WAVYGENESIS - Home Is Where The Chrome Is

2022.01.19 19:56 Sad-Soundcloud WAVYGENESIS - Home Is Where The Chrome Is

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2022.01.19 19:56 SnooFloofs3297 anyone here have 2 hamsters in college?

im in college and already have one ham but Im thinking about adopting a baby syrian that needs a home
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2022.01.19 19:56 gloomyghosts Covid pay email?

So I tested positive for corona today and I called my store to report it to them. The HR TM told me to send an email to this email address to report my results. The email he gave me was “targetleaveanddisability@reedgroup.com” I just want to confirm that’s the right email on here because he kept cutting out and when I asked him to repeat it he got all annoyed. I just want to make sure I heard right because I don’t want my medical info and TM# being sent to the wrong email.
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2022.01.19 19:56 Floof_mom134 The abominable samoyed!

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2022.01.19 19:56 chicago_dawg Echo Gen 3 and Show Gen 3 paired in group.

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2022.01.19 19:56 Diemeplease Namir the Campus Cat being cute as heck

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2022.01.19 19:56 walte1fr Sales tax by city in Illinois report?

It’s time to do Illinois sales tax. This state is one of the most difficult in my opinion. Does anyone have a good template for excel to extract the total sales data by city?
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2022.01.19 19:56 llcj2112 Submitted for your approval: Sony product support "specialists" are lying liars.

I'm pissed about this, so please forgive the tone...
Here's the deal: I purchased a 75" X95J after ordering, demoing, and returning two Samsung QN9 series in the same size. I'd been comparing the two, and after the two Sammys had panel and picture quality issues, I decided to give Sony a shot.
Here I am, in my nice darkened home theater, and I can't see the markings on the gawddamn buttons. Ridiculous! Stupid! Unacceptable! So what do I do? I contact Sony support. "Frank" says "sorry, there are no backlit remotes that will work with your X95J". LIAR! MOTHERFRAKKING LIAR!
The garbage unlit remote that comes with the top-of-the-line X95J is the TX520U. There IS a backlit remote (I bought one, paired it with my X95J, and it's working fine) - model TX621U.
I shouldn't have to - 1. Do research to find out Sony support lied about the issue, and 2. Buy another ~ $83 + tax + shipping to fix an issue that Sony should have sorted out on their top-of-the-line LED TV in the first frakking place. (Note: Don't be cheap bastards and take care of your customers).
So, for those of you who have an X95J, the TX621U backlit remote works fine with that model TV.
F*ck Sony product support. So say we all.
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2022.01.19 19:56 Imaginary-Number4337 What is the command to run this Hello World snippet in x86_64 QEMU?

I am not looking for a solution where you have to type a bunch of stuff into a UEFI shell to get this to run. That's not how a bootloader would work in the real world, and it's therefore not the correct solution.
I am looking for:

Thank you.
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2022.01.19 19:56 Fragmented_Logik Why I think the Metaverse will succeed.

