Companies use a salary versus an hourly wage as another tool to exploit workers

2022.01.19 19:24 jredditphx Companies use a salary versus an hourly wage as another tool to exploit workers

It used to be that there were certain benefits of being a salaried employee but the past few companies I have worked for offer a salary based on with 40,45 and sometimes 50 hour work weeks based on the compensation offer but then you start and within weeks you have a bunch of responsibilities dumped on you and since your “salary” you have to work crazy hours working 10, 20,30 hours longer over the 40-50 hour work week just to get everything finished. One of the worst things is with upper management emailing that something is urgent and is needed right away just as I am leaving for the day. I will work the extra 2-3 hours to get the project finished or the reports sent that were urgent and by the time I send them that upper management person already left for the day.
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2022.01.19 19:24 Armitage451 Anyone ever create custom JSON items for your survivor for RP/immersion/convenience?

So in my most recent run I lucked out on a Taurus Raging Bull and about 30 spare rounds.
However, after spending about 45 minutes looking through crafting menu to figure out how to get a storage for that ammo that will not conflict with the rest of my loadout (zweihander in a back holster, survivor belt that I was about to make), and having no luck, I had the bright idea to modify the files for survivor belt.
Since it's a custom made item, and my survivor does not need so much tool storage, I dropped 2 pouches in favor of storing 10 pistol rounds, western-holster bandolier style.
Apologies for the wall, curious if anyone else has done something like this before.
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2022.01.19 19:24 ogfruitcat Why does my cat randomly refuse his wet food for a few days?

My cat free feeds dry food (I measure it and he eats around 1/2 cup per day) and he gets 1/2 of a packet of wet food in the morning and 1/2 of a packet at night. Usually he loves his wet food, but once every month or two he just refuses to eat it for a few days. Does anyone know why? Any advice for getting him to eat it?
I give him Weruva BFF which I know is a pretty popular one. I've tried a bunch of flavors and he doesn't seem to have a preference. I'm hesitant to try a different brand because historically he's been very picky.
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2022.01.19 19:24 GulliblePlantain6572 Dlcs locked on complete edition

I recently bought the complete edition on the PlayStation store but whenever I try to access the dlc through chapter select it's locked. The really weird thing is that when I click the buy option to unlock it says I already have it
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2022.01.19 19:24 LeftCoastLefty82 Pending Test Results

Went to the PCP yesterday and I was tested for the flu, strep, and Covid. Flu and strep obviously came back negative.
I have an insanely sore throat. Nothing seems to work. Teas, Chloraseptic, ibuprofen. I’m miserable.
Top of off with the body aches, chills, sweating, runny nose. This is terrible.
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2022.01.19 19:24 C111tla About Vertigo (1958) and it being considered the greatest film of all time

I saw Vertigo recently. I managed to pick up a 4K copy of the movie for quite a decent price. This was the first Hitchcock film I had seen. Going into it, I had no idea what to expect. However, the film drew me in right away. The atmosphere of the film is truly incredible.

Sight and Sound lists this film as the greatest of all time. And, during my first time watching it, I would have agreed. Well, to be honest, I think 2001 is an even greater film, possibly also Lawrence of Arabia (which I have not seen yet, but I know I would love it). In terms of purely personal favourites, I would put Raiders of the Lost Ark or the Lord of the Rings above Vertigo. But, Vertigo is still a great film and listing it as the greatest of all time seemed reasonable to me.

But afterwards, I realized something. The vast majority of the film's original impact revolves around its plot twist. I may be dimwitted, but I genuinely did not think Hitchcock would subvert expectations like that and that the supernatural elements in the film would turn out to be just a part of a conspiracy.

However, this makes the movie lose quite a bit of its impact upon rewatching it. Once you know the plot twist, a lot of the tension goes away. And that tension makes up for at least half of the movie.

By comparison, you could rewatch 2001 a thousand times, and it never really ages.

My point it, a large part of Vertigo is that plot twist. Once we take it out of the equation, does it really stand as the greatest film of all time?

Again, it's a good film, it's just I am not sure if you can call a movie based so heavily on a plot twist "the greatest of all time".

What do you think? I do hope I am making sense.
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2022.01.19 19:24 AnalogJones What's in the box?

Normally I get the aluminum model, but last year for version #6 I got the Stainless Steel model...I just wanted a watch with a heavier feel on-the-wrist...I was surprised to see that the watch charger looked fancier than the typicall all-white model. The Stainless charger was encased in metal. It got me thinking what Apple does with the real high-end models. Does anyone have any unboxing photos of a Hermes, for example?
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2022.01.19 19:24 marci_mike How much do you think the price of the s21 ultra will drop after the s22 is released?

