Sutton Foster: The Music Man (Week 6) Last day in the rehearsal room

2021.12.03 06:39 LOGANXHOWLETT Sutton Foster: The Music Man (Week 6) Last day in the rehearsal room

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2021.12.03 06:39 shilk008 They can always try, but they will always be a bit off

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2021.12.03 06:39 Id_like_to_say_e It's been too long, too much efforts I have put in this work

So basically I am grinding for Mesa Prime, but can't get the Neuroptics specifically. I used 27 radiant void relics, went 20 full squads that all have radiant relics. None of it gives me the Mesa Prime Neuroptics. Now I am broke, I ran out of Aya to even buy a relic, nobody trades with me as I have no plat, the RNG is just too stupid. And so I think that "Why does Warframe not have the feature when you attempts a certain amount of times it gives you the rare thing?". Can DE please consider adding that into the game? Maybe 10 or 15 attempts, and that's alot. Now I have tried 27 times, all Radiant, and still couldn't get the thing I needed, now I gotta go farm some Aya. Thanks DE, 2700 void traces isn't a low amount.
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2021.12.03 06:39 bah_bouh Statistics and Probability using Excel - Statistics A to Z - CURSUSA

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2021.12.03 06:39 whatsinanameidunno How often do you see your SO? And how often do you text/voice/video call? And do you feel as if it suffices?

I (25F) only live 10 mins away from my SO (31M), but I only see him 1-2 times a week. We’ve been together for a little over a year. He has obligations at home to attend to, but sometimes I feel as if the moon, the sun, and the stars have to align just for him to come out and see me. We do video call almost every single night, but being together in person is just a whole other level of connection.
For some couples, 1-2 dates a week is more than enough. I need to find a way to rationalize my thoughts and feel as if this much time together is sufficient.
FOLLOW UP QUESTION: How do I rationalize the idea that 1-2 dates a week is sufficient enough?
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2021.12.03 06:39 ashitsuki Abbotsford is having their 1st Teddy Bear Toss this Saturday against SJ Barracuda

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2021.12.03 06:39 AbWarriorG (Spoilers Main) Ridley Scott's 'The Last Duel' helped me visualize tourneys and Lance battles

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2021.12.03 06:39 ImpressionPale8669 Kishore Aashna

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2021.12.03 06:39 Argipap Ερώτηση προς τουςκατοίκους επαρχιακών πόλεων και ειδικά προς επιχειρηματίες. Πως είναι η κίνηση στην αγορά στην πόλη σας τώρα που πλησιάζουν οι γιορτές; Πως βλέπετε τα πράγματα;

Έχω την αίσθηση ότι παρά την φόρα που είχε πάρει η αγορά για κάποιους μήνες αυτό έχει σταματήσει. Τις τελευταίες εβδομάδες και ειδικά τώρα βλέπω μία μιζέρια και νιώθω ότι οι γιορτές θα πάνε λίγο άπατες.
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2021.12.03 06:39 Sheet-Music-Library Minority (Gigi Gryce - Pat Martino style) - Guitar solo (with sheet music)

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2021.12.03 06:39 barbaumberto Megaraidsterlixnownow

Diventiamo amici su Pokémon GO! Il mio codice Allenatore è 7987 2895 2466!
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2021.12.03 06:39 ElIt_PanTheR I'm done, start a new life

