Can anyone dispose of a chest off drews?

Since it’s elevated, their cat won’t have to eat at an awkward angle. If your friend has a kitten, the bowl can snap off and be placed directly on the plate. Big bonus: The bowl itself is shallow, so it won’t irritate whiskers. If it gets dirty, the drip tray and tip-resistant bowl can go directly in the dishwasher. Easy peasy. ($40, Cat ... Run following the wall, I actually missed an Heroic Leap over the hill here, so I had to pull the first 2 infernals. CDs + BS to dispose of them quickly then run all the way to the portal. (Had to kill 4/5 extra demons). On the other side of the portal, mounted up and rushed all the way to the boss. • Ask your pharmacist, doctor, or health caregiver about the best way to dispose of any leftover medicine after you have finished your treatment. You will also need to throw away old medicine after the expiration date has passed. • Keep all medicine away from children and never share your medicine with anyone. Drugs and Foods to Avoid: curious: if someone is cumming, and u chop their dick off, do they come from their penis tip or from the place where their dick is chopped? Cntlvr – December 4, 2021 You have a beautiful chest… one or two good swings with the hammer should do it. _____ Ruinmythroat, 19 Use my mouth and throat. Gag me. I gag easily. Karen Shows off her Birthday Suit (4.44) With her date called off, her clothes start coming off too! Exhibitionist & Voyeur 04/01/21: Karen's Vacation Gets even Wilder (4.55) Comfort zone keeps growing until she's forced to stay nude! Exhibitionist & Voyeur 03/13/20: Katie Cleans Up Nicely! (4.45) Hydroxyurea (Hydrea) is used alone or with other medications or radiation therapy to treat a certain type of chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML; a type of cancer of the white blood cells) and certain types of head and neck cancer (including cancer of the mouth, cheek, tongue, throat, tonsils, and sinuses). For the Arrow episode of the same name, see "The Magician". For other uses of Dark Archer, see Dark Archer (disambiguation). You may not think of me as your father, Thea. But you'll always be my daughter.Malcolm Merlyn's last words to his daughter, Thea Queen Malcolm Merlyn (born Arthur King; October 13, unknown year - May 17, 2017) was the widower of the late Rebecca Merlyn and the father of ... Dispose of the pulp. Place the dried remains in garbage bags and leave them out with the regular trash. Anyone who goes digging through your garbage – such as identity thieves – will be hard pressed to learn anything from your pulped documents. Pulp can also be composted. Parents, it’s not necessary to go for heavy dose of medication if your child has cold, cough or chest congestion. All these medicines like antihistamines, decongestants, cough syrups will only provide temporary or symptomatic relief and won’t cure the illness. There are quite a lot of home remedies available just with the ingredients available in our own kitchen. This matte black tool chest combo offers a pull-out wooden work surface in the lower right-hand drawer of the chest. This drawer will lock into place when fully-extended to create a work station to put a laptop. The wood top on the Husky 52 tool chest combo is also hinged so you can lift it up to store your tools and supplies.

2022.01.19 19:52 MrsArtemis Can anyone dispose of a chest off drews?

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2022.01.19 19:52 simplygrimly Saw this in another sub and could have sworn I was here lol

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2022.01.19 19:52 etresa [A4A] Hey Now Let's Have An Amazing Time!~

