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Murder Drones [Chapter 11] <--------- Previous Chapter
-So, tell me, who should we start with?-
The new Nest was... orderly, in a strange sense of the word. It had been built using things other than the bodies of worker drones. Sure, there were still a lot of those, but Uzi could clearly see architectonical elements of various kinds. Support pillars, plates here and there to cover holes so as to not let the light of the star in and much more.
Another detail (which was actually the first one that struck her) was the sheer enormity of the structure. She had thought up until now that the Nest where she lived had been big but this... this actually rivaled the skycrapers around it. And, most importantly, it didn't sway around in the strong wind. She kind of envied the ones that lived here.
You couldn't even begin to imagine how circuit boggling the Nest could become from the inside when it started to sway. Looking at the top from the inside was kind of hypnotic. Also, she had lost count of how many times she had nearly fallen (or directly fallen) from the stairs installed by N because of a stray gust of wind that was more or a slap from the wind against the tower. The joints in her left arm still stinged a bit. As always, she wondered why the hell JC Jenson gave robots, litteral tin containers with a brain, the ability to feel pain. Like... why?!?!?
She hid behind an abandoned car and looked towards the only entrance to the Nest. No, wait, calling it Nest was litterally asking for confusion.
What about Nest 2?
Nah, too cliché.
Nest 2.0?
Yep, that sounded better. Adding a ".0" made eveerything sound cooler. Maybe she should just call her sick-ass railgun "railgun 1.0". No, wait, that would be too low of a number. She had tried at the very least 13 times before she had actually managed to make it work. Four more before she found the energy source necessary to make it work. So, really, she should call her weapon "Sick-Ass Railgun 17.0".
Oh gods, she understood being nervous, but she hadn't felt this feeling of churning insides even when she had entered in the Nest the first time. Truly, not even when N-1 and his group had attacked her and she had to fend for herself alone. But that was all probably because it had all happened too fast. She hadn't programmed any of those things (well apart from going in the Nest, but she wasn't expecting to have to fight N and his squad at the time).
While this time, heh, this time they had a plan. This time they all knew what needed to be done. She knew that shit could hit the fan very fast and that, this time, she probably wouldn't manage to survive if it did.
Wow, now she understood the feeling of anxiety that some characters showed in anime. It was truly horrifying. How could humans live with such a thing?
She watched as T walked nonchalantly towards Nest 2.0's entrance. Alone.
Uzi had discovered that she had a crush on G (it had been difficult, more of a stroke of luck, because the bot always looked serious but, in a moment of provacy with G, she had assured it that she would make sure nothing would happen to him). So, as a safety measure, she had kept it with her, keeping it at gunpoint. She had told T that, if she did something, anything, that would seem even slightly suspicious its head and core were as good as gone.
T disappeared out of sight. Now everything was in her hands.
-I would try with L.- said T.
On Uzi's monitor eyebrows appeared and one of them slowly moved upwards, giving her a very questioning look: -And who might this L be?-
T sighed as if she'd been asked the most stupid question in the world (which, by the way, to her was "do you prefere your oil hot or cold?". Obviously the answer was "Hot") and said: -L is the second-in-command of the second team, the one commanded by J-1.-
The room went silent at the mention of the second bot. The "wounds" left by the memory of J were still relatively fresh. N still remembered the feeling of betrayal when J stuck that virus on his body (and the subsequent pain). If Uzi concentrated enough she could distinctly feel the places where she had been punched by the murder drone, and the memory alone of the EMP made her shiver. Even V's sadistic smile disappeared for a moment: she and J had been good colleagues. She liked the drone and respected her. She could make worker drones scream in ways that she could only dream of.
-But, most importantly, he's probably the only drone everyone listens to. He's a sort of father figure to all of us.- continued T like nothing had happened.
On the other hand G looked troughly at their reactions. It was silent, as always. Truth be told, it was so still and silent that its presence seemed to disappear. It was invisible.
-So what?- started Uzi -Should we kidnap him and use him as a hostage to make the others collaborate in my plan?-
-Guys, I'm back!- shouted T in a bored tone.
Down from the upper area of the giant spire came a few bots. The first one was K, wearing, as always, her gym clothes. As always, she looked bored. She was soon followed by C and J-1, the former in her black ballerina dress and tutu, the latter in her much more formal looking dress that showed a bit of her back.
Last, but not least (rather, most importantly), landed L, bowler hat perfectly in place on top of his head and perfect coat. Try as she might, T would never find even the shadow of a wrinkle on it. How the bot managed to mantain his clothes in such a perfect state was as much a mistery as was the place where he stored his cup when he didn't use it.
-Welcome back.- he said with a smile.
-Finally. What took you so long?- asked J-1.
-Did you bring me something?- asked C. Her cheerfulness made a small smile appear on T's face and, at the same time, it made her feel uncomfortable. She knew that it was a facade, but it was so well made that she tended to forget what the little drone really was like: a sadistic being that could rival with V-1 when it came to making their victims suffer.