I'm tired of holding back the masculine urge to run away from everything go into the forest and start a new life as a primate. I mean, just imagine me in the forests making fires, building a hammock out of leaves, building up my arm strength to swing off of trees like a gorilla with no consequences. Oh and don't get me started on jerking off I'm tired of having my family always walk in on me wanking, I'm so tired of it but when I'm in the forest nothing will disturb me no more, only satisfy because I can stick my dick into ANYTHING with no consequences, oh what's that a tree with a hole, why not, oh and lube? No problem just grab some slugs. Then you start putting your dick into everything, fucking everything, cumming on everything, living or non living use your environment to your advantage, do what scientists couldn't do make a mutant hybrid. You know what fuck it once I build up my body to be as strong as a silver back, I'm gonna go and find monkey territory and I'm gonna fight of the mummy gorilla to give me her baby, how you may ask? Easy just show her my LITERALLY ROCK HARD 10 INCH DICK, WIDE AS YOUR FORARM, VEINS THE SIZE OF YOUR THUMB DICK, from all the training of fucking LITERALLY EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. Anyways she hands over her baby willingly, I raise the monkey as my own love it, care for it and we swing on trees together hunting prey from above. Eventually he grows up to the fully grown monster of a gorilla I taught him everything I knew ,how I did things, how I built this body of pure testosterone. So this gorilla has a dick built like my own but not as strong and basically we built a little hut in the trees we take turns going out hunting and fucking the wildlife, you know what you see all those big foot sightings those were my mutant hybrids that I made by fucking monkeys. You may ask do you ever miss your family or society, my answer, fuck no all those brainless idiots always ruining everything by politics, money and what's all this bullshit about nft's, damn humanity is useless. Also all this bullshit about nofap? Bunch of bogus I cum at least more than 10 times a day, 7 on a bad day, 15 on a normal, and look at me, the proper KING of the jungle.
This whole paragraph came by only thoughts, but now turned into a lifestyle - King of jungle
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2021.12.03 06:39 legalinspiration8321 What is the Top Best Purple Deal Rebate ID - up to $75 giftcard (many retailers) and $300 off

Whats up reddit! Purple is doing a $75 promotional coupon code for up to a 75$ gift card to many retailers and up to $300 discount with link. This in addition to any sale or clearance they may be offering. The referral promo is outlined below. Up to $300 off AND gift card bonus
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Hopefully you love the bed as much as I do! Let me know if you have questions.
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2021.12.03 06:39 kuyabooyah Contacting abusive friends

So long story short, in 2017 some of my close friends/housemates got into hard drugs and basically set my life on fire. I experienced sexual assault, battery, gas lighting, slander, and verbal abuse for about two weeks before I deemed the home environment completely unlivable and moved back in with my parents. And it was all out of nowhere, after four years knowing these people, overnight they were suddenly a bunch of animals. By the end of the situation, I lost everything; my job, my friends, my home, my hobbies.
One of them reached out to me recently, asking if we could talk about what happened and I haven’t responded. He didn’t give details about why he wants to discuss it and frankly I’m a little apprehensive to make another attempt to resolve our old issues. During the weeks before I moved, we attempted to resolve the issues daily and no matter how many times we closed the matter, I was open again by nightfall, usually fueled by the drugs they were on. I’ve worked through the trauma in therapy, so although I am afraid to talk about it again, I feel like the opportunity to get closure may be necessary. Any advise?
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2021.12.03 06:39 SilkLR La Chronique JDR de la semaine : Interview de James Tornade, découverte de Cheap Tales, les news …

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2021.12.03 06:39 Loganowens94 Is this what I'm lookin for?

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2021.12.03 06:39 thatonegirl89938 [L][20][F] I feel old, left behind and like im missing out on life.

I’m a 20yrd old female as stated all my life I wanted to do music and I just feel like im not getting any good at it so it’s making me feel like shit. On top of that im studying for a marketing degree in collage and im super left behind compared to my pals also im watching my friends from school traveling and living fun lives or working in cool jobs and it sucks cause what have I done?. Im currently in another country for 6 months visiting my mom and its been fun and I like it but I feel like I have to leave with sometime from here an experience or something. I feel like I might not be competent for the life that I’ve envisioned myself in. I want to be a competent human being and have fun in life but I just feel like I will never get there because im not good enough? But I also feel like every human is good enough and can do anything they set their mind to, but why do I feel this way?
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2021.12.03 06:39 No-One-1402 22 [M4F]

Off tomorrow, can’t sleep hmuu
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2021.12.03 06:39 thesmolchickenclub Why is the font in one of my playlists look different than my other playlists?

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2021.12.03 06:39 kelliecrystalbelle 💗💜

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2021.12.03 06:39 AirK19 Aggron raid on me add 3281 0626 1209

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2021.12.03 06:39 supertrooper747 Add if your Australian 0056-7867-3232

Thanks need more Long distance eggs
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2021.12.03 06:39 Jpagey11 Reshiram on me 1613 0000 9753

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2021.12.03 06:39 Prestigious_Emu_7986 Colosseum tips

Do you have any tips for trail of fools, I have pure nail, max masks and Max sould vessels. All void spells. My charms are sharp shadow + dash master(for bigger damage in the air) , grubsong, shaman stone and mark of pride
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2021.12.03 06:39 eiriko2 "Nekter å gi dokumenter til Stortinget" jaha.. Lurer på hvorfor

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