Indicação de Motel pelo centro :)

Após a indicação para assumir a embaixada em Portugal, Carreiro foi alvo de um pedido de suspeição protocolado na manhã da última sexta-feira no TCU pelo deputado Elias Vaz (PSB-GO ... Gestante e Puérperas sem comorbidade, com indicação médica Servidores PREVIVAG Gestante e Puérperas, com indicação médica de 12 a 17 anos Pessoas com Síndrome de Down de 12 a 17 anos Caminhoneiros. Clique para realizar o login caso seja um estabelecimento de saúde e ja tenha realizado o seu pré-cadastro A indicação premiada UNIASSELVI é válida para calouros e veteranos do EAD e Presencial. Só valem indicações para graduação da UNIASSELVI feitas pelo portal. Quanto mais indicar, mais mensalidades gratuitas você pode ter, consulte o edital para mais detalhes sobre o programa. Na hipótese de devolução de mercadoria a contribuinte não optante pelo Simples Nacional, a ME e a EPP farão a indicação no campo "Informações Complementares", ou no corpo da Nota Fiscal Modelo 1, 1-A, ou Avulsa, da base de cálculo, do imposto destacado, e do número da Nota Fiscal de compra da mercadoria devolvida. Este medicamento deve ser tomado 3 a 4 vezes por dia, consoante indicação médica; Mioflex: tem em sua composição o analgésico Paracetamol, o relaxante muscular Carisoprodol e o anti-inflamatório Fenilbutazona, sendo indicado aliviar a dor e relaxar a musculatura em casos mais dolorosos como artrite reumatoide e osteoartrose por exemplo. Cadastro - Currículo Lattes - Para uma melhor experiência ... Potência elétrica é definida como a rapidez com que um trabalho é realizado. Ou seja, é a medida do trabalho realizado por uma unidade de tempo. A unidade de potência no sistema internacional de medidas é o watt (W), em homenagem ao matemático e engenheiro James Watts que aprimorou a máquina à vapor.. No caso dos equipamentos elétricos, a potência indica a quantidade de energia ... Propósito. O arquivo hosts é uma das facilidades existentes no endereçamento de redes dentro de um computador. Faz parte da implementação do protocolo de internet, e serve na tradução de um nome compreensível para os seres humanos em um endereço ip, que identificará um integrante ou destino da rede.. Em alguns sistemas operacionais utilizam o arquivo hosts como método preferencial ... Adquira o DREAM Colágeno hoje e seja protegido pela nossa GARANTIA DE 30 DIAS, onde você tem 30 dias para testar nosso produto, e se por algum motivo, dentro desse prazo, você não sentir resultados (o que achamos muito difícil), basta enviar um e-mail para o nosso SAC ([email protected]) e nós devolveremos 100% do valor investido!Basta nos enviar os potes de volta, mesmo que estejam ... Indicação de condutor - solicitar e acompanhar Acesse o serviço. SNE - Sistema de notificação eletrônica Acesse o serviço. Defesa / recurso - solicite e acompanhe o andamento ... Solicite ou acompanhe sua defesa pelo portal do Detran.SP. 2ª via de multas para veículos registrados em São Paulo.

2022.01.19 19:16 Imaginary-Ganache817 Indicação de Motel pelo centro :)

Marquei um date sábado, mas conheço nada de POA
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2022.01.19 19:16 missingno_real Soldiers! This is a call to action!

We must fight back!
Write your novels, type your replies, and give. them.
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2022.01.19 19:16 Jwakester Yup a of people will but it won't be Retail and it won't be a meme then

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2022.01.19 19:16 Tulkas4242 Stormlight in the wild!

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2022.01.19 19:16 no-thing-every-thing Moving/shifting Entire Timeline

I deleted an intro from a song and now the whole song needs to be shifted to the beginning of the timeline since it will not auto adjust. I cannot “select all” on desktop since i used mobile to make the vocals and they are greyed out.
Is there a way to move my song without moving each element individually? And proposed solutions are welcome.
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2022.01.19 19:16 InevitableDecision21 Give me your best two sentence response that you use when a TBM asks you why you left the church

Cognitive dissonance makes it incredibly hard for TBMs to listen for more than like 10 seconds before shutting down completely. Frankly, you'll be lucky to get that.
When I first left, my go-to (TBM digestible) response was this:

"For years I've dealt with cognitive dissonance over science contradicting young earth creationism and the church contradicting social issues. One day I just woke up and realized for myself that it wasn't true."
Of course, my response is not going to change anyone's mind. It's not specific and it's too much to matter to others. Also, I sincerely didn't know about any of the problematic history and evidence of falsehood until after I left.
Now my response might be to primarily plant a small kernel of problematic truth:
"I decided to leave when I found out that Joseph Smith was 37 years old when he married a 14 year old girl after promising her parents eternal life. I also had trouble with the fact that many of his plural wives wrote about having sexual relations with Joseph Smith."
Unfortunately, this isn't actually why I left because I didn't know about any of this at the time. What do you say when a TBM asks you why you left?
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2022.01.19 19:16 urmom10101010 Is this good

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2022.01.19 19:16 thelonleywaffle Don’t know much abt trading, think I want to start an index fund. Want to find app that has an easy and smooth UI and won’t crash.