As we've all seen the Metaverse has been picking up steam more recently. With various cryptos being linked to world's people can buy/sell virtually anything from land to apparel. Overall though it's been difficult to find a breakdown of important questions many have such as: What is the Metaverse? How does it operate? Can I make money off of it? Well you're in luck. I looked at past "metaverses" and current projects for you. This will be a long read so be ready.
To start off what is the Metaverse? The complex version is the metaverse is a massively scaled and interoperable network of real-time rendered 3D virtual worlds. The simpler version is the metaverse is almost like a galaxy of world's all connected through VR and players can interact with objects and players. These worlds operate in amny different ways. One of those ways being on the blockchain. There are several examples such as:
SAND- originally released in 2012 as a mobile game it was bought out by Animoca Brands in August 2018 to use for a Voxel-style blockchain version of the game. This would then facilitate users monetizing their in-game creations. Users can buy plots of virtual land, with promotional partners owning land including Snoop Dogg, Richie Hawtin, Deadmau5 and The Smurfs. In May 2019, Animoca raised $2.5 million in funding for the development of this project. https://www.sandbox.game/en/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=yYjlMj0_PGwmt.ELbShQ5GD1G8I0SZPIewdonkwhL_4-1642632009-0-gaNycGzNCNE
MANA - Otherwise known as Decentraland. Users can explore the world which as of January 2022 spans more then 300x300 parcels, participate in in-game events, and chat to other players in-game. If users own in-game land they can also use the in-game builder tool to create "scenes" for their land which are special areas that can contain smaller games in the game such as gambling in cryptocurrency. https://decentraland.org/
Well it sounds like Minecraft just more real money right?
The thing that separates the Metaverse from other games is the ability for users to create what they want in their world's. Players get to dictate what they want. Someone rich could buy a plot of land and decide to build an arcade on it. Profiting from it in crypto/fiat just like a real investment. This brings Metaverses biggest plus imo. Why would someone do this in a virtual world over the real world. For many of us we have normal lives. Not everyone does. Video games span a broad horizon. An escape for some people. Fun for others. Profit for some. Etc.
Will it make money?
For this I did some digging and looked at past example of metaverses to see how they faired. The biggest two examples I found were Entropia Universe and 2nd Life. Both of these games thrived long in the past yet are probably the closest things to the metaverse we have.
Entropia Universe was a MMO shooter esc game releases in 2003. The big kick woth this game was Entropia uses a micropayment business model, in which players may buy in-game currency (PED - Project Entropia Dollars) with real money that can be redeemed back into U.S. dollars at a fixed exchange rate of 10:1. This led to players purchasing land and things in game. In fact one player spent 600,000.00$ on a virtual club. https://www.cnet.com/tech/gaming/virtual-space-club-sold-for-635000-no-really/ and was gaining profit from people visiting his asteroid club. Here's the Wiki if you all are curious https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entropia_Universe
2nd Life - Is an on-line multimedia platform that allows people to create an avatar for themselves and have a second life in an online virtual world. Released in 2003 by 2010 it was estimated to have 1 million monthly users and be generating 100 Million yearly in revenue from the sales of virtual items in game. Second Life has an internal economy and closed-loop virtual token called the "Linden dollar (L$)". L$ can be used to buy, sell, rent or trade land or goods and services with other users. The "Linden Dollar" is a closed-loop virtual token for use only within the Second Life platform. There is a high level of entrepreneurial activity in Second Life. Residents of Second Life are able to create virtual objects and other content. Second Life is unique in that users retain all the rights to their content which means they can use Second Life to distribute and sell their creations, with 2.1 million items listed on its online marketplace.Major tech corporations have tried to use Second Life to market products or services to Second Life's tech-savvy audience. IBM, for example, purchased 12 islands within Second Life for virtual training and simulations of key business processes, but has since moved on to other platforms due to maintaining costs. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Life
And both of these example took place almost 20 years ago... So in conclusion YES there is a shit ton of money to be made in the Metaverse. Overall I think with today's technology the possibilities are more open to players. I don't think graphics play a major issue with them either as more recently games like Deep Rock Galactic, Minecraft and such have had pretty nice success.
Perhaps someone with experience in them can share their experiences?
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2022.01.19 19:56 Secret_Work-Account Raptor Rock - Flathead Lake