Hello there and i hope you all are ready for the maximum amount of lewdness that my horny brain can produce when it comes to characters, ranging from plots to simple kinks I will definitely enjoy myself making each and every horny as all hell plot and detailing parts of characters I would love to explore! We will be having some fun together oh and if you read this send the words ‘swirly lights’ somewhere in your first post.
​ ​
We will be going over some rules as well just because well everything needs rules but other than that we will be having fun talking plots, characters and some of the kinks that I would love to use with some of these characters and the general ideas I have come up with for them let's get to those rules though!
​ ​
Rule 1- Any and all characters used in these roleplays will be above the age of 18 this is a non negotiable term for any roleplay we do together! This goes for both of us!
​ ​
Rule 2- I am almost entirely submissive! I rarely if ever dominate someone and well I figure I would need to tell you this! Don't worry if you give me a god tier plot I may consider dominating you although that will take quite a lot to do. I prefer Futa or Female dominants so please keep that in mind!
​ ​
Rule 3- When you send me a message please send something more than a hello. Give me something fun to read please instead of just saying “Hi” or “Hello” Describe yourself, your kinks, what plot here interested you and in general have fun with the first message!
​ ​
Rule 4- When you message me send me the words ‘deeper and deeper’ somewhere in your first massage double points if you manage to make it actually natural
​ ​
Zelda {The Legend Of Zelda}:
​ ​
Zelda is a long loved character within the gaming and general lewdness community and well I am definitely one of those people who enjoy having some fun with her character. Maybe she has been corrupted, binding poor citizens in light so she can have fun as those chains of light become chains of darkness. Maybe she's just lonely and has discovered that if she flashes her powers fast enough and in the right pattern combined with her soothing calming voice it can drop people deep into a trance and well it's so much easier to make friends when they can not talk back or well when you can alter how they think! But hey she is overall one of the cuter and much more fun characters on this list of characters that i would have dominate me into the ground.
​ ​
Plot Idea:
​ ​
Azula {Avatar The Last Airbender}
​ ​
Good old Azula is quite the fun little character to have as a dominant partner in any kind of role play that goes double if you don't mind making minor alterations to some of the established rules of the avatar universe. Other than that she works amazing in any kind of plot with forced domination, hypnosis or latex. For a lot of her plots I like the idea of her overthrowing her father and most of if not the entire world having killed the avatar and made the rest of his teammates loyal pets. Whether there are rebellions, freedom fighters or the like I am sure they would be crushed and enthralled under the new fire lord. So I think she would be fun to be dominated by~
​ ​
Plot Idea: The stupid Phenox king was defeated by the avatar as ihe should have been however it was so simple the avatar fell when he tried to put her stupid brother on the throne. Her domination was supreme even more so after she experimented with a rather unique ability of hers. The flame of the soul, a wonderful swirling of colorful flames that would begin to entrance anyone who stared at it for too long. She first used it on that waterbender from the southern water tribe. It took days for her to break but soon she walked around in nothing but a collar the mark of the fire nation branded proudly on her thighs as she helped break the next member of her team.
​ ​
That pesky earthbender was so hard to control but soon she was enthralled. Azula spent each day for a month enthralling her deeper and deeper into her control the waterbender helped wonderfully on this as soon that stupid blind earthbender fell under her total domination. A year later they had another breakthrough: the art of body bending was designed by the now right hand woman of the flame emperor. Toph had unlocked a strange ability called body bending and her first subject was poor Saka now known as Sakura a beauty of the fire nation and prolific dancer~
​ ​
Body bending allows an earthbender to coat a victim in clay and then shape them like a statue altering it however they feel although toph took implicite instructions from her empress as she molded saka and soon Azula had his mind wiped clean and an entirely new identity implanted into her pretty little head. Rebellions have come and gone although it doesn't matter people will soon submit to their new empress!
​ ​
Aura And Mare {Overlord}:
​ ​
Aura and mare the dark elf twins from overlord. A rather strange want of mine is too be tag team dominated by these two although it would be rather hard for us to come up with many reasons they would bother themselves with some lowly human scum although i do have a few reasons they could want to do that~ Maybe they have been instructed to see if they can create some new help for their master maybe they are curious about some new magic they learned but whatever they will be doing there will be no consent on their subjects part~ Non con, transformation, hypnosis, and a lot of other stuff would be quite fun to use for these two elves!
