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Genesect raid on me add me 5057 8542 2124

2022.01.19 20:03 Crazy-Awareness-4953 Genesect raid on me add me 5057 8542 2124

5057 8542 2124
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2022.01.19 20:03 tailuptaxi I was 10 stories high if I was a foot! Long shadows before sunset, northern MN

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2022.01.19 20:03 bai5antioxidant People who comment on other people's post and make it about themselves are annoying

I realized on nearly every viral/popular post there's always somebody in the top comment that shares their experience. I find this especially true on reddit.
For example, I just saw a viral post on reddit about how Brittany spear's Dad was taking millions from her through the conservatorship. There were the expected comments like "poor Brittany", "Brittany dad's a POS.", etc etc. But it's all comments relevant to the post.
There's always that one comment that gets up voted to the top that shares an irrelevant experience to make it about them.
This commentor said something in the lines of, yeah one time my father tried to do this on me with the inheritance my grandfather tried to leave me from his will. When my parents received the money before my 18th to give to me, my father screamed on the phone to his lawyer that it's his money and not mine. My mother went upstairs and slammed the door. It was almost not worth getting the money.
Like wtf? Congratulations, you still kept your money and you figured out that you can't trust your parents. They didn't steal from you. They tried. But they legally couldn't. That's why your dad is pissed. Brittany's dad actually took millions from her legally.
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2022.01.19 20:03 superharry24 Pokémon Insurgence sync pairs part 20: Persephone and Spiritomb

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2022.01.19 20:03 dagomerx I'm new to this game, so which build do you guys recommend to me?

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2022.01.19 20:03 Reddex_Splosh What would you want or what do you expect from the perfect game store?

I'm looking for your input. My brother and I are starting a game store in Australia, covering all gaming in general but with a stronger focus on tabletop games.
My question to you is this: What sort of things do you expect from a game store that would make you want to shop there? Also, what things turn you off of shopping at certain stores? It can be related to anything. Products, layout, shipping, packaging, advertising, customer service, membership programs; absolutely anything. Obviously, a bad customer experience would turn you away, but I'm more talking about store practices, appearance or general vibe.
We are both gamers, and for too long have felt games stores are a real letdown. Playing games is fun, watching your friends play games is fun, but shopping for games is generally not fun. We aim to fix that. Gamifying the shopping experience if you will. But I was just hoping for some insight into what other people look for in their shopping experience. Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel like we could offer more than just the lowest prices.
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2022.01.19 20:03 Kujisaki Just needing a little tip

So, i've started playing yesterday, trying to push my limits (Everything on Extreme difficulty), but i woke up at day 14 or so, and Mikhail Died (probably because he stayed dying for like 2 days and i couldn't get my hands on some herbs to craft an medkit for him). i just want to know if someone can at least give me a hint on my idea that: if i alter some choice (like forgetting knowing Mikhail) makes any difference? Or he is just lost for good? I want to accept my mistake and don't save scum, but the fact that he died (and a Hacker is primordial for the Heist) makes me wonder if i just screwed up BAD the whole game rofl
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2022.01.19 20:03 Silver-Camera9863 Zigbee motion sensor recommendations

What zigbee ceiling mount motion sensors would you recommend?
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2022.01.19 20:03 TheUpright1 Avery's reason for ducking out this episode can't be real, can it?

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2022.01.19 20:03 FU-allthetime Is that your real voice?!?

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2022.01.19 20:03 Decent-Statistician8 This is how tax works, Paul!

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2022.01.19 20:03 robloxplayer_best trading adopt me pets for godlys in mm2. pets for mm2 godlys (might go first)(Aussie egg, Cerberus, rideable golden unicorn, rideable penguin , ocean egg),those are what i can do for godlys, you can choose what you would want for a godly,

If interested comment :)
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2022.01.19 20:03 iliketolickthebuttah I like this imagine this is what an Assassin would look like if the Order was in Greece

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2022.01.19 20:03 HappyfeetLives Child of God let’s all take one moment to make war with the Devil right now!

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2022.01.19 20:03 xsynfulx Assaulted at work

I was hired at the beginning of the pandemic to drag an RV dealership into the 21st century with a digital upgrade. It was agreed upon that my overtime would be put towards a used RV for installation of a Point of Sale machine, inventory the entire store, link the inventories to a website store, create the digital management infrastructure like email server, create the order tracking system for the repair shop... Basically the entire IT system.
Three months into the contract, I loaned the owners brother my car and he destroyed it. I drove 250 miles away to rescue him. When I rescued him, he drugged me and robbed me.
Two days later, I confronted the owner and his brother about the situation at work and I was assaulted by the brother of the owner.
After the assault, I agreed not to press charges against the brother and business as long as they paid for the hospital bill and replacement dental work. After needing to have my teeth removed and continuing to complete the contract, I uncovered evidence of embezzling, tax evasion and fraud. I confronted the owner and was terminated.
What about the used RV I had earned under contract?
The owner said that I wouldn't be entitled to the title of the RV unless I signed waivers of a release of liability for the assault.
Instead, I filed charges with the city, county, state and federal agencies regarding the assault, fraud, embezzling and tax evasion.
Beware of ANY company which calls themselves a "Family Business". No matter what they promise, say, or agree to. They can use their business to hide their crimes.
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2022.01.19 20:03 Bahumil You are a Boba one!

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2022.01.19 20:03 1yre youre in her dms

i am not
cuz im not a whore
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2022.01.19 20:03 Strict_Complaint_735 Every Man Is Dying To Hear These 13 Things From His Woman

Every Man Is Dying To Hear These 13 Things From His Woman Men are believed to be less emotional than women. It’s said that they can do without an external display of affection. Well, we are taught not to be expressive.
But if you recognize these little things in us, it will mean the world to us:
1. Being handsome
We love to compliment our partners and tell them how beautiful they are. But sometimes, just the word ‘handsome’ sent our way would make us feel amazing. It just gives us the confidence we need. When we put in the effort to look good, this simple word can make all of it worth it.
Readmore : https://medicaldailypress.blogspot.com/2021/07/every-man-is-dying-to-hear-these-13.html
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2022.01.19 20:03 Choice-Ad-6312 Does Anyone Know What These Spots Might Be On My Palms and Feet ? Been Forming For The Past Month Or So, No Prior Health Issues. 23/M

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2022.01.19 20:03 Trustfundkid26 Is there any government link showing the spike in profits for shipping companies for the year 2020-2021?

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2022.01.19 20:03 Aswdbfgm B👍

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2022.01.19 20:03 _FaithAlone_ What do you think, guys?

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2022.01.19 20:03 pik-MAN Taking words literally - The Grand Remake (1-8) [SFM]

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2022.01.19 20:03 Roosterneck Frauds!!! Prince Andrew is a douche

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2022.01.19 20:03 Constant-Sentence271 marfans gamers ?

Anyone in here with marfans play video games ? I play pc would love to get to know and play with another marfans person!
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