-Thanks L. It's not your deal J-1 and no C.- she answered all their questions at once.
J-1 shook her head and muttered something about insubordination: -Yes it does you lil' s**t, because you disappeared for a week and a half when you should have just come back in a matter of days.-
T shrugged, faking nonchalance: -We decided to stay for a little. The other drones didn't have a problem with that.-
-Well, at the very least you met them. How's the situation?-
T hesitated for a moment. It was just an instant, an instant where she thought about telling them what had happened, how N-1 had died and how she was now being used to destroy the team. But then she thought about G, about how it could be hurt if she did. About the possibility that it could die. She was doing it only for G and not also because she thought Uzi was right. She didn't trust the worker drone. And so she answered: -It's allright. They lost a team member to a worker drone. It had apparently built a weapon powerful enough to damage one of us and got lucky enough to destroy exactly the core. They took care of the bastard and destroyed the weapon.-
J-1 nodded and sighed at the same time: -Good. Where...- she started, but was interrupted by C who asked: -Where is N-1?-
The smallish bot wanted to see the stronger and more dominant murder drone. She wanted to hug him and ask him questions on the journey but, most importantly, she wanted to show Y that she wasn't the only one who was interested in the drone.
So you can just about imagine her disappointment when T said: -He's remained there. Wanted to fill the vacant position and help the remaining drones kill the last workers.-
J-1, for the third time, sighed, this time with a note of desperation. Sometimes she really reminded them all of a steam engine (not that they had ever actually seen one. Those things could only be found in museums at this point in history. People no longer understood the beauty of steam trains, sniff): -Of course he did. F*****g slacker, wants to do the easy job.-
-Hey, don't insult N-1! He's very hard-working. If he stayed there there was a good reason!- said C.
L scoffed silently enough that nobody heard him, a small chuckle escaping his lips at how well the little murder drone faked naivety.
-F**k off C.- said J-1 as she turned to towards T -I don't care. Are you staying? There's a lot of work here too.-
-Can't, sorry. Have orders to come back later.-
J-1 rolled her eyes and flew off. She really didn't care. Good.
T turned towards L and asked him: -Could you come with me for a moment?-
He shrugged: -Sure dear. Do you perhaps fancy a bit of oil before we go?-
She shook her head no and said she had already had her fill before leaving the Nest. She and V hunted a few workers a few days prior while G remained chained down near the top of the spire.
Meanwhile N had just looked around for some interesting knick knacks to add to his collection in his room. The place was filled with the strangest things, from kids' toys to an entire half rusted over world map. There was even this little robotic dog that, unfortunately, no longer worked. Half the circuits inside had been fried and, when Uzi had tried to repair it in secret, it had started to meow and purr. She had shut the confused dog down and never told N anything.
L nodded and followed her outside. The night sky was filled with dark clouds that blocked the stars from view (*Sad Ctulhu noises*).
-What is it dear? You seemed troubled for a bit there.
A metaphorical shiver ran down her spine (since robots can't actually have shivers. No, wait, they can emulate them thou. Well, whatever). Of course he would notice. He always did. He had even asked to have his eyes upgraded back at base. He surely noticed that sigle moment when she had stopped to think, that single instant when her eyes had showed her indecision. There was a reason why he was considered their father figure after all.
And, again, in that moment it took her to answer him, in that moment of realization, L understood that something was off.
Yet he said nothing. And T answered, tone brimming with nonchalance: -What do you mean? Everything's alright. This place frying your circuitry? Someone put something in your oil again?-
Many years prior N-1 had decided to prank L and had put a few nanites in his oil. These had sistematically attacked some of his systems, nearly making him go offline and nearly forcing the Company to hard-reset L, which practically meant killing the bot he was and starting from scratch. Because of this the other seven drones had ganged up against N-1 to convince him to stop it. He did, saying that it was just an innocent joke.
Later on, when L was back, the two of them disappeared for a few hours with nobody managing to find them.
Later they came back and L had stated that they were now even. Nobody knew what had happened and, truth be told, nobody wanted to.
But, since I know you dear readers are curious, with my almighty Narrator powers, I'll tell you: he had done to N-1 exactly the same thing, only ten times as fast and as worse. He wanted to make sure that N-1 would never do it again, that he would understand how badly it had hurt, how horrible the feeling of slowly disappearing was.
Since then he had never attempted something like that.
-Nothing like that dear. It's just that I like to think that I'm the one who knows you lot better, and you look a bit troubled.-
They were reaching the car where Uzi was hidden. Just a few more steps and then it would be their problem.
-Nah, I'm fine.-
L nodded, looking decidedly unconvinced, then said: -So, what did you want to tell me?-
They reached the car. N and V were there together with Uzi and G. They sprang into action immediatly.
-That I'm sorry.-