​ ​
Plot Ideas: Sir Ainze has requested something quite odd of Aura and Mare, he wishes to bolster the forces of the great and wondrous tombs of Nazarick and the twins have been given the great honor of being the first ones to attempt to make a new floor guardian and they will be sure to succeed. They have to find a proper candidate someone with physical and magical might although they do plan on making some extensive changes to this new member~
​ ​
They would begin by pumping their subjects body with immense amounts of magic using this to alter them howe they saw fit and they believe that an additional sibling would make an excellent addition to the great tomb of Nazarick. Of course it would be no fun to change them entirely by magic and they will have more than their share of fun!
​ ​
[Heyo so this is one of the weird stories that has been stuffed deep into my mind: the elf twins turning some poor sap into their sibling of course they would be the youngest of them at only 52 years old after all they are elves. They are dark elves to be specific so they would tan the skin and change the hair and eye color of their cute new sibling as they coax them into the right mental state. Hypnosis, transformation, bondage and gaslighting any and all kinks would be amazing for this roleplay in particular! And it is a personal favorite~]
​ ​
Erza Scarlet {Fairy Tail}:
​ ​
Erza, she is either my first or second favorite of the fairy tail girls luc and her have been vying for that spot for some time and almost any plot i make for her could probably have Lucy interchanged with her! She works amazing with forced body worship, sweat, crossdressing, and a lot of other kinks although i think she would love to do a little bit of hypnosis on some of her friends to have a bit of fun~ She would definitely be an extremely physical dominant wanting to keep physical control over her submissive and that one of the reasons i love her!
​ ​
Plot idea: I am sorry to say that I have no real idea to write about this rather fun little character although taking someone under her wing and turning them into her little slut would be amazing to have as part of a plot with them! I do hope we can come up with something special for em~
​ ​
Sam, Clover, and Alex {Totally spies}:
​ ​
Our three wonderful girls who are making a comeback soon, I adore them and think that given how much they have gone through they definitely need a stress relief toy whether they take one by force or have one submit themselves to them they work amazing with any kink. From wrapping their toy up in latex suits to brainwashing them they would be doing any and everything too have fun with whomever they can! We have three gals here: Sam the smart one with red hair and by far the one with the biggest hypnosis kink from how many times she has been put under. Clover the fashionista popularity queen who would probably adore dressing someone in adorable outfits or humiliating them. And alex who would have her toys lick her body clean of sweat before cuddling and well I think she would probably be the kindest of the three although I would love all three to dominate me at once~
​ ​
Unfortunately there is no real plot for these three and well i'm sorry to say i cannot seem to think up anything good for it although these girls could be either sadistic or loving dominants depending how they are played! So I hope we can have some fun with them!
​ ​
Let's Move onto kinks and other fun little aspects about what I would love to see in a roleplay, we will be starting with kinks and I think that is the best place and way to get to know another person through what turns them on~ and my list is rather long so enjoy! Oh and say ‘swaying booties’ when you message me!
​ ​
Characters, Mind break, Hypnosis, Brainwashing, Corruption, Mind Fuck {Literal and Not}, Feet {Female/Futa only}, Gentle Dominant, Strict Dominant, Motherly Dominant, Teasing Dominant, Extreme Dominant, Loving/Caring Dominant, BDSM, Latex, Bondage, Toys, Stockings, Public Sex, Humiliation, Degradation, Loss Of Control, Kidnapping, Gangbangs, IQ Loss, Dominant Femboys, Dominant Traps, Femboys, Traps, Feminization, Transformation, Tomboys, Stockings, Uniforms, Sexy Clothing, Collars, Non-Human Characters, Futa, Large Breasts, Thick Thighs, Large Asses, Aphrodisiacs, Panzuri, Thigh Jobs, Foot Jobs, Edging, Orgasm Denial, Orgasm Control, Oral, Anal, Training, Technology, Fantasy, Magic, Breast Smothering, Possession, Addictive Cum, Addictive Scent, Addictive Milk, Lactation, Maids, Heroes, Villains, Powers, Non- Con, Pet Play, Toys, Vibrators, Body Worship, paws {fem}, paw worship {fem}, Forced Body Worship, Sweat, Face Sitting, Tentacles, Futa, Face Sitting, Sweat, Wealth Gap, Non-Con, Mild Cumflation, Body Art, Induced Heat, Furry and others I can't remember
​ ​
Any kink bolded would be a personal favorite of mine and well I would love to make plots focusing on these little and enjoyable kinks of mine and I am always adding to this specific little list! So do not be afraid to add to it or give me some new ideas about kinks~
​ ​
Pictures for fun and as a reward~
​ ​
​ ​
Kik: etresta
​ ​
Telegram: Kitsunesweety
​ ​
Lets have Fun together okay~
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2022.01.19 19:52 B9f4zze How to prove that the new rune auto-engraver is garbage:

  1. Find a well-runed monster in your box that uses the same sets and stats as the most popular statistics.
  2. Derune the monster completely (go ahead, it's FRR now).
  3. Test the auto-engraver with the good runes freely available for the algorithm to choose.
  4. Watch the algorithm pick inferior, ungrinded, unmaxed runes with irrelevant substats when clearly better choices are available.
Just more proof that com2us is utterly incompetent when it comes to coding any new features or algorithms with even a moderate level of complexity (aka why unit AI is still embarrassingly bad after 7 years of release). Maybe com2us should focus their clearly limited development capabilities on the critical improvements and fixes the community has been requesting for years instead of releasing more trash features that nobody needed.
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2022.01.19 19:52 RPDBluemoon513 u/BadGirllllllll Is a scammer. It is a burner account for u/Jessieleigh95 who recently was just banned for scamming. Be aware, he lurks feitsh buying subs and private messages you to lure you in.

u/BadGirllllllll Is the same person as u/Jessieleigh95. Jessies was recently banned for scammer like 4 people and know he is back at it again trying to scam more people. He recently deleted all of the old posts to hide the fact that they are a burner account and using the same old photos. She messaged me a few days ago trying to get me to buy panties.
I can say that I was not scammed, so there is no dispute however I can confirm that it is the same person.
They deleted their posts and Unforantely Waybackmachine cant generate albums however I was able to find a match using githubs reddit post history search and waybackmachine to generate get the picture. I am sure there is a more efficient way of seeing old posts but this is what I did.
Post History of u/Jessieleigh95 Github link.
Link of reddit post that is the same picture
Wayback Machines Link to the picture
Post History of u/BadGirllllllll Github link
Link of reddit post that is the same picture
Wayback Machines Link to he picture
There were more pictures that were the same but I couldn't figure out how to see the albums but this person is breaking rules making new accounts and evading bans. He messaged me a few days ago and noticed that there were the same pictures. I decided to play game and get them to admit they were a scammer. After I posted evidence he blocked me.
Making a post now for visibility so that if you google their name you'll see this post.
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2022.01.19 19:52 black7en I tried to change my password into "Zeus", but Steam told me it was to weak.

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2022.01.19 19:52 Unusual_Statement_34 Mari is a Cracked Designer

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2022.01.19 19:52 SaintTraft1984 I raise a glass to all you class act players in SEA servers.

I've noticed that if no one interferes even once, then no one interferes AT ALL. That's really classy. Especially from mid to high level players. Just, wow. I appreciate you all.
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2022.01.19 19:52 GrandTheftADA Zero tolerance for racism.

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2022.01.19 19:52 threetales Season 5 OG has to be the best.

Currently on a rewatch and this season has the most quoted and memorable moments imo.
▪️"why didn't you wait for me bintey" ▪️"no heffer for a wife" ▪️the infamous strip club scene ▪️"imma go medieval on his fat ass" ▪️ sofia getting $1000 from the tooth fairy ▪️"dogs don't have souls" ▪️"will we break the internet"
There must be more but there are the ones that stand out for me. This rewatch has me laughing and cringing so much.
Anyone have any other personal faves? 🤩
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2022.01.19 19:52 MyuuY_ Shiny Shaymin question

Hey guys! Sorry if this is asked a lot but I've been out of the loop for a while. I just caught a Shiny Shaymin on 1.1.2 and I'm wondering if updating the game is going to erase my already caught Shaymin.
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2022.01.19 19:52 wavylord GeForce Experience Doesn't do anything after sign in

