Well, well, well... Look who I just met!

2022.01.19 20:49 elGreenNebula Well, well, well... Look who I just met!

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2022.01.19 20:49 Bigpaw5000 What ever happened to the Delta Variant?

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2022.01.19 20:49 The-Nerdy-Bisexual Five supernatural kids and the 1 human who has to deal with their bulls**t

Okay so I've had this in my head for a while and I've finally started writing it out. I've been writing a coming of age YA story about 6 kids that live in the UK and have just started secondary school. 5 out of the 6 are supernatural and have their own talents and abilities, overall I'm just wondering how this would work. We have:
The Half-Demon Boy: the main character who is just finding out his dad is a demon. On top of finding out that the woman who is also raising him but not married to his dad is not his birth mother. On top of that he accidentally set his bully of fire and his skin is turning blue.
The Nerdy Werewolf: a red-headed slightly overweight boy with braces that's the prime target for bullying gets turned into a werewolf when he bumps into one in the woods, he now has to deal with a douchebag of an alpha all while revising.
The Traveller Werewolf: newly moved to town with his family/pack of 35 members all sleeping in the same house(kids live in the house, adults stay in caravans) he confidently walks about his new school like he owns the place. He even slaps the bulky round the face like his putting the guy in his place, also he notices some of his classmates are more than they appear and can smell that his history teacher is a vampire
The Gypsy witch/Medium girl: abandoned by her parents on her grandads doorstep this girl has always been able to talk to spirits still wandering the earth. She does he best in school and is a know it all but it doesn't help that there are ghosts walking the halls of her school. Once when her maths teacher was being rascist to her she cursed him to eternity of stubbing his toe at least once every day. Plus she saw the future once or twice
The wood nymph from another realm: this girl had to escape her home after war broke out in her realm. She went to live with her father in the human world but saw that he has another daughter who is a fire nymph, the type of nymph who is the sworn enemy to her people. She struggles at school as she has never been before and struggles to relate to those who are human
The Human with a lot of patience: a young immigrant boy who is also seen as an outcast among his peers manages to make friends with the only 5 supernatural kids in his year group. He deals with their drama's, helps with their battles, even becomes their alibi's. He too wishes to be special like them and it has left him with some insecurities but hey they're his friends and wouldn't trade any of them.
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2022.01.19 20:49 throwawayyy7003 Found this tiny guy on the ceiling of my apartment

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2022.01.19 20:49 clip_mirror_bot Mald at Mario Kart

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2022.01.19 20:49 boozillion151 [spoiler] Is it just me or at the end of epsiode 4 when Fennec Shand mentioned that they could just buy an army that the music's subtley changed and a few notes of the Mando theme kicked in? Possibly a bit of foreshadowing?

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2022.01.19 20:49 betoeptx2006 Do not challenge the GOAT

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2022.01.19 20:49 butterflyplant Show me your portfolio!

I've been learning HTML/JS for a while now and it just struck me that I haven't actually seen many people's portfolios. Does anyone want to show me theirs I'd love to check some out!
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2022.01.19 20:49 shalidor132 2nd ed two weapon fighting question

Hey guys not sure if i’m just missing it but does the offhand attack in 2 weapon fighting come at the end of the round like other multiple attacks would or is it like a monster’s multiple attacks at the same time? I’m assuming the former but just making sure.
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2022.01.19 20:49 The4Cs I drew Kyojuro Rengoku 🔥🍱

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2022.01.19 20:49 my7bizzos The Real Story of JFK's Irish Inner Circle 'The Kennedy's Irish Mafia' (2016) [1:24:38]

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2022.01.19 20:49 SebbeDK So I've started doing some Youtube work

I've made a YouTube dedicated to VOD's and future video projects. If y'all can spare some time to check it out, I would appreciate it a ton.
Also if any of you have any feedback, I'm 100% welcome and would love have your help.
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2022.01.19 20:49 gf_Muffin868 Gluten Free Baking Mixes

Hi Everyone! I make my own gluten free baking mixes and am thinking about selling them. Do you prefer specific mixes or an all-purpose mix? And do you buy online or in a store? And is gluten the only thing you are allergic to? Thanks for the help and any info is appreciated!
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2022.01.19 20:49 skrijalya ITAP of the horses

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2022.01.19 20:49 Ok_Crazy_4122 rat these are my grails what are yours i wish i could afford these

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2022.01.19 20:49 AbsentGalaxy I cant extract this data!!!