19 years old. Have some money left over from graduation and want to put it into an index fund. Thing is, idk what app to use. I tried robinhood but my family’s bank doesn’t work with that app. Need advice on other apps
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2022.01.19 19:16 clockonthewallz How tuff is the lace?

I saw they put out long womens boxers but they have lace on them? I'm looking for shorts for chaffing prevention and have had a similar style as those and my thunderthighs tore the lace to shreds. If anyone gotten any of the lace varieties and could offer some feedback I'd appreciate it thx!
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2022.01.19 19:16 SnooStories6848 What enneagram type do you think I am based on my type me answers? (Wings + Tritype + instinctual clarinet ideas would also be appreciated if ya can)

How old are you? What's your gender? Give us a general description of yourself.
I am a 17 year old male. I find it very hard to describe myself, but I think the best description of me is someone who is constantly following his own fuzzy, inconsistent, visions of who he wants he wants to be, and who occasionally falls into the archetypes he thinks up for fun. I’ve been and often fall back into the archetypes of the “fun madman,” the “manipulative primadonna,” and MUCH more, but I think my general mannerisms trend in the “absent-minded thinker” than anything else. I am generally quote conscious of the personas I hold.
• Is there a medical diagnosis that may impact your mental stability somehow?
I have EOE, which is unfortunately tied to anxiety, which I suffer from.• Describe your upbringing. Did it have any kind of religious or structured influence? How did you respond to it?
It‘s been interesting. My parents relationship fell apart and they got a divorce, which in turn destroyed a lot of stability that could have been. I was honestly pretty indifferent except for when my privacy was endangered, at least temporarily. I absolutely hate one of my parents (due to infidelity (depending one your definition of it), seems to think she’s a boss but gets literally nothing done without help, who has is fine, but drop the pretense if you can’t hide it that well) so recently we’ve been sparring. My other parent is determined to be the emotional backbone of the family but I have difficulty trusting her. So what I’m getting at is I respond to my dysfunctional family with a degree of antipathy and wish that people would at least do a better job faking so we could pretend there’s harmony or something.
• What do you do as a job or as a career (if you have one)? Do you like it? Why or why not?
I‘m a lifeguard and swim instructor, and am pretty annoyed by my job. It’s pretty boring and I’m faaaar to absent minded so I’m terrified that I won’t know how to react in a crisis. I like the friendships I make along the way though, and can appreciate the adrenaline rush of an emergency in theory, so it’s perfect for me in that there’s always an element of danger even though nothings ever going to happen.
• If you had to spend an entire weekend by yourself, how would you feel? Would you feel lonely or refreshed?
I’d be pleased, since I’d want to spend time alone and other people being around me stresses me a lot of the time. I’d definitely (as I do) text my friends a lot, watch Netflix but never make it through whatever show I’m watching. Probably imagine a cool character concept for my story (that I wouldn’t get ariynd to writing) and fall into the character I created lol.
• What kinds of activities do you prefer? Do you like, and are you good at sports? Do you enjoy any other outdoor or indoor activities?
I prefer the messy, complicated, strategic games (like subterfuge, if you’ve played that), ESPECIALLY when I’ve hit the point in that type of game where everything’s a mess and I’m hoping I can outwit the rest and am fighting for my in-game survival. It’s such a thrill. What I like just as much is the ”friendship” I develop with my allies. Athletics-wide I can run and am ok-ish at cross country and I can do decently in shotput, but I don’t like athletics for the thrill of athletics, but I do like the social component so long as my friends are there.
• How curious are you? Do you have more ideas then you can execute? What are your curiosities about? What are your ideas about - is it environmental or conceptual, and can you please elaborate?
I certainly like to *view* myself as curious, but as for my actual level of curiosity, it’s hard to say. I think I am, I do like to research around about topics of interest, typically centered in STEM and in phycology. I have a lot of ideas that I don’t really execute and I am pretty dependent on my friends to bring plans to fruition, but I am working on getting better at doing the work myself. My ideas are more fuzzy and conceptual, but they definitely have a very strong environmental influence.
• • Are you coordinated? Why do you feel as if you are or are not? Do you enjoy working with your hands in some form? Describe your activity?
Lol no. I walk into walls, trip over everyhting, nothing serious luckily but it’s definitely jarring. I like drawing and sometimes I write by hand, but I don’t enjoy genuine handiwork, I am far to clumsy.
• Are you artistic? If yes, describe your art? If you are not particular artistic but can appreciate art please likewise describe what forums of art you enjoy. Please explain your answer.
I like to draw a lot of the characters I create, so its images of people (normally faceless so I can change it later), but nothing extremely in depth. I can also enjoy other peoples art (especially is music is considered, the song Primadonna had my gay self going WILD).
• What's your opinion about the past, present, and future? How do you deal with them?
The past is interesting because I can hold a grudge and be extremely vindictive but I’m highly unlikely to act on it (trust me, if I’m mad I’m probably screaming at the person or thing that’s made me so in my head). So it sort of makes me quietly resentful, which I’m working to outgrow but in all honesty it'll probably stay a part of me.A lot of the time I’m disappointed in the present because it’s not the picture I’d imagined it to be. I tend to want a degree of fun and danger that is unrealistic and sometimes based on LOOSE interpretations of memories (ig this goes with past).
As I sort of implied, I love love love focusing on the future. I speculate, I plan, I obsess just to make sure things 100% WILL go my way. Obviously it’s not perfect but for major goals (and minor ones) I’ve been pretty successful (good grades, expanding social circle, getting into dream college (yes I am bragging, I’m sorrrry) and I think most of it is due to good foresight/thinking ahead.
• Do you control others, even if indirectly? How and why do you do that?
I think I can be somewaht controlling but not directly. I can be very fake/manipulative at times if I REALLY want something and occasionally will try to act in a way to entice a particular emotion from someone. I tend to not do the “dirty work “ but that’s less a control/manipulation thing as it is people thinking I’m probably gonna fuck it up 😭.
I put the ones I suspect most on a poll
View Poll
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2022.01.19 19:16 bbdoll Is it true you shouldn't put bath mats in the washer?

