Will help the first 3 people who comment here find their type (Please only comment if you don't know your type)

2022.01.17 13:29 SCRAPPY7538 Will help the first 3 people who comment here find their type (Please only comment if you don't know your type)

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2022.01.17 13:29 Bonus1Fact Governors Using Federal Coronavirus Funds to Fight ‘Climate Change’ ¦ Gab Trending

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2022.01.17 13:29 gravagek I (F20) don't know if I should continue to trust my (M22) BF

Hi, so just some backstory: I've been with my BF for about 8 months. He has been my first kiss, first relationship... pretty much everything. He seemed very interested in solely me the whole relationship. He has always given me a lot of love and has never made it feel like I have to worry about another girl. I've never felt insecure about his exes or girls he's seen even though he's had a lot more history and a lot more experience sexually and in relationships. We've had problems regarding the future of our relationship and I've tried to break up numerous times but he's always fought for me and insisted we stay together and work on things. He's told me how he sees a future and wants it with me and that I'm it for him.
Recently, he moved back to his university city for the semester and I stayed over for the weekend. I've honestly never gone through his phone because I've never felt the need to. I've just felt he's been very honest with me, telling me about any dms he receives and any girls that try to flirt with him when he goes out with his friends. He would unfollow girls that DMed him or even showed the slightest interest in him without me even saying anything or asking him to. However, when he gave me his phone to change the music, I went on his messages app. The first text thread was from a girl. The first message was sent late at night two days ago and mentioned she was high and was looking for someone to get high with and do stupid shit with. My bf replied the next morning saying he was down. Her most recent message asked him what he was doing tonight. I was instantly crushed. I knew of his female friends but I had never heard of this girl. When my BF came out of the bathroom and saw that I was upset, he could tell I had gone through his phone. He asked me what was wrong and what I saw. He opened Snapchat telling me one of the girls on there was from high school and continued going through his apps trying to figure out what I saw. I finally asked him who the girl was and he said she was an "acquaintance" that was in one of his classes years ago and he only said he'd be down to smoke with her because he assumed she wanted to hang out as friends. I was confused because I felt that he deleted some of the messages between him and her because it didn't explain how this girl knew he was back in the city for school. He had literally moved back in a few days ago after 3 years of being at home due to COVID. He claimed his friends probably told her he was back. He kept apologizing and swearing that he thought she meant it was as friends and asked me what he could do to make things better. In front of me, he texted the girl confirming if she and him were just friends. Well, that backfired because then she replied very boldly saying yes but that she also wanted him to fuck her. Seeing that hurt extremely because every male friend I have knows that I'm in a relationship and I would never let myself be in a situation like that. So to know that my BF was ready to get high with a girl who had other intentions without telling me was extremely hurtful.
I gave him the last chance to give me the entire truth and he finally admitted that she had randomly facetimed him a few days ago, before she texted him, talking about how she was bored and was getting high. He claimed she was insistent on the call that she didn't want a relationship or a hook up and she just wanted someone to hang out as friends with. My BF told her he was back in the city for school and that he was seeing someone and didn't want any of that either. My BF apologized to me for picking up the call, he said he knew he shouldn't have. I asked him why he didn't tell me about it when it happened but he claimed he forgot and didn't think it was a big deal because she was so insistent on being friends. I was still very upset but he continued to apologize and begged me to believe him. He blocked her number and swore to me that he always wanted to be open about everything, it was just one detail he forgot to mention to me. He cried and said he didn't know that girl would reply the way she did and that he was sorry. Anyway, later that night, I got ahold of his phone while he was sleeping and went through his messages and instagram DMs again. I didn't see anything terrible but it was very weird to me how he was having conversations with more girls I had never heard of. I think there were about 3. They were friendly convos I guess, him asking about what's going on with them, talking about music with them. They were short convos, continuing in a few days or weeks. In one of his Instagram DMs, a girl complimented his post and he replied with a thank you and some other stuff which seemed to be way too friendly. He had also never mentioned this DM to me. It's weird because both of us would tell each other these things and both of us would ignore compliments or unadd the person. I feel kind of stupid because he seems like a different person to me now. I don't know if I should be dismissing these convos because there isn't anything super inappropriate but I just know that if he went through my phone he would never find this and if he did see messages with guys he would be extremely angry and upset at me.
I don't know what to do because I thought my BF was very transparent about everything but now I just think he's been selective with what he's been open about. I don't think talking to him will do any good because he'll claim he knows the girls from university or high school (which was 5 years ago for him lmao). He'll probably unfollow or block them because he doesn't want to lose me but I just don't understand the point of it in the first place. Is he doing it for attention? It's very obvious to me that these girls don't know he's in a relationship. Am I being controlling about who he talks to? Am I being insecure? I feel a little bit pathetic but honestly, I don't think I can trust him. I would appreciate any advice on what to do. Thank you!
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2022.01.17 13:29 SuperHotUKDeals Samsung Portable SSD T7 Touch USB 3.2, 1TB - £87.55 delivered (student/bluelight etc) @ Samsung EPP