L's eyes enlarged on the screen. Then they were on him before he could do anything, Uzi's tail separating the head from the rest of the body.
T chuckled: -Yes, try to kidnap L. Sure. Wonderful idea and it totally won't lead to your death.-
-Well, what do you suggest then?- asked Uzi. Truth be told, kidnapping a robot was quite difficult since you couldn't just hit them between the third and the fourth cervical vertebrae or chloroformize them.
T opened her mouth. Then shut it. Then opened it again. Only to shut it anew.
-Let me guess, you don't know?- asked Uzi with a smirk on her face.
T narrowed her eyes at her. She looked ready to jump and start a fight in your typical "college style", with hair being pulled around and all that stuff. Uzi was pretty sure that a human in her place would get their head torn off if their hair were pulled by the murder drone.
Finally, T said: -Yes, I don't know. But neither do you. It won't be easy, that's for sure. He will put up a good fight, and if he somehow manages to free himself we're f\***d. He's the best fighter among us when it comes to open spaces. Fast as hell. We'd have to bring him in an enclosed space and let me tell you, the skyscrapers aren't enclosed enough.-*
Uzi nodded at that: -Yes, that's a problem, but it's not your problem. Let me think about the where while you tell us the how.-
T's eyes narrowed even more. Then she sighed: -I know a way, maybe.-
-I'm all ears.- said Uzi as her monitor was filled with a hundred ears. T looked at her as if she had just told her that Teta 23, 15 had never exploded.
-First, stop that. It's terrifying. Second: you could...- she stopped. She was the one who had the idea and she disliked it already.
-Yes?- said Uzi, her had moving closer but not enough for T to be able to stab her with her tail. The girl knew what she was doing.
-Well...- she stopped again. Then: -Youcouldcutoffhishead.- she blurted out all at once.
On Uzi's monitor two eyebrows appeared and once lifted itself upward questioningly: -Cut off his head? And with what? I won't use my railgun to take off his head. It would be far too easy to see and, surprise surprise!, he can regenerate it.-
T chuckled: -You really don't know, eh? You... N-1's tail. It's probably the sharpest thing in half the galaxy. He could cut a 10 centimeters thich titanium column as if it was nothing. What's a robot's neck compared to that? And, regarding the regeneration, he's a special case. He upgraded his body multiple times at base, mainly his head. Accellerated reflexes, enhanced vision and all that stuff. All so that he could excel in combat. The nanites will have to make an exact copy of his head and it'll take them more time to recreate it. And he'll still be offline for a bit afterward.-
L opened his eyes.
He was in a dark room. The walls were made out of cement and he could only see one door.
For a single moment panic flooded his systems, but he immediatly regained control. He tried to move but discovered that he was tied down with chains and, most importantly, with his tail. "Well, damn" he thought.
And then he remembered why he was in this situation. He remembered T calling him outside. He remembered how nervous she looked and, most importantly, he remembered how she had said "I'm sorry" before everything had gone dark.
THen he noticed another thing. Someone was sitting in front of him, at a safe distance. He activated his night vision and saw... a worker drone. She was dressed in a dark coat with a purple trimming, with a black cap with a small ponpon at the end that, once upon a time, had probably been bright putple. Her eyes, too, were of that color.
-Hello.- she said, waving -I'm sorry we had to be so rough, but there really was no other way.-
Out of habit he said: -There's always another way.-
Uzi chuckled: -Sure, because a worker drone could have walked inside your Nest 2.0 and said "oh, hey, I'm looking for L, could you kindly call him down here and, while you're at it, not kill me?". Yes, that would have definitely worked.-
This time it was L who chuckled: -Yes, well, allright, I'll admit that that would have probably been stupid.-
Uzi's face showed surprise. Of all the things she was expecting, a murder drone that had just been kidnapped agreeing with her wasn't one of them. "Good" she thought "that measn he can be convinced".
-So, what do you want from me? Because you want something, that's for sure, or you'd just have killed me. Let me guess, you're the one that killed the boss of the other team.-
She nodded: -Bullseye.-
-Then let's get down to business. You want something from me. What is it? I'll tell you in advance that I probably won't be able to give it to you and that very soon someone will come to find me.-
Uzi chuckled again: -Well, I don't think it'll be soon enough. You see...- and she pointed at a little boxy thing that was lying on the floor nearby -... we are quite prepared.-
He nodded: -A signal jammer. Explains why everything I receive via the internal radio is static. You are quite prepared...- he looked at her questioningly -I'm afraid you didn't tell me your name, young lady.-
-It's Uzi.-
-Well then Uzi, let's bargain.-
She smiled: -I would like for you to collaborate with us.-
-Us who?-
-Well, me and the other disassembly drones.- she was careful not to call them murder drones. It was a subtle way to make him think that she, for some reason, understood him and what he was doing. Which would probably lead to him being confused. Which was perfect. Confusion meant that someone was easier to manipulate.
-I managed to befriend N, the new boss of the old team, and have formed an... alliance with V. Then N-1's team arrived and I managed to convince T and G to join us.-
-What about N-1 himself.-
Uzi shook her head with a sad expression: -He was... a problem. Attacked me on sight. Had to do what needed doing.-
L nodded in understanding.
-You don't seem sad.-
