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2022.01.17 13:24 le_dankest_memez gyas

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2022.01.17 13:24 TaraqgrFx sofie_sofie Onlyfans Leak

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2022.01.17 13:24 lTom__ Me lo encontré en un canal de sugerencias de Discord

Hola hermosa comunidad, poner canal de NSFW sobre furritos amantes de minecraft😍 hace mucha falta para publicar cosas NSFW de minecraft (el enderman tipo furrito uwu), HAGANLO!!. un saludo cordial a todo que lea esto!!
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2022.01.17 13:24 SkyDaddysFavorite Seeing shops!

I have 12k and I don’t know what to do with it, does anyone wanna offer?
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2022.01.17 13:24 Sylvaran Force browser to use wi-fi for data?

Hi. I have an Note9 and when at home, I have it on my home's wi-fi. I have a web server that has a database of all my info and it checks to make sure the IP coming in is from the local network (private 10 address) and will not serve up content otherwise. When I'm out and about on cellular data, it properly doesn't let me load the site. If I connect with OpenVPN, I get the site as it now has a 10 address.
At home, connected to wi-fi, I'd assume it would be using my wi-fi to talk to the web server, but the server gave some oddball IP instead. I assume cellular network. Is there some way to tell the system that I want to use the wi-fi connection for surfing the net? I tried both Chrome and the built in "Internet" app, just in case it was a Chrome specific issue but it fails on both.
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2022.01.17 13:24 Daddy--__-- People who have a girlfriend, what are some good strategies against women?

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2022.01.17 13:24 sovLegend I forgot when the world altzhimer day is

Dad, yesterday on 16.1.22
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2022.01.17 13:24 GrimFlux Imagine thinking this film wouldnt sell tickets

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2022.01.17 13:24 JuusoSiru JOIN BEST T33N LEAKS DISCORD SERVER!

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2022.01.17 13:24 moeshaker188 Suburban Dallas Affordable Housing Project Lands $40M

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2022.01.17 13:24 TheTechChannel-1 The SUPER NUGGET!!

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2022.01.17 13:24 sqimmy2 Life is like a bag of seeds

You never know what you're gonna get. If you're anything like me you've been feeling the significant dip in quality (it comes around like this most winters). HOWEVER, Stay vigilant with your health. Color, plant matter, smell, all of these can be deceiving as to quality. My latest wash was dark brown, but barely bitter. The bag checks all the boxes: earthy scent, plant matter, slightly sticky, but the seeds themselves are mediocre at best. It's important to remember that this can also swing drastically in the other direction. Dont go overboard chasing something and end up in the news; god knows that's the last thing this scene needs. Stay safe out there.
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2022.01.17 13:24 kaitlinhathaw First job tomorrow. I wanna know what I should bring in my subpack.

Hey! I have my first job tomorrow and today I’m going to go shopping to get stuff for my subpack. The online course said I have to bring a bunch of stuff and I doubt I need to bring all of that. So what do I really need to bring or even just some small things that have helped you. Also if you have any games, riddles, end of day questions, or activities for the different ages that would help a lot because I will know what to prepare for the future.
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2022.01.17 13:24 Patezart [For Hire] DnD, OC's, Fantasy and more! INFO in comments!

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2022.01.17 13:24 TheBlazeBot Horowitz: How states should respond to the CMS mandate on health care workers

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2022.01.17 13:24 moocowincog How do you calculate the Netrunner's Interface skill?

Do you add the interface ranks + intelligence = Interface plus? Or is it just straight intelligence plus? I can't find anywhere in the handbook that answers this question.
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2022.01.17 13:24 Substantial_Eagle256 Won't let me continue dashing after telling me "it's busy"

So whenever my scheduled dash comes to an end and it's still busy it will ask me if I want to continue dashing, of course I do. But when I hit "return to dash" it just gives me dash summary again and there is no option to continue dashing, but once again I hit end dash and it says "are you sure, it's busy" but it will never let me continue I have to end my dash and then hit dash again, and sometimes it won't even let me dash even though it said it was busy when I was ending my last dash.
Guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has this issue, and why ask me if I want to continue dashing if it won't let me
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2022.01.17 13:24 Jerrshington "text area" in form block discards user entered formatting like Line breaks. any way to keep the line breaks when user submits a contact form?

title says it all. when users use a contact form, any line breaks are discarded. what the site owner receives is a jumbled mess of run-on sentences and endless paragraphs. is there a way to keep the line breaks and such when a user uses return to break paragraphs, or are the webflow forms just always going to discard this out of the box?
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2022.01.17 13:24 telephone-man Putting the Beer Starmer scandal to rest...

The question on everyones lips, "Did Starmer break the rules?". Nope! Here's why -
The video of alleged breach - https://twitter.com/lozzafox/status/1388401001351290880 - released 1st May. We can observe him drinking what appears to be a beer in a work environment.
The event took place on April 30th - source:https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/keir-starmer-covid-rules-beer-office-boris-johnson-nadhim-zahawi-b977067.html
Could you drink beer at work? BBC News said no. https://twitter.com/BBCPolitics/status/1482664839717822465, the interviewer quotes the guidance, he says, "There should not be any sharing of food and drink by staff who do not share a household."
What guidance is she referencing? >>> https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-guidance-for-food-businesses/guidance-for-food-businesses-on-coronavirus-covid-19, under section "Staff canteens and restaurants".
But the BBC's mistake here is referencing guidance as it today, and not as it was then.
This guidance was updated on 21/05/2021. But what was the guidance on the day of the alleged offence? ... https://web.archive.org/web/20200430155936/https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-guidance-for-food-businesses/guidance-for-food-businesses-on-coronavirus-covid-19
A very different affair. The entire "Staff Canteen and restaurant" section is completely different. Based on the following principle, "It is very unlikely that coronavirus is transmitted through food. Workplace canteens may remain open where there are no practical alternatives for staff to obtain food."
So what is Starmer's stance on this? In today's news, https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/keir-starmer-covid-rules-beer-office-boris-johnson-nadhim-zahawi-b977067.html, "Sir Keir said no restaurants or pubs were open and the hotel he and his colleagues were staying in did not serve food, so “if you didn’t get a takeaway then our team wasn’t eating that evening”."
So, canteens may remain open (.e.g food show be made available where there are no practical alternatives). It was late into the evening, no alternatives were available, food was made available to staff and they got back on with work.
Case closed!
Can we go back to the Tories now please, kthx.
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2022.01.17 13:24 samedown Painting A Landscape In Oil By Yasser Fayad

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2022.01.17 13:24 lukas_dragovich could someone draw her please? black hair, black clothes, blue eyes sz

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2022.01.17 13:24 Asparagus_Classic CVS AD PREVIEW (1/23 - 1/29) | HAIR CARE, LOTION & MORE!

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2022.01.17 13:24 JuusoSiru JOIN BEST T33N LEAKS DISCORD SERVER!

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2022.01.17 13:24 yadramaticboi200 MEXT Scholarship Japan 🤔?

I've been looking through MEXT Japan Scholarship and researching about it. Good info but I wanted to know from local Bruneians' thoughts instead. I'm planning to take it in the future before it's too late for me.
So if anyone ever went for MEXT Japan Scholarship, what's to expect? Any tips? Or infos? Just an open discussion :0
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2022.01.17 13:24 supermarketrat My tone has been airy and quiet over the last few days and I’m getting discouraged

What could I be doing wrong now? I’m pretty sure it’s not my flute since it was recently serviced and I’ve had short bursts of good tone in between the airy tone. I’m not sure what may have happened to my embouchure.
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