Finally something that i like about my body

2022.01.17 13:39 Subgamerlol Finally something that i like about my body

I got fat during the quarantine time and i was really ashamed of my body. But i started some abs exercises like a month ago and i made some progress. (I can see some muscles and some packs now)
Just wanted to share it with u guys. If anyone have a story like this please share it to the comment section.
Peace out
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2022.01.17 13:39 DiamondWorld99 UK - career change worth it or just greedy?

So I (M25) am currently a maintenance engineer on £40k in Cambridge, and thinking of giving it a go learning to programme purely for the possibility of a higher wage and ability to work from home. I wouldn’t say I have much interest in programming, it definitely seems cool and I do like problem solving, however, I’ll be 100% transparent and the idea of a change is I am chasing money.
I don’t dislike my job now, in fact it’s good, I could most likely get £45 within the next 2/3 years and £50k in 10.
So my question really is am I naive in thinking that a career change will guarantee better salary quicker? (Doing the Odin project it’ll most likely take me 1.5 years to complete)
I also feel that I’m doing well myself already and I’m just being greedy and need to stop with the salary envy.
Side note: I’m also under no impression that this will be easy. Plus I don’t want to commute or move to London😬
Sorry that this reads like a diary entry, just wanted to answer some questions before they get asked.
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2022.01.17 13:39 Vanessaa1995 Show me your tea cups 💕

I’d love to see everyones different tea cups !
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2022.01.17 13:39 carbondiet They must know something I don't [Olympus OM2n, expired Walgreens 400, 24mm Zuiko]

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2022.01.17 13:39 Drakerune Making a paranoia esk system?

How would I go about making a ticking time bomb mechanic like Stalin's paranoia? Where a variable keeps going up and you have to reduce it?
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2022.01.17 13:39 JoffSides The "Reason Sounds" folder in R11/12

Was this always there? Or is this a new-ish addition to the DAW I found a whole bunch of sounds I can definitely use in there, nice surprise.
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2022.01.17 13:39 SadFox32 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐 submitted by SadFox32 to DylanteroYT [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 13:39 Zulimations a savior cometh

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2022.01.17 13:39 Jiuzhaigou Can anyone recommend a book on how to deal with being defensive?

If someone's always defensive when faced with criticism for example, are there any good resources to learn how to deal better with it so it doesn't cause arguments and ill feelings?
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2022.01.17 13:39 winterneuro James May and his full-size Lego house nobody wants

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2022.01.17 13:39 Narrow_Sound5636 Not even Star Trek subreddits are safe from pornsickness!

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2022.01.17 13:39 W322A xbox, uk, not played in a while

Haven't played in a while, looking to start playing more regular with a team. Anyone up for a few games?
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2022.01.17 13:39 NetMassimo Groenlandia, gli ‘occhi’ di Sentinel sui ghiacciai

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2022.01.17 13:39 FacemanGaming25 [Question] I am not being accepted as yt partner, because "i'm stealing content". This is not true and i don't know how to convince them.

So apparently i have to send them a video to convince them they're wrong. But what exactly should i say? I can only say "this are my videos, i'm not stealing them". But how should that convince them? Everyone can say that.
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2022.01.17 13:39 ZealousidealRun5210 Freedom aparkat

Aparkat kaç saattir yok amk merak ettim nerde bu oç?
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2022.01.17 13:39 forsenHorsen Michelle

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2022.01.17 13:39 planecompanyshort911 Qualcuno ha ricevuto messaggi simili a questo?

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2022.01.17 13:39 donk_kronk [Poetry] Very hot Twitch date

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2022.01.17 13:39 Bunky-Pruster Sku check please!

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2022.01.17 13:39 WeTheNorth20 Public Mobile referral code reddit January 2022 - 39X8ZN

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2022.01.17 13:39 positronicman War and Peace amongst the Apes