How tall is the Raptor Rock cliff jumping spot?
Trying to locate a specific cliff diving spot. I can only describe it with landmarks and my memory. I want to watch a video of someone jumping off it to see if it matches up with what I remember, but I'm having no luck finding one.
On the south side of Flathead Lake you can boat up the Flathead River all the way to the Seli’š Ksanka Qlispé Dam (Kerr Dam). When boating back towards the lake (away from the dam) the jumping spot is on the right (east/south). The path up to the jump spot is very steep and mainly rock. A rope is attached to the top and you use it to climb up. From the boat's perspective, this steep incline is to the right of the actual jump spot. At the top of the jump spot words are carved into the ground and I swear they say "Raptor Rock" but could be mistaken. I'd guess it's over 30ft but would like the exact height.
There is also a rope swing (or was, rope may be faded by now) nearby if that helps pinpoint this. The rope swing is located on the same side of the river somewhere between this Raptor Rock and the dam. The rope swing has an entire wood platform to jump from so if you know the area you've probably seen it.
Does Raptor Rock go by another name and I can search for that phrase instead?
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2022.01.19 19:56 kurobainu high school student

Just tested positive. I'm double vaccinated, was planning on getting a booster after my 6 months was up. I wear my mask EVERYWHERE aside from my home and in the car but i'm a high school student. Most people at my school don't wear a mask and in all classes there are at least 5 people out with covid. To my understanding wearing a surgical or N95 mask only keeps your germs in but doesn't keep others out. How else am I supposed to protect myself? I take vitamin c and am extremely cautious about hygiene. Should I just switch to online school? Sorry for the long post I just feel really sick and disgusting and i'm frustrated because idk how else to protect myself.
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2022.01.19 19:56 Deep-Koala4917 Join the OneFamilyRP Discord Server!

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2022.01.19 19:56 heckingtrash I can't tell if it's swelling or if the bar is too short, but one end of my nipple piercing is being swallowed

Like the title says, one side of my piercing is sinking into my nipple, I'd say about 50% of its gone. The other side if it's completely fine. Also when my nipple hardens it's 100% visible again. I'm thinking it may just be swelling as this piercing is only around 5 days old, it's not feeling hot so I'm not sure if it's an infection either.
I clean it twice a day with neilmed saline spray and shower ever 1-2 days making sure to only let water touch them, and the bar is titanium.
I'm scheduled to work until next Thursday so I can't go in to see a piercer nor can I afford to take the day off of work so I'm hoping it's just swelling :(
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2022.01.19 19:56 jtefa1 Licitația începe de la 3¢

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2022.01.19 19:56 Chanelnofive Hello,

Fellow Juulers, I need some advice? On November 9th I purchased $320 worth of Juuls from @John—Evelyn— and I still have Not received them. After a month, I began to ask him to Resend them. He sent my order in 2 separate parcels and, began to tell me he didn’t think 2 parcels would get lost, Wait! 2 more weeks I suggested he send me some Juuls in the meantime and if/when my parcels arrived, I would pay for the ones he sent to tie me over? He Refused to send me anything and continued to say they were not lost? Now almost 3 months later I have been kindly asking John, to either Resend my order, or Reimburse me my $320, to which he is now no longer responding to my messages? I am at a loss and extremely upset. I’m wondering has anyone else had this situation with him? Also, what would you all suggest my next steps be? Thank you so much.
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2022.01.19 19:56 shotloud A tier list on how much I like the bosses, explanation in the comments if you want one(remember its just an opinion)

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2022.01.19 19:56 0K4M1 1st episode is artisticaly very weird

The get on Chulak, greeted by old white monk supposedly speaking an old Arabic wearing snake staff and some kind of exotic lizard hood. We then see a large shot of what looks like a medieval / roman city.... Then we have a buffet with what I would call "Hollywood Rome" grapes, and toga everywhere, blond girls with makeup.... Then an Egyptian apophis come back in town with his entourage (nubyan eunuch turban with feathers etc....)
What the heck ?
Not a rent but I'm really confused on what kind of place is chulak... looks like a mixed bag of a carnaval / cabaret warehouse
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2022.01.19 19:56 Jesperthemate Discussion: Cersei Lannister isnt evil in the slightest (Show Cersei)

