masturbation and historically hiding that and blaming my weight (at a BMI of 23) which has resulted in us having a dead bedroom for about 10 years. There was about 18 months of respite after I found out about the cause about 6 years ago and he said he'd stopped, which was then sustained for a while by quite literally a Honeymoon period when we got married.
Initially I was having my own therapy around it and started to worry I was gay a few months back, due to the way I've come to realise I experience attraction to men and women so differently. My old therapist and I struggled with how I would deal with this in Couple's Therapy given that the new therapist would have a 'no big secrets policy'. We decided I could just be discrete about it as I wasn't sure myself, for now. I can't see the old therapist while I'm having sessions with the new one.
Anyway I had my second session with our new therapist which was about past sexual history, including sexual abuse and a really 'one that got away' intense 5-year emotional relationship with someone (male) with the same name as my therapist (also male), who used to listen to all of my thoughts like a walking diary and who I was extremely sexually attracted to. After that session, I started getting pretty intensely attracted to our therapist. Since the third session I can't get him off my mind and my sex drive is unbearable. I've put this attraction into my relationship with my husband as much as I can but it isn't making it go away and he isn't as sexually available as I'd like, even though he seems to be making some improvement.
Our therapist knows from our latest session that I have a drive to be sexually attractive to basically any males I have a relationship with, who have some value (kindness, intelligence), unless I find out they're not into me. My attraction to men is almost entirely driven by the possibility and then confirmation of their desire for me and my sexuality is very submissive and based in the man's pleasure. (Again, different with women.) I therefore wouldn't be surprised at all if he's figured out what's likely to be going on but it hasn't come up.
I haven't done anything inappropriate and wouldn't want to in reality because a) I've been faithful and have had desire this intense - with opportunity, which was obviously harder - for much longer periods of time than this (years) which I've successfully battled with b) I know he's my therapist and that's ridiculous c) I know it's transference for the previous friend from years ago and d) I know he's in some sort of relationship and I'm not one to have relationships with happily taken men.
I don't think it's affecting my ability to participate openly and properly in therapy, other than maybe making me conservative with how much I share about my sexual desires because I feel like I can't figure out the line between sharing what I need to and trying to see if I would arouse him (which I know would be a bit pathetic so wouldn't want to be seen to do). I've been trying to keep it quite clinical and I don't tend to look at him so I don't fixate on his responses.
The good news is this is all reminding me why I identify as bi and not gay. I was able to now tell the new therapist that I had been having those concerns before, but discussing my previous relationships with men has assured me of my identity again and that was helpful, which is true in part but not all of it, as he was integral.
The transference has also made me realise how much I crave being listened to, whether it's by someone who's literal job it is or not, and that my husband doesn't provide that - after I came back a little shaken from discussing the abuse in therapy he was only concerned with the effects on him and he always dismisses my eating disorder too. Generally he's wonderful but in his own sessions the therapist has identified his family have a culture or shame and secrecy.
I've been Googling transference to no end and everywhere talks about it being normal and helpful to be open about it with the therapist, but nowhere talks about it in relation to couples therapy and whether it's harmful or disruptive in that context. I've had at least two major revelations about myself as a result of this transference so it isn't all bad, but it's weird and frustrating.
I get crushes on people all the time because my sex life has mostly been in my head for 8 years of this relationship while my husband was checked out, so I know exactly what this is and how silly it is, but I feel like I'm being kind of obstructive to the therapy process when I'm being asked about my desire and I'm leaving out a huge chuck of information. I don't know.
Any advice? To make things more difficult, we're now back to joint sessions and we communicate by group chat outside of sessions for openness' sake.
TL;DR if you're experiencing sexual transference with a couple's therapist, does the usual advice of telling them and working through it apply? Will it remain confidential? Could it result in the therapy needing to stop due to professional conflict in not telling a partner?
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2021.12.03 06:36 AlimOncul My kitten tries to vomit but cant

Hi guys
I adopted a kitten 15 days ago. Its 2 months old. She can eat, drink, toilet fine.
2-3 times a day she starts coughing or sneezing. It keeps going like 10-15 times. At the end she will be out of breath and do a catloaf and stop. I went to veterinary and they said If she can eat, drink than nothing to worry.
Sometimes She meows with quietly too.
Any information you can give me about this?
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2021.12.03 06:36 Kaothic It's the time my fellas!!