This is a long post that covers a lot of ground. We start by looking at how online communities, and how they grow, develop, and change. This gets connected to the larger ape community, and how it has been changing over the past year – especially over the past 4-6 months or so, establishing that the ape community is an online community that develops according to the same general rules as other online communities.
Next we look at the existential threat that this community poses to certain other communities, and how strongly those outside forces are motivated to counter the threat we pose to them.
With that groundwork in place, we begin to look at the most basic and enduring of all conflict strategies (divide and conquer), how it is being used against us, and the self-perpetuating discord that it creates.
We then move on to look at how we are getting trapped into cycles of self-defeat (by the above), and what the divide+conquer strategy used against us looks like in practice.
This then leads us to the ongoing ‘debate’ over ape influencers on YT, and why they’ve become the flashpoint ground zero for community division.
Finally, I bring this into focus around one particular ape recently on YT whom I know personally from back in the day Al from Boston). I use him as a case study for everything discussed to that point, but it’s also a general plea to stop doing the hedgies work for them, and stop attacking my buddy on utterly spurious bs grounds.
Eternal May of the Apes.
New subcultures begin with early adopters. They live outside normie Overton Windows. As a result, these people spot/create/join rends before they peak. And when they become convinced by a new concept/product/group, they are willing to deal with potentially unreasonable amounts of friction to get involved.
Way back in the early days of bitcoin, you had to track someone down in the real world to buy some. Of the total 21 million that will ever be mined, ~15-20% is estimated to be lost. For good. Seems crazy, right? But this is the proof of how subcultures develop.
The vast majority of that loss happened in the earlier years. Back then, crypto wasn’t cool. And the early adopters put up with a huge amount of hassle and required technical knowledge just to participate. But they believed in the vision, and they spread the word to all corners of the world. Eventually, the turbo nerds worked out a bunch of the kinks and friction, making it much easier to get involved. So more people did. Then you had the early bros start making big money with it. Which attracted a whole new class of people who didn’t care at all about the vision or purpose of magic internet money. They were profit maximizers who had spotted opportunity. Enter the corporations and wall street. These new entrants also spread the word, but only to bring in new blood & treasure, the better to extract it. In fact, many of these were (and remain) actively hostile to the goals of the cypherpunk movement that spawned cryptocurrency.
All right, so what? This is the Eternal September Effect (from the link in this section title above). It’s the same thing that has happened to every successful internet community ever. Weirdos find each other to do/talk-about weird stuff. Weird stuff turns out to be valuable. Machivellians start infiltrating the weirdos in order to get in on some of that sweet value. Weirdos are ecstatic, since they are finally getting some recognition, and the Machivellians are always just so damn cool. Machivellians figure out how to game/exploit/wring-out-every-last-ounce-of-soul weird new thing and word leaks out into mainstream awareness. Enter the fomos. Each stage of this process dilutes the shared vision that allowed the group to become ‘successful’ in the first place. Each stage of this process further erodes any norms or principles that were integral to the valuable weird thing. Each stage of this process brings more and more people into the fold that have less and less connection/passion/true-belief/understanding to/foin/of the weird thing. Which is how you go from quirky and cool idea to soulless corporation in a few easy steps.
While I particularly like the Eternal September lens for analyzing community growth/development, it is far from the only useful one. Check out David Chapman’s "Geeks, MOPs, and Sociopaths in Subculture Evolution", which offers a far more elaborated and thoughtful analysis of this phenomenon.
One last comment here before moving on: None of this is brought as a critique or indictment of the Ape communities – yes that’s plural. We’ve already had several factional schisms, and new denominations are popping up every week. But it is a sober and clear-eyed recognition of what the life-cycle of subcultures actually is, and that it applies to us.
There is no war in Ba Sing Se The second major thing for apes to self-recognize is that our family of subcultures only exist in reaction. If it were not for rampant market unfairness, there’d be no reason or rallying cry for us. If hedgies hadn’t been shortselling good companies into the dust for generations, there’d be no opportunity for MOASS.
The upshot here is that apenation comes with built-in enemies. Our very existence threatens theirs. There can be no peace. It us or them, and this only ends with one eating the other. Seriously, if our thesis holds true, and we all hodl strong, SHFs stand to lose everything. Many, many, many billions of USD dollars. We are the barbarian hordes crossing the Great Wall and knocking on the gates of Rome. And they know it.
Make no mistake, this is war. For them, it has become a war for survival. And they will marshal every weapon, person, resource, and tactic at their disposal to win the war, survive, and grind us into the dust like the unwashed masses that we are. I see a lot of apes poo-pooing any discussion of this. “I’m too civilized and reasonable to believe that they’d actually have dozens of FTEs infiltrating our subs, create thousands of bot/sockpuppet accounts on all social platforms to spread FUD, build individual profiles on as many of us as they can, or anything else underhanded! I’m such a stand up guy!” Guess what pal, your thirsty virtue signaling doesn’t change reality. And if you don’t think a firm with a few billion AUM won’t call in every favor, pull every string they have, and brazenly like/cheat to keep from going under water then you are just deluding yourself. We are talking about some of the wealthiest, most politically connected, and powerful people in the world. And we’re at the top of their lists of existential threats.
