Recent CBT for Limerence case study journal article published

However a case series examination of foster children and an empirical investigation of ADHD youth have also demonstrated that pathological hoarding behavior is present outside of OCD (Hacker et al., 2012; Plimpton, Frost Abbey, & Dorer, 2009).

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2021.12.08 12:06 Bradders33 So excited that we get new series tomorrow in the UK, same time as USA.

Can't wait.
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2021.12.08 12:06 kalvinbastello Screwed by two bosses, I get victory in end. XXL

Hi everyone. This is a very long story I've partially told in other subs, but seeing as I'm newish to this one I've decided to tell the complete story here. This is a story with lazy bosses, arrogant bosses, lazy incompetent workers, and where I take a lot of hits before gaining my small victory.
I just predicate this by saying if you can automate your job and collect a paycheck from a company: do it, screw them. But I also believe that if you do show up to work somewhere you should do your job and get compensated fairly. If you want to be lazy and not work, and it causes others around to you do more work for less compensation, you suck. That's where I stand.
I worked for a small medium business (SMB) for just shy of 15 years, worked my way from chump to champ, and I was essentially tripped at the finish line. I put my heart and soul into this company because I was too young and naive, and I believed in it and wanted it to success; and then for the last 2-3 years I was "promised" the CEO position if I kept pushing myself. The “promise” resulted in me returning to get my MBA because I'd be able to meet all qualifications to achieve this high-end position I had worked my way up towards for a decade and half.
A woman called Mary was the CEO for 13 years before I started, and tenured their retirement about 10 years after I started. I don't now how she was before I got there, but in the time I worked under Mary she was effectively a bad boss, which was both good/bad depending on how you looked at it. You see Mary was lazy. So the good part was she left us alone. She'd occasionally come out of her office to sit with us at designated break times for some social connection, but otherwise holed up in her office for however long she was there that day. This meant that we could do our jobs in peace. Of course some people wouldn't put in the effort, but that was as much on Mary as it was them. But for those of us that wanted our organization to succeed we were self-driven and made sure things got done. We could take longer breaks and lunches and still put the work in and get things done with time to spare. Win/win for everyone.
Mary was a bad boss because she didn't do anything. She would reassign and delegate her duties to her subordinates, a lot of which fell onto the COO position which didn't exist before Mary got there. Mary effectively had a small handful of duties which by our estimate could be completed in 3-5 days of a month because everyone else was pulling her weight. Mary was mid 50s, chronically overweight, and about 5'1", and not in great health. I would walk into Mary's office and discover her sleeping on a multiple-times a month occasion. Mary started having to "leave early for a meeting" a lot in the last few years. Because Mary only lives 5 minutes from work, other employees who had actual time off to use would go out of their way to drive by her house and discover she'd just leave and go home and fake the meetings. I witnessed this a few times myself.
Mary had other winning qualities, like being a procrastinator and hypochondriac. We found out that Mary didn't like to make decisions and would delay until the last possible second. This screwed us over, because she would waddle out at 5pm to go to her car, and let you know her decision which meant the rest of us had to work our asses to get out portions done immediately the next day (we didn't get paid overtime if we had stayed). Mary would then breathe down our necks snapping at us telling us the deadline was coming and why weren't we finished yet? Life was hell then.
So we discovered if we presented Mary with the decision to make ahead of time, with all the data and evidence, and then some comically bad other decisions, Mary would 1) be so grateful we did the research, and 2) would talk out loud and go through the process of elimination and tell you why the comically bad options were bad and then pick the option we wanted to begin with, almost as if she was chiding us and congratulating herself that she was there to guide us away from our simpleton (fake) decisions. It should of annoyed us, but doing this actually saved us stressful work and humored us that we were able to do this for years without Mary catching on. Bonus was we still leading a successful organization.
Hypochondriac? So if you had an in illness or didn't feel good she'd start coughing and hacking and tell you she felt just as bad or worse. Honest to God Reddit, she actually told us she had brain cancer once that she played up for a month until her last scan made it magically go away. It happened to coincide with an auditing process that wasn't going her way (because she had failed to do some yearly duties incorrectly), and the board was starting to pressure her. Her story was very weak and things didn't add up, and thankfully someone on staff had some medical background verified her story was full of shit.
But Mary was generally well loved by the Board (maybe because she always presented herself in a good light?), and the organization ran fluidly (because of Mary's stellar leadership, of course) so she kept her job and we were able to keep a relatively stress free environment.
Mary must of had a meeting with her financial advisor or something, because one day she proclaimed she was retiring in 5 years on such and such date. Even though Mary was a very busy woman, the thought of retirement got her excited and took a lot of her attention at work. That's all she ever talked about and planned for at the break periods. About a year later the COO, Betty, announced she would be retiring in in about 10 months. Cue the panic from Mary. You see Betty effectively ran the company and would orchestrate our easy decisions for Mary to make which would keep us running smoothly. Mary praised Betty constantly to other employees and would say how grateful she was that Betty was her #2. Somehow these comments never made it to the Board members, as Betty sat at these meetings and said she never got mentioned.