I'm thinking of buying one, maybe a used one. I wonder if it's worth the wait or not.
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2022.01.19 19:24 robertjohnson06 Modified and painted up my party's minis for the new campaign!

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2022.01.19 19:24 Illustrious-Feed-355 H:TS 50C 15RL Enclave Flamer W: Price check not sure the value its my first ever roll on the weapon. returning player

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2022.01.19 19:23 Armyw0w La ce lucruri fucked up ați fost martori?

Ca să încep eu:
În cartierul în care locuiesc îs mulți rromi. Eram mic odată și un cuplu de rromni (trecuți peste 30) veneau de la bar, iar dintr-o dată bărbatu' a început să-și bată femeia, iar eu cu maică-mea ne uitam la ei ca la un show. Bătaia era calumea, îi dădea niște ciocane în gură la femeie de zici că bătea un bărbat, not gonna lie, iar partea cea mai fucked up era că pentru mine (la o vârstă fragedă, maxim 10-11 ani) mi se părea entertainment. După ce i-o dat omorul și striga femeia după fisu, vine din fugă și îi da mare neveu în gură la bărbat și aia a fost tot.
O altă chestie care m-o marcat a fost o poveste a unui fost coleg de liceu care îmi zicea că la el în sat a fost un accident în care un bărbat a rămas blocat cu mâna în ușa de la mașina, iar mașina lua foc și nu puteau să-l scoată, iar acel bărbat îi ruga cu lacrimi în ochi să-i taie mâna, că are copii acasă de crescut. Nimeni nu l-o ajutat, iar bărbatul a murit și mi se pare atât de FUCKED UP.
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2022.01.19 19:23 -myxal [OMV5] usershares don't work after moving to another device

Cheers, I just moved my data from an md-raid array to a more conventional filesystem-on-hdd-partition setup. With SMB service temporarily disabled, I copied everything over using rsync -aAHX, reconfigured all shares (web UI: Access Rights Management > Shared Folders) to use the newly-mounted device, and turned SMB back on.
Normal shares work fine, but user homes don't (macOS reports some illogical error, suggesting connectivity issues, after prompting for credentials 🤦‍♂️). In smbd.service's journal I see it's trying to canonicalise the old path which isn't mounted anymore. This is despite web UI showing what should be correct configuration.

Jan 19 22:50:55 omv.lan smbd[10912]: [2022/01/19 22:50:55.087420, 0] ../source3/smbd/service.c:782(make_connection_snum) Jan 19 22:50:55 omv.lan smbd[10912]: make_connection_snum: canonicalize_connect_path failed for service user1, path /srv/dev-disk-by-id-md-name-johny-0/homes/user1 Jan 19 22:50:55 omv.lan smbd[10912]: [2022/01/19 22:50:55.089078, 0] ../source3/smbd/service.c:782(make_connection_snum) Jan 19 22:50:55 omv.lan smbd[10912]: make_connection_snum: canonicalize_connect_path failed for service user1, path /srv/dev-disk-by-id-md-name-johny-0/homes/user1 Jan 19 22:50:55 omv.lan smbd[10912]: [2022/01/19 22:50:55.108188, 0] ../source3/param/loadparm.c:3093(check_usershare_stat) Jan 19 22:50:55 omv.lan smbd[10912]: check_usershare_stat: file /valib/samba/usershares/ owned by uid 0 is not a regular file 
Does anyone know where these unchanged settings reside/how to fix this?
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2022.01.19 19:23 FloridaManToken Our first weekly rewards dump was a success!!

We sent over $11,000 out to our NFT Holders - some received over $1,000 in rewards!
These come at you WEEKLY! Buy FMAN, buy NFTs, and watch your pockets bulge like Duane’s jorts!!
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2022.01.19 19:23 Minecraft-Boi123 Is this a normal amount of copper coins in a regular chest?

Is this a normal amount of copper coins in one regular chest?
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2022.01.19 19:23 oracle_fennec Another day, another giant claw win

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2022.01.19 19:23 RLCD-Bot [Octane] [Octane: Solary (Legacy)] [(Alpha Reward) Gold Rush] [Black Hanasha JRL]

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2022.01.19 19:23 nattynatals Fixed the wiki

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2022.01.19 19:23 ketchuppacketsyum What's this? Do I hit it repeatedly or find the head?

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2022.01.19 19:23 pickled_onion1 So what do we think about the new Pokémon in Legends Arceus leaked today?