Many might instinctively cringe at this opinion but hear me out. Let's go through the actions of Cersei and see if the sum of her actions and personality can be characterized as evil.
Season 1
- Her influence on Jaime pushing Bran out of a tower.
It is difficult to know whether she truly wanted Jaime to push Bran as she didn't say so explicitly. But lets even assume she did want that, while the action is undoubtedly gruesome is it truly evil? if she wanted to push Bran it is not out of some ill intent towards him but because of self preservation for her and mote importantly her children, she knows that if Bran spreads her secret not only will she be killed, but all of heir children will be butchered by Robert Baratheon. Any mother in the same situation would have made the choice to save their own children if they had to. This does not make her evil. This is going to become a theme btw, Cersei does make gruesome decisions when forced into a corner with no way out. Though it can be argued that she isn't even responsible for this one.
- Showing sympathy to Catlyn
Number two is a good deed. After Bran falls she shows sympathy to Catlyn and tells her about losing her first child. Small deed but this absolutely important for her character.
- Killing Sansa's wolf (lady).
This undoubtedly looks like a cruel act, but if we try to remove our bias for cute puppies is it really?. First of all, she does it to correct the humility Joffrey suffered of being beaten by a girl and bitten by a wolf. Also, in the modern era we put down dogs who bite humans, which makes her action even more reasonable, and she doesn’t know whether Arya and the Wolf ambushed Joffrey or if Joffrey started the fight (which he did), as she wasn’t there. And she obviously believes her son before Arya. This reasonable justification is something I think differentiates her from the truly evil characters like Joffrey and Ramsay, they don’t need a justification for their actions. They are cruel for the sake of being cruel. And other characters like Tywin who I also consider evil have extremely flimsy excuses for their evil deeds, (Tywin is unnecessary cruel to Tyrion for his mother dying in childbirth, something he has no responsibility for. Tywin is extremely intelligent and knows deep down that Tyrion doesn’t have any responsibility which is why his continued cruelty is evil).
- Having Robert killed.
If a friend you knew got physically abused, verbally abused, sexually abused, ignored and mocked for years would you think it was evil to kill the abuser? THE ANSWER IS NO, and that happened to Cersei. And furthermore, she once again only has Robert killed once she is forced into a corner where her children will be killed or hunted down for the rest of her life if she doesn’t as Ned is about to tell him her secret. 100% justified.
- Being partly responsible for having Ned starks men killed in the Throne room.
This is once again a fully justified action and it doesn’t just lie on her shoulders, Littlefinger and Janos Slynt both have some responsibility. Ned Stark is threatening to strip her and her children of all power, imprison them and to leave them at the mercy of Stannis Baratheon who would probably have them killed as they threaten his legitimacy if they should return to Tywin. Cersei gives Ned ample opportunity to swear loyalty to Joffrey and return to Winterfell, unharmed with all his men and both his daughters. This is an extremely generous offer considering he has already said he knows her secret. He rejects this and forces her hand; Ned stark is fully to blame for getting his men killed.
- Trying to get Ned Stark to join the nights watch
This is a good deed, she is trying to avoid war and giving ned the opportunity to stay at the watch instead of rotting in a cell for the rest of his life. Once again, extremely generous.
- Cersei tries to stop Joffrey from having Ned stark killed
Cersei does try to get Joffrey to stop the execution of Ned stark. Some ridiculously argue that she didn’t try hard enough. ZERO of the powerful people (Varys, Pycelle, etc) around Joffrey at the time manage to make him change his mind. This is a good deed as she is trying to avoid war once again.
Season 2
Now we have come to season 2. And in this season Cersei doesn’t do a single act that is even questionable. And no, being rude to Tyrion once after he joked about her incest isn’t evil. That’s verbal payback for being mocked. The same goes for being angry at him for basically kidnapping Myrcella. And while she imprisons Rose (because she believes Tyrion cares about her), she only does this to make sure Tyrion doesn’t hurt Joffrey, she immediately lets her go once Blackwater is finished and doesn’t torture her. So lets move on to good deeds.
Good deeds.
- She gives Catlyn Ned starks bones back. Yes Tyrion suggests it, but she allows it (Which she has no reason to do if she is truly evil).
- She gives Sansa advice and once again shows sympathy to her after her period. She recommends she has a child, so she gets some happiness in her life. Literally no other reason to suggest this other than being kind (and no she doesn’t care about Lannister legacy like Tywin does).
- She is clearly disturbed by Joffrey torturing prostitutes and being cruel to Sansa. Literally questioning whether Joffreys cruelness is a price for her incest. One of the most humane moments in the show.
- She first lies to Sansa about Ser Ilynn being in Magors Holdfast to protect them as she doesn’t want Sansa to be scared. Only when she gets more drunk does she admit the truth (which obviously isn’t evil either).
- She is about to kill Tommen when she thinks the battle is lost to spare him from the pain of Stannis killing her and him.
Season 3.
Cersei being Jealous of Margery