I should mention now that Betty and I were very good friends, kind of a married worked couple, and hung outside of work too. So I have inside trusted knowledge for things I didn't witness first hand, and I know I could trust the source because Betty was a very good, decent person who just wanted to see the company succeed (this is important).
But Betty retiring in a few months put Mary into panic mode. Rather she would admit it or not, Mary at least subconsciously knew Betty made (did) her job so much easier and if she retired Mary would 1) have to take on A LOT of work for 4 years, 2) train a COO replacement by imparting upon her Betty's knowledge and Mary's own knowledge, 3) be stressed on the decision making part. Over the next two weeks Mary convinced Betty that the best thing for the organization would be for Betty to retire closer to Mary's retirement goals to give more of a "transitional" period to new leadership. Betty cared to much to see her 27 years of work go down the drain, and/or felt bad for the rest of us. So the plan was in stone, and in actuality Mary moved her retirement to 2.5 years away (originally would have been about 4 years out from original date), and Betty retired in 3 years, AFTER Mary and well after her original plan. I felt bad Betty worked that much longer than she intended, but she insisted it gave her time to remodel her house so the income was good.
So back to my involvement. Mary called me into the office and told me her plan retirement plan officially. She also said that because the COO was retiring soon, that I was the most senior and most knowledgeable person of company operations. She said the current COO was retiring at the same time as herself, so Mary wanted me to take her job as CEO! I was flattered she actually seemed to care, although the suspicious part of me it was more about not having to put a lot of work training someone who could step into her role easily. Over the 15 years I'd been there I'd worked through all the departments, and was the unofficial assistant to Betty, and even started picking up jobs from the CEO when she took her official vacation days. I essentially had been doing on the job training for years and it wasn't much extra I had to know to be able to step in.
The only caveat is Mary who believed in titles and degrees, said the Board would never hire someone without a MBA. She said if got, or at least was working through the program when she retired she'd put in a good word with the Board. And the Board who only ever heard from Mary, did whatever Mary suggested. Because Mary had a great relationship with the Board, I had a ton of practical experience and a fantastic resume, I figured this actually sounded like a viable career path and option for me. And the MBA wouldn't hurt eitherway. So Reddit, out of the (maybe now sounding insane) suggestion of Mary, I rushed, applied, and enrolled into a MBA program as fast as I could, and I was on track to graduate about 2 months after Mary's retirement, which would line up pretty well I was assured.
I was going to leave out these details, but in for a penny, in for a pound....I worked at a company as the only male employee (outside of the custodial staff) for 15 years. My boss never hired another male employee. I don't care, and men surely have had plenty of opportunities in the world, so it is what it is. Mary, who was present during the Kent State shootings, was a hippie from long back. She believed in a lot of things, and she made it VERY clear during break period rants that she wasn't a fan of men in the general sense, because in her mind they had suppressed women in the work place for decades, if not centuries, which really isn't untrue. But she obsessed about this fact, and would often make off-the-wall comments about some random man in a leadership role in the news and talk about how much better that company or agency would run if a woman was in charge. Just baseless, sexist comments all the time. It was awkward to listen to her talk at times, but I was out numbered and it didn't matter, so I knew enough to shut the fuck up and not respond. It wasn't my fight to make, especially because I wouldn't win. So I listened to her for 15 years bad mouth men. She seemed to like me and what I did for the company, so that had to be good enough.
As a side fun note, the only thing else Mary really talked about was sex. She was married to a man (and her two kids were sons, btw). She would talk about her lascivious sex acts with her husband, or wanting to get home to him, or funny antics that happened the night before. If you didn't catch on, Mary wasn't an attractive person, and the thought of her, at 5'1" and significantly obese having sex with her husband who was 5'3" and heavier than her, didn't fill any of us with fun mental pictures.
Back to retirement, where you see this all comes to play. Unbeknownst to me, an outsider, Susan, not working for the company had been seeding themselves in the minds of board of directors and CEO for about 3 months prior to CEO's retirement as the perfect person to fill the role I had been working towards (news travels in the industry when someone is getting up in years ready to retire).
What I truly believe to be sexism, Susan ended up getting the role of CEO. Although Susan had about 3 years of actual CEO level of experience that I didn't have, I had very relatable experience to the position I was applying for, and as far as Betty told me, since Mary had been planning retirement she had actually been talking me to the Board for two years as the perfect replacement for her, telling them I was even getting my MBA too. The Board would do whatever Mary told them to do.
So it changed. Betty said one meeting about 3 months out Mary stopped talking about me and started mentioning Susan. I honestly truly believe, that when push came to shove for Mary to make a decision, she couldn't have a man fill her position and it had to be a woman. So she choose Susan. After years of prepping me, telling me the role was mine, talking me up to the board, she threw me under the bus. WORST was when Susan was picked over me, Mary looked me in the eyes and told me she had my backing the entire time but the Board picked Susan instead. Betty flat out told me this wasn't true and Mary told the Board Susan was the better contender.