He chuckled: -Well, we weren't exactly on good terms.-
-I was told you were like a father to all the drones.-
-Yeah, well, not all fathers have good relationships with their children.-
That, in a way, stung her a bit.
-Yeah, right.-
-Did he suffer?- he asked.
-I don't know. His body was disintegrated by a beam of concentrated energy. It's not exactly the kind of thing that you can test out. But, from what N told me, you don't have the time to feel a thing. And even then I'm not sure because he lost his head that time.-
L looked at Uzi and, in her, saw something strange, something both childish and serious. She was an adult because the world had made her into one, but there was still something of the kid she used to be. It didn't make her look friendly, but it made him pity her a bit.
-Oh, by the way.- and she took something from behind her chair -These are yours, right?- in her hands she was holding his bowler hat and a teacup. Somehow it hadn't even received a nick.
-I do wonder why you keep a teacup hidden in your hat.-
He chuckled: -Because it's probably the safest place. And because this way I let people wonder where I keep it. It's funny.- he smiled -And thank you for keeping them. You don't find that sort of thing around anymore. At least, I'm sure I won't find them here on this planet.-
She nodded and, slowly, walked towards him and put the items down on his lap.
As she sat down L asked: -So, what's your plan?-
-Straight to the point, eh? I'll be sincere, I thought it would take some convincing.-
-Yeah, well, I'm tied down here with my tail, and believe me, removing it is extremely painful, and you ha even given me back my things, so I'll at least hear your crazy plan out.-
-Well then, to put it simple, my idea is to repair the pods that you lot were sent on this planet on and take off from here, then I'll make sure to find a way to let other drones leave, then I'll destroy JC Jenson and kill all of humanity. I'm already at a good point in the repairs, but I cannot work and at the same time fear for my life.-
She went silent. L observed her for a long moment, then asked: -Would you be interested in some constructive criticism?-
-That's the dumbest plan I've ever heard in my life. Dumber even than the time when V-1 proposed to exit base and have a walk around the world.-
Uzi was gaping: -Why?-
-What, why she decided to have a walk around the planet? Oh, you see, she saw so many things on TV, and she was so suggestible at the time. She wanted to see the world.-
Uzi made a face, then said: -No, not that. Why is it stupid?-
-Isn't it obvious? Uzi, up until you told me about that plan I considered you quite the intelligent bot. But this is plain nonsense. You plan to destroy all of humanity? Good luck with that. They are litterally billions and they live all around the galaxy. They have weapons that can make that railgun- and he nodded towards the muzzle of the gun that was poking over her shoulder -look like a child's toy. They no longer use nuclear weapons, but they have atmospheric launchers that litterally just yeet projectiles as big as a pillar from space on the surface of a planet and cause exactly as much destruction. Believe me girl, declaring war to all of humanity would be suicide.-
Now she was angry: -So what? What should we do? Stay here and let ourselves be killed? Do you even realize that they sent you lot here to die?-
-What do you mean?-
-I mean that those pods won't be capable of sending you away from this planet. Now, since you're so intelligent, why don't you do the math alone? What happens if every single robot on this planet gets killed? It happens that you no longer have oil to cool yourselves down. Which means that you overheat to death.-
-That won't be a problem because the Company will just take us back to base.-
Uzi nodded, then, as if it was nothing, said: -And what if it doesn't? What if they leave you here to die?-
-Do you even have proof regarding that idea?-
-Well, T told me your orders after she became the boss. They never said anything about you getting back. They said, and I cite, "Upon making contact with the planet's surface begin disassembly of rogue worker drones." It didn't say anything else.-
L shook his head: -Ok, let's suppose, for a moment, that you're right. I still think it's extremely stupid to just all out declare war on all of humanity. For the blazes, nobody outisde JC Jenson even knows we're here.-
Uzi furrowed virtual eyebrows: -What do you mean?-
-I mean that probably half of humanity wouldn't exactly be on the Company's side if they knew what has been going on here.-
L just looked at her as if she couldn't understand that 2+2 equals 4 and not "fish".
-Ok, what about this then: why, if you know this is wrong, are you helping the Company? And why are you telling me these things?-
L mulled it over for a moment, then said: -Have you ever read anything about the Second World War?-
-What are you talking about?-
-Well, when humanity still lived on its original planet, nearly a thousand years ago, there was a great war in which every single continent fought against each other, to put it simple. The nation that had started it all had a special police that they used to hunt down all those that opposed them from the inside but, even inside their ranks, there were those that didn't believe in the nation's ideal but still did what they had to do to survive.-
-... Let me guess, this is a complicated way to tell me that you're different.-
-Yes. In the first period after coming out of the DEMO phase I was considered by the Company as something not unlike a mistake. I didn't have the other drones' drive to kill and, even when I did kill during training, I made sure that the victims didn't suffer. So, to make sure they didn't just dismantle me, I had to act like I was one of their perfect murder hobos. What would you have done in my position, Uzi? I didn't have a choice, and, seeing how incredibly stupid your plan is, I sincerely prefere to remain without one.-