- Yes Cersei is Jealous of Margaery, but she doesn’t say or do anything that is out of line before Margaery literally tries to manipulate her during Sansas wedding with the whole “lets be sisters”, Cersei realizes this and turns hostile as anybody would if they know they are being knowingly manipulated.
Cersei recommends Tyrion give Sansa a Child
- Once again, a really good deed. No, she is not doing it to impress Tywin, it is made explicitly clear that she doesn’t care about his legacy in season 4. She does it because she wants Sansa to have some happiness in her life, an extremely good deed.
Cersei tries to stop Joffrey from verbally abusing Sansa at her wedding
- Another good deed, she doesn’t like the unnecessary cruelty of Joffrey and tried to stop him from doing it.
Cersei is disturbed by Joffreys insistence of serving Rob Starks head to Sansa.
- Some would argue its just to attempt to control him, I totally disagree. If you watch the scence her smile evaporates once Joffrey shows his cruelty, and she looks disturbed and tries to talk him out of the idea.
Season 4
In this Season Cersei is a bit more questionable but nothing that rises to level of “evil”.
Cersei wants Pycelle to feed the leftovers of Joffreys weddings to the dogs.
- This is just done out of Jealously, while it is certainly childish it isn’t evil.
Cersei wants to kill Tyrion
- She truly believes he killed Joffrey, she is obviously wrong, but no parent is evil in my view for wanting their child’s killer dead.
Cersei tells Tywin the truth about her incest.
- This is a morally grey deed. Though I would say its mainly done out of love, she thinks he wants to steal and manipulate her son (which he basically does want).
Season 5
Season 5 is more of the same.
Cersei imprisons Loras and is partly responsible for Margaerys imprisonment
- Margery only has herself to blame, she mocks Cersei infront of an audience of girls. Insulting her drinking habbits, telling her about having sex with her son, rubbing in the fact that Cersei is no longer queen. And no this hostility isn’t just Cersei’s fault, Margaery started the hostility by attempting to manipulate her. And while it is once again childish of Cersei to imprison Loras, that’s really all it is. She just wanted some short term schadenfreude. She had no idea how powerful the faith militant would become and did not intend to start a war with the Tyrells. She is clearly ignorant in this situation, not evil.
Cersei rubs it in Margaerys face that she is in prison
- Margaery did the same to her, enough said.
Season 6
Cersei kills a guy who flashes her in the lowest moment of her life.
- This guy literally sexually harasses her, and then continues to brag about it. She is the victim not him. Not evil.
Cersei blows up the sept.
- I am guessing this is moment some might believe, aha gotcha. But no. Cersei tries every other option before resorting to this extreme. She tries to simply stay in the red keep and put it all behind her, that’s not enough for the faith as they demand she is put on trial, she tries to solve that by having a trial by combat, the high sparrow then manipulates Tommen into absolving Trial by combat and sends Jaime away so he wont be there to protect her.
- When she has no other way out, her life is on the line. The city is ruled by religious fanatics who brutalize anybody who dissent she finally blows up the sept. She even saves her son who betrayed her. Also, if not for the faith militants stupidity Margaery and Loras might even have survived and another war could have been avoided. The absolute majority of the blame here is on the faith militant and the high sparrow who gave her no choice.
Cersei kills Pycelle
- Pycelle is a disgusting man responsible for allowing Tywin Lannister to sack kings landing, he likes very young girls (though I am not saying he is interested in children), he manipulates Tommen and he stares at Cersei with a sexual smirk after she does her walk of atonement. Though killing him is cruel he is clearly a man who would betray her the first chance he got and also not a decent person. This act is cruel, I admit that. But one cruel act does not make one evil, especially considering the MANY good deeds she does.
Season 7
She mainly just rules as a monarch trying to defend her kingdom, defending yourself against an illegitimate and whiny invader like Daenerys is not evil in the slightest. Yes, she does kill the Sand snake (don’t remember her name) and the wife of Oberyn in a rather cruel way, however they literally killed her daughter just to start a war. Totally justified from Cersei.
Cersei allows Olenna Tyrell a peacefull and painless death
- Some of you might argue that since she even considered a cruel death for her enemy, she is evil. Absolutely not, it is precisely the fact that she is able to reconsider which makes her different from evil people like Joffrey who don’t.
Cersei allows Jaime Lannister to leave her unharmed, even though he is betraying her by fighting with her enemies.
- Once again, an extremely generous act considering what he is doing. Betraying her to fight for another house. And no it was absolutely justified by Cersei to not honour her pledge to fight against the white walkers. Daenerys (the spoiled brat) literally says she will invade her afterwards despite the help.
Season 8
Season 8 doesn’t count, and she spends her time staring out of windows and complaining about elephants. Season 8 sucks
In conclusion, while Cersei is certainly not good, and is perhaps one of the most flawed characters on the show she is still FAR from evil. She doesn’t enjoy cruelty to people who haven’t harmed her severely (like killing her child), she can often give good advice and show sympathy, she often tries to stop her son from being cruel, etc.
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2022.01.19 19:56 sladecekpics PS4 & PC Crossplay?

