Champagne wine region

2022.01.19 19:45 Holamoncat Champagne wine region

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2022.01.19 19:45 bkchyn Just wanted you all to meet my little guy Ziggy

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2022.01.19 19:45 Korekoo Vocal fatigue when doing karaoke

Hi! Im couple years into singing. When i do practise around my house with small speaker, i never get fatigue. When i sing in studiu with headphones, after one hour, i get scratchy throat. I bought 10inch speaker and microphone for karaoke recently to further improve, but i foud it quite tricky to get things right.
Im always drinking plenty of water, trying to not be tensed up and have support, but somehow, i get fatigued quickly while doing karaoke. I can hear myself loud and clear, the music too..
Any advice on what to keep in mind while singing like this? Is it common? Is it caused by tension or poor breath support? Or are my vocals just unused and get used to couple hours of singing a week?
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2022.01.19 19:45 Otherwise-Cause-1638 Brainfog

Im on a covid leave 🥴. I cant remember if I called in already or not. Should I do it again or will it affect me somehow?
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2022.01.19 19:45 Artistic_Word_9375 Will I fail my drug test??

So long story short, as of today it is January 19th, I last smoked weed on December 11th 2021 so about roughly 40 days ago I smoked weed. I have this important drug test for my job tomorrow and I guess I’m a little paranoid I’ll fail. I’m not a heavy user and I’ve worked out and drank plenty of water since my last smoke sesh. Based on this, do you think It’s possible I’ll fail?
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2022.01.19 19:45 KickOpenTheDoorBot Introducing: Elemental Cats, by MonsterCorp! Now you too can own your own cuddly animal that'll probably destroy your household [Health:3101]

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2022.01.19 19:45 Deep_in_rest Bored at life

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2022.01.19 19:45 maelxich Amazon Cloud Support Associate Online Assessment/General Questions

Hi all,

I recently graduated with my Bachelor's in IT, and I was contacted by Amazon for the Cloud Support Associate role. It was through my school's channel on Handshake, for what that's worth.

In any event, I now have a week to complete the online assessment and figured it would be best to prepare but I am finding conflicting information. The posting calls for a degree, a knowledge of networking/OS/system, and experience with one scripting language. I have no experience in any scripting language. The most I got out of my degree program was some SQL, and minimal Java.

I'm at the point where I've seen examples of questions online, many of which I am unable to answer off the top of my head. I'm just confused on where I stand as some sources say it doesn't require coding experience, whereas others seem to heavily imply it's necessary.

Am I wasting my time by thinking I can do well by trying to prepare for this, or what? From what I've seen, it seems like I'm very much not qualified for what the job is, but at the same time they know I'm a recent grad with no experience in IT, so why would I even be considered?
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2022.01.19 19:45 Geminikatz Accepting Trade Ins

So I am in the process of changing over my very outdated POS system and plan to use square. The one thing I am struggling to figure out is I run a video game store and need to have the option to accept trade ins where I purchase items from the customers whether that be for store credit or cash. I want to make sure this is possible with square and when I make a purchase from a customer it adjusts the inventory as well as the drawer correctly.
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2022.01.19 19:45 ParkTeamYT Free to Play documentary has unobtainable trading cards

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2022.01.19 19:45 Master_of_strangest ~♡

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2022.01.19 19:45 catsandbats13 Blurry picture of a cat

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2022.01.19 19:45 blingblingballs Acacia Strain Wall Flags

Yo, does anyone have any of the album wall flags they sold last summer? I’m looking for continent or wormwood, but any of them would be cool. I’m looking to buy or trade.
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2022.01.19 19:45 124as My asshat coworker blamed me for something I didn't do. Instead of explaining things to our boss, I took his free weekend, his bonus, and made everyone hate him.