I work at a Bitcoin Mining facility that has around 21k miners. We are currently working on some consolidation with the hashboards that are in the miners. There is 2 hashboards in each miner , so when one or two is bad we are taking the bad boards out for repair. Its not a hard job but to figure out what boards are bad we have to login into each individual miner. There is a API that prints out all the stats for each miner, but the data is nested in a way that I cant figure out how to extract the 3 values that I need. Here is the code I have so far, most of it will be missing due to security reasons.

import socket import json import sys class CgminerAPI(object): def __init__(self, host='localhost', port=4028): self.data = {} self.host = host self.port = port def command(self, command, arg=None): sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM) sock.settimeout(1) try: sock.connect((self.host, self.port)) payload = {"command": command} if arg is not None: # Parameter must be converted to basestring (no int) payload.update({'parameter': arg}) if sys.version_info.major == 2: sock.send(json.dumps(payload)) if sys.version_info.major == 3: sock.send(bytes(json.dumps(payload), 'utf-8')) received = self._receive(sock) except Exception as e: return json({'STATUS': [{'STATUS': 'error', 'description': "{}".format(e)}]}) else: try: return json.loads(received[:-1]) except Exception as e: return json({'STATUS': [{'STATUS': 'error', 'description': "{}".format(e)}]}) finally: sock.close() def _receive(self, sock, size=4096): msg = '' while 1: chunk = sock.recv(size) if chunk: if sys.version_info.major == 2: msg += chunk if sys.version_info.major == 3: msg += chunk.decode('utf-8') else: break return msg def __getattr__(self, attr): def out(arg=None): return self.command(attr, arg) return out if __name__ == '__main__': Miner = CgminerAPI(host='xx.xx.xx.xxx') data = Miner.stats() #new_data = json.loads(data).str() data2 = data['STATS'] print(json.dumps(data2, indent=2)) 
This is what the output looks like, and I need to print the last three values only showing the chain_acn1,chain_acn2,chain_acn3

[ { "BMMiner": "1.0.0", "Miner": "", "CompileTime": "Thu Apr 23 16:29:07 CST 2020", "Type": "Antminer T17" }, { "STATS": 0, "ID": "BTM_SOC0", "Elapsed": 544115, "Calls": 0, "Wait": 0.0, "Max": 0.0, "Min": 99999999.0, "GHS 5s": "14722.08", "GHS av": 14432.1, "GHS 30m": 14310.75, "Mode": 0, "Ex Hash Rate": 0, "miner_count": 1, "frequency": "", "fan_num": 4, "fan1": 2760, "fan2": 3360, "fan3": 3360, "fan4": 2760, "fan5": 0, "fan6": 0, "fan7": 0, "fan8": 0, "fan9": 0, "fan10": 0, "fan11": 0, "fan12": 0, "fan13": 0, "fan14": 0, "fan15": 0, "fan16": 0, "temp_num": 1, "temp1": 57, "temp2": 0, "temp3": 0, "temp4": 0, "temp5": 0, "temp6": 0, "temp7": 0, "temp8": 0, "temp9": 0, "temp10": 0, "temp11": 0, "temp12": 0, "temp13": 0, "temp14": 0, "temp15": 0, "temp16": 0, "temp2_1": 81, "temp2_2": 0, "temp2_3": 0, "temp2_4": 0, "temp2_5": 0, "temp2_6": 0, "temp2_7": 0, "temp2_8": 0, "temp2_9": 0, "temp2_10": 0, "temp2_11": 0, "temp2_12": 0, "temp2_13": 0, "temp2_14": 0, "temp2_15": 0, "temp2_16": 0, "temp3_1": 81, "temp3_2": 0, "temp3_3": 0, "temp3_4": 0, "temp3_5": 0, "temp3_6": 0, "temp3_7": 0, "temp3_8": 0, "temp3_9": 0, "temp3_10": 0, "temp3_11": 0, "temp3_12": 0, "temp3_13": 0, "temp3_14": 0, "temp3_15": 0, "temp3_16": 0, "temp_pcb1": "42-57-40-56", "temp_pcb2": "0-0-0-0", "temp_pcb3": "0-0-0-0", "temp_pcb4": "0-0-0-0", "temp_pcb5": "0-0-0-0", "temp_pcb6": "0-0-0-0", "temp_pcb7": "0-0-0-0", "temp_pcb8": "0-0-0-0", "temp_pcb9": "0-0-0-0", "temp_pcb10": "0-0-0-0", "temp_pcb11": "0-0-0-0", "temp_pcb12": "0-0-0-0", "temp_pcb13": "0-0-0-0", "temp_pcb14": "0-0-0-0", "temp_pcb15": "0-0-0-0", "temp_pcb16": "0-0-0-0", "temp_chip1": "64-81-64-80", "temp_chip2": "0-0-0-0", "temp_chip3": "0-0-0-0", "temp_chip4": "0-0-0-0", "temp_chip5": "0-0-0-0", "temp_chip6": "0-0-0-0", "temp_chip7": "0-0-0-0", "temp_chip8": "0-0-0-0", "temp_chip9": "0-0-0-0", "temp_chip10": "0-0-0-0", "temp_chip11": "0-0-0-0", "temp_chip12": "0-0-0-0", "temp_chip13": "0-0-0-0", "temp_chip14": "0-0-0-0", "temp_chip15": "0-0-0-0", "temp_chip16": "0-0-0-0", "total_rateideal": 12000.0, "rate_unit": "GH", "total_freqavg": 0.0, "total_acn": 30, "total_rate": 14722.08, "chain_rateideal1": 0.0, "chain_rateideal2": 0.0, "chain_rateideal3": 0.0, "chain_rateideal4": 0.0, "chain_rateideal5": 0.0, "chain_rateideal6": 0.0, "chain_rateideal7": 0.0, "chain_rateideal8": 0.0, "chain_rateideal9": 0.0, "chain_rateideal10": 0.0, "chain_rateideal11": 0.0, "chain_rateideal12": 0.0, "chain_rateideal13": 0.0, "chain_rateideal14": 0.0, "chain_rateideal15": 0.0, "chain_rateideal16": 0.0, "temp_max": 57, "no_matching_work": 1404, "chain_acn1": 30, "chain_acn2": 0, "chain_acn3": 0, 
Any and all help would be appreciated
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2022.01.19 20:49 Mydadisgone What is this??