Fuck Mary. Onwards we go.
To Susan's credit, they were qualified for the job and knowledgeable and ambitious. Although I was bitter, Susan wasn't a dud replacement. But the fact still remained I was salty, and although the MBA definitely wasn't a waste, and the time it felt so because I got it expecting to earn my way to the CEO position and it fell through. And Susan still needed direction, training, and I had to still do IT-related duties because Susan didn't how to do these things and relied on me doing them for her. At this point, I was the effective System Admin and had pulled us away from an outside consultant over the 15 years, saving tens of thousands a year. If I had Susan's job, I probably would of retained my role and maybe train someone for some of the minor duties of PC grunt work and stuff, but I could still handle the back work or the top end things if needed. Or that was the plan. Eitherway, I ended up retaining ALL IT duties in this SMB, as it was outside Susan's expertise. Important for later.
Unfortunately, Susan had a friend and distant relative that worked at my company, her name was Candy. Candy was a buffoon. Good personality, but…how do I put this…not qualified to sharpen pencils. It’s not that Candy was dumb, she just was incompetent. No confidence, no palpable skills, and needed hand-holding and help with every task she was assigned. It took her well over 6 months of basic Excel data entry before she felt confident doing it by herself, and even then she’d make a mistake and have to ask help from a variety of people. Candy needed repeatedly help learning how to address a business envelope or draft a letter. Then she could never remember how to load it through the postage machine. Susan asked Candy to make a 10 slide Power Point once. Candy worked two FULL days on it before she asked for help. She had the data...she just had to make the slides. She was incapable of performing any basic office function. But when she managed to complete small, basic tasks, both Mary, and then Susan, praised her like you’d do a 2-year-old for shitting in the toilet and not their pants. Really basic things she failed to know or learn how to do yet her bosses were impressed when she accomplished them.
You see, Candy was hired in her late 30s by my old boss Mary, a year and some change out from her retirement, because Candy 1) had a MBA, and two) was a new single mother. I suspect at some time maybe Mary thought Candy would be a replacement for her, but due to Candy's obviously lack of skills, if that was an idea it fell through. We were shocked she had a MBA and no idea how she had gotten one (we found out later that Candy knew Susan because Candy used to get notes and help from Candy on completing her degree (They both got MBAs same spot)).
I mention the single mother part because my boss had strong opinions out things, and you could see this would be in her wheelhouse. Candy told us during a break period that she thought the pull-out method was a viable form of birth control and that's how, at 35 years old she got pregnant (now was 38-39). Candy was what we call around here an old barmaid. One of those people who likes to hang out late and party at the bar with all the young 20 somethings everynight. Candy had no plans to become a parent and was dealing, very emotionally, with the toll and responsibility of being a parent with still making it out to the bar 3-4 nights a week. I'm not against having a good time, but when Candy was telling us she feels bad because on her way out the door at 7pm her daughter asks her not to leave her again that night, you think you might want to tone down the partying.
After 6 month probationary period you received at our place of work. Mary gave Candy 4 raises in a year. Betty said she had never done anything but by-the-book for any employee ever, but somehow Candy was the exception. This was proof he was receiving preferential treatment.
So when Susan hires in, Betty is there for a few months to make the transition and retire out. Betty felt bad because for me, but she said the upside was I'd at least get her position because I had been her assistant for years, and I was still the 2nd contender for CEO, and all my hard work hadn't been for nothing.
Susan, who tried to hide the fact her and Candy were outside friends, encouraged Candy to apply for the COO job, which Susan had 100% authority and oversight as to who hire. In a conversation I overheard, Candy was bragging to another coworker that Susan had promised her the position but Susan would go through the motions to quell employee anger (i.e. me). Longer story short, Candy got the position. So to recap, I not only didn’t get the position of Susan’s which I had worked up towards, been shown how to do the duties, and had got an MBA to do it, AND then I still wasn’t the best candidate for the VP position. – I should note other coworkers applied for the VP position that also would have been a better candidate than Candy. She was literally the least qualified of everyone that applied.
What made this all the worse, is Betty was the lifeblood of the organization. The COO job was massive. She had kept company going for years. She had four essential huge tasks she had to handle, besides doing secondary functions for when Mary was gone and hadn't done her 3-5 days of work for that month. She had a full plate, but was reasonably compensated and she wanted to see her organization succeed.
When Candy got her position she got promoted to a higher pay than Betty's retirement salary. Additionally, she left her old duties behind, and took on one of Betty's four old duties. The other three were spread out to other employees (including myself). Susan tried to teach Candy the secondary CEO duties incase she was off, but rumor has it Candy flubbed it pretty bad and it caused Susan days of back tracking to fix financial errors. One of Candy's umbrella duties was payroll. She caused the company to issue multiple emergency pays over multiple pay periods because she did pay incorrectly, forgot to pay employees, or forgot to subtract or add the right PTOs. The take away from all of this, is Candy who was ineffective before somehow didn't get better with more responsibility.