This happened last week, and I'm still giggling about it. I'll keep it as short as I can, but I guarantee it's worth the read. Tl;dr at bottom
Some context, I'm a warehouse manager- imagine the warehouse from The Office- for a company that handles flood and fire damage repairs. Pretty much every hospital for about 500 miles employs us. We have about a dozen crews that get their supplies from my warehouse. They'll give me their order before they come in, and I'll have it ready for them when they get here.
BY FAR the worst crew foreman is a man I'll nickname Angry Andy. He never gives me more than an hour to get his order ready, and is always piss mad when (surprise surprise) I don't have it ready in time. For comparison, the other foremen usually call in their order a few days in advance, so I'm always able to get theirs done early.
Last Wednesday Angry Andy comes storming into the warehouse, shouting at nobody in particular. I legitimately thought there was a fire or something, but nope, he was just angry. He goes upstairs to find the company Owner, kicking some boxes over on the way. I followed him up there. Angry Andy is basically yelling at the Owner that our flood truck is broken, and that I broke it (The flood truck is a big truck I keep ready for emergency floods, the crews sometimes come in the middle of the night for it). Literally he was cursing me out in front of the owner. I was beyond speechless and I normally don't like confrontation, so I went to check out the truck.
It was fine, Angry Andy had just flipped off the alternator and drained the battery by accident. The button is right next to the cruise control, so it's an easy mistake to make. It meant the truck wasn't actually broken, but it did make the battery die midtrip, which explained why he was so angry. I went up to apologize to him and the owner, and tell them I fixed the problem. It definitely wasn't my fault, but Angry Andy would have had a conniption if I had told him it was actually his fault and I didn't want to deal with that. Instead I just took the blame.
Here's the revenge part.
Sometimes on orders the foremen will mark down the wrong item on the pull sheet. It's usually not a big deal, I can normally catch the error and fix it before it becomes a problem. On Friday, Angry Andy sent in a pull ticket for a weekend job at a hospital about 6 hours away. He had marked down that he wanted two specialty scraper blades that match with a certain machine. Only, he marked the blades for the wrong machine. I saw the issue and could have just corrected it, but I didn't feel like doing him any favors. Instead, I filled the order just like it was written.
I gave him the wrong scraper blades, and on Saturday morning Angry Andy drove 6 hours to the job site, only to unload the order and realize he had the wrong blades. He called me around noon, yelling about how I gave him the wrong blades. I calmly sent him a photo of his pull sheet, and he shut up quickly when he realized it was actually his fault. He needed the scraper blades in order to get any work done on the job, so he had to get back in his truck and drive down here for the right blades. I called him when he was about halfway back, to ask if he remembered to bring back the other blades. I needed them for a job order I filled monday, and since he pulled them, it was his job to bring them back. He had forgotten, so he had to drive another 3 hours back to get the right blades, and then back to make the switch, and another 6 hours back to the job site. He had to drive an extra 12 hours because of his mistake, and that's not even the best part.
The best part is they got so little work done because they didn't have the right blades that they're having to work again this next weekend to finish the job. This next weekend was supposed to be his crew's weekend off (every crew gets one free weekend off every two months). All of his workers are pissed at him because they're working extra, and the owner is furious with him because of the expenses. I have it on good confidence that is significant portion of his job pay will be cut for this. He won't lose his job, but now everyone hates him and thinks he's a fool. Next time mark your orders right, doofus
tl;dr Pissy foreman coworker blamed me for a mistake that he made. I took the blame, then let him make a worse mistake when I could have caught the error. To make up for the mistake, he has to work on his weekend off. Now his workers hate him, his pay was docked, and the owner thinks he's an idiot
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2022.01.19 19:45 new_user45 Can't closeout interviews - EL

I have had 12 final round interviews since July 2021, SOA and CAS paths, Consulting and Insurance, Big & small companies. At first, it was comical how much interest I was getting back to back (I say this because the first time I made it to a 2nd round was March 2021, and I have been applying for EL roles since 2018).
For every final round, I would meet the Hiring manager and their team, or other colleagues (SVPs, VP's, Directors, Head/Lead actuary’s, rotational actuary’s, interns, etc.) And the interview would go great. How would I know, you may ask?