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£87.55 - Samsung
To get the offer
Please visit Samsung discount portal
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This deal can be found at hotukdeals via this link: https://ift.tt/3KccArc
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2022.01.17 13:29 charliemike101 CompTIA Passing email question

Mods you can delete this if you want to. I just passed the A+ 220-1001. How long does it take to get the email that you passed?
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2022.01.17 13:29 GabaaaGool So is Ichigo just always in bankai now?

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2022.01.17 13:29 CosmicStewRPG Ayetva, Soul's End - Desert Prison - (47 x 36) [Battlemap] [Desert] [Prison]

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2022.01.17 13:29 NeverRisen God

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2022.01.17 13:29 THESEASANIC Fast External SSD

Recently my linux install has been very slow and I think it is because of my old slow external SSD

Are there any external SSDs that are fast and reliable

Preferably sub £35 (47.79)
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2022.01.17 13:29 catinthegaybar can't calibrate tablet- Display Color Calibration can't calibrate the selected display because the display is "mirrored"

hi! i'm trying to calibrate my kamvas 22 plus, and i'm following the guide posted in the sub, but it won't let me calibrate the display because the screen is mirrored to my computer. how on earth do you fix/get around this? i tried searching online and in the sub but i can't find anything. i'm using windows 10.
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2022.01.17 13:29 HOTKATBOOM Streak 262: En ström av medvetande

Vi lever inte på lånad tid, som poeterna säger, utan jag tror att vi lever med precis tillräckligt med tid för att lära oss, inspirera och lämna ett avtryck. Resten är förmodligen bara små bitar av iver och interaktioner som är svåra för någon att komma ifrån. Det frö jag vill plantera genom denna värdefulla möjlighet är att realistiskt diskutera livets obetydlighet, när det levt utan kärlek och utan syfte, något som bara kan upptäckas längs resan och med en reservoar av tålamod och generositet. Att så kärlek på andras åkrar för att en dag skörda i ogästvänliga områden, det vill säga där man minst förväntar sig det.
Att identifiera hotet, bortom känslan av trygghet som en känsla av kyla eller värme, översvämmas av vissa filosofier som skapats av mörka individer fulla av dåliga avsikter, manipulatörer av yrke och svåra att kontrollera. Varelser med lite ljus som utnyttjar de oförsiktiga på alla nivåer av makt och socialt inflytande. Risken är permanent, sensoriskt inte överväldigande, men den växer exponentiellt på bekostnad av det värdefulla som är grunden för tillvaron. Det finns ingen respit i handlingarna hos dem som passerar genom denna mörka atmosfär, deras dagar och nätter förkortas till sorg, förstörelse och lidande, som är ondskans enda frukter.
Att sakta ner i dystra tider, att söka livets grund och att lära sig att tänka och handla med kärlek blir en balsam som skyddar och bevarar livet med respekt, färgar stigarna, sprider aromer av helande och fräschar upp hjärtat.
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2022.01.17 13:29 peoniesandlavender J Mascis - Circle (Live on KEXP) [Alternative]

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2022.01.17 13:29 Havent_You_Done_Well “Now he is free” - The Last of Us Part II

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2022.01.17 13:29 royalecheez Reformed tacticool dork and clout chaser EDC.

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2022.01.17 13:29 bloodbib72 Yee haw!

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2022.01.17 13:29 FrostingLive9120 Jmd junge Teen nudes traden ?