I was perpetually angry during the entire Susan and Candy saga. When Susan was hired I immediately started sending out resumes, and only doubled my efforts when Candy was promoted. I found another CEO-esq job at another company, with the same benefits and less work. It happened to be that Susan also saw this position open, but on paper it wasn’t a promotion so she wasn’t interested. I was told someone overheard Susan telling Candy to apply, who was a nervous wreck on rather she could do the job or not. And through the by-and-by, Susan was a reference when Candy applied for this job I later discovered.
On the day of the interview I walked out after feeling confident I nailed it…to see Candy waiting in reception. Candy’s interview was lined up right after mine. I found afterwards that the interviewers wanted to compare two people from the same company to see where we compared and differed for a high-end position. In the end, I got the position, one of two final candidates, and Candy wasn’t considered as one of them.
Back at work this was happening concurrently with Candy getting the COO position. After she was selected by Susan, a few days later Susan offered me a new title and a $1 raise. Susan wasn't dumb and was still new, and she needed seniors employees who knew how our company operated. So she thought a fancy title and a $1 would entice me to stay. I'm assuming she knew I would see the opening at the other company, but maybe she figured if she offered me this raise I'd be so grateful to stay with her I would.
So the timeline worked out perfectly. Candy was selected as COO. 4 days later I got an interview for new job. Day 5 I accepted Susan's offer of a raise and new title. Day 7 I accepted the new position. Day 8, a Friday, Susan makes internal memos and congratulations to me. Day 9, Monday, I walk into Susan's office and hand her my letter of resignation.
She is shocked. Her face falters. She manages a smile and hesitantly asked if I got the competing position over at the place. I said yes. She said oh, well Candy applied for that too. I was hoping you'd see and apply for job, and one of you would get it (sure, OK). I got the impression Candy never told Susan I was there, and Susan obviously didn't tell me about the job. Maybe she thought Candy would get it and she'd offer me COO scraps if Candy left? I have no idea, but Susan wasn't overly enthused for me. I however, was ecstatic.
Now to get to the meat of the story, one of Susan’s defining traits was she was confident and able to sell herself, thus how she got the job in the first place. Remember earlier when I said I had to show Susan how to perform a few roles when she was hired? Well one of my larger duties was IT person. I handled all the IT affairs of the company, from server install, to troubleshooting, to networking. It’s a full time position to begin with, but I had other duties I had taken on/given over the years, more akin to 2-3 people’s jobs, which I had always worked through it because I was working towards the position that Susan had took.
So in the limited time I had left (and I had to take a few days off to burn time and line up things for new job), I had to show Susan how to do things. For you IT people out there, I happened to be finishing up a big project to upgrade all employee computers. I was a good 85% done with all the imaging and client-side tasks, but there were some programs that needed setup via the server since we had done a major OS/domain upgrade 6 months ago--so configuration that never got done. Plus little hiccups that sometimes take minutes, or sometimes take hours to chase down and fix trying to get everything to place nice together. I left instructions the best I could, but said you’d likely need to reach out to support (and I gave the number to a company I know), but Susan told me repeatedly she could figure it out and it wasn’t a big issue. She would never demonstrate she wasn’t capable of handling something.
About a month and some change later, Susan calls me up to congratulate me on my new position, and make small talk to ask how are things going, etc. She starts winding down the conversation to tell me if I ever need any help, she be happy to offer advice. Oh, by the way, she didn’t see any information in my notes, but do I know where such and such information is at? What’s the password for the server? How do I remote into that again? Oh and since she’s at it, was there instructions on how to get archaic application working correctly with another application? Hey, half of our security cameras stopped working, do you think they’re unplugged? Nothing really important, just if I happened to know offhand…. Well I said, I documented the passwords down, network ports, specs, and different configuration procedures, but a lot of it was intrinsic on-the-job knowledge. Susan just stuttered and said “oh, ok, I’m sure it’s right here thanks anyways good luck, let me know if you need help!" Then quickly ended the call.
Fast forward 6 months, new job is going great, and turns out to be considerably better than demonstrated on paper, and gave me opportunity to advance further. I have a few friends that work for IT support companies, and one day one mentions to me my old “friend” Susan. Oh, I ask? They said Susan had called them 4-5 months ago because they needed help setting up their machines and do a bunch of work on the servers. They were told that a guy they had setup the computers but didn’t do a good job and left them with barely functional machines and a mess. Said Susan had setup a contract with the company and had been one of their most active clients trying to troubleshoot issues, and still does to this date. They make a pretty good payday off the company now.
I somewhat frequently bump into old coworkers at the company, or clients (I did some project management tasks too). I’ve been told how it’s been a lot different trying to get problems fixed, horrid IT issues, or there’s a lot more challenges now that my non-IT role was never filled and different people got small chunks of, which defeats the purpose of a project manager, but I digress. It's been years, but most everyone I worked with quit for greener pastures.
All this has been years ago. Because of the industry I’m in, I bump into Susan or Candy now and then, and they tell me how great things are going.
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2021.12.08 12:06 lunarcatnoodle [M4F] Long Term 21+ Slice of life - Fantasy Setting