Accept it. Believe it. Internalize it. Every moment of every day around the world, literally thousands of smart savvy financial operators are plotting, scheming, and taking action to ensure that we fail. Every moment that you spend on reddit, YT, twatter, etc. posting and reading about our favorite stocks, they are studying us, working to manipulate us, and doing everything in their power to drag this out. Yes, they have more on the line than we do. Classic problem of the commons. Our risk/reward is relatively diffuse across millions of apes. Theirs is concentrated into relatively few firms and institutions. Oh, and they are buddies with (or former members of) the ‘regulatory’ agencies (and companies!), government officials and politicians, and the techbros that run the platforms we use to talk. How many fintech startups are there right now that are entirely focused on “sentiment analysis” and “social media monitoring” and “open source intelligence”? A bunch. How many subscribers in our favorite subs are bots, shills, etc.? Probably very many. An old saying from the combat arms, said to guys who are tired and want to stop training, goes something like this: “Right now, out there, an enemy training to kill you is pushing harder. Training more. When the time comes and you meet, who’s going to win?”
Art of War 101 Alright, so we’ve covered how communities grow and dilute as they become ‘successful’. We’ve acknowledged that we are in a fight to the death with our opponents, and that they have massive resources they are willing to dedicate towards defeating us. When you add these together, what do you get?
As communities grow and dilute, they naturally tend towards endless schism and factionalism. As a massive, diffuse, and geographically spread-out group, apenation is particularly susceptible to the most basic of strategies. Divide and Conquer. Every opportunity to pit ape against ape will be exploited. Every hurt feeling and stuffed ego will be fueled. Every bs line of conspiracy-thinking will be nurtured. And so far, we’ve been playing right along, letting them fuel the fires of ape-division.
So here we are, a full year on, and the community is so much larger, but also so much more fragmented and divided than ever before. Virtually every post or video gets comments of “shill!”, then the ones crying shill get called shill. Where apes avoid doing osint on the SHFs, they’re more than happy to do shitty internet research on every loud ape voice, looking for dirt. Tearing one another down. Focusing on differences that shouldn’t matter in this context (religion, politics, profession, etc.). Playing right into their hand.
Art of War Mastery by a Bunch of Idiots Who Should Know Better We are being defeated by ourselves. The one play our enemies have (barring extreme governmental fuckery) is to drag this out. The longer it goes, the more the community falls apart. The DD is long since done. Watching the charts all day and riding the emotional rollercoaster rots your brain and erodes your diamondness. We used to have so much research to do and read. But the work is done. We can keep rehashing it, looking for yet more evidence, but that’s essentially wheel-spinning. The DD is done.
Which sounds good, until you remember that we are an online community in current year. We thrive on novelty, engagement, and new content. OG apes have largely checked out – they did their DD and bought their shares, now just waiting. Other apes have remained active, but become jaded and cynical towards the community itself. It has become oh, so cool, to call any influential apes shills and grifters. To distrust any ape newer than oneself.
It’s time to go back to our halcyon days retarded art of war mastery. If you’re an ape, buy and hodl. If you wanna engage online, be welcoming and supportive. Don’t feed the trolls. Basic internet community 101 shit. If you’re new to these kind of online spaces, try to ease into it. And always remember the platinum rule: don’t be an asshole.
My Thoughts on YTer Apes At this point there’s a whole ecosystem of apes on youtube. Giant ones. Tiny ones. OG-types and brand new. Some are touchy-feely, some are charts and TA, some are philosophical, and some are just vibe and hype. I personally find many of them offputting in style. I also found a few of them to be incredibly helpful when I was just a baby ape, looking for easy-to-consume info. This whole thing is a huge rabbit hole, that is way outside of your average person’s experience and knowledge. There are a ton of resources now, in video or writing, but it takes a while to fully onramp and understand just what the hell is going on.
I was prompted to write this after seeing an irl friend make a yt channel and start producing DD videos. He started small, largely off the radar, until about a month ago he started making more videos and gaining traction. Almost immediately, he started getting drowned in vile shit. Death threats, racism, the works. Then a crew of twitteratti started trying to find discrepancies in order to discredit him. Everywhere I go online that he gets referenced, there’s a slew of comments: shill this, grifter that, fake, bla, bla, bla. I happen to know first hand that none of this is accurate or true. And that he is doing YT in order to spread the word and do his part to help boost morale and the eventual MOASS. Of course, I want to believe that these attacks are themselves coming from shills and plants seeking to stoke division. And some might even be. But leaning in to that feeling is our greatest vulnerability. At this point, the shills and SHFs could take the week off, and we’d all still be accusing each other and trying to take each other down. And of course, that is their goal. Right now, in the psychological war, I worry that they are winning. We don’t need to split community over how high MOASS goes, or do you like NFTs, or celebrity investors, or celebrity apes, or any fucking thing besides buy and hodl.