Hello, can I play Astroneer when I have PC and my friend have PS4? Can we play together? Thanks
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2022.01.19 19:56 ShigeruTarantino64 Sony stock value plummets $20bn following word of Microsoft Activision Blizzard deal

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2022.01.19 19:56 SUBphilip1300YOUTUBE hospital floor in space is one grand new video of alien breed is now here

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2022.01.19 19:56 Maria-armani I feel so betrayed and hurt by my best friend

Been best friends for a good time now. I really valued our friendship and he’s really important to me. Short story: he kissed me, I fell for him, he made me feel like we were more than friends, he led me on, then all of a sudden he told me he wants to be just friends. I was really hurt because he didn’t tell me sooner and asked him why. He told me he just didn’t feel it. I told him I need some space and I didn’t want to lose him as a friend. Today was the first day I felt good again. I open Instagram and I see this girl commenting on a photo he just posted. He NEVER gets comments and definitely not from this girl. I feel so hurt and betrayed and lied to. And all this by my BEST FRIEND who I care so much about. I texted him saying I want to cut off contact. He apologized again and asked me if I need more time. Also told me “it would have been much worse if he waited longer to tell me”, like he did me a big favor by leading me on a little less longer than he could’ve done. I told him I don’t see this friends thing working and I told him I feel like he’s not being honest. He told me he really is and he asked me why I think that. I haven’t replied. I don’t think I’m going to either.
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2022.01.19 19:56 CommercialProcess968 Relocating to Long Beach

Hi there! My partner and I are relocating to Long Beach and are wondering what areas/neighborhoods we should avoid and ones we should look into? We are not very familiar with the area at all as we are coming from out of state. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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