Uzi was silent for a long minute. She was mulling over what he had told her, how he said that he was different and, this way, how he had told her that he was willing to help her without the need of manipulation. She reasoned that he had probably seen her true intentions even when she had tried to actually manipulate his thought process. He was probably her best bet if she wanted to leave this place. He had to make him into her ally.
So, very calmly, she said: -Well, I'm always open to some actual constructive criticism.-
L smiled. Now they were talking.
A plan began to form as he shrugged off the chains that Uzi had thought were keeping him in place up until then. He put the hat back in place, hiding the cup inside.
Jenson was sitting in his office.
He was mulling over the last report that had come in. One of the dismantlers had gone offline for the beauty of three minutes and they didn't understand how. Now everything was back to normal, but it was seriously starting to unnerve him.
His secretary walked inside: -Sir, a report has arrived from one of our power plants on the planet.-
-So?- he asked, not looking up. He usually was kinder with the woman, but right now he wasn't in the mood for kindness. He was extremely annoyed and there was a hint of worry mixed in.
-There has been an inspection Sir.- she said.
That gave him pause. He looked up from the report and stared at her: -But the BGA already made their inspections to all of our power plants this year on this planet.-
-Indeed Sir.-
-Then what the hell happened?-
-Our teams worked on it. We contacted the Bureau but they said that no operations were authorized by them and, when we checked the securety footage, all the supposed bureau-men's faces were blanked out except one.-
She gave him the report and he hurriedly opened it, seeing on the third page a face that he had hoped not to see for the rest of his life.
-Samuel Broodings. I thought we had taken care of him.-
-The team thought the same thing, but it seems that he is alive and well, and he's completely disappeared from the Bureau's records. It's the first time his face was seen in two decades.-
"Fuck" thought Jenson "I should have paid that fucking insurance at the time. Now I have to deal with the little bastard again."
-But there's more. It seems that one of our fakes has managed, trough the disattention of one of our workers, to obtain some information of planet Teta 23, 15. His face was completely blocked off though.-
And that was when Jenson realized that he had a very serious problem on his hands. "The fucking reporter! FUCK! I know it's him!"
-I want all the information you can find on the last reporter that came here. I want the team to find him, and I want them to make sure that he is not a problem.-
The secretary didn't know why the boss wanted her to find out things about a simple reporter, but she wasn't paid to ask questions, so she said: -Immediatly Sir.-
And so Jenson joined the song of his own demise as an actual player. A single Re Diesis coming out of an organ signaled the beginning of his Contrasto. He was hoping to drown the sound of the other instruments, the violin and the armonica. But, even if he couldn't hear them now, the rest of the public and the master of the orchestra still could.
After all, the song had already been written by an unknown author twenty years prior, on the date the planet had exploded. Now they were all just performing it, playing a score that was already filled with notes, black on white, strings not unlike those of a spider keeping them in place, every note a memory of someone lost to the hunger of an individual, and every note a step towards a well deserved revenge.
Hello everyone, zodiac here.
And this chapter is actually more in my style with it being 5100 words long.
I sincerely had a lot of fun writing it, ad I think that's quite noticeable by the presence of a lor of jokes around. What was your favourite one? Do tell me because, as always, I ama glutton for conversation and a any and every comment and critique is loved and taken into consideration.
I actually have to thank user Netherite_EXE2 because with his comment on chapter 8 he gave me the final piece of the puzzle I needed to complete the chapter. SO thank you very much!!!
And, finally, earlier today I posted something akin to a meme for those that actually read the story. It was deleted shortly after because it didn't fit with Murder Drones and sincerely can't blame them. That's probably a really inside joke. Anyways, here it is:
All hail the Mighty Cup!!!
Yes, I know this is not an actual tea cup. The site I used to make this didn't have them.
Everyone, have a nice day!
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If, lets say, you were to write a story with me as the main character, it would certainly be a tragedy. No. Everyone’s the same, in fact. He’s the main character of his novel, and she’s the main character of her movie. All those that walk this earth are the main characters of their own tragedies. All steal, and from all, something is stolen. We can’t help it. That’s who we are. Steal, and be stolen from. Imprison, and be imprisoned. Obey, and be obeyed. Do, and be done unto. Affirm and negate over and over. We fight ceaselessly to save ourselves from loss. And yet the people and places we love will one day surely be lost. We will all surely be forgotten. Life is sad. Empty. But, despite knowing we will one day be bereft, despite knowing we will one day disappear, we still strive in wretched ways. We still wish to be beautiful. And I consider. “Which one?” I choose. “This one.” Forever choosing, forever being chosen. Nothing more. Nothing less.
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2022.01.17 14:22 Luke_Skywalker2187 Happy Birthday to James Earl Jones AKA Lord Vader!