  1. Well, I kid you, not about 75% of interviews, the interviewer would say something like “you look like a future leader in this firm” or “you have great leadership qualities, I may be your boss someday.”
  2. Every interview I would have would go over the time scheduled (10-20mins). I once had a 90-minute interview (conversation) where we were only scheduled for 30 mins.
  3. I would be asked non-traditional questions, like “who would you like to have lunch with anyone in the world” or other deep insights
To me these are Green flags, and my thank you letters afterward reflect these moments. However, I will get ghosted, or 3-4 weeks will pass, and the recruiter will regret to inform me that they went with another applicant.
I apologize if this seems like a rant. I would appreciate any advice.
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2022.01.19 19:45 Seekingaloha To The Folks Complaining About Prices...You're A Bit Myopic

Back in the 90's a Grandma was escorted from Disney because she was wearing a shirt around the park complaining about Disney forsaking its customer base and charging $5 for a hot dog. That was 30 years ago. Disney has never been cheap and people have always complained about it.
But here is a couple of things to keep in mind...

  1. Like everything else on our planet, Disney is running up against the limits of its resources. We don't have enough of anything-anywhere. We do not have enough water, roads, housing, hospital beds, places at university, etc for the sheer number of people we are packing on to the planet. Capitalism is based on growing forever...ever increasing profits-more and better next quarter. But eventually you do run up against the limit of physical and natural resources. You guys are complaining about Disney like the problems you face there are unique. You're myopic. As the planet packs itself out, the quality of life for everyone is going down. There are not enough resources to go around and we there is ever more competition for what is here. Spoiler: Its going to get worse.
  2. Service going down at Disney? Where isn't it going down? I don't know of any business that isn't cutting hours and services or at least struggling to maintain them. (Or aren't hiring because they refuse to pay a wage necessary to afford housing. Its hard to say. I think a lot of these businesses are getting us used to less service and enjoying the profits.) I don't expect things to ever go back. Bad service is the new norm. Didn't think it could get worse than call centres...and then it did. STOP taking it out on the poor employees still going to work everyday.
  3. The plan for every business is to "push us to digital" and get rid of employees. If you're a little guy, plan on some form of robot being your "guest service". That wholesome Disney employee at guest services who was happy to wait on the phone half an hour to make you dinner reservations or draw you maps, is gone. Its all about self service at McDonalds and the grocery store and an app for making reservations. There always has been a "velvet rope experience" and an experience for the rest of us. The "rest of us" are going to be managed by digital. Digital bosses, digital HR, digital banks, digital waiters...Digital Disney.