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2021.12.03 06:36 Small_Indication_405 Dropping this before vanishing for the weekend

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2021.12.03 06:36 AcornAl QLD: New exposure sites in Capalaba, Mudgeeraba, Nerang and Yamanto

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2021.12.03 06:36 3toryuusanzensekai Why Kidd or Law becoming an Emperor After Wano is an Obvious Plot Hole

Yonkou or 4 emperors serve as balance of power in the world of One Piece along with Marine and their SSG. One of the meaning of this balance is that if one party war with another, then other parties might be able to take advantage of the situation regardless of the winner between the 2. For example if back then WB decide to war with Kaido for Wano then Big Mom or Marine or both might just join in to crush the weakened winner.
Luffy can definitely be considered as Emperor post Wano, not just because his individual power but also bcs Straw Hat Pirates and their alliances (Grand Fleet, Samurai, Minks), they are definitely able to at least weaken one of the balance of power parties. In fact, if all things go smoothly, Luffy will be the closest man to One Piece post-Wano bcs of the 3 Road poneglyphs and Wano territory (speculation based on Sengoku's words about importance of Wano), the Luffy 5 Billion bounty that people predict is not unreasonable at all. Kidd and Law on the other hand?
Idk if the Pirate Emperors thing will still be there or not after Wano but if Kidd or Law post-Wano is considered as balance of power equal to Shanks, BB, and Luffy then it is an obvious plot hole even if they -manga spoiler ahead- manage to win the 2v1 againts Big Mom.
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2021.12.03 06:36 Alone-Try-4793 I posted on r/amiugly

Just for like curiosity reasons. And I have had multiple people message me calling me a cutey. Tf do I do
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2021.12.03 06:36 MaganBall welp i played as Estonia, i think i did pretty good (like i said im not REALLY good)

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2021.12.03 06:36 niksy20061 Gary going real hard on the bongcloud

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2021.12.03 06:36 krypto-news-deutsch Marathon to be Expanded Miner Provisioning Agreement with Compute North Aims to Supply Renewable Energy to More than 100,000 Miners -

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2021.12.03 06:36 kcrushamerica Lee Michelle Returns With New Digital Single – “Lost In You” That Is Sure To Make Your Playlist!

Lee Michelle Returns With New Digital Single – “Lost In You” That Is Sure To Make Your Playlist!
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2021.12.03 06:36 SupermarketIll4835 Telling a little girl that feminism sucks

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2021.12.03 06:36 d3trois I tried to draw with two hands at the same time and honestly I'm not disappointed. Double drawing time!

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2021.12.03 06:36 AlexAusFrankfurt Pizza mit Aubergine, Salsiccia, Büffelmozzarella und Rucola

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2021.12.03 06:36 RLCD-Bot [Crimson Octane] [Octane: Shisa] [Crimson Sparkles] [Cristiano] [Lime Classic]

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2021.12.03 06:36 AtomicWeazel About to get going with Skyrim: Anniversary Edition, any tips?

I'm just about to go for 100% on Skyrim AE, I haven't played it at all yet but what are some tips that people have?
Am I able to install the mod Sky UI and still be able to get the achievements as well?
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2021.12.03 06:36 EricMaxwell Pondering my orb after 300 wipes and counting on Sylvanas

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2021.12.03 06:36 Leomis31 Beatriz Dinis e as suas tetas incríveis

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2021.12.03 06:36 BigiBoy___5 If you could be game character for 24 who would you be?

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2021.12.03 06:36 ceesaart Russia’s war against Ukraine is just ‘physics’, former Putin aide asserts

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2021.12.03 06:36 Thembani297 substitute formula not working properly

i am trying to avoid , making nested substitute fx , so i tried =SUBSTITUTE(A1,{"RS", "OS", "VS", "DS"},"") it removes first str only , any tips
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