Once I get signed into the app, it says unable to download recommended mods. None of the buttons do anything whatsoever. I tried to download drivers from the site, but it says that my PC is only able to accept standard drivers, and I have no way of telling what is what on the website.
If anyone has any ideas on how i can fix this, I would really appreciate it. I reset my PC because I was having a lot of weird problems, and I would like to be able to use it again lol.
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2022.01.19 19:52 THACAPITALG Highlight: God of War - Hilarious Reaction Getting Past Trap - thacapitalg on Twitch

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Sinful Style: Simulation Difficulty: All Madden Quarter Length: 8Min (no acell clock) Coaches: MUST BE CUSTOM Playbooks: Custom/any Advance: Tues/Thurs/Sat Abilities: Changeable BUT realistic to the player. Play Call limit: 6 Play Cooldown: 3 THIS IS A NEXT GEN XBOX LEAGUE
Come join Sinful now! Created By Monspeet & Zour, this league is meant to deliver the most efficient league experience possible !
Using NeonSportz, So you can look at the teams before you join up.
With a Simplified Rule & an user base that has been together through multiple leagues, come join Sinful for a long lasting league + full of crazy articles from the likes of Tony Romo & Crazy GOTW Streams + Finishes .
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2022.01.19 19:52 hardwire666too White list... sort of....

Wondering if anyone knows of a way set it up so specific applications will only connect if you are connected to the VPN. I don't want to do split tunneling or anything like that. Just want tp purely prevent some applications from connecting to anything if not on the VPN. Like an inverted kill switch.
Even if it's Windows grp policy stuff or firewall settings are fine, actually probably preferable. I'm just tired of every update disabling my kill switch and clearing the list and forgetting about it.
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2022.01.19 19:52 wrecktangle1988 Copilot Cooper

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2022.01.19 19:52 Doofykouki I was hoping someone could translate this Japanese into English for me?

I was hoping someone could translate this Japanese into English for me? submitted by Doofykouki to translator [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 19:52 SundaColugoToffee Which one wins a three way battle Enteprise-D vs Glalactica 2003 vs The Executor and why?

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2022.01.19 19:52 semize Class 0 or 00 gloves for residential electrical work?

I'm starting school and need to pick up gloves for my classes. If all I'm dealing with is 120V residential wiring will the thinner, more flexible 00 gloves be a good pick, or should I opt for class 0 gloves for the "you-never-know..." added protection?
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2022.01.19 19:52 kalonkakon83 In need of chair puns

My mom's fiance has so many different chairs in his house. She bought him a new chair for Christmas. Yet, somehow, the fact that he has a million chairs didn't strike either of them as an obvious thing. I'm gonna draw a comic poking fun at them about it about it and I need some chair puns for it.
Can y'all help out?
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2022.01.19 19:52 FlaskfulOfHollow Swamp area. Day one.

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2022.01.19 19:52 Most-Epic-Person-Eve When it’s either the same typo twice or an intentional meme reference

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2022.01.19 19:52 Mkoaquariums Nameless plakat cruising around his new 5 gallon home

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2022.01.19 19:52 im_mr_roboto Where to buy piercings in Gothenburg

Hey, does anyone know any place where I could find cheap piercings, mainly nose rings here in Gothenburg?
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2022.01.19 19:52 ruhtraeel What do Persians struggle against?

I chose to main Persians because it seems like they have an answer to everything. Granted, I'm terrible so I'd like to know if my assumptions/understanding is totally wrong.
To me, it seems like they have strong eco, and only need to tech into stables + archery ranges most of the times (scouts into knights opening, followed up with trashbows)
So they have strong Paladins that can counter archers, Camels to counter stronger cavalry races, trashbows to counter infantry/camels to a certain extent
Strong siege line with Siege Rams and Bombard Cannons
Hussars to take out siege

What are their weaknesses? There has to be some, because it doesn't seem like the pros hold Persians in high regard after their nerfs...
From what I've experienced, the addition of trashbows into early Castle age knights can be a bit dangerous (and maybe their early game in general), and they seem to struggle against civs with good camels. Are there any other glaring weaknesses?
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