Girlfriend and I tested positive for COVID - her boss expects her back in a few days.

2022.01.19 19:10 Lelio-Santero579 Girlfriend and I tested positive for COVID - her boss expects her back in a few days.

For all those dumb articles about "Lazy millennials" let me share my personal reason why I give a middle finger to anyone who believes we are "lazy" and "entitled."
We tested positive for COVID last night and are quarantining. I work for myself so I don't have anyone to answer to except myself.
Her..not so much. She works for a company that has a few quite popular stores across the entire state Texas. Her store alone has 13-15 employees (I personally don't count the owner's kids because they do whatever the fuck they want) and are already struggling to keep up with staffing. She was going to call her boss that night which I advised against. I told her to STRICTLY maintain text or email contact for paper trail purposes (thank you anti-work for hammering that into my head.)
This morning on her day off I instructed her on how to send a very formal text to her boss explaining that she will be quarantined until our next test 5-6 days from now (Tuesday -Wednesday January 25th- 26th) if our symptoms fade as advised by the physician to make sure we are clear before returning to work.
After messaging him and informing him of our situation this was how the conversation went:
Boss: "Oh no...sorry to hear that. [My GFs name] can we expect to see you this coming Monday? I'm making the schedule for next week and we need you here ASAP."
GF: "Well , according to the CDC and our physician we should be quarantined at least until next Tuesday or Wednesday until we receive our next results confirming we are no longer infected."
Boss: "Okay, well then I'll take you off the schedule for Monday and if your results come back negative we'll keep you on for Wednesday and we'll sort things out then."
GF: "It took us almost a whole day to get our results so Wednesday might be cutting it close."
Texas is very backed up as cases rise and results are taking between 2-5 days at some places like CVS. I already paid out of pocket to have a private company do a rapid test because I didn't want to get my clients infected. The home tests are cleared off almost every shelf and I'm not paying another $100 so her jackass of a boss can have her slave away for $9/hr for his benefit.
He hasn't responded and that was over 6 hours ago and as of right now she is still showing up on the schedule for Wednesday. The reason I am upset is because her boss/company owner literally leaves scheduling changes up to the employees and by this I mean:

I make plenty of money to support the two of us where she would never have to work so I have zero issue with her quitting on the spot should this jackass get an attitude with her.
So far he hasn't forced anyone with COVID to work (to our knowledge), but he's very pushy and has no problem using the guilt-trip method.
I've worked under a lot of shit managers and owners in my younger days, but this guy takes the fucking cake. He even has a nickname for himself that is a literal sexual innuendo he joked about to my girlfriend within the first few weeks she worked there.
Anyway, should he fire her over being COVID positive and maintaining quarantine I fully intend to exercise her ability for unemployment as well as filing a complaint with the DOL or TWC if possible. I also have no doubt some former employees wouldn't mind adding to that based on some of the conversations my gf has told me they've had there.
I won't dox the company for the simple reason I am not well versed on the legalities behind it, but don't worry when I say this guy is treading on thin ice and I cannot wait to see this backfire on him.
So to all those garbage "journalist" and "news" sources: We're not lazy, we're fed up. Fed up with the morally vacant, narcissistic, and criminal behavior that corruption has allowed these assholes to cultivate because our govt would rather line their pockets all while guilt tripping the sick and beaten working class who are tired of a broken system.
People like my girlfriend are fed up with being underpaid but expected to do a 5 person job with only 2 other employees. Forced to work to literal exhaustion and then being guilt-tripped when they're beaten down.
Fed up with no sick leave or vacation over a technicality in employee numbers and archaic laws with easily exploitable laws. Fed up with having to choose to work while sick because they might literally lose their health insurance assuming the company even offers it.
Change is inevitable and things have been in favor of the filthy rich for far too long. Every empire goes through radical change or it crumbles and America is simply another empire on the precipice and we, the working class, far outnumber you.
As Secretary of the Interior Not Sure said: "Lead, follow, or get out of the way" and in this case, I suggest you get out of the way and allow change to lead the way, cause this system is pretty dumb.
Good day.
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2022.01.19 19:10 Menendez_1989 Opinions on Stella after her return (season 10)