To jump right in, I am asking that you be over 21+ as I am well past that age myself. I find that I get along better with people closer to my own age.
I would like this to be a slow burn with our two characters getting to know one another over weeks or even months in game time after they initially meet. Let's have them bump into each other while shopping, have small not date dates and so on. The tension should build between them until they can’t stand it. I also have a few thoughts on a little dark and twisted thread that might bring them together as well.
As for the rest, we can figure out those details together. I find that when you build the world with your story partner you get much better ideas and results. So please be willing to talk OOC. I should mention that I really love brainstorming a lot and will probably be tossing out ideas often!
I am fine with this being a heavy NSFW story. We would discuss this and set expectations before we start. What I don’t want is to just move from one smut scene the next. What I want to do is play out the small details, such as them having dinner, going to the market, combining households, and all of that fun stuff. If they are a hot couple and want to have fun three times a day that is fine as long as we play the details of the day out.
So, I think that about covers the basic Idea
Post limits aren’t really a thing with me. Sometimes you need a few sentences to describe what you need, other times you need a few paragraphs. It all really depends on where the story is. Though, I do ask that we avoid one-liners. They just don’t offer anything to work with or build on. I am working on upping my detail so a partner that is willing to work with me on that would be outstanding.
There is no pressure for rapid fire posting, just post when you can and as time allows. Honestly, there will probably be only one, maybe two posts a day with iffy weekends. Please be consistent with your character, the world we are building and the details of the scene. The lack of this can quickly kill a great story for me and make it hard to be interested. If you want to make a change or see if something fits, just ask and let’s talk about it. Chances are good that I will be down for it. I am not always the best with spelling (spellcheck is a life saver) or grammar but I do try and ask that you do the same. ( Google Docs is a lifesaver) If you don’t like the way the story is going or want to stop or pause for a bit, just say so. There is no need to just ghost. Communication can be tough at times but is important. This is meant to be fun, creative and low stress.
Discord is the only place I play as I like how the servers and channels keep everything nice and organized. Also, 3rd person only please.
When you message me please use Jiffy as the subject so I know you have read the whole post.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions please ask!
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2021.12.08 12:06 LOGANXHOWLETT Hugh Jackman recommend : Say Nothing