4. There is no money in serving the masses anymore. We all need to adjust to that reality. This is a follow on from above in pushing us to digital and population numbers running up against finite resources. Take for example my local branch of Bank of America. They've gotten rid of all their tellers. You have to wait for a banker to emerge from an office to do an in person transaction. The popular narrative is people don't want to work so they can't hire people. Nah. This started before covid. Branches are loss leaders. Checking accounts are loss leaders. They pay money to hold your savings deposits. They aren't even that interested in selling even mortgages anymore and they definitely don't want you in the branch. Why would they? No money is to be made from someone showing up to a branch a few times a week who also demands a free checking account. They only really want you around if you have a chance of becoming a wealth management client.
I see the same thing being played out in places like Disney. As natural resources get more and more expensive, it becomes impossible to serve everyone at bargain price. Tickets are Disney's loss leader. Disney makes its money if, like the bank, you are a HNW client who spends on merchandise, experiences and service. Providing a park for millions of people who spend $100 a day on food is the same cost as providing a park for people who spend $500 a day. Given the limited number of "seats" Disney has/the physical limitations to their park, who do you think they'd rather have? The guy who is only around for the free checking account or the guy who will give you 2% a year for moving all his assets into wealth management? If you have no money and scraped to get your ticket, you are never going to be a HNW spender at Disney. It follows that they aren't going to chase your business by expanding the business they provide to you.
  1. Lots of people scream like Disney has some moral obligation above every other business on the planet to provide the same thing it did 50 years ago...a solid "small town, middle class, family vacation". But that's never been a reality and is some romantic notion we had about Disney and our own youths. Disney has always been expensive. Your parents probably didn't easily afford it and neither can most now. 50 years ago Disney was a once in a life time trip for families. Going to Hawaii was something maybe one person in your city did. Now everyone is complaining that it's not affordable to consume a Disney vacation EVERY YEAR! What I find really irritating is the same people complaining about it not being a great experience once or twice a year, are never the people saying...maybe I'll go less so more people can afford it and have a better experience. Your increased demand is what drives up the costs for everyone. Where is your concern for "american families"?
  2. Inflation. Who isn't raising costs? Inflation has been artificially suppressed by the Fed since Clinton. Its going to bounce back twice as hard. We all knew it was coming. Buckle down.
  3. Disney shouldn't/won't open more parks to serve more of you for cheap for all the reasons I listed above. Limits to the number of employable people. Limits to the number of housing units available for low wage employees in Central Florida. Limits to water, roads. Have you seen I-4? Limits to the number of flights that can come to the area. The huge environmental impact another park has. They don't have people to make beds and all think they can hire enough people to build, staff and maintain another park? In our lifetime we will have no wild elephants or tigers because we are taking their land and you're whining about Disney not expanding its footprint and taking over more land for more parks...its weirdly myopic.
This is by no means a "let them eat cake" speech. I too mourn the world as it was, but I honestly don't care if not everyone can afford Disney. There are people spending a weeks worth of wages on a gallon of water because we've overpopulated the planet so heavily. Take the big picture in. More people competing for resources equates to a lower quality of life for all of us. Get used to it.
TL/DR-Your experience with Disney isn't unique. We live in a physical world with finite resources. We've grown past the point of resources. We are a billion people past resource replacement. We run a resource deficit beginning every June. And yet you all expect cheap water, cheap theme parks with no lines, cheap food, empty roads. It doesn't equate. Lexus lanes, toll bridges, fast passes etc are the new norm. Quality of life for everyone and every animal is decreasing and will continue to decrease. Get used to it and adjust your expectations.
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2022.01.19 19:45 Le_ShuffleOnYouTube [QC] Air Jordan 1 University Blue ¥198 from WTG

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2022.01.19 19:45 shortbusterdouglas Light Up The Night in Style.

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2022.01.19 19:45 Classic-Pop-3935 I want to be a doctor

Hey guys I’m almost done with high school and I want to be a doctor but I have no idea how to become one in Saudi so I’m asking you guys for help btw I’m Saudi also how much would you need to score on the qudarat in order to accepted
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2022.01.19 19:45 Gorillainabikini What’s your best experience of someone who is chaotic good?

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2022.01.19 19:45 watusshi [KDE Plasma] Mom says no to Macbook so I have to make my own!

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2022.01.19 19:45 gcat00 Time commitment as a full-time student?

I work full-time and am starting with ASU Online in the fall as a transfer student to finish my degree. I have 60-70 credits left (still waiting on a full transfer credit report).
I'm debating whether to start with one or two courses per session. I realize that two 3-credit courses per session is 12 credits per term and is essentially full-time. Does it feel like a full-time workload? Are those studying at this pace actually putting in the expected 36-40 hours a week for two courses at a time?
I work a 9-5 and really don't have the time or energy to put in 40 additional hours for class, but two courses at a time does seem doable. I guess I'm just wondering what to expect as far as the average workload goes. I'm going to be doing IAP and have most of my gen eds out of the way, so it's not like any super specialized technical classes...
anyone have any thoughts to share about whether I should start full- or part- time?
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2022.01.19 19:45 TheBelzeburp I was thinking about a new rewarding system that could help with the BOTs out there and also be please for the player. Sometimes people complain that they can't play the game a lot in the weekend and miss a lot of cool opportunities. If you like to idea upvote the post and let the devs notice it

I was thinking about a new rewarding system that could help with the BOTs out there and also be please for the player. Sometimes people complain that they can't play the game a lot in the weekend and miss a lot of cool opportunities. If you like to idea upvote the post and let the devs notice it submitted by TheBelzeburp to GodsUnchained [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 19:45 BabyL24 I haven’t had my toes sucked in a long timee

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2022.01.19 19:45 Paighton-Alyxss Study Techniques

What are some one you use? I've been using pomodoros and I would really like to know what works well for other!!
Silence or background noise?
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