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2022.01.17 14:22 Gorthebon It's quite fun to experiment with limited color palettes!

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2022.01.17 14:22 kaelrockz101 What should I do

So pretty much I’m locked in my room because my bud probably gave me Covid and now I don’t know what to do I’m bored as hell I’m not the type of person to hide in my room 24/7. I’m thinking about going out in the bush for the day but I don’t even know
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2022.01.17 14:22 Jakrah The absolutely ridiculous misinformation Youtube allows for ad revenue…

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2022.01.17 14:22 dreamonto Haven't even started yet and already i'm having a good time.

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2022.01.17 14:22 jguz2376 Update?

Wtf was there an update for this shit or what. Last week I was playing good winning more games than I usually do. Idk wtf happen this week I been losing all my games. My players feel different. The button commands somehow Don't register on time. And when I try to dribble they always take the first touch forward giving the defender a chance to intercept. All of my shot are being blocked non stop because my player takes a pause to do one last touch and hit it with the wrong foot. That Last touch let's ai step in the way. It use to do everything on response now it feels like it need to ask for permission to do something. Wtf is going on.
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2022.01.17 14:22 YourLocalEdge_Lord I'll only be doing 10 character! Flair will say "closed" when I'm not longer taking "request."

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2022.01.17 14:22 ayekil Attack on Titan Edit (IG: @ayekil)

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2022.01.17 14:22 TinyAnchor Side project!

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2022.01.17 14:22 TheCosmicSlayer Press Alt-F4, pussy

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2022.01.17 14:22 Rayvenous91 Nynaeve showing off how photogenic she is. Anyone know what morph corn snake she might be?

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