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2021.12.08 12:06 takoyaki_link Finally a good circlet for Ganyu rerun

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2021.12.08 12:06 Open_Access_tracking ResearchHub Editor Program

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2021.12.08 12:06 samcd84 Optimising Tradfri setup for use with Sky Q mini box (UK)

I wasn’t really sure how to title this. I use Sky for my internet and I have a secondary sky Q mini box on a long Ethernet cable to an outside building, this provides Wi-Fi and tv to said building. My tradfri bridge is attached to the main router in the house.
I had set up some bulbs and sockets in the outside building without any real problem about they have since been failing without any real pattern or warning, I’m now struggling to re-add them to the gateway/bridge.
I wondered if anyone had any experience with a similar situation, and how they solved it. I’d considered purchasing an additional gateway to run the outside building tradfri items but was put off by the lack of an ‘Ethernet out’ socket on the sky mini box.
I hope this makes something resembling sense. Any observations/ideas welcome.
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2021.12.08 12:06 Board_Several Similarly

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2021.12.08 12:06 SirC1118 Funny Dnd moments of 2021

I remember two as a DM.

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2021.12.08 12:06 Glum_Train_8112 [Clan Recruitment - x8wr5k]

Who we are: An active global clan of motivated and supportive players. We live by the motto: “Always Be Raiding.” We play for fun but focus on making steady progress in raids. Looking for players that want to help our clan advance in raids.
Who you are: An active, friendly player who makes most of the attacks each raid and follows strategy. Someone who wants to help others and share their tips for success. A player looking for a group of supportive clanmates.
30/50 members
Clan XP: 32.11K
Max Raid Unlocked: 3-21
Rank: 773
Clan Code x8wr5k
20,000+ max stage
Earn clan morale and actively participate in raids to get promoted.
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2021.12.08 12:06 SaaShustle Bouquets and Brickbats invited for BPMN tool-Workflow Automation tool !!

Zanflow is a no-code workflow automation tool to automate approval workflows like leave request, PO requests, Travel requests etc
It comes with

Would anyone like to have a look at my tool and give your thoughts
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2021.12.08 12:06 aprasadh Bryan Cranston interview with BBC Newsnight

Here in this video, Bryan Cranston explains whenever he whistles something he is paid extra. I don't understand it. Can somebody explain how?
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2021.12.08 12:06 BoringBlacksmith5900 Tommy gun

Tommy gun is very fun and op to use in my opinion best gun in game thoughts?
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2021.12.08 12:06 Oakenoil Noob questions about updates and tuning

Hi there, I've ordered my first ever Fanatec setup :) As I spent some time googling I know more or less what goes where with what so I think I'm good. But, while I wait fort the package I have two questions I couldn't find answers for.
My setup is csl dd, csl wrc wheel and csl pedals. That's it at least at the moment.
So, first question: When I want to start updating things, should I connect everything together and then connect it to my laptop, or for example I should connect and update base only and then add peripherals?
And the second one is: I'll be playing on Xbox series x only, ACC and Forza. If I tune my setup using PC app, will base "remember" those settings when connected to the console?
Thanks guys!
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