What’s your take on Stella since her return to 51? Cause like I’m general I’ve always liked her and thing her character is a role model for other girls (hence girls on fire) and she’s just like one of the gang.
But now since her return idk really anymore what I think of her. Like she changed a bit and was a little bothered in the beginning when it seemed like she had it in for Pelham. (Even if that now is cleared up)
Has someone else’s opinions about Stella Kidd changed since her return in season 10?
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2022.01.19 19:10 Hot-Disaster-8273 Crossover Question

Who’s creepier? Michael towards Ryan( US Office) Amy towards Penny (Big Bang Theory)
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2022.01.19 19:10 SkaryGuie looking for a D&D DM to teach me

my kid (13) was supposed to start learning D&D after school but that's all cancelled for now. I went and bought a starter kit and read the instructions and watched some videos and stuff but I've never played and with the 2 of us it wasn't very fun. A guy I work with does play but he isn't confident enough to DM a game with us. I'd like to play a game with someone who can DM and help me learn to be a DM myself. I can host, we can come to you, or we can find a public place to play. Whatever you want. HMU if you're interested.
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2022.01.19 19:10 dkf7 (Iktr)

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2022.01.19 19:10 upbstock For year so far

Dow Jones Industrial Average -3.6% YTD
S&P 500 -4.9% YTD
Russell 2000 -8.1% YTD
Nasdaq Composite -8.3% YTD
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2022.01.19 19:10 _peluche_ Maybe it's not all over yet.. there is still hope for Chief's promises!

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2022.01.19 19:10 PriceHaunting4761 Why Transplant Fail - Aerogarden to Water (Kratky)

Has someone been able to transplant from aerogarden to economical options - like water cups?
My herb grew well in aero garden I decided to transplant them to water cups / like mason jar (no air pump - simple Kratky / mason jar
Most of my plants have wilted / dried 1) Only one Basil still surviving but most grown plants 🌱 fail in
1) Not sure if it is because of too much water (and not enough air space for oxygen to air roots) 2) Or too much nutrient 3) Or too much or less light/sun My plants are by window sill - and aero garden lights (3 pm - 3 am) are near On east coast 2-3 days I get the good sun (7-2 p.m.) - house is well heated 4) Should I have humidifier ?
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2022.01.19 19:10 clumsycolor BC: who will hear back?

Will it be a rainbow wave? Or just A’s? Or just WLs/Rs?
Will people only above both medians hear back?
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2022.01.19 19:10 ComiX-Fan Rob Liefeld's greatest Deadpool story returns to comic shops in Deadpool: Bad Blood!

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2022.01.19 19:10 bot_neen ¿Qué gastos personales son deducibles de impuestos?

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2022.01.19 19:10 Primary_Win3699 I made a youtube video so if anyone wants to check it out

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2022.01.19 19:10 Sad_Shark A Guide for Getting all Units in Three Houses to Master All Classes - The Ardent Challenge Guide