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2022.01.17 13:29 SuperHotUKDeals Guardian Bundle 5 - 2 Games 89p / 7 Games £2.99 / 9 Games £4.79 @ Fanatical

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£0.89 - Fanatical
About this Bundle
Jump into a new bundle filled with mystery and adventure, with our exclusively curated Guardian Bundle 5.
With three tiers of great games to choose from, including 5 new-to-Fanatical bundle titles, up to 9 Steam PC games can be yours to own forever.
Test your gray matter in Tier One, with the 98% Overwhelmingly Positive-rated puzzler, Smile For Me. Get ready to explore an abstract world filled with charming, quirky characters. Can you uncover its hidden, sinister secret?
Conduct your own fully interactive investigation in Gone Home, an atmospheric narrative adventure created by veterans of the BioShock series. Discover clues and unravel the mystery of an empty house in this widely acclaimed game.
Tier Two includes the two games above, and also features Jessika, a full motion video mystery adventure full of dark drama, twists and turns. Carefully piece together the facts to unfold the story, and bring peace to a grieving family.
You'll lead one of 12 distinct civilizations to victory in The Battle of Polytopia Deluxe, which comes complete with 4 DLCs. Expand your empire, research new technologies, and rule the world in this 96% Overwhelmingly Positive strategy game, for 1 to 15 players.
Prefer your enemies to be more...scary? Craft, explore and defend your crew of 4 survivors against zombie-like mutants in Highrisers, an urban survival RPG featuring procedurally generated levels, skill trees and more. Will you survive the nightly onslaught?
The toughest, cleverest detective is required to solve a mysterious assignment in The Innsmouth Case. But they couldn't make it, so you'll just have to do. Leap into this stirring and humorous horror adventure with multiple endings, where every decision you make has a lasting effect on the final outcome.
Hack, slash and crush your enemies in the action adventure, Die for Valhalla! You'll possess heroes and monsters in this side-scrolling brawler for 1 to 4 players, where Norse Mythology collides with Lovecraftian mythos!
The temperature rises in Tier Three, with the Very Positive-rated Blue Fire! Explore temples filled with increasingly difficult 3D platforming challenges. Encounter diverse enemies, quests and collectibles. Fight daunting adversaries, leap through deadly traps and much more, in one of the standout indie games of 2021.
Rounding off our top tier is Guild of Darksteel, a new side-scrolling combat adventure set in a dark, foreboding fantasy world. Inspired by classics like Flashback and Vagrant Story, the stunning pixel art tells a gripping story of power struggle, soul searching, and mortality.
So there you have it, 9 great reasons why you should pick Tier Three to add all 9 games to your Steam library today!
This deal can be found at hotukdeals via this link: https://ift.tt/3fyY92k
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2022.01.17 13:29 The_Tobinator0311 Official: Alec Baldwin surrenders phone for shooting probe | AP News

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2022.01.17 13:29 SquazGuy Backblast Idea

Backblast Idea I have an idea, backblast. Whenever a rocket launcher fires a rocket, the other side makes smoke but doesnt damage the human. With this i think you can create a small update and a tiny code change to enable or disable backblast (i dont know anything about coding)
The horribly drawn idea.
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2022.01.17 13:29 piadadoponei Question about key in a song.

Sorry for the long question below, but here it goes, as I don't understand music theory that well.
I'm writing a metal song, and in the solo part, the riff under the solo is composed by basically
Starting with E5, a lot of rapidly alternate picked muted low E string, then B5, A5, G5, F#5 and F5, with fast picked low E between the changes of chords, almost all of them are in the key of E, so it isn't a problem.
But the second and third part of the solo riff have a change that is:
(Second part) Starting with instead of E5, it starts with just a fast alternate picked muted A string, then E5 (starting on the A string), D5, C5, B5 and A#5 (Third part) Starting with E5 on the A string, then followed by some low E notes comes C5, then D5, F5, E5, C5, D5, C5, A#5
Does the fast alternate picked A on the second part count as the first note to get the key of that part or only the E5 that comes after? Also, suppose we use the good ol' reliable pentatonic scale on the solo, what to do when there are unrelated chords that sound good together but aren't in the same key? Considering they change really fast.
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2022.01.17 13:29 ggguylars All of you are losers