Me and my girlfriend are playing FTB Revelations 1.12.2, in a server hosted by me, and this message just popped up: "INETDataSurveyQM Just Left the game"...There was no "joined" message.
What is this? We are a bit spooked
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2022.01.19 20:49 Medium_Well Since we are sharing old hats: 2011 from a signing the Bills did in Toronto.

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2022.01.19 20:49 Dragoon1412 Notice the details!!! While rereading I found that XL is actually sleeping on HC‘s clothes as in using them as a cushion!!<3<3<3 Starember what are you doing to us???

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2022.01.19 20:49 Sensitive_Dust7797 Unique reddit EC

Activism is one of my main activities. However, it is a very specific, unique type of activism that most people would not think of. However, there is a subreddit that completely overlaps with this demographic that I am an activist for. Currently, I am one of the most active posters and think that I could become a moderator for the subreddit (over 30k+ members). Would this be a unique, good EC to write down?
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2022.01.19 20:49 CobaltNeural9 Looking for a job on r/antiwork might be anti-antiwork but I have to work; a question:

I live in a huge metropolitan area (Chicago) I have a college education (only associates of applied sciences, aka art school) went to a very well known good high school, college prep level. I don’t have a criminal record, I can pass a drug test, and I have drivers license. I hear from people that I am extremely employable. I have a friend who’s assistant makes 90K/year without a degree or special training. There has GOT to be some jobs out there that pay decently in a big city for menial work in high end offices. Like a clerical position or something, working in a mail room, being an assistant, I don’t fucking know. But I have no idea how to get these jobs, what they might be called, or where to look. I’ve met so many guys that are like “yeah my job is super easy I just sit at a desk and barely work; I make 65k a year” All I’ve done is work restaurants and retail and I just know there’s gotta be something out there I can get with a few well places lies on my resume. Are these the kind of jobs that people’s parents get them? Is this where nepotism rears it’s fucking face? Can I just say I have XYZ degree and get the fucking job?! I HATE THIS SYSTEM. I KNOW IM CAPABLE OF LEARNING THE JOB, JUST GIMME IT GODDAMMIT! GIVE ME THE JOB! GIVE ME THE JOB YOU RANCID CAPITALIST BUCKET OF SHIT!!!!!
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2022.01.19 20:49 PattyWagon23 new laces.

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2022.01.19 20:49 youngermann You can’t turn on Vim mode in a Playground. But if you turn on Vim in a regular project, you are in Vim mode when you switch back to the Playground

I wonder why “Vim mode” toggle is not in the Editor menu when you are in a Playground?
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2022.01.19 20:49 whereismy-son Disaster - Glorious (1991)

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2022.01.19 20:49 ZoolShop When We Were Young festival announces My Chemical Romance and Paramore as headliners

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