I’m pretty sure everyone has a different opinion on specific Pokémon, but I just wanted to capture the general feeling of the community. Feel free to leave thoughts or vent in the comment section.
(Ps: I suggest looking up videos of people reacting to the leaks since they have higher quality versions of the sprites)
View Poll
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2022.01.19 19:23 AdhesivenessOne6750 {Urgent, big TW for child/ animal abuse, and pretty long} How Do I Get a Job and Move Out At 16 Away From Abusive Dad?

tl;dr : how do i move out at 16, without job transportation away from violent dad when nobody else is home at the moment?
For context I {16f} have been having to stay alone with my violent narcissist dad {56} his dog, and my autistic brother {17}. My mom {56} is away and in the hospital with one of my older sisters {20} because she has a severe loss of brain function and she is her POA. I also have a sister who lives close by {32?} and a sister who frequently visits her house who is in no contact with Ndad {30} I haven't spoken to them much in the past because of the high stress enviorment, but during these past 3 months since my sister ended up in the hospital and suddenly had a decline after almost being able to go home, we have been speaking a lot more. My dad thinks we talk about him, but we just have fun and get to know eachother because they both moved out when I was 11.
All of my sisters and I have noticed Ndad and my brother getting much worse since my mother has left with rare visits, and I am worried for my safety. I record almost everything. My brother frequently has violent outbursts not helped by my Dad's intervention and sometimes even provoking, he screams and throws things and everything so I've stayed in my room barely eating except when they're gone or when my dad brings me food through the door. My brother always looks tired and stressed too, my dad makes him sleep in his bed with him and made his old room into the dogs room so he doesn't get sleep or anything.
My dad drinks all the time to where hes dependent on it and has friends over, some of which I don't even know but I apparently saw as children. And they question why I act like that to him and them, or gets mad, I either don't talk or "treat them better than I treat him"
I also have to frequently hear him say horrible things to his family members and friends on the phone about all of us knowing I can hear, and it makes me so angry. He thinks my mom has her own house or lives with my sister when she's been sleeping and staying at the hospital. She has no idea where one sister lives {30}, and the other lives in a 4 bedroom trailer with 6 other people. He's been doing this long before the hospital situation, and still continues to.
He talks about kicking me and my mom out when she gets back and renting out sister in the hospital's room , hitting my brother + threatening to slam a heavy object over his head next time he gets mad and how angry he is that I don't talk to him because every interaction will be for something bad.
(at first it was gonna be all of us being kicked out besides my brother because "tHErE's nO lOvE iN tHiS hOUSe." even though my sister was, and still is chronically ill. AND that's not legal here.
He even called me a bitch and motherfucker and said my sisters influenced me to hate him, when I had been really into becoming a psychologist and realized he was a narc @ 13 when researching. )
I spent every holiday since November with my sister {32} , and before I had left to spend christmas, he had guilt tripped me and said "i will be dead soon and youll regret not spending time with me, but it's fine" and my sister was furious and told me he did this to them at my age all the time.
He also gets jealous when I try to help his dog who stays in a cage all day with training, or something even as basic as giving her water. He does horrible things to her to "train her" and once lovebombed me after I returned from spending thanksgiving with my sister and when I let the dog out when he asked me to, he said "see why I did all those things to her? see how she's so well behaved now?" when she doesn't even know how to sit anymore because he began to get angry I taught her and wouldn't let her hang out in my room and she unlearned the command.
(Also because when he would try to hit her with a broom, stomp, choke her and other very bad things to where she screams, she would run to my room and hide behind me or under my bed and he would yell at me for it "why did you let her in here" . He threatens to shoot her and to sell her and stuff too.
I got a lock installed by my mom because his dog would also come in just to hang out when I did online classes or getting dressed + because my brother. But one day I came home after a day out with my sister {20} and mom to it broken.
When asked what happened, my dad said he was "sleeping" and my brother must've broke it because he frequently tried to go into my room. When mom said how did he not hear it break, and that my brother doesn't close doors, he told her to shut up.
The lock has never been fixed so I have no lock on my door, I just hold objects against it. Dog still can open the door.)
He got mad when mom told him to stop hurting the dog and told us all to "shut the fuck up" and "its my dog" so we don't do anything to help her anymore (EXCEPT when he goes on business trips, it is suddenly my responsibility, but she's just a dog so I let her stay out her cage all day for once and hang out. She tried to bite me before over food she stole from me, I love her and animals in general but she's on god untrained. She jumps on my brother and bites everyone, she chases people and we even got warnings about it from animal control.