For those of you who are compelled to do something because it is possible, I feel your pain, and apologize for dragging you into this hell of my own making. For those of you who only feel this same pull when you understand how something is done, I urge you to turn back now. This is your only warning.
Here are the links to the posts I made with proof. There are several due to Reddit's limit on pics per post, or because I needed to correct something I screwed up.
Blue Lions
Black Eagles
Golden Deer
Church of Seiros
Ashen Wolves & Anna
I'm going to start this guide with a bit of a story, so if you want to press + and skip the dialogue, I'll add a header below for the actual guide.
This all started when I finished my first run of Extrovert Simulator, sorry, Fire Emblem: Three Houses in February of 2020, when I finished my first run with the Golden Deer House. Once I had, and saw the New Game+ icon, I decided to ask some of my friends, who were more experienced with the game, what it entailed. After learning, I decided to embark on a journey that would ultimately take me nearly two years, roughly 500 hours of mind-numbing grinding, and deep into my own mind searching for answers as to why I was even doing this. The result was that I have every character in Three Houses with mastery of each nonlimited class.
I'm defining limited classes as classes that you only have a limited number of each run. This means Dancer, Dark Priest, and Dark Bishop. Whomever got these classes each run, I made sure that they did master them, even if access to them was limited.
Since my first run was Golden Deer and I figured that I could finish all of the characters in 3 total runs, I decided to finish with them and explore the other stories first. My first run of this challenge, which I guess I'll refer to as the Ardent Challenge, was with the Blue Lion House. I decided to get the most work out of the way earliest, so that each successive run would be easier than the one before it. So my first run I had the Blue Lions, Dorothea, Lysithea, the Ashen Wolves, and all of the Church Members/ Knights that could be recruited. In total, it was 24 characters. That was why Hapi slipped through the cracks, There was just too much for me to keep track of reliably. Unfortunately, Dedue's absence for three chapters blasted my three run plan to bits, and I knew I'd need a fourth to get him to total mastery. As of the last battle of my Blue Lions run, he only had one class test that he hadn't passed.
My second run was with the Black Eagles, taking on the tyranny of the Church of Seiros with the help of Lorenz and Leonie in the academy phase, and Lysithea later in the war phase. The hitch I ran into here was that Jeritza doesn't join early enough to take all of the tests required to gain total mastery. His Mastermind ability, shared by Lysithea, is exceptionally useful for speeding up the process as well, which makes it all the more the bother.
After that, run #3 of the Ardent Challenge was back to basics with the Golden Deer. For those of you keeping track, and probably more for those who haven't, I only had 5 units to focus on: Claude, Hilda, Marianne, Raphael and Ignatz. This was a far sight better than the 24 of my first run. And, this run had the happy and novel experience of being problem free! No surprise disappearances or characters joining too late to participate fully.
My final run was focused solely on Dedue. I got him mastered in all of the classes before the time skip, saving me a lot of headache. Then, unfortunately, u/CommunicationOk3417 noticed that Hapi had passed all of the tests, but was missing mastery on five of her classes. So I fixed that little issue with some renown and more grinding. Still, I'm thankful for the catch.

Guide General setup
I played this on Normal difficulty with Casual mode, because the depths of my self-hatred aren't quite deep enough for me to do this on Maddening Classic.

Passing Tests
This is really easy if you've already done a ton of runs: just dump a ton of renown into your units to get them to where they need to be for tests, then take them.
For the rest of us, just start grinding. Get them to take a test, and diversify their skills based on the boons granted by the class. For instance, if they have a high axe skill, get them classed as a fighter, then have them use a bow or gauntlets to drive up those skills. Grinding up skills is one of the hardest parts of the process, especially banes.
Because of this difficulty, when time comes to take yet another test, if its an option, take a test without a 100% pass rate. Save beforehand, so that if they fail, you can close and reopen to take another test. Fire Emblem Chooses what tests will be passed at the start of each week, so if you fail a test, trying to soft reset into a pass won't work. (You could make it work by saving before a week ends, but I personally think that's too much effort for one unit to get one class. If you save after passing, you're locked in on all other units, and if you go back, the odds on all of them are recast.)
Soft resets may be looked down upon, but each character is racing a clock, and I valued completion over getting screwed at the last minute ... I'm looking at you Dedue.
The bullet points are:

Knowledge orbs
These are fantastic. These handy dandy little things speed up skill XP and class XP. Slap them on your favorite, or slap them on someone who isn't moving as fast as you want them to. They only work for XP gained in battle, so don't expect them to make a unit a phenomenal student all of a sudden.
You can get two: one is in a chest during the Sothis Paralogue, and another is gained as a reward for protecting all of the crest stones in Chapter 11. Duct tape a pair of these to a character and an adjunct, and you have two characters that will grow satisfactorily, especially if you can get them to a bottleneck.
The bullet points are:

This is more of a tip than anything else: Get as much done before the time skip as you can, so you don't end up with a Dedue Situation or something similar. This can be balanced with getting the Knowledge Orbs, but DO NOT WAIT for them to begin training in earnest, it may not leave you with enough time to finish.
The bullet point is:

At least once a month, I chose the battle option on Sundays. It is here that the meat of the work is done. I usually chose the Sunday before the end of each chapter, as it gives you the most time to train up skills. These battles are where you'll want to grind skills up and classes to mastery. As with most RPGs, its a progression, with each set of classes and level of skill getting more difficult to attain than the last.
I change my settings for these battles to make the grind easier. Battle Speed to Fast, Action Skip to On, Combat and Adjunct Animations Off.
The goal of these battles is to make them last as long as possible and to gain as much XP as possible. There are a few ways to do this.
1) Use units with high defense/ resilience. This ensures they can get hit a lot.
2) Get healers on hand to keep up the tanks.
3) Give the tanks broken weapons to decrease their accuracy and ability to deal damage.
4) If you want to go the extra mile, get rid of their abilities that buff weapons.
5) Set magic and bow users as adjuncts to prevent them from hitting back at ranged units, more on this later.
The best battlefield I've found for grinding is Battle at the Border. Theoretically, due to the law of addition, any battlefield is as good as any other, but we mere mortals have mental stamina, and often allow numbers to hold little sway over our decisions. Battle at the Border features a wonderful little bottleneck that allows you to up up a single unit (probably with an adjunct) to get attacked by 3 melee units a turn, as well as several ranged units if they exist. Simply use a unit to take out the one enemy guarding the narrow bridge and let your unit sit one space beyond the bottleneck and eat attacks for 19 turns. Heal as needed. This allows you to focus on a single (or two) units and see measurable progress. I found this to greatly help reduce the frequency and number of burnouts. Just retreat if you're about to win to keep using this wonderful location at Fodlan's Throat as a training ground.
There may be a rogue Pegasus Knight with the enemies on occasion, but it probably won't be too much of a threat. If it is, retreat and bring in an archer incase another spawns in. Also, if you're bringing more than just your focusing unit(s) and healers, keep them away from the bridge on the right of the battlefield, units on the large bridge may come around to attack. If you're focusing on several units at once, be sure you set them up to rotate taking a beating, so that if one falls, it isn't your healer eating attacks.
A close second is to use Battle in the Empire, which features three similar bottlenecks. Which is nice, but does dilute the effectiveness. Battle in the Kingdom is a bloody free-for-all that makes progress appear to stall.
Finally, Enemy archers/ mages are your friends. If you can get them to attack a melee unit who can't retaliate, and can easily take the attacks, that unit and their adjunct will gain class mastery at a pretty nice clip. Note that this will only drive up Class XP, not Skill XP or Level XP. For the latter two the unit has to at least use their weapon, even if they miss. This is what makes broken weapons so nice for this Challenge.
The bullet points are:

These are inevitable, you're going to think about playing, and feel dread in the pit of your stomach, your joy for the game having been depleted. There's good news! This is a temporary feeling. It may last for a few weeks or months, but it'll fade and you can continue to punish yourself and this game into oblivion. For reference, my Switch tells me that I have 500 hours played on Fire Emblem: Three Houses over a two year period. Some times I could push myself a little harder, but the burnouts are real and something to watch out for. Don't push too hard. Find ways to change things up and break the monotony that sinks in when pressing the same three inputs in a row 20 times. Practice self-care and don't fall too deep into the obsession. Trust me, I've been there, and it is not a recommended vacation spot.
For those of you who don't deal with burnout, congratulations on your inhuman willpowe inexhaustible mental stamina. I'd offer you commemorative cookies, but we're all out. The rest of us will muddle through the grind.
The bullet points are:

That about wraps it up I think. If I think of anything else, I'll add edit addendums to this post. Let me know if I can clarify anything, you have any questions, found a screw-up in the post, or even just had a good laugh at the guide. I'm here to help.

Bring Peace to Fodlan,
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2022.01.19 19:10 Silentman_13 Raise a finger if you want somebody to talk to✌🏼 22M

My name is Angel, my favorite colors are black and orange, Halloween is my favorite day of the year, Full Metal Jacket and Deadpool are my favorite movies, I love being outside in nature and I'm very fit. Hmu
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2022.01.19 19:10 kevinsheppardjr Direct link to Data Pack 3
I’m seeing a lot of people are still having trouble with the MultiplayeSpec Ops Compatibility Pack 2 “Data Pack 3” install. This is a link to the store if you’re in the US. I think you should be able to log in to your account and then install remotely on to your Xbox.
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2022.01.19 19:10 King_Kuuga Just got this in as a late Christmas present, can't wait to build it with HARD WORK AND GUTS!

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2022.01.19 19:10 m00nbum Perricone MD: 50% Off Hypoallergenic CBD Collection with code: FLAWLESS50

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2022.01.19 19:10 treatyyyy Anyone else been having issues connecting to UConnect and/or UGuest lately?

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2022.01.19 19:10 FrogGladiators178972 I promised it so here we go supervillain start to finish, using my character, Corvus

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