I have a brand new w/d and came upon more than one article saying bath mats absorb too much water and damage the internals (drum?) of the washer over time. Especially front loaders.
My bath mat is stinky and I can't do the whole laundromat thing or god forbid, hand wash it. Any thoughts? Are towel style bath mats safer because they're a little lighter?
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2022.01.19 19:16 flopp8675308 Lol 70 help

Is there anyone that can help me get seasonal crusader to level 70?
Platform: Playstation 4 Username: Floppy8675309
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2022.01.19 19:16 Cahootie Germany has asked to postpone their game against Spain due to 12 cases of covid-19

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2022.01.19 19:16 dimestorecoups Winter office views/ Missing our morning visits/ Little brown sparrow

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2022.01.19 19:16 we_want_freedumb Å͔̥n̴͈͒y̹̪̕ǫ͉͐ṋͦ̿ë͇͠ D̦͈͆è̱ͬa̰̐ͭl̶͍ͫ W̴͆ͅi̮͛͝ţ̬͕h̷̳̀ O̗̮͜a͂́͝t̛͇̑h̷͎͋ K̷̫̍e̲̠̎ę͍͐pͦ͒ḛ̵͗r̷̞͒s̡̗͂?

Å͔̥n̴͈͒y̹̪̕ǫ͉͐ṋͦ̿ë͇͠ D̦͈͆è̱ͬa̰̐ͭl̶͍ͫ W̴͆ͅi̮͛͝ţ̬͕h̷̳̀ O̗̮͜a͂́͝t̛͇̑h̷͎͋ K̷̫̍e̲̠̎ę͍͐pͦ͒ḛ̵͗r̷̞͒s̡̗͂? submitted by we_want_freedumb to subreddit_simulacrum [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 19:16 Straight_Channel_116 What is the point of silent scam call?

I received a call from a Washington DC area code and I live in CA.
When I answered no one spoke for 16 seconds despite me continuing to say "hello" and hung up on me automatically.
I researched the number and everyone who received a call from the number on google said the same thing: "the number called me and did not say a word," not one person claimed that someone answered on the other line after calling them.
It's been 2 weeks and I haven't received a scam call since.
I know the 2 main reasons for a scam call at:

  1. To see if you're legit so they can target you with more spam calls.
  2. They are trying to transfer you to an agent but no one is available.
In my case, none of these reasons seems to be why I received the call because.
  1. I haven't received another call from a spammer
  1. Despite 15-20 people complaining about the same number on google... all of them said it was a silent call.
Anyone know the reason scammers call like this?
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2022.01.19 19:16 ekvilibro Tweet by Oleksii#4925
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2022.01.19 19:16 RH34P3R HI, this is my YouTube channel for narrating scary stories, any feedback would be great!

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2022.01.19 19:16 chihuahuachalupa What do you think the most underrated game from before 2010 is?

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2022.01.19 19:16 fall_love27 Cursed_blind friend

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2022.01.19 19:16 Solid-Nail-2956 Hi Guys. My support looks pretty bad. The outer walls are fine. Any ideas how to avoid this? Programming with Cura.

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2022.01.19 19:16 subscribe-by-reddit How Does The James Webb Space Telescope Work?

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2022.01.19 19:16 Droll_Play Too invested now! 🥲

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2022.01.19 19:16 Any_Turnover_4962 I’ll take care of your bunnies father.

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2022.01.19 19:16 Kelssier [VENDO] Mueble almohadonero $3000

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