I am constantly feeling alone because my closest sister lives about 10 minutes away, and worried about him randomly coming into my room to argue or ask me questions and accuse me of lying about my mom or something. I'm also scared of him hurting my brother or my brother barging into my room angry or him killing the dog and stuff.
Im in a state of just constant worrying, I can't continue living in this situation anymore. I promised 12 year old me I would move out at 16 and I'm going to. I may sound selfish or abelist for this, but when my sister gets back to the house, even if we move out I'll hate living with two disabled siblings who would need my constant care and not living my life normally, especially since my parents did such a horrible job treating my brother's behavior or even teaching him basic life skills. I think I would have another breakdown. Im not saying disabled people are burdens, but in this situation,,, it's stressful even though I love them both.
Its just been me caring for myself. I just talk to myself like "It will be okay, Ill be ok." or "You need to shower by 8:30am and then you can play games for 10 minutes, then you need to go eat."
I don't want to burden my sisters with my problems since they have their own families, somedays I'm so tired I just go to school, come home and sleep in my room to avoid everything.
Sorry for the venting and long post, I'll get to the point :(
Sister {32?} advised me to get a job because thats how she avoided home and got out, and says if he kicks me out I can live with her But its loud and chaotic in her trailer so I honestly don't like it there, I would also be having to leave all my stuff behind and my dad might come or try to report her for kidnapping even if my mom agrees to it, it could be this whole thing I wouldn't wanna deal with (if it was nessecssary for safety or sanity, I absolutely will but when {30}, sister went NC after being kicked out, she was suddenly exaggerating it and was the bad guy and "needs to learn forgiveness".)
I'm scared of police, since my sister got kicked out for calling them on him, scared of being put into foster care or CPS, and being homeless. I wouldn't have a car to live in, and my dad has kicked out a sister {30} at 15 and threatened to kick out my other sister {21} at 17 JUST for not talking to him and forgetting to say hello once, but Emom and dad had a fight and he changed his mind + Emom yelled at sister over it.
I was never really taught how to apply for jobs or finance and stuff, my mother discouraged me from getting one (In early November after my birthday before my sister had her situation that put her back into the hospital, I asked why and she said I would have no transportation and she's worried about crazy people from COVID.) I'm scared if I ask my dad he'll refuse one day and Ill get fired or it'll stress me out, so I was told I should look for jobs within walking distance, but I can't find any. IDK how to look for those specifically.
I also am worried about my mom taking my money like she did with all my other sisters, so I plan to secretly open a student BOA account, but that would take away money I was gonna use for clothes and I was gonna wait until I got a job.
I don't really have friends to turn to either, besides my best friend, and I would feel embarrassed if her dad found out what was going on (and also kidnapping thing possible from Ndad) I don't want to burden them either.
Please, I know this is a lot but I would appreciate some tips on how to find a job, get a car, have 3 months worth of rent and get the hell out of here.
I'm so stressed and shit, earlier yesterday he tried to start stuff with me over my mom not paying something and ignoring him & me stonewalling him trying to start fights. My mom delivered us groceries since he doesn't buy any and he got mad.
He's saying he's gonna kick me and her out and tried to accuse me of starting up the dishwasher after just getting home from school when i didn't even touch it, (just got food and went to my room) and called me a lazy ass bitch for not washing his dishes an hour ago when he leaves wet ramen in the dirty water filled sink and some plates even have mold on them + I wash my own dishes and cook my own meals. I just ignored him and told my mom and sister.
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2022.01.19 19:23 luminator4000 USCIS Baltimore FO

Any ISO1s at the BAL FO? Are you guys permitted to telework multiple times a week to complete service requests? I am contemplating transferring there and would like to know how lenient the supervisors are. Thanks!
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2022.01.19 19:23 BalletCow Lil Brumm doodle bc he's adorable

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2022.01.19 19:23 sisteract2 WCW Presents MTV Beach Brawl featuring Fear Factory (1999)

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2022.01.19 19:23 Jagerlake Should I go on that date?

Matched with that girl on OkCupid, been texting for 3 days now, yesterday (Tuesday) we said we'll go on a date on Thursday. So today we've had a video call for the first time (already talked on the phone), and I didn't feel anything at all. Conversation was fun but nothing more than that. I know that the idea of going out with someone is to know them better etc etc, but is there really a point in going out with a girl on a date when you already think that there will probably be nothing more than that?
I also don't won't to be rude and cancel on her, so IDK, maybe I should just go and see how it goes anyways, even if I think there's nothing special there?
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2022.01.19 19:23 jeezlouizz DHL

This is slowly becoming ma favorite track. Gotta listen to it everyday. Shi so hard I almost cry. Anyone else?
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