What are some good sites/marketplaces to find assets? Thank you

2022.01.19 21:01 Prestigious97 What are some good sites/marketplaces to find assets? Thank you

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2022.01.19 21:01 AFD_Kouter [Japanese > Eng] I'm having trouble reading these characters. What is being said here?

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2022.01.19 21:01 totally_random_cat Why should ordinary people care about 5G internet?

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2022.01.19 21:01 GradyGambrell1 pov: you have a car like this

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2022.01.19 21:01 IUSUZYSANA Thanks Robin Henkys

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2022.01.19 21:01 Cyb-T Video: Adam Savage's Live Streams: Thursday, Jan. 20, at 1 pm PT

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2022.01.19 21:01 FattyPatty2x4 Questions

I’n new to CICO. And I just have so many questions and I would love some direction. I’m 5’7 255, female and want to lose as much as possible. Lose it says 1232 calories a day. TDEE says 2054 calories a day
How much should I eat? What if I eat less than the recommended? Will I not lose weight? If I eat more calories on the weekends and eat less on Monday will it even out?
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2022.01.19 21:01 BikoKonstantinos Sector Rotation???

Sector Rotation??? The RUSSELL 2000 is on the verge of a major breakdown from it's sideways topping formation. This could be the first major US index to commence a downtrend since the COVID Boom. If this breakdown occurs, I expect it would be followed by the S&P, NASDAQ & Dow Jones.

I think the market is starting to recognise this risk and looking for some hedges as the HUI (Gold Bugs Index) rose around 7.8% which is the biggest single day rise in a long time.

Is this the start of a sector rotation out of stocks and digital currencies and into Gold and Gold Stocks? Not sure, but it seems the market has become a bit more "RISK ON"
SENTIMENT - Gold Calls, SPX Puts.
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2022.01.19 21:01 Jack_StNasty Concerns About 16gb of RAM in a 13in Laptop?

I'm not well versed in computers but have been shopping for a new one recently. I think I've decided on the Dell XPS 13 but I want 16gb of RAM. A couple of salesmen at Best Buy told me that they would be wary of putting 16gb of RAM in a 13in laptop. Is it really that big of a concert?
Laptop in question:
Thanks for any help!
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2022.01.19 21:01 nu-gaze Turn discussions into blog posts - Brian Tomasik

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2022.01.19 21:01 introsort [Hiring] Job Application for Workforce Analyst at DoorDash (DoorDash)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Job Application for Workforce Analyst at DoorDash
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Discord; shekinyi#7270
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2022.01.19 21:01 ImEliasK Its currently January 20, 2022 at 01:01AMat GMT +2

Its currently January 20, 2022 at 01:01AM at GMT +2
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2022.01.19 21:01 B3NEDET50 reuse.reuse (model cycles volca sample volca fm microgranny VB-2W MS-70CDR )

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2022.01.19 21:01 thecricketnerd Behold my mighty war defense

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2022.01.19 21:01 ibeteck My work/gaming battlestation!

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2022.01.19 21:01 StartingTheNeXTStep Do people really use separate accounts for porn? Why?

Who's going to know? Unless you're one of those weirdos that comments
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2022.01.19 21:01 Maleficent_Cost9329 Imagine if someone put going to beyond scared straight as an extracurricular

I mean to be fair it’s a pretty prestigious and unique summer program
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2022.01.19 21:01 iiGoodVibesii Requesting UNPaid time off? How does one go about that?

I do not work for Amazon. Just was curios what the company's procedure/policy is for requesting time off in advance (unpaid)
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2022.01.19 21:01 Comfortable_Cherry17 In A Strange Turn Of Events Parliament Rolls Back Mask Mandates As Cheers And Jeers Drown Out Boris Jonson

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2022.01.19 21:01 Tawdry_Introduction_ DOGESWAP 🐕‍🦺 Presale Live Now - Audit - Soft Cap Reached

Original Gangster Doge Token is made for the real Hodlers.
Presenting the first dog - which can SWAP coins. Holders will be rewarded with BNB! 🖐🏼💎
If you missed BabyDoge and many other moonshots, this will be your next x100+ 💰
Click the SWAP button and try our service!
✅Audited and verified contract
Pubilic presale
Soft cap 50 BNB / Hard cap 100 BNB
Presale Rate 1 BNB = 456,000,000 DOGESWAP
Listing Rate 1 BNB = 370,000,000 DOGESWAP
🧾Total Tax: 9%
🔒 LP: 3% of each transaction is sent to the liquidity pool, to create a floor price and guarantee liquidity for future transactions
💰 BNB Rewards: 3% of each transaction is automatically converted to BNB tokens, and distributed amongst holders every 60 minutes
🪧🐶 Marketing and Charity: 3% of each transaction is sent to a Marketing/Charity wallet, to guarantee perennial funds for Marketing and charity donations
Сhat TG: https://t.me/swapdogeswap
WebSite: https://dogeswap.host
Presale: https://www.pinksale.finance/#/launchpad/0xDdD8AF5A8Df7410F3338a7300A5bEE7d223fA489?chain=BSC
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2022.01.19 21:01 Icy_Calligrapher123 Did you know more Californians voted for Trump than Texans? (#1 and #2 most populous states respectively)

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2022.01.19 21:01 Brief-Philosophy003 I like his face in this scene. He is darker than usual 🩸❤🩸🔪🩸❤🩸🔪🩸❤🩸

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2022.01.19 21:01 Jackinator94 Rock band The Offspring in the late 90s-early 2000s

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2022.01.19 21:01 Sr_Covfefe Custom UI Options

I would love nothing more than to have my Zwift UI be ONLY the mini map w/grade % along with speed.
No top banner, zwifters near by, and etc.
I truly hope that one day Zwift makes it possible to tailor your own personal UI.
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