Every issue on top of we like the stock is a potential wedge for the enemy to divide us.
Different personalities/influencers offer different things. I think Matt Kohrs makes people feel like they’re wrapping their head around the broader stock market, and that they’re part of his gang. TMI and STV keep people calm and collected while diving into the deets, and you can hang with them all day. Trey gets you fired up and passionate about your why and where this is going. Lou is a hype monster that dunks on the hedgies. Pi-Fi gets technical and brings superstonk supremacy to video. Simulate & Trade tackles bite-size news updates and philosophical analysis of wall street shenanigans. So many more, but I think you get the general idea.
I don’t like all of these yt-ers. Some of them, I personally can’t stand their style. Some of them seem pretty “trust me, bro”. Some of them seem like they are not just an ape, but building their brand for a post-MOASS life. Some of them are making bookoo bucks. Some of them care about things I don’t. Some of them like stocks that I don’t.
So what? Unless someone is out there telling apes to sell early, or sowing division, where’s the problem? We don’t all have to like each other. The shrewdness is large, it is diverse on every axis, and many of us would never get along in any other context. So what? You hold for me, and I hold for you. Apes together strong. Different apes have different interests and gifts, and bring different kinds of value to the table. And it’s a biiig table, with room for all of us.
My Buddy Al Al From Boston and I know each other from the Marines back in the day. You’ll notice frequent military terminology from both of us, as the counterinsurgency wars we fought heavily shaped our thinking. And we’ve watched in the years since as the technologies, techniques, and tactics we helped to develop were brought home to the western world. We know first hand the power of these tools in changing minds and shaping behavior. If there is a data set on you comprehensive enough to predict how you’ll react to something (and there is, on basically all of us), it can be used to control you. Inputs and outputs.
So when I see Al getting flayed online by people screaming that Harvard Extension School isn’t really Harvard (it is), or that his NAM was dated in 2021 (welcome to the shitty bureaucratic world of military awards coming in a decade late) it really grinds my gears. Here is a guy who is an immigrant, who climbed his way up in America and then spent years of his life fighting America’s wars overseas. He’s become successful and is now trying to give back by spreading the good ape word. What have you done? As for me, I’m a nobody, and a pretty small time ape. But Al’s the one who originally pierced my internet bs filter back in the late spring and got me to take a good, hard look at this. So I, at least, am living proof that he is working for the benefit of our community.
Now he’s got his own YT channel and is making a bunch of videos that cover the full range DD behind it all. Breaking it down barney-style for new and prospective apes. He’s not just regurgitating others’ DD either, but actually collecting and crunching SEC datasets. He makes wild-seeming claims about million dollar share prices, and then backs it up with the full data and reasoning. You might disagree, and that’s fine. But I wish there was less default skepticism for any newer ape spreading the word. A lot of folks are correctly concerned about motivation for some of these big money-making influencers. But I know first-hand that Al’s motivation is to share the ape gospel. It’s true that he is starting a paywalled section of his channel, but it’s so he can fund data sources a small, analyst team, and bring in prominent non-ape voices to spread our reach amongst the non-apes. I know for a fact that any money he makes from this, beyond covering expenses is 100% going into ape shares. More ape-owned shares = higher squeeze.
I won’t shill and recommend that anyone give any money to any yt-er for any reason ever. But I will recommend that you check out his videos, maybe the recent one he did with his old squad leader and Trey’s Trades on a milli share price. They go through the data, and attempt to convince a skeptical and cautious Trey. This is the value I see that Al brings to the community. Knowing that there’s at least one big-time ape out there who’s going to hold long past you. Getting apes to raise their sights and consider the ‘unreasonable’. Because there’s nothing reasonable about our financial system in general, or the stock markets. These predatory, vulture-capitalist, short sellers and their antics are the most unreasonable of all. They engineered this situation, drunk on their own hubris and past governmental bail outs. So, my ape brothers and sisters, give Al a chance. But most importantly, keep calm and hodl on!
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2022.01.17 13:39 MishkaTools knives and beer! 🍻🔪

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2022.01.17 13:39 rootingforme 10/10 loaf✔️ Freshly groomed tuxedo suit✔️ Puuuurfectly kept burst of whiskers✔️

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2022.01.17 13:39 Left_Holiday_4887 WETH to usdt question

im trying to swap weth to usdt on sushiswap. I only have .001 matic for the swap and that isn't enough do i need to buy some then send it to my wallet. sorry very new to this.
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2022.01.17 13:39 Fournote Who is your favorite band or artist that released one or two albums before disbanding or quitting?

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