You know you are because its cheating. Non of you deserve to Play any game. Hacker losers
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2022.01.17 13:29 LUCKOFDEDUBS Is Forza Horizon 2 anything like Horizon 5

Reason for asking is because my nephew is mad into Forza Horizon 5 when he comes over to my place and that's all he wants do when he's here.
I was thinking of getting his Forza Horizon 2 for his birthday next month since there's a 360 in their house.
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2022.01.17 13:29 chocolatchippp Undecided between Intro to Computer Vision( CS4670), Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (CS 4700), Introduction to Machine Learning (CS 4780). Any advice? Which profs do people like best (lecture quality and course structure)- Bharath Hariharan, Kevin Ellis, Haym Hirsh or Christopher De Sa?

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2022.01.17 13:29 pizzagangster1 What is the best insult you have heard from someone in the trades?

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2022.01.17 13:29 Pineapple_Beach_girl Bahariterra's early colonization history

In the early 1500s a 15 year old man named Captain Banda Bermudez stole a bunch of Spanish and Portuguese ships with some of his friends from Spain and Portugal and began on a journey to try piracy. Captain Banda Bermudez sailed South past the southern tip of Africa and turned North into the Indian Ocean. Captain Banda Bermudez was looking for ships to pillage and plunder and the Indian Ocean was a very important trade route where very powerful people like the Tamil and the Arab merchants would sell riches. Captain Banda Bermudez kidnapped a bunch of Swahili speaking African people from the eastern coast of Africa and forced them into slavery. He would use their labor to build and provision ships and help him make maps as well as dig holes to bury his treasure. He grew very close to some of his captive people and many eventually became friends with Captain Banda Bermudez. Sometime in the early 1500s, when he was sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, Captain Banda Bermudez was on his way to North America trying to escape the Portuguese government because he committed a lot of crimes and he was wanted by the Portuguese court. Captain Banda Bermudez sailed fast across the Atlantic and eventually stumbled upon a small island. Behind it was a much bigger mountainous island. Captain Banda Bermudez was the first known person to discover the islands of Bahariterra. After finding the Bahariterra Archipelago, Captain Banda Bermudez thought that he accidentally wound up in South America and that the winds blew him off course. He began roaming the woods looking for native tribal people who could help him. Captain Banda Bermudez had wrecked his ship on the eastern shore of Bahariterra. Captain Banda Bermudez heard a bunch of wild bird calls in the forest and thought they were demons. He got so scared that he ordered his crew to burn the rainforest in an attempt to scare the so-called demons away. The smoke from Captain Banda Bermudez's fire was so thick and so dark that after the jet stream current of air carried it to the east the smoke still had not dissipated and could clearly be seen in Portugal. Captain Banda Bermudez was getting so much trouble from some of the East African people that were on board that he ended up freeing them from slavery. The Portuguese and Spanish pirates along with the Swahili people were the first to colonize Bahariterra. Captain Banda Bermudez made several more trips to the Indian Ocean getting Arab merchants and other people to come with him as companions. The Arabs, Persians, and Tamil people that Captain Banda Bermudez brought to Bahariterra had already begin to settle Bahariterra in a large numbers by 1627. In year 1630, Arabs and Persians made up a significant percent of the population of Bahariterra. Bahariterra gets its name because the Swahili people kept saying the Swahili word for ocean which is Bahari whenever they passed the ocean. They were speaking to each other about how beautiful the ocean was. The Portuguese speakers thought that the Swahili named the land Bahari and decided that it was going to be called Bahari land. The Portuguese and Spanish words for land is Terra. It became known as Bahariterra and the name stuck ever since. Bahariterra literally means "Land in the ocean" and that is not an incorrect statement about the Bahariterra Archipelago. Bahariterra is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on all sides. Bahariterra is around a thousand or so miles from the mainland in North America. To this day, Indian and Persian culture as well as the Portuguese and Arabic language can be seen in historical neighborhoods in Banda, Bahariterra and NewPort Banda, Bahariterra. Bahariterra even has it's own language now, Tualaim (AKA Bahariterran), which is a very hard language to learn. Bahariterra's buildings follow an architectural style similar to Bermuda and the USA combined. Many homes in Bahariterra have Bermudian roofs. Bermuda was discovered by another captain whose last name was also Bermudez by pure coincidence.
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